Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 16 February 2005

At 7.30 pm in the village hall


Present: James Macdonald (Chairman), Robin Driver, Jane Hurst, Lewis Duke, Tim Pavelin, Mark Stone-Wigg, Terry Sadler, Sheila Birch, Jackie Casement  (Outgoing Clerk), Jos Flitton (Incoming Clerk), John Williams and a member of the public.


119/05            Apologies for absence

Apologies were received from Peter Wombwell


120/05  Parish Clerk

The Chairman welcomed the new Clerk Jos Flitton.  A record of thanks was to be recorded for everything that Jackie Casement had done during her 6 years in office. 


121/05  To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 19 January 2005

The minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman.


122/05  Adjournment for questions from members of the public

Lena Frost wished to thank Jackie Casement for all her past help, and felt the Parish Council was lucky to have Jos Flitton to take over from her.


123/05  Matters Arising

257/04 Meeting with Policy and Highways.  A response had been received and this would be dealt with later on the agenda.

Kitchen waste bins.  These had proved to be very successful. 

Ickleton Garden Centre.  No further information as yet.

108/05  Hinxton Bridge.  The road was due to be reopened on Wednesday 23 February.

112/05 Cemetery.   The tree surgeon had completed his task and the cemetery now looked a lot tidier.  A site meeting had been held with the Probation Service, who will take on the project of clearing the ivy, brambles etc.  This should begin in approximately 1 month’s time.  It is hoped to keep the weeds under control by regular cutting.  The gravel path to be restored at a later date.

113/05  Parish Paths Partnership.  Ron Coulson had cleared the footpath between Butchers Hill and Church Street.

114/05 Replanting hedgerow, Grassy Lane.  Charles Frankau had completed planting this hedgerow.


124/05  Youth Representation

There was no one present


125/05  Correspondence received

CCC Highways re traffic matters

CCC Highways re response on Abbey Street and cemetery bend

CCC Parish Paths Partnership re application for 05/06 grant

CCC Highways re Hinxton bridge reconstruction

CCC Highways re litter bin outside village shop

CCC Highways re speed data, Frogge Street

CCC re Electoral Review of Cambridgeshire

SCDS Community Services Funding Toolkit, new data for file

SCDC Community Strategy, Milton Country Park

Andrew Lansley MP re plastics, packaging and recycling

Andrew Lansley MP re withdrawal of proposal to relocate Marshalls at Duxford

Andrew Lansley MP, copy correspondence with Ickleton Society re M11

Stop Stansted Expansion re response to draft East of England Plan

Uttlesford/CPRE/Friends of the Earth re meeting on East of England Plan

Great Abington Parish Council re possible development near Pampisford

Guilden Morden Parish Council, copy correspondence to Policy re travelling community and disappearance of Fred Moss.

James Macdonald to Churchwardens re work in cemetery

CALC, notice of March meeting (speaker on Traveller issues), workshop details and special conference on Quality Parish Initiative.

Wellcome Trust, Southfield February bulletin, update on green transport policy.

East Anglian Ambulance, reply to letter re late response

BF Contracts Ltd and Clerk re mud in Back Lane

Sawston & Linton Broadening Education partnership, invitation to youth drama’s production

DEFRA re Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Bill

Office of Deputy Prime Minister re Citizen Engagement and Public Services and Vibrant Local Leadership


126/05  Planning: 

Plans received from South Cambridgeshire District Council requiring comment:

S/0172/05/F, Extension, 111 Frogge Street.  It was recommended that the No Comment box be ticked.  The following observations were to be noted – (a) it is on a flood plain (b) agricultural restriction and (c) a new informal access appears to be in place.

S/0149/05/F Extension, 38 Frogge Street.  Recommend approval.

S/2571/04/F Conversion of barn into dwelling. Priory Farm Barn, Back Lane (amendments).   James Macdonald declared an interest and did not take place in the discussions.  Recommend approval.

S/0177/05/F Alteration and extension to outbuilding, The Old Bakery, 66 Abbey Street.  Lewis Duke declared an interest and did not take place in the discussions.  Recommend approval.

Variation of Condition 6 of Planning Permission S/0833/99/F.Business Units, Abbey Farm
.  Lewis Duke declared an interest and did not take place in the discussions.  Recommend approval.


127/05  Reports from Councillors

Shelia Birch reported that Cambridge Conservation Volunteers would be clearing Coploe Pit on 13 March.  We would need to cover their travelling expenses which would be around £50.  Any volunteers to help with this work would be welcome.

James  Macdonald.  James and Robin had had a meeting with Wellcome Trust and discussed the new hedge and bridge in Grassy lane.  The bridge is the responsibility of the County Council and Robin will make further enquiries into this.  The land on the left hand side, just over the bridge, belongs to Wellcome Trust.  Phillipa Towlson will refer this to their Facilities Manager, but pointed out that they have nothing left in their budget for this year.  The construction fencing will stay in place until the thorn hedge has grown sufficiently for it to be removed.  The Clerk had written to Rail Track (copy Andrew Lansley) expressing concern about unlocked/unmanned level crossings in the area.  Robin Driver has spoken with Andrew Lansley, who is going to write to Rail Track expressing his concern.  A reply is awaited.

The site will be completed on 18 April, with a formal opening on 3 May.


128/05 Reports from District and County Councillors

John Williams (District) said he would appreciate being informed of any vandalism, anti social behaviour that takes place within the village.  Cambridge Housing Society was coming up with ideas for 2 houses to be built on the corner of Birds Close.  Robin Driver asked John Williams to ensure that it will be an exception site.  John felt there was a need/expectation for more affordable housing, with possible sites available within the village.  The Parish Council will come up with a strategy for planning for the future; this item will be added to the next Council meeting.

Robin Driver (County) reported that he had asked for the weight limit of 20T sign to be reinstated near the Hinxton Road bridge.  This weight limit can be amended at a later date in accordance with 2002 update Traffic regulations.  Hinxton Ford bridge is due to close for 5 weeks, which will entail the road being closed at some times as well.  He had written to Imperial War Museum congratulating them on Marshalls not being relocated to Duxford.  There will a 4% increase on the budget due to shortfall; there will be £8m worth of cuts.  However, the County had an extremely successful year, winning 16 international awards for efficiency, excellence etc.  They had seen a vast improvement in Social Services.


129/05 Finance.  

The following payments were approved:

Ron Coulson                 £260.00

Aimprint                       £49.07

CALC                          £175.24

J Casement                   £297.48

Treetops                       £1,239.62 

F Pinner (Hedging)            £224.61

CPRE                           £25.00


Risk Assessment.  James Macdonald had circulated a draft document to the Councillors.  This will be looked at again every six months and will be put on the March agenda.  It was suggested that the clerk should do a back up of data on her computer on a regular basis, placing a copy with the chairman. Lewis Duke felt we should have a Health & Safety policy in place to cover anyone that we employ.  An approach to CALC should be made to see what is the best way to approach this.


9.20 pm Robin Driver left the meeting


Quotes for grass cutting

Recreation ground  -  After much discussion, it was decided to go back to 2 of the contractors to see if they would lower their price.

Cemetery  -  Proposed by Jane Hurst, seconded by Lewis Duke that we retain Charles Frankau

Village Green/Churchyard/Verges  -  Proposed by Jane Hurst, seconded by Lewis Duke that we retain Ron Coulson


Financial position as at 16/2/05:

Community Account            £515.51.             Business Base Rate Account            £11,156.04


130/05  East of England Plan

James Macdonald attended a consultation meeting in January, where there were around 40 attendees.  There were 2 booklets available, which would be circulated.  Comments needed to be made on-line by 16 March and felt the Parish Council should respond.  There were a number of policies we should comment on e.g.  the need for 478,000 houses, second runway at Stansted, environment, support for the sustainability approach and the inadequacies of the infrastructure.  It was agreed that James Macdonald would respond on behalf of the Parish Council.  The council also wished to remind everyone that they are able to make comments themselves, via the website, which is recommended rather than writing.  Details of the website will be given in an article by Ickleton Society in Icene.

131/05  M11 widening, proposals and consultation

James Macdonald had been given details of a meeting of a group based in Little Shelford, to which he was invited.  Terry Sadler has agreed to become the M11 representative on behalf of the Parish Council and hopes to attend their next meeting on 22 February.  Terry will print off a document from the website which highlights the possibility of a service station being built in the vicinity (inc. HGV park), but no mention of exits/entries being added to J9.  These documents will be circulated to councillors.


132/05  Highways, Abbey Street, Frogge Street and speeding

Abbey Street.  Stephen Phipps (Highways) had sent a letter and plan suggesting double yellow lines.  This letter to be circulated and added to next month’s agenda for further discussion.

Frogge Street.   The results of a speed and traffic data audit, which were carried out between 2 – 9 February, had been received. This showed a consistent pattern of speeding.  A copy of the letter will be sent to the Police, asking them if they have carried out any speed checks and for any results.  A letter will also be written to Highways, asking what they can suggest in response to their letter.  This item to be added to next month’s agenda. 


133/05  Flooding

Lewis Duke and John Williams had had a meeting regarding the proposal to restrict flow of water to the Slade.  Lewis Duke will draft a letter, which will be sent to the Environmental Agency, County and District Council asking for funding for this project.  John Williams will enquire whether it is expected that the Parish Council should give a contribution.


134/05  Adjournment for questions by members of the public

Lena Frost asked if it had ever been considered, in the cemetery, that the graves should be flattened and grassed over, making it easier to maintain in the future.


135/05  Date and time of next meeting.

Wednesday, 16 March at 7.30 pm in Ickleton Village Hall