Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 20 April 2005 at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall


Present: James Macdonald (Chairman), Sheila Birch, Terry Sadler, Tim Pavelin, Lewis Duke, Jane Hurst, Jocelyn Flitton (Clerk). Members of the public present included: Perry Francis and Kevin Muir from Saffron Crocus Football Club, Neil McKillen, Simon Cheney (villagers) and Tim Stone (Chairman Whittlesford Parish Council)


156/05 Apologies for absence

Apologies were received from Robin Driver and Mark Stone-Wigg.


157/05 To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 16 March 2005

144/05 – 6th line sentence should read:  For example, Councillors will become “Facilitators” in the future.

The minutes were then approved and signed by the Chairman.


158/05 Adjournment for questions from members of the public



159/05 Matters Arising:

123/05  Ickleton Garden Centre – Andy Moffat (Planning Dept.) had called to say this had now been passed onto his Enforcement colleagues.  They will be pursuing the non-compliance of agricultural and other restrictions relating to the various enterprises on the site, which have ‘sprung up’.  This item to be kept on the Agenda.  Action: Clerk

143/05 Coploe Pit – Charles Frankau had been asked to light the bonfire after liaising with Mr Tozer – this has still to be done.  Action Clerk

Litter pick-up in village – The Probations Service do not carry out this type of work, but Jane Hurst reported that a litter pick-up had been done recently in the village, presumably by the council.

 Potholes in Hinxton Road – Mike Cooper (Highways) said he has this repair in hand.

144/05 – County Definitive Maps - Sheila Birch and Robin Driver had met with representatives.  Wellcome Trust had put up posts, but the existing hedge needs to be thinned out.  This will need to be done in the autumn by a mechanical cutter, which will have to go over the Mill Lane level crossing.  Action Clerk

146/05 East of England Plan – EERA’s website showed that they had had 26,000 responses.  The government made a long representation.  The next event is the meeting of the Regional Assembly on 22 June.  The examination to test the soundness of the plan will take place in Ely on 14 September.

151/05 Play Area – fixing of 2 bolts – In the absence of Mark Stone-Wigg, this will carried forward to the next meeting.  Action:  Mark Stone-Wigg/Clerk


160/05 Youth Representation



161/05 Correspondence received:

CCC        -                Jointly Funded Minor Improvement Schemes – 2005/06 Bidding Round

CCC        -                Re. Changes to Local Bus Services (Copy: D Lilley)

CCC        -                Re: Temporary Interactive Signs on Frogge Street (169/05)

CCC        -                Halls for Hire on Infocam

CCC        -                Cemetery Corner + plan

CCC        -                Parish Paths Partnership Scheme 2005/6

SCDC     -                Small Business Rate Relief Scheme form – cemetery

SCDC     -                Licensing Act 2003 – Open days (Copy: G Woolhouse)

SCDC     -                5 May – County Council Election & Parliamentary Election - noticeboard

Andrew Lansley MP –Response on East of England Plan

Andrew Lansley MP – Copy of letter to Chief Constable regarding policing of Operation Ancona (Fred Moss)
Andrew Lansley MP – Removal of contact details from noticeboard

Wellcome Trust – South Field Project Handover Ceremony

Wellcome Trust – John Cooper – response to letter sent by Chairman

Wellcome Trust – Phillipa Towlson – Completion of South Field Project

Stop Stansted Expansion – Runway Ramble – 26 June

Cambridgeshire Local Access Forum

Hastoe Housing Association Ltd – Rural Housing Seminars

The Land Partnership – Affordable Housing Schemes

Moore Stephens – Annual Audit return

CPRE – AGM 11 May 2005


SCDC Coaching Scheme (put on noticeboard)

Freestyle Skateparks Survey

National Probation Service Annual Report

Cambridgeshire Acre – Harvest

Wicksteed Leisure Ltd

Letters sent:

Mr John Cooper, Wellcome Trust

Mr Charles Frankau/Mr Ron Coulson

Mr Mike Cooper, CCC – Cemetery Corner

Mr Steve Davy, M11 RMS Project Sponser


162/05 Planning:

Replies to SCDC:

S/048/05/F – 58 Frogge Street – Roof Ext. & Addition of 3 Dormer windows – Recommend approval

S/0177/05/F – The Old Bakery, 66 Abbey Street – Alteration & Extension to Outbuilding – Recommend approval

S/0653/05/F – 66 Frogge Street – Fence – Refuse.   (a) Fence is too high, (b) out of keeping (c) either a hedge or flint wall would be more appropriate

S/0750/05/F –– Land adj. Gurner House, 20 Church Street – Dwelling and Garage - SCDC are allowing the Parish Council to respond to this by Friday 13 May.  A site meeting will be held on 27 April at 9.30 am.    Two neighbours had not yet been informed of this application.  Clerk to contact the Planning Dept.  Action Clerk

Responses from SCDC:

                S/2570/04/LB – Barn Priory Farm, Back Lane – Listed Building Consent

                S/0172/05/F – 111 Frogge Street – Extension – Planning application withdrawn

S/0401/05/PNA – Rectory Farm – Environmental Health Officer has concerns in relation to noise and disturbance from power driven plant or equipment


163/05   Reports from Councillors

Jane Hurst reported that the telephone box, situated just inside the Recreation Ground, was in a poor state – the glass had been broken.  The Parish Council is anxious not to lose this old style box and enquiries will be made with English Heritage to see if it can be listed.  BT to be asked to replace the glass with polycarbonate.  The basket ball net is torn and needs to be replaced.  An estimate to replace this is to be sought.  Action: Clerk (2).

Cars from the Football Club used the Back Lane entrance on Saturday 16 April.  A car was seen (Sunday 17 April) parked near the veranda.  It was thought the Recreation Ground was ‘car proof’.  The Councillors will look at this situation following their site meeting on 27 April.  Action: All.  The letterbox in Coploe Road has a muddy access when posting letters.  The Clerk will contact Mike Cooper (Highways) to see if anything can be done.  Action: Clerk.  The Parish Council had been approached with regard to helping finance the Over 60’s Xmas lunch.  The Parish Council would do what we can and also to explore any other avenues that might help.

The village noticeboard needed a coat of varnish.    Action: Clerk. (2)


John Williams joined the meeting.


164/05 Reports from District and County Councillors

District:  John Williams said an idea of what to do with the land at the corner of Birds Close would be discussed at a meeting next week.  There is nothing known at the moment from central government on the capping of Council Tax.

County:  None


165/05 Finance (Bank Balances) including payments to: 

Aimprint                                -                £69.51

Herald Contract Services -                £88.13

Charles Frankau                   -                £50.00

SCDC (Council Tax)        -                £63.08

Payments due in May:       Allianz Cornhill (Insurance) and Clerk

Community Account                                -                £5,731.37

Business Base Rate Tracker                -                £10,225.52


The Chairman will produce a Cash Flow projection for the coming year for the next meeting. 

Action:  J Macdonald



Risk Assessment – CALC booklet – Parish Council has a copy.  The Councillors asked for this booklet to be circulated.  Letters had been sent to Charles Frankau and Ron Coulson enquiring if (a) they had their own public liability insurance (b) qualified to do the work (c) vehicles and equipment used were maintained and checked for safety.  Responses had been received.  A letter will also be sent to Herald Contract Services.  Action: Clerk


166/05 Affordable housing 

A strategy plan is a process, which would identify any possible, suitable sites in the village for affordable housing.  The Councillors need to get together one evening to see if there were any suitable sites.  A meeting will be set up in the next couple of months.  Action:  Clerk  John Williams said if was difficult to find out an accurate figure as to how many were needed, but he would try. 


167/05 M11 widening, proposals and consultation

The Chairman congratulated Terry Sadler on his very good work in sending in the response, on behalf of the Parish Council, to M11 RMS Project Sponsor, Highways Agency.  Copies of which had been e-mailed to Councillors.  Points tackled were reduction of noise, against any services sited near here, lacking in detail regarding the road widening.  The joint committee of Parish Councils will be meeting next week in Little Shelford and he will report back at the next parish council meeting.  Action:  Terry Sadler


168/05 Flooding

Following last Friday’s rainfall, which the councillors did not deem to be heavy, there was flooding reported at 1 Abbey Street and Cemetery corner.  The Clerk to write to Highways expressing their disappointment at the flooding at 1 Abbey Street as it was understood this problem had been resolved, and to ask if they could clear the drains out and inspect them with some visual equipment.  The flooding at Cemetery corner should be resolved when the kerb is installed.  Action: Clerk


169/05  Highways – Cemetery Corner/Frogge Street

                Cemetery Corner – Following a meeting with Mike Cooper (Highways) on 11 April, it was agreed to install a kerbing, tidy up road edges and paint white lines on edge of road; also to install ‘SLOW’ painted on the road at both ends approaching the corner.  A plan had been received and approved by the Councillors.

Frogge Street  - Letter received from CCC who informed us that Temporary Interactive Signs for Frogge Street were not available.  The Clerk is to enquire, that as we are aware of moveable signs in other counties, why do they not have any or consider this option.  Action: Clerk

170/05 Cemetery

                Date is still awaited from Probation Service


171/05 Recreation Field and Play Area

Football Clubs – Terms for next season – The representatives from the Saffron Crocus clubs asked if there would be any increases for next year.  They pointed out that they do a lot of maintenance to the pitch themselves and would like this to be taken into consideration.  Certain areas of the pitch were becoming patchy and it had not been rolled.  Although the contractor had cut the grass, they had left areas with long grass uncut i.e. the gang cutters appeared to be ‘skipping’.  Action: Clerk.  There had been no more issues with the changing rooms.  Tim Pavelin felt it was great that we have a regular team using this facility and they do put in a lot of work themselves on the pitch.  It is the football cards that keep the clubs going not the match fees, so we should keep the fees low.  The white lining machine was now very old and need to be replaced.  A quote will be obtained with a view to the Parish Council considering making a contribution towards the cost.   Action: Tim Pavelin

The current fees are:

Ickleton                  -                               £5.10 per game

Crocus (2)                -                               £10.20 per game

It was agreed to keep these fees the same for this year, but they would probably be increased next year. 

A quote for rolling the pitch would be obtained from Herald (if not already in agreement) and Charles Frankau.

The pitch also needs re-seeding and April is a good time to do this, but the club do not finish until 7 May this year.  They will instruct the Football League that they need to stop playing from 15 April 2006 in order for maintenance to be done to the pitch.   Action: Clerk (3)

Fertilising of Football Pitch – Herald Contract Services had been asked to do this at a cost of £150 + VAT. 

Spraying weed killer on Recreation Ground  A quote had been received for £250 per spray (possible need for 2 sprays).  Peter Wombwell is to inspect the ground to see if this is required. 

Action:  Peter Wombwell

Skate park –  A quote for repainting had been obtained from Charles Frankau for £120 plus materials.  All were in favour of accepting this quote with a limit of £200 being spent.  It is believed special paint would be needed and what quantity would be required.  Mark Stone-Wigg to be asked for his advice.  Action:  Clerk/Mark Stone-Wigg

Litter Bin – two had been damaged.  Also guttering and tiles had been damaged on the village hall.  This appears to happen in the evenings.  PC Iain Perry to be informed of this.  Action:  Clerk


172/05  Wellcome Trust

The Parish Council has been invited to the official opening on Tuesday 3 May (1.45 pm for 2.00 pm).  It was felt that regular monthly meetings need not now be held, but quarterly ones would be preferable with the first one starting in May.  The Clerk will contact Phillipa Towlson to arrange.   Action:  Clerk


173/05 Annual Parish Meeting – 18 May 2005

The same format as last year to be repeated.  An address will be given jointly by James Macdonald and Peter Wombwell, followed by two presentations – PC Iain Perry and David Hall (Stop Stansted).  It was agreed that drinks of wine and beer will be served.  A leaflet drop will be done by the Councillors but not until after the General Election.  Action:  Chairman/Clerk


174/05 Adjournment for questions by members of the public

Neil McKillen pointed out that with regard to M11 that there was an issue of air pollution, which he had raised in his own submission.  He also mentioned that individual building planning proposals could not currently be related to other adjoining buildings.  He suggested that the Parish Council ask for contextual drawings.  It was agreed that a letter would be sent to the Planning Department.  Action:  Clerk


175/05 Date and time of next meeting

AGM of the Parish Council will take place at 7.30 pm on 11 May in the Village Hall, followed by a meeting of the Parish Council.


The meeting closed at 9.40 pm