ICKLETON PARISH COUNCIL                     


Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 18 January 2006 at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall


Present: Robin Driver (Acting Chairman), Tim Pavelin, Terry Sadler, Lewis Duke, Jane Hurst, John Williams (District Councillor) and 4 members of the public.


001/06                Apologies for absence:  James Macdonald, Peter Wombwell, Sheila Birch, Mark Stone-Wigg, Timothy Stone (County Councillor) –  previous engagements.


002/06   To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 14 December 2005:  316/05 Second bullet point should read Chrishall Grange not Ickleton Grange.  The minutes were then approved and signed by the Chairman.


003/06                Adjournment for questions from members of the public:  Two members of the public had attended this meeting due to an amendment to the Rectory Farm planning application.  As this amendment had not been received until this morning, another meeting of the Councillors would have to be held.  The two members of the public will be notified of the date of meeting.

Two members of the public left the meeting.


004/06   Matters Arising:

                260/05 East of England public examination – Nothing further to report

                277/05 Village parking – Item to be carried forward

296/05 Gt Chesterford bridge – Howard Rolfe (Gt Chesterford) said he had spoken to Chris Stoneham of ECC Highways, who wished to undertake a site visit with a bridge expert in the New Year.                                                                                                       Action:  Clerk

296/05 Abbey Street sign – This sign was on order.  The other Church Street sign would be put up at the same time as the Abbey Street sign is erected.                  Action:  Clerk

304/05 Picnic Tables (V Mila) – Although some other quotations appeared cheaper, it was proposed and seconded that we accept the quotation from Viliami Mila.  The costings will be given to James Macdonald and Sheila Birch to give to Wellcome Trust (at their next meeting) to see if they would donate these tables to the village.                Action: JM/SB

304/05 Pestwise – The Clerk is still trying to obtain these details.   Action: Clerk

317/05 Redundant Street ‘furniture’ – carried forward                     Action:  SB

           Rail service – Letter to be drafted                                                   Action:  TS

325/05 Wellcome Trust – Nothing to report


005/06   Youth Representation:  None


006/06                Correspondence received

            SCDC                -                Local Development Framework

                SCDC                -                Planning Application S/2236/05/F (2 letters)

                SCDC                -                South Cambs Event Guide

                CCC                -                Countryside Events

                CCC                -                Leaflet on the new Historical Resource & Cultural Centre in Cambridge

                CCC                -                County Council Budget for 2006/7

                CCC                -                Parish Newsletter

                A Lansley                Cambridgeshire Police

                Cambs. Police     Police Authority Budget 2006/7

                Cambs. Police                Neighbourhood Police Teams

                Cambs Fire         Cambs & Peterborough Fire Authority Precept 2006/7

                CPRE                -                Planning Applications Workshop

                Cambs Local      Local Access Forum meetings and activities

                RoSPA                -                Annual Inspection form

                Stop Stansted                Donation receipt

                BAA Stansted                Draft interim Airport Master Plan

                CofE                -                Church of England – Table of Parochial Fees from 1/1/06

                Ickleton FC           Match Fees

                IVH                -                Copy of letter from Ickleton FC

                Acre                -                Village of the Year 2006

                Country Grds        Parish Grounds Maintenance

                CALC                -                Capping Proposals of SCDC

                CALC                -                Training Days

                CALC                -                The Bulletin

                Off Dep PM                Standards of Conduct in English Local Government: The Future

                C & C                     Clerks & Council Direct Magazine

                Glasdon                 Catalogue

                Wicksteed                Catalogue

Letters sent:

                CCC                        Grass Verge Cutting – request for grant


Mr R Coulson Quotes (2) for Countax C600H tractor

                Mr R Coulson Grass verge cutting/Village Green/Churchyard /litter bin collection

                Mr C Frankau                Grass cutting-Recreation ground & play area/Cemetery + gravelling of pathway

Herald                    Grass cutting – Recreation ground & play area/Cemetery + gravelling of pathway/Village  Green & Churchyard/Pavement verges

MD Landscapes   As per Herald Contract

Buchans                -                As per Herald Contract


007/06                Planning applications:

                S/2373/05/F – Mr & Mrs D Whittaker – 48A Frogge Street – Extension – Approved

                                                                                                                                                Action: Clerk

S/2236/05/F – Messrs PR Wombwell, LG Duke, RGR Smith & RAGT Seeds Ltd – Land at Rectory Farm, Grange Road – Amended plans – to be discussed at a separate meeting

                Consultation on Planning application amendment:

S/2067/05/F – The Wellcome Trust – Land South of Genome Campus Hinxton & Ickleton – Variation of Condition 1 of Planning Permission S/0790/02/0 to Allow a Further Period of 3 Years for the Submission of Reserved Matters and the Commencement of Development for Erection of Buildings for Research and Development Together with Ancillary Facilities and Infrastructure – No Action required


008/06   Reports from Councillors

Robin Driver said that he had visited the Bus Stop in Abbey Street when the school buses made the pick-ups and reported there were no problems when he was present.

Jane Hurst had also visited the above Bus Stop and felt there was a possible safety concern regarding the traffic when the bus made its pick ups.  It was decided to invite the CCC Road Safety Officer to visit the site around 8.40 am.  She also reported that some children (at the front of the bus) were not wearing seat belts.  The Clerk will notify Duxford School.  A pothole had appeared again outside No. 36 Abbey Street.                                                                                                                       Action:  Clerk (3)

The Clerk had received comments regarding the tidiness of the Cemetery. The dumping of tyres/wheels between Ickleton and Hinxton, and Grange Road had been notified to SCDC and to E-Cops.   A noisy manhole cover in Abbey Street had caused a nuisance to some Abbey Street residents; Anglian Water fixed this very quickly.                                                                                                  Action: Clerk


009/06   Reports from District and County Councillors

District:  The South Cambs magazine had not been delivered to all households in the village due to a change of contractor.  SCDC have now decided to revert back to their original contractor for the delivery of this magazine.  Street Lighting - SCDC will process any details with a contractor that Ickleton Parish Council may use.  If necessary, the cost of this can be added to the village precept.  Cambridgeshire Housing Society has agreed to look at development on the corners of Birds Close/Coploe Road.  John Williams will let the Parish Council know the date of the meeting.                                                                                                                                                                 Action:  JW

County:  See Annex 1 (attached to these minutes) for Councillor’s report.





010/06   Finance (Bank Balances) including receipts and payments to: 


Ickleton Village Hall                            -                £39.00

Cambridgeshire Acre                         -                £25.00

Harts                                                      -                £49.06

JA Flitton                                    -                £330.25

HM Revenue & Customs                                -                £72.79

CALC                                                     -                £186.47


Ickleton Football Club                        -                £51.00


Community Account                           -                £547.10

Business Base Rate Tracker   -                £13,231.70


Precept – James Macdonald had circulated the figures for next year’s precept.  He had included £1,000 in capital expenditure for the cemetery.  Although we would have to allow for the future cost of footway lighting (as from 1 April), he suggested that the precept remain at £11,000.  Robin Driver expressed concern and felt we should bear in mind the cost of lights when they need replacing.  It was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that the precept should remain at £11,000.


011/06                Affordable housing – strategy for planning for the future: Nothing to report


012/06   Parish Paths Partnership (P3) 2006/2007:  It was unanimously agreed that we sit tight and do nothing.


013/06   Coploe Pit – Bonfire – Outstanding with C Frankau


014/05                Recreation Field and Play Area

Tennis Courts – carried forward                                                                  Action: Chairman

Sycamore Tree – The Clerk is obtaining a quote to cut down this and another dead tree.

                                                                                                                                Action: Clerk

Football Pitch – rolling – Outstanding with C Frankau

Tim Pavelin asked if we could obtain quotes (for February Agenda) to re-seed and fertilise the pitch.     

                                                                                                                Action: Clerk

015/06   Street Lighting – nothing further to report.


016/06   Flooding – River Cam – Lewis Duke had inspected the river and felt the weeding that had been done was sufficient.  He did feel the weeding should be done sooner next year. Frogge Street – flooding outside The Old School House had been reported to Highways.  It was reported that not all the drains in Frogge Street were lifted, to allow them to be cleaned properly.  The Clerk will contact Highways.                                                             Action: Clerk


017/06   Burial Board Fees – documents to be circulated and put on February Agenda.

                                                                                                            Action: Clerk

018/06                Adjournment for questions by members of the public

Several notices regarding cycle routes have appeared.  This causes concern especially on roads e.g. Ickleton to Catmere End which is a single-track road.  The Council wondered who decides these cycle routes, as there appeared to be no consultation with Parish Councils.  The Clerk will contact Mike Cooper of  CCC Highways.                                             Action:  Clerk


019/06   Date and time of next meeting:  Wednesday, 15 February 2006 @ 7.30 pm


There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.20 pm








County Councillor's Report                                                 January 2006

2006/2007 Budget

Cambridgeshire County Council is still in the throes of trying to set its budget for next year.  The Council is engaged in a consultation exercise, which gives examples of those service cuts, which would be inevitable if Council Tax rose by 4, 5 or 6%.


In practice the Council is budgeting for an increase of 5% because the Government says that if the collectivity of councils increases council tax by more than 5% they will be capped.  This is another "consultation" which could be criticised as being a con trick.


There are a number of Budget Surgeries taking place around the county.  The nearest to us is to be held in Cambridge Central Library on Saturday 21st January between 10 am and 12 noon. On 24th January the Cabinet will decide on the budget it would like to set.


Cambridgeshire currently has the third lowest council tax of all counties, a position which the current administration has deliberately sought to maintain.  This means that percentage increases yield less than they do in counties with higher council tax rates.

Transport Innovation Fund

The County Council has received a grant of £385k from the Government's new Transport Innovation Fund. This will fund a study to explore a package of measures with three main components:

a. Transport improvements, including public transport services, infrastructure and walking/cycling facilities.

b. The road network, tackling current and anticipated congestion points.

c. Demand management, both building on historically successful measures and examining the possibility of new demand management approaches including road user charging. The form of road user charging to be explored is proposed as 'broadly fiscally neutral', i.e. one which does not materially change costs for the average motorist.

Police Authority

The Home Secretary gave police forces up to 23rd December to present merger proposals aimed at securing efficiencies and creating forces able to cover the whole range of crime fighting services.  Of the 43 forces involved, 13 said they wanted to remain as they were and less than a third produced full proposals; none of the proposals submitted had the full agreement of the forces involved.


In our part of the world Bedfordshire said it would like to merge with Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire; Hertfordshire would prefer to merge with Bedfordshire but not Cambridgeshire; Norfolk wanted to join Cambridgeshire and Suffolk while Suffolk wanted to go with Essex and Norfolk.  Both Essex and Cambridgeshire were inclined towards a federal model with neighbourhood policing remaining with the existing forces while "protective services" such as fraud, drugs and international vice would be run jointly. 

Street Lights

Really a matter between the District Council and Parish Councils but I have been watching carefully as Parish Councils reach a decision as to whether to take over footway lights from the District Council on 1st April 2006 or have them permanently turned off.  It is worth remembering that the proposal restores the situation to its 1984 position, when the District Council took over Parish Council lights.


Most Parish Councils appear to be prepared to take over all the lights in their villages which, of course, has an impact on the Parish Precept for next year.


The calculation as to the cost of the exercise is first to discover the number of lights involved.  That number needs to be multiplied by £15.35 being the indicated cost of power for each light.  Then the same number needs to be multiplied by £17.32, being the annual maintenance cost.  Third, the cost of insurance needs to be added.  This is likely to be in the region of £10 per column if the replacement value is taken as £700.

When those three items are added up it would be prudent to add an amount for administration and perhaps a safety margin in case energy costs go mad and the County adds a supplement onto the electricity bill.