Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 20 October 2004

At 7.30 pm in the village hall



Present: James Macdonald (Chairman), Peter Wombwell (Vice Chairman), Robin Driver, Lewis Duke, Jane Hurst, Tim Pavelin, Terry Sadler, Mark Stone-Wigg, Jackie Casement (Clerk) and three members of the public.


242/04 Apologies for absence

Apologies were received from Sheila Birch.


243/04 To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 15 September 04

The minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman.


244/04 Andrew Lansley MP

Mr Lansley sent his apologies; he was detained at the House of Commons.  The Clerk to try and arrange for him to come to a future meeting.


It was agreed to take the item Adjournment for Questions from Members of the Public later in the meeting.


245/04 Matters Arising

193/04 Mobile Home.  The Clerk had been in touch with Environmental Services but as yet there is no improvement.

211/04 Level crossing gates in Mill Lane.  No reply as yet from the Wellcome Trust.

229/04 Correspondence, EDF Energy have not yet repaired the leaning pole.

232/04 Report from District Councillor.  There is no information on the land by Birds Close.

229/04 SCDC Budget Consultation meeting.  Lewis Duke reported on this meeting.  A presentation was given on three options for raising Council Tax.  This was followed by hostile questions from the floor.  It appears that proposed cost savings are perfunctory.  The Chairman had written to the District Council expressing the Parish Council’s concern over the proposed level of increases. 


246/04 Youth Representation

There was no one present.


247/04 Proposed increased housing in South Cambridgeshire.

James Macdonald and Lewis Duke had attended a meeting on 15 October of the Planning Group of the East of England Regional Assembly.  478,000 new homes are required by 2021 in the area (Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire).  Affordable housing is needed for key workers and economic growth in the region.  Do we need 18,000 more on top of this figure?  South Cambridgeshire is likely to have more of these houses than any other part of the region.  The Planning Group rejected the call for the extra 18,000 homes.  Their advice to EERA gave strong warning about unsustainable development with inadequate infrastructure.  At the next meeting on 5 November it is expected that the Planning Group’s recommendations will be endorsed. 

Following the meeting James Macdonald had spoken to other local Parish Councils and it was agreed that at the moment money spent on professional advice would not be of material advantage.  Robin Driver emphasised that it is necessary to be vigilant as pressure for nearby development may be strong.


248/04 Duxford Airfield

Robin Driver and Mark Stone-Wigg had attended a meeting at Whittlesford for information on the possible relocation of Marshalls Airfield. Consultants have advised Marshalls that a move to either Wyton or Duxford would be in their best interests. Unanimous opposition to this suggestion was expressed at the meeting.  The present Marshalls airfield could be used for some 10,000 new homes needed in the region.  Marshalls would then need to find a new site for their aerospace activities.  If Duxford were chosen, the runway would be extended to the west, the A505 would divert to the north in a by-pass to the M11 junction and Marshalls’ workshops and hangers would be put on the north side of the present A505, between the garage and the recycling centre.  An action group to oppose this relocation was suggested at the meeting.


249/04 Adjournment for questions by members of the public

Neil McKillen felt that questions relating to Duxford Airfield should be raised, as follows:-

·        The airfield as a war museum was a local asset and he doubted that it could co-exist with Marshalls and the possible associated development.

·        Marshalls at present fly out of Cambridge at night; do we want night flights from Duxford?

·        The stack for Stansted causes problems at Luton; how would flights out of Duxford be achieved safely?

·        Pollution is already high in the region and increased use of Duxford, plus the widening of the M11 would make it worse.

·        Expansion of Duxford might affect the areas selected locally for housing growth.

He was thanked for posing relevant questions.


250/04 Correspondence received

CCC National Cycle Network Signs (it was agreed not to have any).

CCC Bus service tenders April 2005

CCC Parish Paths Partnership News Bulletin

CCC Jointly Funded Minor Highways Improvement Bids – decision to be made in December.

CCC Local Authority Parking Enforcement (LAPE) – in Cambridge

CCC and The Boundary Committee for England, Periodic Electoral Review of Cambridgeshire County Council: Final Recommendations.

CCC re Cambridgeshire Guided Busway

CCC Cambridgeshire Local Transport Plan – Annual Progress Report

CCC copy letter from highways to Abbey Street resident re hedge trimming

CCC Countryside Services Team Annual Report

CCC Lost Highways Project

CCC Community Support Service needs more workers

South Cambridgeshire Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership Annual Review

SCDC Notice of vacancy for District Councillor

Cambridgeshire Constabulary re reopening of Sawston Police Station

Cambridgeshire Constabulary Planned restructuring of Southern Division

Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service, South Cambs District Performance Plan

Cambridge and District Community Mediation Service – annual general meeting

Duxford School, invitation to launch of Community Drug Policy Project

Andrew Lansley MP, copy letter to Head of Planning, East of England Regional Assembly

Hinxton Hall Ltd inviting Councillors to opening of cycle path, 1 November

Postwatch, East of England – bulletin

Allianz Cornhill re ROSPA report

DEFRA re Clean Neighbourhoods

STOP Stansted Expansion, re Night Flying Restrictions

Sawston and Linton Arts Forum – meeting

John Williams, re Buchanan report

Cambridge City NHS re promotion of Primary Care Services

East Anglian Air Ambulance – News

HDRA Consultants re master composter scheme

Flood Action – bulletin

CALC Bulletin, AGM, workshops etc.

Cambridgeshire ACRE, Harvest bulletin

CPRE – Countryside Voice bulletin


251/04 Planning

Plans requiring comment by the Parish Council

S/1898/03/F Entensions, 10 Mill Lane.  Amended plans with two attic windows in gable ends.  Recommend approval.

Tree works.  Reduction of cherry tree, 6 Frogge Street – no objection.  Layland cyprus trees, 50% reduction, 20 Church Street – no objection.

Chimney stack on outbuilding at Frogge End.  This chimney is non-operational and has been approved.


252/04 Reports from Councillors

James Macdonald said that, sadly, Jackie Casement had decided to stand down as Clerk in the new year.  To be mentioned in Icene.

Peter Wombwell wondered if people doing community service could be deployed in clearing Coploe Pit, for example, or helping to deal with the weeds in the cemetery.  He offered to do some research.

Lewis Duke mentioned that the street lamp in Duxford Road is out.  He also raised the issue of the proposed public meeting to inform the parish about developments in the region.  It was considered, that with a by-election pending, it would not be appropriate in November.  He also mentioned that whilst we do our best with recycling, the mountain of packaging on everyday items increases.  To be mentioned to Andrew Lansley MP.

Tim Pavelin mentioned that whilst the repairs to the cemetery gates look excellent, the gates were not actually in line.  The Clerk explained that they had twisted over the years and Steve Ashbrook had done his best, but they would never be quite straight. 


253/04 Reports from District and County Councillors

It was reported that Robert Smith had resigned as District Councillor and that a by-election on 25 November was expected.


254/04 Finance.

Monies received since last meeting:-

SCDC, second half of precept £5,500.00.  Ivett and Reed, £50.00, fee for memorial.

The following cheques were signed:-

Herald Contract Services, for grass cutting                                          £88.13

Charles Frankau, for sowing grass by skate park                                £55.43

Aimprint, for October Icene                                                              £52.70

Steve Ashbrook, for rebuilding piers to cemetery gates                £1,175.00

J Casement, 3 months salary, phone allowance & expenses                      £525.19


Following these transactions, the Community Account stands at £702.17 and the Business Base Rate Tracker Account at £14,582.56.


Quotations for trimming the chestnut tree on the village green were considered and it was proposed by Mark Stone-Wigg, seconded by Peter Wombwell and all agreed that the figure of £135.00 +VAT from Treetops be accepted.


Preference for the new litter bin to have a wooden exterior was stated; the Clerk to find another catalogue.


255/04 Flooding

Lewis Duke reported a sad lack of response from Network Rail in getting the culvert cleared.  He suggested that with a bit of local manpower, the Parish Council might organise its clearance, but meanwhile he will keep up the pressure on Network Rail.  It was agreed to write to Andrew Lansley about the remedial proposals.


256/04 Recreation Field and Play Area

Mark Stone-Wigg reported being unable to get anyone from Clever Curves to return his phone calls.  The Clerk to write requesting a response before the outstanding invoice is paid.  Meanwhile the correct type of paint for the skate park should be researched. It was suggested that some of the young people previously on the fund raising committee might be asked to help with the painting.  Tim Pavelin to look for volunteers.  Mark also mentioned that the wire of the aerial runway needs tightening and he offered to speak to Charlie Frankau.


257/04 Report on meeting with Highways and Police

Six Parish Councillors, CBO Iain Perry, two support Officers and David Lines (Highways) met on 12 October.  David Lines and Iain Perry agreed that the parking and traffic problems at the east end of Abbey Street cannot go on indefinitely.  Some parking restrictions to enforce sensible parking might help.  David Lines promised to come up with a plan.  Residents’ parking in Frogge Street was also discussed.  The possibility of the verge being used was mentioned, but the ditch might need to be piped and covered to create enough space and even if adjoining owners agreed there would be the question of who would pay for this.


258/04 Wellcome Trust

The cycle path is to be officially opened on 1 November.  Lewis Duke and Jackie Casement to attend on behalf of the Parish Council.  It was agreed to skip the October liaison meeting as there were no matters of concern to raise and no one was available to attend.


259/04 Date and time of next meeting

Wednesday 17 November at 7.30pm in the village hall.