Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 20 July 2005 at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall


Present:  Peter Wombwell (Chairman), Robin Driver, Jane Hurst, Lewis Duke, Sheila Birch, Tim Pavelin, Terry Sadler and Jocelyn Flitton (Parish Clerk).  Tim Stone (County Councillor), John Williams (District Councillor) and 5 members of the public.


215/05                Apologies for absence

Apologies were received from James Macdonald (Holiday) and Mark Stone-Wigg (working abroad)


216/05   To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 15 June 2005

204/05 – County - To be added after first sentence “The previous proposal of a route through Duxford had now been replaced by the one through Hinxton”.

207/05 – The last sentence should read: “CCC have asked the Highways agency for more information”

The minutes were then approved and signed by the Chairman.


217/05                Adjournment for questions from members of the public

A member of the public asked if there had been any progress on speeding restrictions in Frogge Street. 

A member of the public suggested that the Community Fund, which is available could be used for the tennis courts.


218/05   Matters Arising:

                143/05 Coploe Pit – bonfire – C Frankau has this in hand, waiting for suitable weather conditions

163/05 Quote re. Notice board – A second quote had now been obtained.  Tim Pavelin/Robin Driver declared a family interest and did not participate in the discussion.  Lewis Duke proposed, Terry Sadler seconded that we accept the quote from Viliami Mila for £120.                                                                       Action:  Clerk

181/05 Part demolition of wall 20  Church Street- James Macdonald had spoken to David Gech, Conservation Officer at SCDC. It was a permitted development, which did not need Conservation Area Consent.  It is really an anomalous position resulting from perverse House of Lords decision, as a result of which Demolition Consent would only be required where there was complete demolition.  In this case therefore it is regarded as an alteration not demolition. 

183/05 Back Lane – BF Contracts had laid some hard core and rolled the ground.  They have now completed their work in Back Lane.

194/05 Refuse sacks – SCDC collect these sacks one day later (i.e. Thursday not Wednesday) following a Bank Holiday.  Ron Coulson has been informed.

203/05 PC Iain Perry – The Clerk has been unable to speak to him, due to holidays/courses. Action: Clerk

Abbey Street to Back Lane footpath – Conifers are still growing through and over the footpath.  The Clerk is to visit the occupants of the house, as it is their responsibility and not the Highways.                Action: Clerk

210/05 Play Area - RoSPA report inc. fixing of 2 bolts – Mark Stone-Wigg will contact Charlie Frankau again to action the minor issues                                                                                                     Action: Mark Stone-Wigg

211/05 War Memorial railings – The paint and paintbrush have been purchased and given to Ian Moore.


219/05   Youth Representation


220/05                Correspondence received:

            SCDC                     -                Recycling Credit Payments

                SCDC                     -                Event guide

                SCDC                     -                South Cambs Funding Fair 2005-07-17     

                SCDC                     -                Council to Fight Irrational Capping Decision (3)

                Duxford PC           -                Copy of letter to D Milliband re. SCDC Council Tax Capping

                CCC                        -                Highway Maintenance – Divisional Reorganisation

                CCC                        -                Changes to mobile library routes

                CCC                        -                HCV Route

                CCC                        -                Duxford Airfield Management Liaison Committee Mtg – 22 July 2005

Kester Cunningham John       Ickleton Barns Garden Centre – Cert. Of Lawful Use & Development

Moore Stephens                -                Annual Return for year ended 31 March 2005

                DEFRA                  -                Clean Neighbourhoods & Environment Act 2005

                Andrew Lansley MP                Redisplay poster after General Election

                Andrew Lansley MP                Copy of letter to Highways Agency re. M11

                Barclays                 -                Business Banking Code changes

                Monica Lilley      -                Church Fete 2006

                Duxford School    -                Governors Annual Report 2004/5

                Essex CC           -                Call for sites for Mineral Extraction & Transportation (2)

                Essex CC           -                Involving the community in County Planning Issues

                Stop Stansted                -                Night flight movements

                Stop Stansted                -                Consultation meeting 27 July – invitation

                Open Studios  -                Notice for Cambridge Open Studios during July

                BENSCH                -                Vacancy – Regional Support Officer

                Camb. Acre       -                Harvest magazine

                Camb. Acre       -                AGM notice 8 September 2005

                Camb. Acre       -                Local network fund

                Clerks & Council                  Direct magazine

                CRNE                     -                Bulletin

Correspondence sent:

                C Frankau  -                Outstanding items


221/05                Planning:

S/1267/05/LDC – Ickleton Barns Garden Centre, 111 Frogge Street – Application for a Certificate of Lawfulness for an Existing Use.  A copy of letter from SCDC to Kester Cunningham John (Solicitors acting for Mr S London) had been received.  The Parish Council confirmed the retail use of the land had been in existence for 10 years or more.  Whether or not the dwelling had been for private use or agricultural use, they were unable to say.   Letter of response to be written.                                                                   Action: Clerk

            Planning responses:

S/0750/05/F – Mr & Mrs R Maynard – Land adj. To 20 Church Street – Refusal of Planning Permission (6 reasons)

            S/0795/05/F – Mr & Mrs I Vincent, 3 Coploe Road – Conservatory – Application withdrawn

S/0177/05/F – Mr & Mrs R Cooper – 66 Abbey Street – Alterations & Extension – Permission granted (subject to conditions)

S/0485/05/F – Mr R Morgan – 58 Frogge Street – Roof Extension/Windows – Permission granted (subject to conditions)


222/05   Reports from Councillors

Lewis Duke asked if Highways could be contacted to clear the small storm drains on the east side of Duxford Road.                                                                                                                                                      Action: Clerk

He proposed that we include a paragraph in our response to Monica Lilley’s letter, recording our thanks and appreciation for all her hard work in organising the village fete.  All agreed with this proposal.

                                                                                                                                                                Action: Clerk

Sheila Birch reported that new upstairs windows had been put into Priory Farm.  This had already been noticed and been acted upon.

The Clerk (following her course at CALC) had mentioned that we only had the 4th edition of Local Council Administration by Charles Arnold-Baker.  The 7th edition was now available and perhaps the Parish Council should consider purchasing this update.  To be discussed under finance.

Tim Pavelin Rachael Rugg-Gunn had asked if it were possible to have picnic tables in the play area of the Recreation Ground.  It was proposed that Mark Stone-Wigg contact RoSPA to see if this would present any problems.                                                                                                                             Action: Mark Stone-Wigg

Terry Sadler The signpost at the junction of Grange Road/Royston Road had fallen apart.  The Clerk is to contact Highways, stressing that we would like to keep old signpost.                                               Action: Clerk

James Macdonald  Caroline Owen ( Norman Hall) had asked for permission for access onto the grass verge next to the wall near the Social Club.  He had given permission but wished this to be ratified by the Council – which it was.

The Chairman of Ickleton Village Hall had also reported to him that two rubbish bins have been vandalised.

Peter Wombwell  There was a lot of dead grass around the car park and edges of the Recreation Ground.  The Clerk is to speak to Herald Contract Services                                                                 Action:  Clerk


223/05   Reports from District and County Councillors

District:  It was felt that there was sufficient parking bays at Icknield Close; some of which were not used.  A suggestion will be put forward that the car park and road need re-surfacing and a ramp is required.  A further meeting is to be held regarding Bird’s Close.  Huntsman (Duxford) has put in a representation for 300 houses on a brown field site.  Duxford Parish Council has held an informal meeting with Huntsman.  Ickleton Parish Council to be kept updated.                                                                                                Action: John Williams

County:  The Transport section of CCC has received Beacon status.  During this year they will investigate the A1301.  This is the bus route, which serves our village and receives many complaints.  He suggested that local residents, using the bus, should complain, as more are needed to hopefully get improvements.  Lewis Duke said he felt it was a retrograde step when the service was reduced to 2 hourly instead of 1 hourly.

Mobile Library  A new large mobile library bus had been introduced, which now had internet access.  The size of the bus has caused problems in some villages.

Footpaths  The CCC need to repair 25% of footpaths.  If funding comes through, this could be reduced to 20%.

Police  PC Bissett has been looking after this area in the absence of  PC Perry.  Problems have been experienced when trying to get through on the general number

Duxford  A meeting had been held with Phillipa Towlson regarding the potential housing.  There is no impetus from Genome for more housing.

Capping  CCC are concerned, especially if Huntingdon and South Cambridgeshire are capped.  Joint products may not be able to be funded.  Robin Driver to draft letter to SCDC.                    Action: R Driver/Clerk


224/05   Finance (Bank Balances) including payments to: 

Herald Contract Services                 -                £176.25

Ickleton Village Hall                            -                £  33.00

Maudesport (White Line Machine)                -                £243.75

Clerk (3 months + expenses)                -                £588.21

Inland Revenue                                                -                £171.26


Community Account                           -                £648.83

Business Base Rate Tracker a/c                -                £12,288.27


Receipts:  Allianz Ins. £37.24, Ivett & Reed £35, Wellcome (White Line Machine) £236.25 & SCDC(Recycling) £154.65


Insurance – James Macdonald had had a discussion with Allianz Cornhill.  The annual premium could be reduced if we removed 6 items.  Separate premium amounts were not available; concerns were raised regarding the bus shelters.                                                                                                  Action: J Macdonald

The Parish Council does not own the church wall, but had agreed to maintain the churchyard.  It was felt that this needs to be explored through Ely Diocese to find out the exact situation.                Action:  Clerk

Cemetery chapel – James Macdonald had had spoken to Shona Smith (SCDC) and we had several options.  He felt it best if the discussion was deferred until September.                            Action: J Macdonald/Clerk


Asset Register – on going


The purchase of the latest edition of Local Council Administration is to be deferred.  The Clerk to report on the use of the current edition in 3 months                                                                                   Action: Clerk


225/05                Affordable housing – strategy for planning for the future

A meeting was held on 20 June, when a map was marked with possible/potential suitable sites.  John Williams was asked to speak to the Planning Officer to obtain his point of view and report back to the next meeting.                                                                                                                                 Action: John Williams


226/05                 Highways – Cemetery Corner

The kerbstone had now been installed, together with 2 extra drains.  The white lining was still outstanding.  The Clerk to enquire as to when this would be done.                                                                 Action:  Clerk


227/05   M11 widening, proposals and consultation

A meeting had been held with Andrew Lansley MP, who has written to the Highways Agency requesting a meeting.  The road is only re-surfaced if it is becoming unsafe. There are no current plans to re-surface the M11 spur.  A parishioner has complained about the noise from M11.


228/05                Footpaths – Grassy Lane/Mill Lane

The Property Investment Team (Wellcome) have spoken with Network Rail, who want to permanently close vehicle access via Mill Lane crossing.  The Parish Council support this closure, but keeping the pedestrian access.  The bollards that have been installed, mark the ancient right of way.  The hedge on the right hand side needs cutting inwards.  The Parish Council are to suggest to Wellcome Trust that they maintain the hedges.                                                                                                                                                  Action: Clerk


229/05                Recreation Field and Play Area

Spraying weed killer – to be done if necessary.                                            

Rolling football pitch – a second quote had been obtained.  This would be actioned when the time was right.

Skate park – repaint – Charlie Frankau expects to have done this before the August meeting.

3 new posts – A quote (£50 + VAT) had been received from Charlie Frankau to install these in the Recreation Ground.  This quote was accepted. Action: Clerk


230/05                Wellcome Trust

Cycle Path – Hinxton Parish Clerk had sent a copy of the letter their Chairman wrote to Highways expressing their concerns.  A letter is to be written expressing that Ickleton Parish Council have similar concerns and would like to see a rapid response.                                                                                                             Action: Clerk

Hinxton Road Padlocked Gate – Confusion had arisen between this gate and Mill Lane level crossing gates!  This is not a pubic footpath, and vehicle access can be obtained into the field.


231/05                Adjournment for questions by members of the public


232/05   Date and time of next meeting

                17 August 2005 at 7.30 pm


                The meeting closed at 9.19 pm