ICKLETON PARISH COUNCIL                     


Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 16 November 2005 at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall


Present: James Macdonald (Chairman), Sheila Birch, Lewis Duke, Tim Pavelin, Terry Sadler, Peter Wombwell,  Jocelyn Flitton (Parish Clerk).  Timothy Stone (County Councillor) and one member of the public.


289/05                Apologies for absence:  Mark Stone-Wigg (previous engagement), Jane Hurst (indisposed), Robin Driver (indisposed), John Williams (District Councillor – previous engagement)


290/05   To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 19 October 2005:  272/05 First sentence should read “Priory House” not “Priory Farm”.  277/05 ‘Terry Sadler’ should be moved in front of “Building material had been dumped at Gypsy corner”.  Manual amendments were made to the minutes, which were then approved and signed by the Chairman


291/05                Adjournment for questions from members of the public:  None


292/05   Matters Arising:

203/05 PC I Perry – The Chairman and Parish Clerk had had a meeting with PC Perry that morning.  Following a new police organisation called CIVITAS, which was formed in March,  re-organisations of the areas covered have been put in place.  PC Perry now covers Sawston, Duxford and Ickleton.  Car resources have been reduced and he now has to share a car with the PC covering Whittlesford, Shelfords, Pampisford, and Abingtons.  The Chairman and Parish Clerk have now signed up to receive e-mails from “E-cops” scheme, which is designed to enable information to be passed on more speedily.  The Parish Council will write a letter to the Acting Chief Constable expressing our concerns.                             Action: Chairman/Clerk

210/05 Play Area - RoSPA report inc. fixing of 2 bolts by C Frankau – Mark Stone-Wigg reported that the outstanding issues/maintenance would be completed shortly. 

Action: Mark Stone-Wigg

255/05 Ickleton Lion – 15 Representations had been made, and 5 villagers attended the hearing.  Greene King had already made significant modifications to the application.  The hours had been modified and the Parish Council felt this to be a reasonable outcome.

260/05 East of England public examination – No more news had been heard from CALC on the hot seats.                                                                                                      Action: Clerk

277/05 Pothole near Gt Chesterford Bridge – Highways reported that this pothole had been filled.

277/05 Village parking – item to be carried forward.                 Action: Chairman/Clerk

277/05 Car Scheme – CCC confirmed that the CRB check is not a statutory requirement, but they see it as best practise to have a common policy across various voluntary schemes.

277/05 Bus Users Forum – David Lilley has agreed to represent the village at this Forum.


293/05   Youth Representation:  None


294/05                Correspondence received:

SCDC             Council Tax Capping – Recycling payment/Footpath lights (response to be written Action: Chairman/Clerk

SCDC                     -                Ickleton Lion Licensing Act 2003 – Notice of decision

SCDC                     -                Code of  Conduct                                 Action: Chairman/Clerk

SCDC                     -                Draft Agenda Traffic Management Area (6/12/05)

SCDC                     -                Roadside Verge Management

SCDC                     -                Response to letter “ACT grant”

CCC                        -                Cambs & Peterborough Draft Supp. Planning Document (CD)

CCC                        -                Duxford Airfield Mtg (21/11/05)

CCC                        -                Cambs & Peterborough Joint Waste Partnership

CCC                        -                Winter Maintenance Leaflet

CCC                        -                Highways maintenance

IVH                         -                Ickleton Village Hall Accounts (year ending 30/09/2005)

Cambs. Police     -                Various e-mails (Copy:  S Peck, Neighbourhood Watch)

Herald                    -                Services offered

BAA Stansted                -                Response to “Draft Interim Plan” letter

Stop Stansted                -                Request for Finance Support  (Next Mtg)  Action: Clerk

Soc. LCC        -                Regional One Day Conference/E-mail from Chairman

CALC                     -                Mtg 21 Nov 2005/Various Training Sessions/Bulletin

NHS                        -                Notice re changes to Mental Health Services (notice board)

Com.Med.Serv     -                Community Mediation Service – AGM 16/11/05

Village Halls       -                Leaflet (Copy: G Woolhouse)

Camb.Horizons   -                Meeting 29/11/05

CPRE                      -                Cambridgeshire Voice magazine

CCD                        -                Clerks & Councils Direct magazine

Correspondence sent:

CCC                        -                Richmonds 334 Service

Play Quest     -                Maintenance Contract


An anonymous letter had been received.  The Parish Council wish to make it clear that such letters will be ignored.


295/05                Planning applications:

S/1628/05/F – Mr & Mrs I Vincent, 3 Coploe Road – Conservatory – permission granted


Land adj. Gurner House – outcome of appeal not yet known

Ickleton Riverside Barns – Certificate of Lawfulness should be issued shortly by SCDC; a retrospective planning application will then be submitted.            

                Applications to carry out Tree works subject to a Tree Preservation Order:

C/11/40/54- Ms K Denman-Johnson, 49 Abbey Street – Removal of several Leylandii and replacement with fruit trees – no objection.

C/11/40/54 – Mrs G Dillon-Robinson, 73 Abbey Street – Removal of Leylandii beside Bus Stop  - no objection.

C/11/40/54 – Professor D E Newland, 14 Frogge Street – Weeping Willow in front of house – reduce back to previous reduction point  - no objection.


The Chairman gave notice of an application that will be received shortly for a Seed Breeding Unit at Rectory Farm.  A site visit will be held before the next Parish Council Meeting.  The Clerk will organise a suitable date.                                                                       Action:  Clerk


296/05   Reports from Councillors

Peter Wombwell reported that yet another accident had happened under Gt Chesterford Railway Bridge.  After discussion, the Parish Council thought the road should be ‘altered’ so that all traffic had to go over the railway line.  The Clerk will speak to Mike Cooper (Highways) and the Chairman will speak to Gt Chesterford Parish Council to obtain their views.                                                                                                     Action: Chairman/Clerk

Sheila Birch reported a pothole at the Abbey Street end of Butcher’s Hill.   The Church Street sign had not yet been installed. Could enquiries be made about a ‘Litter Pick’ around the village, which could take place every 6 months.                                  Action: Clerk (3)

Jocelyn Flitton reported that the aerial picture of Ickleton, presented to the Parish Council by Phillipa Towlson (Wellcome Trust) had now been framed and the Village Hall committee had agreed that it could be hung in the Meeting Room.                                     Action:  Clerk


297/05   Reports from District and County Councillors

District  In the absence of John Williams, Timothy Stone gave this.  Revised Council tax bills should have reached us by now.  It should be noted that payments received for re-cycling had been calculated by the number of residents in the village and not the tonnage collected.  SCDC will shortly be writing to Parish Councils regarding Local Development Framework.  SCDC will cease funding for PCSOs from 2006, which means the total PCSOs will go down.  Linton and Sawston Village College have been allocated £15,000 for Arts for dual use.  Peter Wombwell expressed exasperation with the inadequacies of local services provided.  It was agreed that a suitable letter would be drafted for the next meeting (draft also to be shown to John Williams and Timothy Stone).                                  Action:  Chairman/Clerk

County  They are currently considering the 2006/7 Budget, which will result in inevitable cutbacks.  Results from a recent survey had been analysed.  Funding had been given to improve local transport in Cambridge/Ely/Newmarket area.  Smart card services were being developed.  CALC had sent out a guidance note on “Consultation on the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005”.   This Act covers dog fouling, graffiti, litter etc.  Street Scene in Cambridge (David Coventry) is able to help with graffiti. 


Timothy Stone left the meeting.


298/05   Finance (Bank Balances) including receipts and payments to: 


Herald Contract Services                - £176.25                Aimprint  -  £53.16

Receipts:   Football Clubs                -  £30.00


Community Account                -                £755.97

Business Base Tracker                -                £15,754.01


Precept Meeting to be held early in January                                  Action: Chairman/PW/TP



299/05                Affordable housing – strategy for planning for the future:  Carried forward.


300/05                Footpaths – Grassy Lane – to be covered under 304/05


301/05   Coploe Pit (23 November)

It was proposed and seconded that payment to the Wildlife Trust could be made up to the amount of £200. 


302/05                Recreation Field and Play Area

Tennis Courts – The Chairman handed out a draft questionnaire, which would be put on next month’s Agenda for discussion.                                                                          Action: Clerk

Sycamore Tree – The Parish Council were in favour of trimming the tree, but not to have it cut down.  There was also another tree that had died and was now splitting.  The Clerk is to ask the Tree and Landscape Officer to visit the site and ask for his opinion.                 Action: Clerk

Football Pitch – fertilising – it was decided to leave fertilising the pitch until the spring.  However the pitch does need to be rolled.  The Clerk to ask C Frankau if he would be willing do this.                                                                                                                   Action: Clerk


303/05   Flooding

The Environment Agency was due to weed-cut the stretch of river between Duxford, Hinxton, Ickleton & Gt Chesterford during November.  Lewis Duke will take a more detailed look and report back.  Flooding is the first item on the CALC agenda at their meeting on 21 November.

                                                                                                                                Action: L Duke

304/05                Wellcome Trust

Maintenance meeting with Duncan Parsley on 14 November.  It was a good first meeting with Duncan Parsley.  Rabbits – Wellcome Trust had had a blitz a few weeks ago gassing the rabbits.  The will let us know when they next intend to do this.  They use Pestwise, the Clerk will obtain their details from Jane Procter.  Picnic Tables – quotes for £750 (2 tables) were shown and Wellcome were asked if they would like to contribute to the cost. V Mila to be asked to quote for making two picnic tables.                Mill Lane Crossing – The address of Railtrack to be sent to Pat Wilson at Wellcome.  Grassy Lane – Greenscape currently cut the hedges for Wellcome and it was felt they were not unwilling to include our hedge.  Renewal of Planning Permission has been lodged.  The next meeting is in one month’s time.                Duncan Parsley has been invited to walk around Ickleton as some convenient time.                  Action: Clerk (3)


305/05   BAA Stansted

                A response had been sent by 31/10/05 in response to the draft interim Master Plan.


306/05   CCC Priorities & Budget Strategy 2006-10

                A response had been sent by 31/10/05.               


307/05   Imperial War Museum (Open Evening 17 November)  A notice had been put on the notice board inviting residents to the Open Evening, but this had been received too late to include it in the November Icene bulletin.


308/05                Adjournment for questions by members of the public

A question was raised about re-cycling payments.  An article would be included in next month’s Icene.                                                                                                     Action: Clerk


309/05     Date and time of next meeting:  14 December not 21 December 2005)   


There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.45 pm