Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 15 September 2004

at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall



Present: James Macdonald (Chairman), Peter Wombwell (Vice-Chairman), Sheila Birch, Robin Driver, Lewis Duke, Jane Hurst, Tim Pavelin, Terry Sadler, Mark Stone-Wigg, Jackie Casement (Clerk) and three members of the public.


224/04 Apologies for absence

There were no apologies.


225/04 To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 18 August 04

Page 3, item 218/04 Skate Park should read “The Clerk had asked Clever Curves for estimated annual maintenance costs….”.The minutes were then approved and signed by the Chairman.


226/04 Adjournment for questions from members of the public

Stanley Peck, who has volunteered to be our new Neighbourhood Watch representative, said that he had spent 42 years in the Police Force.  He was thanked for taking on this role.

John Williams mentioned that he had attended the Regional Planning Meeting recently held at Churchill College, at which planning strategy for the area was discussed and the Buchanan Report.


227/04 Matters Arising

193/04 Mobile Home, Back Lane.  This has now been demolished but metal and glass debris remain.  The Clerk has left a message with Environmental Services.

195/04 Neighbourhood Watch.  Stanley Peck has volunteered and the Clerk has written to him

198/04 Fencing beside village hall.  This is all completed and a padlock and chain will be installed next week.

211/04 Correspondence. Level crossing gates in Mill Lane.  Lewis Duke reported that the only authorised user of the gates is the Wellcome Trust, being the landowners on the other side and they can lock the gates if they wish.  The Clerk to write to Phillipa Towlson.

213/04 Telephone box in Coploe Road has now been removed.

213/04 Footpath from Abbey Street to Back Lane; the Clerk has written to Highways but no reply as yet.

215/05 Finance, re-seeding area by skate park.  Charlie Frankau is going ahead with this, the cost being under £100.


228/04 Youth Representation

No one was present.


229/04 Correspondence received

CCC Traffic re protective rail by bus stop in Abbey Street coming shortly

CCC Passenger Transport Operations Manager re bus service

CCC Customer Relations Officer re parish contact for passenger services

CCC Customer Relations Officer re changes to bus services – amended timetable

CCC re Community Safety Partnership Strategy Consultation Event

SCDC Budget Consultations evening 22 September (Lewis Duke offered to attend).

SCDC Housing and Environmental Services re kitchen waste bins

SCDC magazine including Key Issues (not received by most village households as yet)

SCDC Know Your Local Council and Councillor 04/05 booklet

* (The meeting was adjourned while the dancers in the hall were asked to turn the music down).

Cambridgeshire Constabulary re Cam Community – website

Cambridgeshire Constabulary re resignation of Community Contact Officer

Cambridgeshire Police Authority, Local Consultation Group, Sawston Sector, agenda and minutes

Andrew Lansley MP re meeting at SCDC to discuss the Buchanan Report

Andrew Lansley MP, copy letter to Ickleton Society re motorway noise

Parish Paths Partnership re training day on installing a kissing gate

(Robin Driver mentioned a case of someone suing their local council for an injury caused by tripping over a rabbit hole or tree root.  This to be addressed under Risk Assessment).

EDF Energy re repairs to leaning pole

Stop Stansted Expansion re Night Flights Consultation

St Mary Magdalene Church Treasurer thanking for donation to repair of church clock

Networking East – bulletin

Office of Deputy Prime Minister, consultation papers on Review of the Regulatory Framework Governing the Political Activities of Local Government Employees, and A Model Code of Conduct for Local Government Employees

Stanley Peck re volunteering as Neighbourhood watch representative

CPRE Fieldwork, bulletin

Allianz Cornhill re play area safety

Springboard, Cambridgeshire’s Toolkit for the Arts, wine and cheese evening 22 September

Wellcome Trust, bulletin re cycle path works

Penny Fletcher and John Williams, Brookhampton Street re possible development near Hinxton

Carillion URS re their role as managing agents for motorways for Highways


230/04 Planning

Applications requiring comment by Parish Council

S/1691/04/F Removal of Agricultural Occupancy Condition, 35 Church Street.  The opinion of Parish Councillors had been sought since the last meeting, to meet the deadline for comments and it was agreed to recommend refusal and ask that the proper process of offering the house with the agricultural occupancy condition on the open market for 12 months should remain.  It is the Parish Council’s policy to encourage any low cost housing possibilities in the village.

Decision received from South Cambridgeshire District Council

S/1259/04/F, annexe, 72 Abbey Street.  Permission granted.

Copy letter received from Conservation Officer re construction of chimney stack to outbuilding, 1 Frogge Street, requesting owner to submit a retrospective application.


231/04 Reports from Councillors

Peter Wombwell mentioned clearing work taking place beside the railway at Hinxton.  The Clerk to enquire whether work could be done nearer Ickleton which might help with rabbit control.

James Macdonald raised the issue of the future of Duxford airfield.  Robin Driver informed the meeting that a Consultants Report had identified Duxford as the preferred site for the relocation of Marshalls Airfield.  This information had been leaked from a confidential document.  A press release is to be issued shortly to clear the air.  There would be the statutory process to go through before such a recommendation became a proposal.

James also mentioned that Derek Bristow had proposed a 60th anniversary of World War Two at the church fete next year and had asked for the Parish Council’s support.  It was agreed to support this idea, but not financially.  The Clerk to write.

The Clerk reported that Richard Herbert had asked if he could have a skip in the recreation field at the coming weekend, adjacent to his garden.  This was agreed.

The Clerk also reported that buses hit the chestnut tree on the village green.  It was agreed to get quotes to trim the tree, while the buses are diverted due to the bridge closure.


232/04 Reports from District and County Councillors

Robert Smith had sent his apologies and asked to say that he was involved in discussions on the District Council Budget and housing;  he asked the Parish Council to be alert to the problems of travellers’ camps.  The Clerk to ask him about the possible site for social housing on the corner of Birds Close.

Robin Driver reported attending a meeting at Foxton, whose parish council are trying to form a focus group to look at the proposed housing increase in the area.  He also reported on attending the Regional Planning Panel meeting at Churchill College.  Robin stressed the need to prepare for action as there will be a very short time of consultation in which to comment on recommendations.


233/04 Proposed increase in housing in South Cambridgeshire (It was agreed to take this agenda item at this point).  James reported that the timetable following the Regional Planning Panel’s meeting on 10 September will be:-

15 October the Regional Planning Panel will make their recommendations to the East Anglia Regional Assembly.

5 November EARA will make their recommendations on the proposed increase in housing.

This will be followed by 14 weeks of public consultation, starting on 8 December, which will be the Parish Council’s opportunity to make a submission.  James has had talks with other nearby parish councils with a view to forming a group to comment on the recommendations.  Professional advice would be desirable if an effective response is to be made.  The question of whether a parish council is allowed to spend funds in such a way has to be resolved. (The Clerk to make enquiries). It was agreed that an open meeting might be needed to inform parishioners and to hear their views, probably in November.


James Macdonald and Peter Wombwell had had two meetings with Robert Smith at which his position as District Councillor was discussed. The Parish Council agreed that Robert had a material conflict of interests as our District Councillor. The Chairman circulated a draft letter asking Robert to stand down; it was agreed to send this.


234/04 Finance

The following cheques were signed:

Ickleton Village Hall for hire for meetings                                                           £33.00

Moore Stephens, audit fee                                                                               £293.75

Herald Contract Services, for grass cutting and spraying football pitch                 £411.25

Aimprint, for September Icene                                                                            £52.70

Charles Frankau for repairs in play area and fence and gate beside village hall            £294.62

Monies received since the last meeting

South Cambridgeshire District Council, recycling credit £301.23.  The second half of the annual precept has not yet arrived.

Following these transactions the Business Base Rate Tracker Account stands at £11,514.25 and the Community Account stands at £48.62

Mark Stone-Wigg reported chasing up Clever Curves for an explanation of their bill for repairs to the skate park of £309.62, but so far had no reply.


235/04 Flooding

Lewis Duke reported he had not succeeded in getting Network Rail to clear the culvert under the railway yet.  The scheme to hold water back temporarily beyond the motorway now needs funding for a professional assessment of its possible impact.  A sum of perhaps £1,800.00 may be needed and the parish council should approach the District and County Councils for help and the Environment Agency.  Robin Driver stressed it was important to let Andrew Lansley MP know about this scheme – the Clerk to write.


236/04 Recreation field and play area

Mark Stone-Wigg suggested the surface of the skate park be repainted before the winter to give extra protection.  He will find out the correct type of paint needed and then the Parish Council can employ someone to do the work.


237/04 Response to SCDC Draft Licensing Policy Statement

Not all councillors had had time to read the draft and it was unclear as to whether any new costs might affect village hall bookings or how the music and entertainment licence might affect events in the church.  The clerk to check and reply accordingly.


238/04 Jointly Funded Minor Road Improvement Scheme, bid.

It was agreed to complete the application forms asking for help with the speed of through traffic and for improvements to cemetery bend.  The Clerk mentioned that a meeting has been set up with David Lines, Highways Traffic engineer, the Police and the Parish Council at 8.15 am on Tuesday 12 October, in Abbey Street to look at peak time problems.


239/04 Extra Litter Bins

It was agreed to order a bin to go beside Mrs Woodley’s seat.  To be chosen from the catalogue at the next meeting.


240/04 Wellcome Trust

Those who attended the site tour at the end of August were most appreciative.  It was agreed to skip the September liaison meeting as there were no points to raise and no one was able to attend.


241/04 Date and time of next meeting

Wednesday 20 October 04 at 7.30 pm in the village hall.