ICKLETON PARISH COUNCIL                     


Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 15 February 2006 at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall


Present: James Macdonald (Chairman), Peter Wombwell, Jane Hurst, Lewis Duke, Sheila Birch, Terry Sadler, Mark Stone-Wigg, Jocelyn Flitton (Parish Clerk) and two members of the public.


021/06 Apologies for absence:  Tim Pavelin, Robin Driver, John Williams (District Councillor) and Timothy Stone (County Councillor).


022/06 To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 18 January 2006 and Extra Ordinary Meeting held on 30 January 2006:  The minutes of the meetings held on 18 January 2006 and 30 January 2006 were approved and signed by the Chairman.


023/06 Adjournment for questions from members of the public: None


024/06 Matters Arising:

277/05 Village parking – Item to be carried forward.                 Action: JM

296/05 Gt Chesterford bridge:  Howard Rolfe, Gt Chesterford Parish Council informed us of a meeting to be held with Chris Stoneham (ECC Highways) and a bridge specialist scheduled for 2 March 2006 @ 2.30 pm.  A representative from Ickleton PC would be welcome to attend.                                          Action:  PW

296/05 Abbey Street sign – to be fitted by SCDC when made.

304/05 Pestwise – still outstanding.

317/05 Redundant Street ‘furniture’  -  Sheila Birch had done a short walkabout the village; there were certain items she needed to speak to Highways about.  She will report back at the next meeting.                                                      Action:  SB

Rail service – Terry Sadler had written a draft letter which he would e-mail to The Chairman and Clerk, who would send the letter.                                Action: TS

325/05 Wellcome Trust (+ 304/05 Picnic tables) – Three members of the Parish Council had shown Duncan Parsley and Peter Millie around the village yesterday.  The date for the next meeting to be re-arranged.  It was agreed that an order be placed with V Mila for the picnic tables.                                                           Action: Clerk(2)

008/06 Road Safety Officer  - The Road Safety Officer will visit Abbey Street Bus stop on 23 February 06 @ 8.25 am.  All are welcome to be present.            Action: All

Duxford School – The school had been contacted.

Pothole – Highways had repaired the road in Abbey Street.

018/06 Cycle Routes – Highways said the routes form part of a National Cycle Route, and they understand from their traffic colleagues that, whilst they do not have any direct responsibility for it, they do not think there is a consultation process in place for signs with the many parishes it passes through.  More information may be found on Sustrans website.  Item to be kept on the agenda.                               Action: Clerk

013/06 Coploe Pit – Bonfire – C Frankau had now lit this bonfire.

Local Development Plan – A response would be sent to SCDC by 12 noon on 17 February 2006 expressing our support in the Core Strategy document Policy ST/7 Infill villages.

                                                                                                Action: Chairman/Clerk


025/06 Youth Representation:  None


026/06 Correspondence received:

            SCDC              -           Recycling Credit Payments

            SCDC              -           Small Business Rate Relief Scheme

            SCDC              -           Update Local Development Framework

            SCDC              -           Planning Application Ref: S/2236/05/F

            SCDC              -           Race Equality Scheme

            CCC                -           New mobile library routes

            CCC                -           Protected Road Verge Warden Scheme

            CCC                -           Cambs & Peterbourgh Minerals & Waste Dev. Plan

            Cambs Const.. -           Response to letter dated 5/12/2005

            Land Registry   -           Voluntary first Registration of Title

BAA Stansted  -           Response to consult. draft interim Airport Master Plan

            Stop Stansted   -           BAA Consultation on the Second Runway

            Stop Stansted   -           Newsletter

Cambs Acre     -           Parish Plans Open Evening 21/03/06 – Over

            Cambs Acre     -           Travel Topics

            Cambs Arch.    -           Cambs Archaeology 2006 Events leaflet

            Highways         -           M11 (Roadworks 30 Jan – 7 May)

            J Thompson      -           Community Planning Day, Duxford

            CALC              -           Area Meeting 2 March, Cambourne

            Sports Drain.    -           Sports Drainage Solutions leaflet

Correspondence sent:

            Mr G Rolfe


027/06 Planning applications:


S/2373/05/F – Mr & Mrs D Whittaker – 48A Frogge Street – Extension – Amendment - revised design of entrance lobby.           -  Approved.                            Action:  Clerk

Planning permissions granted:

S/2311/05/F – Mr & Mrs Wentzell – 27 Frogge Street – Extension, Garage and Studio – Amended reduction in width of gable element of rear extension & revised fenestration + deletion of window to dressing room/bathroom.

S/2171/05/F – Mr and Mrs Fletcher, Ickleton Place, Brookhampton Street – Extension

S/2067/05/F – Wellcome Trust – Renewal of planning permission for a further 3 years

S/2299/05/F – Mr P Hoskins – 20 Brookhampton Street - Extension


028/06 Reports from Councillors:

Terry Sadler reported that the hedge in grassy lane had now been moved (in line with the wooden bollards) by CCC last weekend. The Clerk had received a telephone call from CCC.

James Macdonald reported that padlocks had now been put on the vehicle gates at the level crossing in Mill Lane.

Terry Sadler reported that some tiles had fallen off and more were slipping on the Cemetery Chapel roof.  The Clerk would obtain quotes to repair the roof.  The Chairman will continue with his enquiries to de-list the chapel. 

Action: Chairman/Clerk

Mark Stone-Wigg reported tyre marks in the Recreation Ground.  Ron Coulson said this had happened when collecting the bin bags and cutting down trees.  He has said be would make good when he had completed the work.

Jane Hurst felt some maintenance was needed on seats near Cemetery corner and Duxford Road.  After discussion it was agreed to ask C Frankau to check all the seats in the village and give a quote to make good and for any maintenance required.                                                                                                                  Action:  Clerk

The headstones needed to be checked to ensure that none were about to topple over.

                                                                                                Action: Chairman/PW

James Macdonald said comments had been made about the ground surrounding the letter box in Coploe Road.  Highways have said they are unable to do any more to improve the situation.  The Councillors were asked, when passing, to have a look.  Item would not be on the next agenda unless specifically asked for.


029/06 Reports from District and County Councillors:


            District:   See Annex 1 (attached to these minutes) for Councillor’s report.

            County:   See Annex 2 (attached to these minutes ) for Councillor’s report

The Clerk will ask Timothy Stone whether we need to be specific or general when asking Highways for any minor improvements.                                   Action: Clerk


030/06 Finance (Bank Balances) including receipts and payments to: 

Payments:                                                         Receipts:

Harts                            -           £49.06             SCDC (Recycling)        -           £157.02

A Shepperd                  -           £14.98             HM Customs (VAT)    -           £924.65

J Macdonald                -           £38.20             CCC(Grass cutting)      -           £1163.36


Community Account                 -                       £2074.89

Business Base Rate Tracker Account    -           £13,831.70


Archiving:  It was agreed that the Clerk could archive certain items with the County Archives at Shire Hall.  A record will be kept of any items that are deposited.

                                                                                                            Action: Clerk


031/06 Affordable housing – strategy for planning for the future: Nothing to report.


032/05 Recreation Field and Play Area:


Tennis Courts  - The Chairman presented a final draft of the circular to be sent around the village.  It was agreed that it should be the last page of the April Icene.

                                                                                                Action: Chairman/Clerk

Sycamore TreeRon Coulson had been given permission to cut down the dead tree for the sum of £70.  Andrew Shepperd had been informed that he must pay to have the tree outside his property cut down.  He was welcome to have the wood from both trees.


Football Pitch – rolling – C Frankau would be doing this when appropriate.



033/06 Grass cutting quotes/Cemetery/ Football Pitch – re-seed/fertilise:

The Chairman is to talk to C Frankau regarding his quotes for Recreation Field/Play Area, Cemetery and Gravelling, as the Council would like, if possible, to keep the work local.                                                                          Action: Chairman/Clerk

The following quotes were approved:

R Coulson        -           Village Green & Churchyard/Grass verges/Litter Bins

C Frankau        -           Re-seed/Fertilise Football pitch

Wrights            -           Servicing Countax Tractor                                Action: Clerk


034/06 Street Lighting: 

Information had been received from CALC and Paul Quigley, SCDC.  The Council, after discussion, felt there was still insufficient information regarding the ‘take over’ by the Parish Council.  A reply has to be sent to SCDC by end of February confirming that the Parish Council is willing to take on the footway lights as from 1 April 2006.

                                                                                    Action:  Chairman/Clerk


035/06 Flooding – Frogge Street: Highways have reported that there is a problem with the gully outside the Old School House.  When it was cleaned it was found not to be connected to a storm drain.  They are currently checking old records and looking at the feasibility of making a connection, but regret there is not a quick fix or easy solution to this problem.                                                        Action: Clerk


036/06 M11 widening, proposals and consultation:

Terry Sadler presented some draft notes (which will be circulated) from the meeting held on 3 February 2006.  He reported that there would undoubtedly be delays in widening the M11 between Junctions 8 & 9. Widening of the motorway between J 9 and 14 were being re-examined.  All future maintenance work would be carried out using noise reduction materials.  A survey will be carried out on the A11 spur where the concrete surface could have a life of 40 years.  The results will be reported to the Parish Council.


037/06 Burial Board Fees:  It was agreed there would be no change to the Table of Fees.                                                                                          Action: Clerk


038/06 Annual Parish Meeting: A date has yet to be fixed and published.  It was agreed that free drinks would be given out and 2 speakers would be sought.

                                                                                                Action: Chairman/Clerk


039/06 Adjournment for questions by members of the public:  None


040/06 Date and time of next meeting:  15 March 2006 @ 7.30 pm.


There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.55 pm.







Annex 1


District Councillor’s Report


May I give apologies for tonight. I find that I had agreed to go to a Police presentation at Sawston Village College and as these things do not come up very often, I will go.


Report as follows:





Annex 2


County Councillor’s Report