Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 17 August 2005 at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall


Present:  Peter Wombwell (Chairman), Lewis Duke, Sheila Birch, Terry Sadler, Tim Pavelin.   John Williams (District Councillor)


233/05                Apologies for absence

James Macdonald (holiday), Mark Stone-Wigg (working abroad), Jane Hurst (holiday), Robin Driver (unwell), Tim Stone (holiday)


234/05   To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 20 July 2005

224/05 – Sentence to be amended to read: “The Parish Council does not own the churchyard wall, but had agreed to maintain the churchyard.” 

The minutes were then approved and signed by the Chairman.


235/05                Adjournment for questions from members of the public



236/05   Matters Arising:

                143/05 Coploe Pit – bonfire – C Frankau has this in hand, waiting for suitable weather conditions.

203/05 PC I Perry – The Clerk had written a letter and subsequently received a visit from PCSO Chris Pulley.  The items mentioned are being addressed.

Abbey Street to Back Lane footpath – The Clerk had visited the resident, who has now cut back the conifers.

210/05 Play Area - RoSPA report inc. fixing of 2 bolts – Mark Stone-Wigg had met with C Frankau and itemised the minor works to be carried out in the play area.                                        Action: Mark Stone-Wigg

222/05 Storm drains Duxford Road – CCC Highways reported that two small drains along the east side of Duxford Road had been cleaned out.  Lewis Duke will report back should this not have solved the problem.

Picnic tables enquire with RoSPA – still outstanding                                                   Action: Mark Stone-Wigg      Signpost – CCC Highways have repaired the signpost at the junction of Grange/Royston Road.

Grass cutting - Herald Contract Services have been written to regarding the level of service this year.

223/05 SCDC Capping – no letter was sent as the decision on Capping had already been made

226/05 Cemetery corner – white lining – CCC Highways have asked the Contractor to carry out this work as soon as possible.  Peter Wombwell is to speak to the landowner asking them to cut the grips on hedge.

                                                                                                                                                Action: Peter Wombwell

237/05   Youth Representation



238/05                Correspondence received

SCDC                -                S/1267/05 – Ickleton Barns Garden Centre – acknowledgement of letter sent 25/07/05

            SCDC                -                Consultation Draft of the South Cambs Design Guide

                South Cambs Crime & Disorder Reduction Partnership  - Conference 31 August

                CCC                -                Response to letter sent 21/07/05 (Cemetery Corner/Duxford Road/Signpost)

                CCC                -                Cambridgeshire Environment Report 2005

                CCC                -                Grant Aid to Small Community Groups & Voluntary Organisations

                Cambs. Fire & Rescue Service – Article on Pressure Sales – Fire Safety Equipment

                Wellcome Trust   -    Meeting to introduce Mr D Parsley (replacing Phillipa Towlson)

                BAA Stansted                -     Consultation paper on next phase of growth

                Society of Local Council Clerks – membership information

                Duxford Airfield   -   Minutes + flight information for pilots

                Herald Contract Services -  Customer Service letter

                Cambridgeshire ACRE – Village of the Year Awards/AGM

                Uttlesford District Council  -  Uttlesford Local Development Framework

                East of England Plan  -  Public Examination deferred to 1 Nov 05

                CALC  -  The Bulletin/Courses

                Stop Stansted Expansion – DFT consultation on Night Flights Restrictions, Stage 2




                Correspondence sent:

                Mr Mike Cooper – CCC

                Mr C Frankau

                PC I Perry

Mr V Mila

Ms A Crundall – CCC


239/05                Planning applications:


            Planning responses:

                S/1267/05 – Ickleton Barns Garden Centre – acknowledgement of letter sent 25/07/05 to SCDC

S/00966/06/CW – Land adj. Tylers Yard & Brookhampton Street – Deposit of inert waste material (retrospective) restoration of agricultural land – permission granted subject to conditions

                S/0485/05/F – Mr R Morgan, 58 Frogge Street – acceptance of roof material


South Cambs Local Development Framework - No response had been sent.  Copies of the proposals map draft June 2005 for Ickleton were distributed to members of the Parish Council.


240/05   Reports from Councillors

Tim Pavelin reported that dog mess was still a problem.  A box near Stackyard has been knocked over.  This might belong to Cambridge Cable.  Clerk to check whom to contact to get box repaired.  A 6 ft wooden fence had been erected in Brookhampton Street.  This was not in keeping with the surroundings.  Clerk to check with Planning dept.                                                                                                                       Action:  Clerk

Terry Sadler reported that the footpath between Abbey Street and Birds Close was full of litter.  Clerk to contact Highways.  Some drains had yellow paint sprayed on them – was this to identify the drains which need to be cleaned out?  Clerk to contact Highways.                                                                             Action:  Clerk

Sheila Birch reported that litter was being scattered within the play park pen, and the gates were not being kept closed.  The Clerk to ask Ron Coulson if he could clear rubbish every week when collecting the rubbish bags on Wednesdays.                                                                                                                      Action:  Clerk

The Ickleton Lion was planning, under the new licensing laws, to serve drinks after midnight.  Sheila Birch will make further enquires and report back at next meeting.                                 Action:  Sheila Birch

Richard Herbert had asked the Clerk if they could use the entrance down Back Lane into the Recreation Ground on 27 August.  His daughter is getting married and the caterers need to get to the back of his property.  This was agreed on the understanding that they make good any damage.                Action: Clerk

SCDC will be reinstating the Church Street sign on posts (preferably wooden), together with one for Frogge Street                                                                                                                                                      Action: Clerk


241/05   Reports from District and County Councillors

            County – None

District – Bird’s Close – Planning Dept and Cambridge Housing Trust are in discussions regarding this site.  Icknield Close – It has been agreed to re-surface the path which will include a ramp.  Another ramp will also be put on the opposite side.  A resident had recently experienced flour and eggs being thrown at the house.  This was reported to the police.  The Clerk to follow this up with PC Iain Perry.  John Williams also felt that the litter problem was getting worse.  Item to be put on next agenda.                  Action: Clerk(2)


242/05   Finance (Bank Balances) including receipts and payments to: 

Moore Stephens                               -                £164.50

Herald Contract                 -                £176.25

Aimprint                                -                £69.51


Community Account                -                £738.57

Business Base Rate Tracker                £11,788.27


John Williams left the meeting


Audit – The completion and closure of the Audit for the Annual Return for the year ending 31 March 05 has been received from Moore Stephens.


Insurance              -                deferred until September meeting                                  Action: James Macdonald

Churchyard  Wall                                deferred until September meeting                                  Action: James Macdonald

Asset Register                 -                on going



243/05   2006/07 Bidding Round Jointly Funded Minor Highway Improvements budget

It was proposed that we put forward a suggestion for:  Advance warning of the 30 mph sign coming into the village from Duxford.  Also to ask for reddish gravel before the speed limit, and also near the bend at the crossroads.                                                                                                           Action: Peter Wombwell/Clerk


244/05                Affordable housing – strategy for planning for the future

            John Williams will report on this next month                                                                            Action: John Williams


245/05                Footpaths

Grassy Lane - James Macdonald and Peter Wombwell will discuss future maintenance of the hedge when they meet the new Facilities Manager (Mr Duncan Parsley) on 7 September.

                                                                                                                Action: James Macdonald/Peter Wombwell


246/05                Recreation Field and Play Area

Repaint Skate park – C Frankau has painted one coat, and has enough paint for second coat.  The warning sign had been cleaned of graffiti.   He asked if the wooden base should be painted.  The Parish Council agreed that this should be done.                                                                                                 Action: Clerk

3 new posts – outstanding with C Frankau                                                                                              Action: Clerk

Tennis Courts – deferred to September agenda                                                                   Action: Clerk


248/05                Wellcome Trust

Cycle Path  - CCC Highways acknowledged that some of the points raised were still in progress.  The Clerk was asked to write to say we would like to see these resolved before the winter months.                 Action:  Clerk

Mill Lane Level Crossing gate - The issue of the level crossing is being progressed by Wellcome Trust with Network Rail.

Phillipa Towlson’s departure – Phillipa will be leaving the Genome Campus on 30 September 2005.  In recognition of all her hard work, in turning round what could have been a negative situation, into a very positive one, it was agreed that the Parish Council would buy her a gift (under Section 137) with an upper limit of £100.                                                                                                                       Action: James Macdonald

An invitation is being sent to members of Hinxton and Ickleton Parish Council to mark the Official Royal Opening of the new buildings on 14 October.


249/05   BAA Stansted

Lewis Duke attended a meeting on 27 July for the launch of their new public consultations.  The focus was on ‘Growing Stansted Airport – on the existing runway’ (booklet & CD received) and invited feedback by 31/10/05.  It appears by increasing their capacity, they do not require much planning permission to do this.  The document will be circulated to the Councillors to read and report back with any comments next month.  (To be put on September Agenda.  Stansted Airport Interim Master Plan will also be circulated.                                                                                                                                                                                             Action: All

The Clerk was asked to write a letter regarding the single runway, stating we are considering the document, but it does not included where the flight paths are going to and from Stansted nor heights and stacking areas which exist between here and Stansted.                                                                                               Action: Clerk


250/05                Adjournment for questions by members of the public



251/05   Date and time of next meeting – 21 September 2005 @ 7.30 pm


The meeting closed at 8.49 pm