Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 11 May  2005 at 7.38 pm in the Village Hall


Present: James Macdonald, Lewis Duke, Tim Pavelin, Terry Sadler, Sheila Birch, Mark Stone-Wigg, Jane Hurst, Jocelyn Flitton (Clerk) and 24 members of the public


 176/05                Apologies for absence

Apologies were received from Peter Wombwell (Abroad), Robin Driver (previous engagement)


177/05   To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 20 April 2005

144/05 – First sentence to read:  “Sheila Birch and Robin Driver had met a representative of Wellcome Trust who had put up the posts,…….”

The minutes were then approved and signed by the Chairman.


178/05                Adjournment for questions from members of the public

As there were representatives present from the Ickleton Garden Centre, the Chairman moved the first item under Matters Arising forward.

123/05 Ickleton Garden Centre – The Chairman said there were two points he would like to make. 

(a) concerns and queries are often raised, which are discussed with SCDC.  It is the Council’s job to find the facts.  The Parish Council had not appreciated that the planning process had not started when trying to ascertain the facts, although he personally felt he could have discussed the queries with Mr London at an earlier stage.  No planning application has yet been submitted.

(b) The Parish Council had been portrayed as being against Ickleton Garden Centre – this was certainly not the case.  We have received several letters supporting the centre.  The article published in the April Icene had been approved by the Chairman. 

Stuart London from Ickleton Garden Centre asked if the Councillors were of the same mind as the Chairman.  The general feeling was that the Council were supportive, but any application has to be done professionally.  Mr London said he had things in place regarding this issue.


10 members of the public left the meeting.


179/05   Matters Arising:

143/05 Coploe Pit  - bonfire still to be lit by C Frankau                Action: Clerk

151/05  Play Area – fixing of 2 bolts – still to be fixed  Action: Mark Stone-Wigg

163/05 Basket ball net – still to be sourced                                                Action: Clerk

Letter box- Coploe Road – Letter received from CCC Highways, saying Coploe Road is due to be re-surfaced and may well solve the problem.

Quote re. Notice board – not yet received from C Frankau                Action: Clerk

165/05 Risk Assessment  - Reply had been received from Herald Contract Services

170/05 Cemetery – Probation Service – this work had been carried out on 3 & 10 May.  A letter was to be written thanking the Probation Service for their part in tidying up the Cemetery.                                                                                             Action: Clerk


180/05   Youth Representation



181/05                Correspondence received:

            SCDC – Individual Planning Applications (in response to letter dated 26/4/05)

                SCDC – Parliamentary Election – Statement as to Persons Nominated

                SCDC – Re: Disability Sports Festival

SCDC – Re: S/0750/05/F Planning application – land adj. Gurner House, 20 Church Street

SCDC – Ref: Part demolition of wall Church Street, Ickleton

Action: Chairman (telephone to clarify situation)

CCC – Corporate Plan 2005-2009

                CCC – CCC’s Climate Change Strategy

                CCC – Protected Road Verge signs

                CCC – Flooding – Cemetery Corner/1 Abbey Street

CCC – Post box – Coploe Road

                Cambridgeshire Drug and Alcohol – Drug Service Information

                Herald Contract Services – Risk Assessment (in response to letter dated 21/4/05)

Re: Planning application land adj. Gurner House, 20 Church Street:

Christina Gordon – Copy of letters to Cllr John Williams and Mr DB Hussell SCDC

Martin Barber-Lomax – letter to IPC and copy of letter to Mr DB Hussell, SCDC

Mr & Mrs K Worthing – Copy of letter to Mr D B Hussell SCDC

Mrs L P Frost – Copy of letter to SCDC

Dr J Pell – Copy of letter to SCDC

Barker Parry Town Planning Ltd – Copy of letter to SCDC

Ickleton Garden Centre – 8 supportive letters

RoSPA – Play Area Safety Inspection Report

                CALC – Training Partnership – update

                Country Lane & Business Association – Brochure Trafalgar Weekend 21-23 Oct 2005

                Clerks & Councils Direct publication

Wetlands Nature Reserve brochure

CPRE literature

Letters sent:

                CCC – Cemetery Corner re. Kerb/drainage

                CCC – Temporary Interactive Signs on Frogge Street

Mr C Frankau – Quoting for Painting Skate Board Park/Re-varnish notice board/rolling football pitch

                English Heritage – Red Telephone Box

                Football Clubs – terms for next season

                Inland Revenue - PAYE


182/05                Planning:

                S/0750/05/F – Land adj. Gurner House, 20 Church Street- Dwelling and Garage- Mr & Mrs R Maynard

The Chairman said this raised a number of issues, which included:

a)       effect on immediate neighbours

b)       listed buildings – flint walls

c)       size of the house relative to the site

d)       flint wall on Church Street demolished

e)       height of the house relative to others

f)        conservation area

g)       backland development rules

h)       access to house

i)         appropriate infill development standards

j)         how application fits in with SCDC current policy


Much correspondence had been received including a reply from David Grech regarding the demolition of the flint wall in Church Street.  Neighbours made the following points:

i)                     what else will follow, if this is allowed to happen

ii)                   all the points made above had been included in a letter sent to SCDC

iii)                  agreed with all the points made above and were horrified by the application

iv)                 there appeared to be total disregard to planning requirement, total disregard to conservation

v)                   as it was a listed area, there may be archaeological finds on the site, which may affect the new occupants of Gurner House

The Parish Council discussed all the information that had been placed before them.  Another significant point was concerns regarding the height of the building.  The plans do not give this information.  It was not appreciated, until a site visit, how near the fencing would be to a neighbour’s sitting room.  The Chairman asked John Williams to ensure that SCDC had carried out a site visit.

                                                                                                                                Action: Chairman/Clerk

A member of the public entered the room


It was the unanimous view that the Parish Council would Refuse this application listing out their reasons.


10 members of the public left the meeting


Lewis Duke declared an interest in the next two items and left the room.


C/11/40/54 -  to carry out tree works  -Mr & Mrs M Woodhead – Old Vicarage, Butchers Hill. – Approve – need to preserve the rare plant Aristolochia Clematitis.

S/0795/05/F – Conservatory – 3 Coploe Road – Mr & Mrs I Vincent – No recommendation – no comment

                                                                                                            Action: Clerk (2)

Lewis Duke returned to the meeting


183/05   Reports from Councillors

Tim Pavelin reported that Ickleton Village Hall would have new booking clerks as from 16 May – David and Jean Whittaker.    Jane Hurst asked if declaration of interest forms needed to be completed.  Copies of the forms to be given to councillors to see if any changes need be made.     Action: Clerk

A parishioner had remarked how much the Wetlands had enhanced life in the village.  There were no dog fouling notices or bins on the site.  This would be raised with Phillipa Towlson. Action: Clerk

Copy of the backland filling document was requested to be circulated to councillors.  Action: Clerk  A parishioner, who uses a motorised vehicle, had mentioned that Back Lane was bumpy.  Peter Wombwell to be asked about ‘planings’ to be laid and rolled in.  A suggestion that maybe when Coploe Road was re-surfaced this could be included?                               Action: Clerk/Peter Wombwell

In CPRE minutes they mention Conservation Area Appraisals – a rolling programme over the next 7 years.

184/05   Reports from District and County Councillors

The Chairman welcomed and congratulated the new County Councillor Tim Stone and sent commiserations to Robin Driver, who had served the County Council for many years.

County  - The County Council aims to do better in representing Cambridgeshire to the government.  He was surprised at how orientated towards ‘green’ thinking the County is by encouraging recycling, cycle allowance etc.  He aims to meet all parties involved as soon as possible.  A councillor requested that he addresses the amount of packaging used and the village Bus Service, which now has a 2 hourly service instead of 1 hour.

District – There is slow progress on the proposed 2 dwelling unit (triangular shape) at Birds Close.


185/05   Finance (Bank Balances) including payments to: 

Clerk                                                       -                £237.42

Playground Mngmnt Ltd                    -                £142.18  

Cambridge Conservation Volunteers-                £50.00  (agreed increase from £16.75)

Herald Contract Services                 -                £352.50

Aimprint                                                -                £69.51

Allianz Cornhill Insurance renewal – the Chairman presented a summary paper regarding the increase from last year.  After discussion, it was agreed that the Church wall should be added to the list, and we should make enquiries as to whether anyone could help us regarding the Chapel.  The Council agreed that it should be left to the Chairman to make further enquiries;  approval of the payment, by 1 June 2005, of £1525.70 or less was given.                                                             Action: Chairman/Clerk


Community Account                                                -                £2,913.01

Business Base Rate Tracker Account                -                £12,225.52

Asset Register – this had been started at the suggestion of Ken Worthing when he audited the accounts.  More work has yet to be done on this.                                                        Action: Clerk/Chairman

Year-End Financial Statement – The final statements for approval will be presented at the June meeting.

                                                                                                                                Action: Chairman

186/05                Affordable housing – strategy for planning for the future

Meeting to be arranged for a walk around the village one evening.  Dates to be obtained from Chairman and circulated to councillors to find a date suitable for all.                      Action: Clerk


187/05   M11 widening, proposals and consultation

Terry Sadler attended the joint committee of Parish Councils in Little Shelford.  They are trying to find a body that will carry out a noise level study, also someone in the Cambridgeshire County Council to whom they can speak to about noise issues.  They had been in contact with Andrew Lansley (MP) but this had been on hold due to the General Election.

188/05   Flooding

                Cemetery Corner – roadworks that are due to start in 2-3 weeks time, should resolve the problem here.

1 Abbey Street – preliminary investigations and cleaning were carried out on the drains this week.  A report from Mike Cooper of Highways will be sent out in due course.


189/05                Highways
                 Cemetery Corner  - as mentioned work is due to start in 2-3 weeks time.
Frogge Street – no reply had been received in response to our letter.


190/05   Footpath

Grassy Lane - Following an e-mail from Steve Tabbitt (CCC) saying he had received complaints, Sheila Birch made contact.  The hedge that has been planted is not in line with the bollards (installed on the boundary line by Wellcome Trust) and they wish the hedge to be moved back to the boundary line.  James Macdonald and Sheila Birch are to meet the Senior Footpaths Officer together with Phillipa Towlson from Wellcome.  They will report back to the Parish Council.

                                                                                                                Action: Sheila Birch/Chairman

191/05                Recreation Field and Play Area

a)       a)  Spraying weed killer – Peter Wombwell to report                     Action: Peter Wombwell


A member of the public left the meeting


b)       Rolling football pitch – Herald have quoted £50.  C Frankau yet to quote.  Action: Clerk

c)       Skate park – re-paint   – to be completed by C Frankau                      Action: Clerk

d)       3 posts required in Recreation Ground, one near bus shelter, 2 near village hall

Quote to be obtained.                                                                                               Action: Clerk

e)       white lining machine – quote                                                                  Action: Tim Pavelin


192/05                Wellcome Trust

Several councillors attended the opening ceremony on 3 May.  The site is very impressive and consideration has been given to local communities.

The liaison meetings have been confirmed as being held quarterly, with the first one on 27 May.


193/05   Annual Parish Meeting – 18 May 2005

Wine, beer and Reports are being obtained.  This will begin at 7.00 onwards in the Village Hall

                                                                                                                                Action: Chairman/Clerk


194/05                Adjournment for questions by members of the public

A parishioner made the following points:  The Church Street sign had fallen off the wall near the village shop.  The bags at the bottom of the Recreation Ground were unsightly.  The weight signs on Hinxton bridge.                                                                                                                     Action: Clerk


195/05   Date and time of next meeting

15 June 2005 at 7.30 pm


The meeting closed at 9.45 pm