Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 16 March 2005

At 7.30 pm in the village hall


Present: James Macdonald (Chairman), Peter Wombwell, Robin Driver, Jane Hurst, Lewis Duke, Tim Pavelin, Mark Stone-Wigg, Terry Sadler, Sheila Birch, Jocelyn Flitton (Parish Clerk) and a member of the public.


136/05 Apologies for absence

Apologies were received from: John Williams


137/05 To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 16 February 2005

122/05 – Jack Casement to read Jackie Casement

126/05 – S/0177/05/F – The Old Baker to read The Old Bakery

131/05 – last part of third sentence to read “but no mention of exits/entries being added to J9”.

The minutes were then approved and signed by the Chairman.


138/05 Adjournment for questions from members of the public



139/05 Matters Arising

123/05 Ickleton Garden Centre. The Planning Dept. (following the recent planning application submitted) is continuing to check the full background re agricultural use.  Concerns were raised about the time this is taking, also the use of chemicals on the site and its location near the river.  The Clerk was asked to contact Dale Robertson at the Dept. of Environmental Health and Robin Driver will speak

to Planning.  Action:  Clerk/Robin Driver

Litter Bin outside Shop.  It was agreed for the base of the bin to be set in concrete, with the maximum cost to be paid of £50.  Highways had no objections as long as it does not cause an obstruction and care should be taken not to damage below ground pipes or cables.  Action:  Clerk

108/05 Hinxton Bridge.  The bridge was opened a few days ahead of schedule and had been built to the standard demanded.  It was hoped that the metal guardrails would tone down as they became weathered.

128/05 Affordable housing.  The Parish Council to come up with a strategy for planning for the future.

Action:  April Agenda


140/05 Youth Representation



141/05 Correspondence received

Victoria Paulding re. Quiz Night, Duxford School 11 June (Icene)

Sandra Wilson (Parliamentary Spokesperson for Labour Party) & response from Chairman

SCDC re. Rough Sleepers

SCDC re. Final Registers Parish of Ickleton

SCDC re. Burial Grounds Survey 2005

SCDC re. Council Tax 2005/06

SCDC re. South Cambs Healthy Walks Scheme (Notice board)

SCDC re. Various e-mails

SCDC re. Tree Wardens

SCDC re. Local bye-laws (re. Horse – Recreation Ground)

SCDC re. County Council Election – 5 May 2005 (Noticeboard)

SCDC re. Cemetery Council Tax

SCDC re. Local bye-laws

South Cambs Strategic Partnership booklet

CCC re.  Improving Countryside Access (Noticeboard)

CCC re. Changes to Bus Stop Names

CCC re. Fostering Service needs more Carers (Noticeboard)

CCC re. Proposed Experimental Suspension of the Historic Centre Cycling Restriction (Cambridge)

Welcome Trust re. Progress report

Andrew Lansley re. Level crossing gates

National Probation Service re. Cemetery

E-mail re. Iain Perry – no vehicle in January

Cambridgeshire Acre – Calor Cambridgeshire Village of the Year 2005 (Icene)

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents

Duxford Airfield Mgmt Committee – Agenda/Minutes 25 February 2005

Duxford Airfield – Open Meeting 7 April (Noticeboard)

Stop Stansted Expansion

CPRE – Countryside Voice & Membership questionnaire

The Standards Board of England re. A code for the future

Defra/dti – Rolling out Broadband (DVD)

Clerks & Councils Direct publication


Correspondence sent:

Rev. Andrew Schofield – by Chairman welcoming him to the Parish.

Network Rail re. Slabs left near Hinxton crossing. (These will be used on the crossing around 9 April)


142/05 Planning:

S/0329/05/F Siting of Temporary Caravan/Mobile Home – The River House, Church Street.  No Recommendation was ticked with the comment “The Parish Council were puzzled to receive this application as no planning application has yet been made”.

S/0401/05/PNA Erection of Agricultural Crop/Grain Store – Rectory Farm, Grange Road.  Peter Wombwell declared an interest and did not take place in the discussions.  No Recommendation box was ticked.

S/2538/04/F Garden Room/Store –10 Butchers Hill.  Recommend approval.

S/0439/05/F-Extension – 38 Butchers Hill.  Recommend approval.

S/0485/05/F-Roof Ext. inc. Raising of Ridge & Addition of 3 Dormer windows – 58 Frogge Street.  The Parish Council felt a site visit was required and this was arranged for Monday 21 March 2005 @ 10.00 am.   Action:  All


S/0047/05/LB SCDC Listed Building Approval – Flint Wall, Norman Hall, 21 Church Street

S/2570/04/LB & S/2571/04/F – SCDC Recommendation: Approval – Barn at Priory Farm


143/05   Reports from Councillors

Sheila Birch said there had been 5 volunteers and 4 villagers helping to clear Coploe Pit on Sunday 13 March.  The Clerk was asked to arrange for a bonfire to be lit to clear the debris.  Cambridge Conservation Volunteers will be submitting their bill later.  There is a vast amount of rubbish accruing in the Recreation Ground and Back Lane and not being put into the bins provided.  It was suggested that a notice be placed in Icene.  The Clerk is to contact the Probation Service with regard to them walking around the village to pick up any litter.  There were potholes in the road on the bend after going over the bridge towards Hinxton.  Action:  Clerk (3)

Terry Sadler commented on plastic bollards, which are appearing in the recreation ground and then being broken and left.

Tim Pavelin was concerned about the number of road signs appearing at the entrance to Ickleton Garden Centre.


144/05 Reports from District and County Councillors

Robin Driver (County) had had a meeting with County Definitive Maps regarding the railway gates in Mill Lane.  These are currently unlocked due to it being an ancient right of way.  The situation needs to be resolved and Robin will arrange another meeting with County Definitive Maps, together with Sheila Birch.    Action:  Robin Driver.  Robin had attended a Defra meeting launching “Pathfinders”.  It was an interesting meeting and the council will shortly be receiving booklets, which he felt the Parish Council should read.  For example, Councillors will before Facilitators in the future.  The County Council has reached Beacon status for the last 2 years and are driving towards ‘Excellence’.  Staff reductions have been made.  Should ‘Excellence’ be achieved by June, it will result in the County Council receiving extra money.

John Williams (District) had sent an e-mail saying he had nothing significant to report.




145/05 Finance (Bank Balances) including payments to: 

Aimprint                 -                £69.51

Ideal Office                -                £52.87

CALC                     -                £75.00

C Frankau                -                £305.50

Wrights Mower                -                £319.78

Ickleton Village Hall  -      £33.00

Cheque received:  SCDC - £136.86 – Recycling


Financial position as at 16/3/05 (following above transactions):


Community Account                £487.09                   Business Base Rate Account £10,156.04


Risk Assessment.  A Health & Safety policy should be in place to cover anyone that we employ.  CALC to be approached for advice.  Action:  Clerk


Quotes for grass cutting – Recreation Ground.  Herald Services had been able to retain the same price as quoted last year.  They had therefore been given the contract again for this year.


146/05 East of England Plan

James Macdonald had submitted the representations on behalf of the Parish Council via e-mail (acknowledgement received) due to problems with EERA’s website.  He had mentioned that the Council were unanimous in their views and he thanked the councillors for their responses and points they made which were incorporated into the document.  Lewis Duke made the point that it was not democratic for the East of England that EERA was set up without any consultation and we were only given around 5 weeks to respond.  If anyone wishes to see the representations they could contact the Parish Clerk; it will also be added to the village website. Action:  Chairman/Clerk


147/05 M11 widening, proposals and consultation

Terry Sadler reported on the meeting he had attended in Gt Shelford, which had been concerned with the widening of the M11 and to see if anything could be done about the extra noise.  It was felt that it would do no harm in pooling information with other parish councils, but it may not produce any results.  Terry will circulate a draft, by e-mail, regarding the consultation period re M11 route management strategy programme; comments needed to be sent by 17 April.  Action:  Terry Sadler


148/05 Flooding

Lewis Duke had spoken to Graham Wallis and he has agreed to dig out the ditch on his land, running from Brookhampton Street to the Railway line.


149/05  Highways – Cemetery Corner/Frogge Street

Cemetery Corner – The Clerk had a meeting with Mike Cooper on February 24.  He recommended: (a) installing a kerb on the corner and painting white lines on the opposite side of the road, (b) the possibility of installing posts on the side where cars turn round, (c) add more road signs highlighting the bend.   After much discussion, it was decided to invite Mike Cooper to another site meeting.  Action:  Clerk

Frogge Street – A letter had been received from Highways division saying that only the data just inside the village envelope with an 85% tile speed of 39 mph is of some concern.  This data is very similar to that which would be obtained in similar circumstances in most villages.  It suggested to keep badgering the police to do manual radar trapping.  A letter had been written to the Police but no response had been received.  It was also suggested that enquiries should be made regarding the hire of a ‘30’ flashing sign to be installed on entry to the village.  Action:  Clerk

Abbey Street – Iain Perry (local policeman) to be invited back for a meeting to discuss this issue, possibly at Parish Meeting in May.  Action: Clerk


150/05 Cemetery

A form had been received from the Probation Service, which had been completed and returned.  They will use the toilet facilities in the Church and we will provide tea/coffee and biscuits for their breaks.

A date has not yet been fixed for this, but the Clerk will notify the Parish Council when this is known. Charles Frankau has tidied up following the tree cutting.    Action:  Clerk


151/05 Recreation Field and Play Area

A parishioner had reported a horse being ridden on the Recreation Ground.  Robin Driver has spoken to the rider and this should not happen again.  The Clerk had obtained a copy of the local bye-laws for future use.

Whittlesford Cricket Club had called regarding a roller that they acquired, many years ago, ‘on loan’ from Ickleton Cricket Club.  It was no longer functional and they wanted to know if we wanted it back.  The Council said if it had been ‘on loan’ it should be returned in full working order, if not they should keep/dispose of it.

Charles Frankau has painted the bus shelter near the shop to cover up the graffiti inside.  He had also sprinkled grass seed  (which he had left over) near the skateboard park and goalmouths.

In view of an inspection by ROSPA during April, Mark Stone-Wigg will arrange for 2 bolts to be fixed.  Action:  Mark Stone-Wigg


152/05  Wellcome Trust

Phillipa Towlson had reported that the project is due to be completed on 18 April and opening on 3 May.  The meeting, due to be held on 25 March to be cancelled.  Action:  Clerk


153/05 Annual Parish Meeting

This will be held on 18 May at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall.  The Parish Council will provide beer/wine for everyone attending.  A notice will be put in Icene and leaflets delivered through doors.  It will also be added to the website.  The Chairman will also arrange for speakers to attend.  Action:  Chairman

The normal Parish Council meeting to be re-arranged for either 11/12 May.  Action:  Clerk


154/05 Adjournment for questions by members of the public



155/05 Date and time of next meeting

Wednesday 20 April 2005 @ 7.30 pm in Ickleton Village Hall


The meeting closed at 9.45 pm