Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 15 June 2005 at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall


Present: James Macdonald (Chairman), Peter Wombwell, Jane Hurst, Lewis Duke, Sheila Birch, Terry Sadler, Mark Stone-Wigg, Jocelyn Flitton (Clerk).  John Williams (District Councillor) and Tim Stone (County Councillor).


196/05                Apologies for absence

Apologies were received from Robin Driver and Tim Pavelin (previous engagements)


197/05   To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 11 May 2005

182/05 – Last sentence on page 2 should read: “It was the unanimous view that the Parish Council recommend refusal of this application listing out their reasons”. 

The minutes were then approved and signed by the Chairman.


198/05                Adjournment for questions from members of the public



199/05   Matters Arising:

                143/05 Coploe Pit – bonfire – Charles Frankau still to do this                         Action: Clerk

151/05 Play Area – fixing of 2 bolts – included in 210/05

163/05 Basketball netthis has now been purchased.  Tim Pavelin to be asked to fit net to the ring                                                                                                  Action: Clerk/Tim Pavelin

Letter box- Coploe Road – Highways believe this has been resolved following re-surfacing.  Councillors to report any further problems                                                              Action: Councillors

Quote re. NoticeboardA quote from Viliami Mila for £120 had been received.  A second quote to be obtained by the Clerk.                                                                                      Action: Clerk

181/05 Part demolition of wall 20 Church Street – outstanding                          Action: Chairman

183/05 Declaration of Interest formsCopies had been given to Councillors.  Lewis Duke and Jane Hurst wished to update their forms.                                                     Action:  Clerk

Wetlands – Dog fouling noticesPhillipa Towlson (Wellcome Trust) said there were notices on the main sign boards requesting that people remove all dog waste, and they hoped dog walkers would be responsible and dispose of any waste themselves.  They have no plans to install dog waste bins.

Back Lane – the uneven surface was still cause for concern.  The contractors were to be contacted to see what they intend to do.                                                          Action:  Clerk

195/05 Church Street signThe signage section of SCDC had been contacted to re-hang this road sign. Hinxton Bridge weight restriction signHighways said, it was in their opinion, well positioned, but investigating the future need for the sign.  The Parish Council felt there was still a need for this sign and would write to Highways.                              Action: Clerk

FootpathHighways were unable to carry out any immediate repairs, but would include it within next year’ slurry sealing programme.  Rubbish bagsSCDC to be contacted to see if they can clarify when they may collect bags on different day to that arranged (Wednesdays).

                                                                                                                                                Action: Clerk


200/05   Youth Representation



201/05                Correspondence received:

            SCDC                -                S/0750/05/F – Acknowledgement - Planning application (202/05)

                SCDC                  -                Copy of letter from Daphne Spink to Cambridge Evening News/ reply

                SCDC                -                Council Tax Capping

                SCDC                -                Plans accompanying planning applications

                SCDC                -                Small Business Rate Relief - Cemetery, Brookhampton Street

                SCDC                -                Broadening Education – Facilities Bank/Touring Film Kit

                SCDC                -                Minutes Conservation Advisory Group 27/4/05

                SCDC                -                South Cambs Summer 2005 magazine

                SCDC                 -               South Cambs Debating Competition for young people 2005/6

                SCDC                 -                Adults back to Netball

                CCC                -                Changes to Local Bus Services (St Ives, Papworth Everard)

                CCC                -                Cambridge Core Traffic Scheme Stage 4 City Centre

                CCC                -                Flooding 1 Abbey Street (208/05)

                CCC                -                Cambridgeshire National Cycle Network

                CCC                -                Footway & weight restriction sign

                CCC                -                Temporary interactive signs

                CCC                -                Jointly Funded Minor Improvement Schemes 2006/7 Bidding Round

CCC/Peterborough CC – Minerals & Waste Development plan/consultation

Cambridge Evening News/Cambridge Water Co. – Cambridge Water Village Life Fund

                Andrew Lansley CBE MP – copy of letter from Chief Constable of Cambs. Constabulary

East of England Plan Public Examination – acknowledgement of representation

East of England Plan Public Examination – Forthcoming examination in public 14/09/05

                CALC                -                Workshop Charity Trustees

                Highways Agency – Traffic Information & Roadworks East England May – Aug 2005

                Direction Plus  -  Change of address for local charity

                BAA Stansted – Development timetable

                Kompan Ltd – Ipswich play (children’s) seminar

                Cambridgeshire Acre – Harvest magazine

Cambridgeshire Acre – Invitation Village of the Year competition County Finalists Evening

CPRE – Countryside Voice magazine/ Fieldwork magazine

CPRE – Workshop “Delivering Rural Affordable Housing” – 8 July, Hinchingbrooke

CALC – Newsletters/ Pointers to Good Practice booklet/Workshop for Councillors

Networking East leaflet


202/05                Planning Applications:

S/0485/05/F – R Morgan, 58 Frogge Street – Revised design of roofline and one dormer window.   The Parish Council recommends approval – not a significant alteration.

                                                                                                                                                Action: Clerk

Decisions received from SCDC:

S/0225/05/F – L Duke, Abbey Farm – permission granted, subject to conditions

S/0653/05/F – G Cameron, 66 Frogge Street – permission refused for fence

S/0750/05/F Mr & Mrs R Maynard, land adj. 20 Church Street – permission refused.  (Official outcome received by telephone from SCDC, letter in the post.)


203/05   Reports from Councillors

A resident had contacted a councillor reporting a group of teenagers (believed local) who had been camping overnight on the Recreation ground, playing loud music and leaving litter behind.  PC Iain Perry will be notified, so the situation can be monitored.                                             Action: Clerk

The footpath between Abbey Street and Back Lane has overgrown and needs to be trimmed.  A check to be made with Highways to see whose responsibility it is.                                            Action:  Clerk

The signs signifying Route 11 as a cycle path have appeared with no explanation. (see correspondence)

The signs left by contractors wanting to clean wheelie bins are still on lampposts, and need to be removed.                                                                                                                                Action: Clerk

A request for tennis courts had been received.  Further investigations need to be made and it will be discussed later in the year (August Agenda).                                               Action: Chairman/Mark Stone-Wigg


204/05   Reports from District and County Councillors
District – The Local Development Framework documents were hand-delivered to the Clerk.  The Chairman felt SCDC should produce these in a more user-friendly form.  Icknield Close – as the council own the spare land, an idea has been formed that they might use the land for off-road parking.  John Williams has been asked to confirm that it is within their remit.  Large-scale maps of Ickleton had been obtained, and a copy will be given to the Clerk.                                      Action: John Williams

County – Tim Stone explained that Cycle Route 11 runs from Harlow to King’s Lynn in Norfolk.  He had further comments re M11 which he would make under 207/05.


205/05   Finance (Bank Balances) including payments to:
                Allianz Cornhill Insurance                              -                £1525.70 (paid 31/5/05)
James Macdonald                                            -                £51.17
                Herald Contract Services                 -                £264.38
                Aimprint                                                 -                £53.16


Community Account                -                               £1,022.59

Business Base Rate Tracker                -                £12,225.52


Year-End Financial Statement – Adoption of the Audit Commission’s Annual return, was proposed by Terry Sadler, seconded by Jane Hurst and all were in favour to approve the accounts for the year ended 31 March 2005. 


Insurance – The Chairman was continuing to check the amount of insurance we were paying.  A credit of £37.24 had been received relating to the mandatory section.  It was felt that the Property damage items were particularly high.  Listed Buildings were to be contacted to make enquiries about the Cemetery chapel. Action:  Clerk  Sheila Birch will make enquiries regarding the church wall.  Action: Sheila Birch.  Some items needed to be revalued and discussed, which the Chairman is dealing with.                                                                                                                                         Action:  Chairman


Cash Flow projection.   The Chairman handed out the projection for the coming year, which showed we were currently on target.


Asset Register – Nothing further to report


206/05                Affordable housing – strategy for planning for the future

The proposed walk around the village on Monday 13 June was postponed.  A meeting has been arranged to look at the village plans and to identify sites, as the need has already been established.  The meeting will take place on Monday 20 June at 8.00 pm at Abbey Farm.  James Macdonald and Mark Stone-Wigg sent their apologies (holiday).

Birds Close - John Williams reported that the Council were now considering a one single storey dwelling, sited at an angle, with vehicle access as far away as possible from the junction of Coploe Road/Birds Close.


207/05   M11 widening, proposals and consultation

Terry Sadler reported that the joint committee of Parish Councils are having a meeting with Andrew Lansley MP a week on Friday.  Any suggestions would be welcome.  Tim Stone said the CCC had accepted that there was a need for a Rest Area and had made representations about noise, but had made no mention of levels.   He was requested to obtain more details regarding the Rest Area.

                                                                                                                                                Action: Tim Stone


208/05   Flooding

1 Abbey Street – A letter had been received from Cambridgeshire County Council (Highways) reporting that the system was found to be obstructed by tree roots at the location shown (map enclosed).  The roots have been removed; the system was tested and found to be working normally.


209/05                Footpaths

James Macdonald and Sheila Birch had a meeting with the Senior Footpaths Officer and Phillipa Towlson (Wellcome) to establish the boundaries with Wellcome after the hedge was planted.  The Footpaths Officer expects us to move and pay for re-planting the hedge.  C Frankau has been asked to quote for this work.  We are awaiting a response from the Senior Footpaths Officer.                                                                                                                                                   Action Clerk/C Frankau


210/05                Recreation Field and Play Area

Spraying weed killer    -                outstanding                                                          Action: Peter Wombwell

Rolling football pitch – quote  - outstanding                                                          Action: Clerk/CFrankau

Skate park –  repaint - outstanding                                                                          Action: Clerk/CFrankau

3 new posts – quote – outstanding                                                                          Action: Clerk/CFrankau

White line machine –  Tim Pavelin had obtained a quote of £256.25.  He has contacted Phillipa Towlson of Wellcome Trust who has very kindly agreed to pay for this machine as they felt it would benefit a broad range of village residents and improve Ickleton’s football reputation!                                                                                                                                                                            Action: Clerk


RoSPA report – The report recommends that an Ownership sign is put up and a few minor repairs were highlighted.  Safety signs on the skateboard park had been painted over.                         Action: Mark Stone-Wigg/Clerk

Sycamore Tree – Andrew Shepperd had pointed out that this tree was now some 35 feet high and approx. 10 feet from his fence.  The Parish Council will look at this again in the autumn (October Agenda) together with a dead tree in the Recreation Ground.  The Clerk to ask Mr Shepperd that if the Council agree for the tree to be cut down, will he be willing to bear the cost. Action: Clerk


211/05   War Memorial railings

Iain Moore has volunteered to paint these railings.  The Council were happy for Mr Moore to do this.  A tin of black hammerite paint (medium size) is to be purchased and given to Mr Moore.  

                                                                                                                                                Action: Clerk

212/05                Wellcome Trust

The first of the quarterly meetings was held on 27 May, from which there was nothing to report.  Concerns regarding the use of the cycle path between Hinxton and Sawston roundabout were raised.  At night times it was hard to distinguish between the road and the cycle path as they were on the same level.  Vehicles have encroached onto the cycle path and it was felt the overall safety element was poor.  Perhaps Wellcome could canvas their workers to see if they had experienced any incidents.

                                                                                                                                                Action: Clerk

213/05                Adjournment for questions by members of the public

The Chairman said more complaints have been received regarding dog fouling especially in the children’s play area of the Recreation ground.  A separate item is to be put into the Icene.


214/05   Date and time of next meeting

Wednesday, 20 July 2005 at 7.30 pm


The meeting closed at 9.45 pm