Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 15 December 04

In the village hall at 7.30 pm


Present: James Macdonald (Chairman), Peter Wombwell (Vice Chairman), Sheila Birch, Tim Pavelin, Terry Sadler and two members of the public.


278/04 Apologies for absence

Apologies were received from Jane Hurst, Mark Stone-Wigg, Lewis Duke, Robin Driver and Jackie Casement.


279/04To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 17 November 2004

The following amendments were made.  Page 2, 270/04 Reports from Councillors.  Terry Sadler commented on the reversed bend sign on Duxford – remainder of sentence deleted.  Page 3, top line should read “Sheila Birch asked about progress on the chalk spoil beside Brookhampton Street”.  The minutes were then approved and signed by the Chairman.


280/04 Adjournment for questions from members of the public

Gordon Woolhouse mentioned that the Glitter Ball is being held in the village hall on Monday 20 December and asked if the recreation field could be used for extra parking.  This was agreed.  He also apologised for the noise from the dancers in the village hall on Wednesday evenings.  He has put better seals on the connecting doors.

John Williams asked whether the agenda item for adjournment for questions from the public could be later on the agenda.  To be discussed in January.


281/04 Matters Arising

265/04 Representations to EERA.  The Clerk has requested invitations to events; comments can also be made via their web site. 

266/04 Land at Birds Close.  John Williams will report shortly.

266/04 Cemetery.  It was agreed to meet at the cemetery on Friday 7 January to decide what needs to be done and whether community service help could be deployed – they would need guidance.

257/04 Meeting with Highways and Police.  Despite letters and phone calls, no proposals from David Lines as yet.  The Clerk to write a strongly worded letter and mention two accidents in the village on 15 December and the need to curb speeds approaching the shop and sharp corner.

258/04 Cycle Path.  Clerk spoke to Hinxton PC and written to County Council.  No reply yet.

268/04 Correspondence.  Clerk written to County Council re bus route suggestions.

268/04 Correspndence.  James Macdonald has written again to SCDC re Council Tax Consultation.

270/04 Reports from Councillors.  Bend sign reversed and new posts coming shortly.  Further effort needed to get trees cut on footpath between Back Lane and Abbey Street.

270/04 Chalk spoil, Brookhampton Street.  The applicant is appealing against the decision to refuse permission to spread the chalk and cover with topsoil and the demand that the spoil be removed.  The appeal decision will probably depend on the Environment Agency’s guidance on deposition on a flood plain.  Could take some time.


282/04 Youth Representation

There was no one present.

283/04 Correspondence received

CCC Highways, in response to minor repair requests

CCC Highways re area joint committee meeting

CCC response to comments on cycle way stating that verge will be re-seeded in the spring.

SCDC electoral roll

SCDC South Cambridgeshire Local Plan 2004

SCDC copy correspondence re demolition of flint wall, Gurner House, Church Street

Andrew Lansley MP re East of England Plan

Cambs and Peterborough Fire and Rescue Authority, Risk Management Plan 05/06

Duxford Airfield Management Liaison Committee Minutes

CPRE Cambridgeshire Voice and Fieldwork

CALC, bulletin, quality status information and questionnaire (completed)

Cambridgeshire Constabulary re reorganisation of policing in Southern Division

Stop Stansted Expansion invitation to conference Sunday 30 January 05

Cambridgeshire Local Access Forum meeting on 25 January 05

Wellcome Trust – December bulletin on Southfield site

Networking East news sheet

Standards Board for England, guidance for members


284/04 Planning

Amendment to S/2088/04/F, Extensions 11 Mill Lane.  These have already been approved.

Tree Surgery, Harlequin House.  James Macdonald declared an interest and Peter Wombwell took the chair.  Application for lime trees along Abbey Street to be pollarded, ash trees to be trimmed and felling of diseased chestnut tree.  There were no objections.

Ickleton Garden Centre.  A letter has been send regarding retail use.


285/04            Reports from Councillors

James Macdonald reported on recent vandalism and antisocial behaviour around the village.  The police have been informed. 


286/04 Reports from District and County Councillors

John Williams stated that he was learning the ropes, in particular about housing.


287/04 Finance

The following cheques were signed:-

Aimprint for December Icene                                                    £52.70

Ron Coulson for grass cutting throughout the season            £1,450.00

Cambridgeshire ACRE annual subscription                              £25.00

J Casement for paint for skatepark, brushes etc                   £40.66

Village Hall Committee, for hire of hall                                 £33.00

(Prior to meeting) proforma invoice to Orchard Street

Furniture for wooden litter bin                                            £232.31

The following monies have been received since the last meeting:-

VAT Returned                                                                          £578.68         

Peasgoods re burial fee                                                          £50.00


Monies in hand following the above transactions

Community Account                                               £1,157.73

Business Base Rate Tracker Account                       £12,584.56


Risk Assessment.  To be discussed in January.

Precept for 2005/06.  Having circulated figures to Parish Councillors it was proposed by Peter Wombwell, seconded by Tim Pavelin and all agreed to keep the precept at £11,000.00 for 2005/06.

Salt bin for Stackyard/Coploe Rise.  The Clerk requested to find out if salt would damage the paving surface and the Parish Council to consider the safety risks.


288/04 Increased housing in South Cambridgeshire and Duxford Airfield

James Macdonald reported that EERA have withdrawn support for the 480,000 houses to be built in the East of England.  Their support had been dependent on adequate infrastructure plans. The nearest consultation meeting at which the Parish Council can make representations is in Cambridge on 27 January.  Places need to be applied for. 

The Imperial War Museum has issued a press release stating that they would not agree to any proposals for development on or adjacent to Duxford Airfield unless in their judgement they were in the best interests of the museum.


289/04 Flooding

In Lewis Duke’s absence, Peter Wombwell reported that Lewis had meet with three people from Railtrack recently.  They are prepared to clear the culvert under the railway in June 05, provided they have in writing that the adjacent landowners have cleared their stretch of ditch.  There is also a culvert under Mill Lane which is reported blocked.  To be looked at after the meeting at the cemetery on 7 January.


290/04 Recreation Field and play area

Paint and brushes have been purchased but not applied to the skate park as yet.  Tim Pavelin reported that Ridgeons have an expert on plywood who would be able to advise the Parish Council on necessary repairs in future.  In Mark Stone-Wigg’s absence it was unclear whether the final repairs were completed and therefore the cheque for the invoice from Clever Curves was not signed.


291/04 Wellcome Trust

The Clerk had met with Phillipa Towlson and the security fence will be moved back to allow room for replanting the hedge.  She will meet with Peter, Lewis and Charlie Frankau in the new year for advice on ordering, quotations etc.

Level crossing gates.  The Wellcome Trust are prepared to supply a padlock provided the Parish Council have the key and take responsibility. There could be a serious problem in the Parish Council accepting any responsibility; it will be necessary to write to Rail Track and to give further consideration to this question.

December liaison meeting to be cancelled.  Dates requested for meetings in early 2005.


292/04 Parish Clerk

There are two, possibly three, applicants; interviews to take place in January.  Jackie Casement stated she was happy to continue until a replacement is appointed.


293/04 Date and time of next meeting

Wednesday 19 January 05, at 7.30 pm in the village hall.