Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 19 January 2005

at 7.30 pm in the village hall


Present: James Macdonald (Chairman), Robin Driver, Jane Hurst, Tim Pavelin, Terry Sadler,

Mark Stone-Wigg, Jackie Casement (Clerk) and two members of the public.


101/05 Apologies for absence

Apologies were received from Sheila Birch, Lewis Duke, Peter Wombwell and John Williams (District Councillor).


102/05 Minutes of the meeting held on 15 December 04

Page 3, Item 290/04 Recreation field, second sentence: the words “on plywood” to be deleted.  The minutes were then approved and signed by the Chairman.


103/05 Adjournment for questions from members of the public

Karen Geddes commented on speeding traffic in Frogge Street and asked what could be done.  The Chairman explained that it was a constant problem discussed regularly with Highways and the Police. Speeding should be tackled by the police and it was agreed to write requesting a speed measurement to ascertain the extent of the problem and request appropriate action.


104/05 Matters Arising

280/04 Questions from public.  It was agreed that for a trial period of two months an extra agenda item for questions from members of the public should be offered at the end of the meeting.  If this second opportunity is not used during the trial period it will be dropped.

257/04 Meeting with Police and Highways.  The Clerk had written to Traffic Management yet again requesting a response to the meeting held in October.

270/04 Chalk spoil in Brookhampton Street.  Robin Driver reported that the land owner has not taken any action and that enforcement action is now required.

285/04 Vandalism.  It was reported that four cars in the pub car park had been damaged and broken into recently.


105/05 Youth Representation

There was no one present.


106/05 Correspondence received

CCC re East of England Plan, Public Consultation.  (Two places reserved for meeting on 27 January in Cambridge)

CCC re 32 Bus Service –thanking for ideas submitted by parishioners for improved service

CCC re bus service tenders

CCC re changes to local bus service (as yet unresolved)

CCC Highways re Abbey Street and cemetery  bend

SCDC re a New Way to View the Democratic Process (website)

SCDC Housing re Housing Register Village Leaflets

Office of Deputy Prime Minister re Freedom of Information Act 2000

Cambridgeshire Police Authority, re Budget for 2005/06, Agenda for Local Consultation Group meeting (Sawston Sector)

Cambridgeshire Constabulary re disappearance of Fred Moss

Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service, re precept 2005/06 and Arson Reduction Group Litter Bin Campaign (posters for litter bins)

Andrew Lansley MP re flooding information and statement from Imperial War Museum

Marshall Aerospace enclosing copy of Ove Arup report on relocation

CPRE on Local Development Framework workshop for Parish Councillors

Stop Stansted Expansion, campaign update

David and Monica Lilley re provision and collection of kitchen waste bins (The Clark to organise).

HDRA Consultants with article re composting scheme (to go into Icene)

CALC, bulletin, information on workshops and Freedom of Information Act


107/05 Planning

Plans from South Cambridgeshire District Council requiring comment.

The first two applications had already been considered by the Parish Council, following site meetings.

S/2538/04/F Garden room/store, 10 Butchers Hill.  Recommend approval

S/2470/04/Lb and S/2371/04/F, extension and conversion into dwelling, Priory Farm Barn.

(James Macdonald declared a prejudicial interest and had withdrawn from the discussion). This new plan has first floor windows directly overlooking neighbouring gardens, which are an intrusion of privacy.  The extension is a much larger looking structure than the previous plans and was considered out of place as part of a barn conversion. Recommend refusal.

S/0047/05/LB Reconstruction of collapsed flint wall with flint faced blockwork wall, Norman Hall, Church Street.  Recommend approval.


Decisions received from South Cambridgeshire District Council

S/2088/04/F, extensions, 11 Mill Lane.  Approved.


Ickleton Garden Centre.  The Clerk reported that SCDC Planning Department is making enquiries as to the planning status.


108/05 Reports from councillors

Jane Hurst asked when Hinxton bridge would re-open.  Robin Driver reported that the work was on time and on budget and the bridge would open in February.

Mark Stone-Wigg mentioned the footbridge over the ditch on footpath 5 (towards Duxford).  The land is worn by horses on the far side of the bridge, making access awkward.  The Clerk to keep an eye on this.

James Macdonald reported receiving letters from Great Abington Parish Council about the possibility of development near Hinxton (Hanley Grange) and from Little Shelford Parish Council about M11 widening.  He is replying to these.

The Clerk mentioned reporting potholes on Elmdon Road and Coploe Hill to Highways for repair.


109/05 Reports from District and County Councillors

Robin Driver reported that recent Government legislation on electrical repairs had led to the possibility of people posing as engineers gaining access to homes claiming to be sent by the Council to inspect the wiring etc.  Parishioners to be warned in Icene.

Robin also mentioned budgeting difficulties for the County Council, leading inevitably to cuts in non-priority areas.  Terry Sadler asked Robin about Government proposals for Section 106 agreement reforms.

John Williams had sent a paper on the South Cambs Development Plan (to be circulated).  He also had reported that the Cambridge Housing Society are trying to come up with a plan for a dwelling on the corner of Birds Close that will meet planning requirements.


110/05 Finance

The following cheques were signed:-

Charles Frankau for grass cutting in the cemetery 2004               £499.38

Aimprint – for January Icene                                                     £48.65

SCDC for purchase of bin bags for litter bins                              £35.25

J Casement, 3 months salary and expenses                                 £429.59

Clever Curves, for repairs to the skate park                                £309.62

(Mark Stone-Wigg reported that Clever Curves had fitted the bolt heads as requested and that it was now appropriate to pay their invoice).

No monies had been received since the last meeting although the grant of £1,141.67 from the County Council for cutting the verges in 2004 is expected shortly.

Risk Assessment.  James Macdonald circulated a draft document to all councillors for them to add any other thoughts or comments.

Salt Bin.  It was agreed that this was not necessary. 


111/05 Increased housing in South Cambridgeshire and Duxford Airfield

James Macdonald reported obtaining two places for the EERA consultation event in Cambridge on 27 January.  He will report back and decisions can then be made on any comments the Parish Council may wish to make.


112/05 Cemetery

A site meeting had been held on 7 January and the Clerk had obtained quotes for trimming the lime trees, removing dead elms and scrub growth and for cutting the ivy on other trees.  It was agreed that a tidying up project on the cemetery was a good idea and it was proposed by Robin Driver, seconded by Jane Hurst that the Clerk accept either of the two quotations (which were almost identical) up to £1,055.00 for trimming the trees etc, and all agreed.  It was agreed that the work be done as soon as possible while Brookhampton Street is closed.  The Clerk reported that the Probation Service were happy to supply community service help to clear the brambles etc. in the old part of the cemetery.  A meeting with them to be arranged shortly.


113/05 Parish Paths Partnership

It was proposed by Jane Hurst, seconded by Terry Sadler and all agreed to ask for a grant or £250.00 to cover the cost of Ron Coulson’s quote for clearing the footpath from Butchers Hill to Church Street.


114/05 Replanting hedgerow, Grassy lane

It was proposed by Terry Sadler, seconded by Mark Stone-Wigg to spend the £500.00 given by the County Council some time ago in replanting the hedgerow beside the track.  Acceptance of the quotes obtained for around £200.00 for bare root hedging and for £230.00 from Charles Frankau to clear the ground and carry out the planting was agreed.  It was also agreed not to plant trees at this stage in the hedge – to make maintenance easier.


115/05 Wellcome Trust

James Macdonald and Robin Driver to attend the next liaison meeting on 28 January.  They will discuss the boundary fence beyond the river by Grassy Lane, repainting of the bridge and possible help with trimming an overgrown hedge: also further discussion on the question of locking the level crossing gates.  Work will be completed on the Southfield site in April.


116/05 Recreation Field and Play Area

Tim Pavelin has repainted the surface of the skate park with help from his son, and they were thanked for their efforts.


117/05 Parish Clerk

It was reported that three candidates are to be interviewed shortly.


118/05 Date and time of next meeting

Wednesday 16 February 05 at 7.30 pm in the village hall.