ICKLETON PARISH COUNCIL                     


Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 15 March 2006 at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall


Present: James Macdonald (Chairman), Lewis Duke, Sheila Birch, Terry Sadler, Jane Hurst, Tim Pavelin, Mark Stone-Wigg, Peter Wombwell, Jocelyn Flitton (Parish Clerk), John Williams (District Councillor) and one member of the public.


041/06                Apologies for absence:  Timothy Stone (County Councillor), Robin Driver (previous engagements).


042/06   To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 15 February 2006:  The minutes of the meeting were approved and signed by the Chairman.


043/06                Adjournment for questions from members of the public: None


044/06   Matters Arising:

                277/05 Village parking: Item to be carried forward.                                                                 Action: JM

296/05 Gt Chesterford bridge:  The meeting arranged for 2nd March is to be rescheduled.  James Macdonald & Peter Wombwell arrived for the meeting but no one turned up.  The Parish Council wished it to be minuted that another accident (where a van tried to get under the bridge) had happened on Tuesday 28 February.  This had entailed the road being closed and the rail service being suspended for a time.  Howard Rolfe (Gt Chesterford PC) has taken a photograph of the incident.                                                 Action: Clerk

296/05 Abbey Street/Church Street sign: These were due to be installed shortly.                  Action: Clerk

317/05 Redundant Street ‘furniture’: item to be carried forward.                                 Action: SB

            Rail service: copy of the letter send by Terry Sadler is to be circulated.                    Action: Clerk

325/05 Wellcome Trust (Picnic table/Pestwise): Items to be raised at next meeting.                Action: JM/SB

Peter Wombwell joined the meeting

008/06 Road Safety Officer: Jane Hurst, Sheila Birch and Jocelyn Flitton met the Road Safety Officer in Abbey Street on 23 February for an informal meeting.  A set of Code of Conducts (which have already been distributed to parents/carers) had been sent to the Clerk; it was agreed to display “Advice to & Responsibilities of parents & Carers” on the notice board and bus shelter in Abbey Street.                Action: Clerk 

018/06 Cycle Routes:  The Parish Council would still like to know if any assessments had been done to see if the chosen Cambridgeshire National cycle network routes are suitable and safe cycle routes.  The Clerk was asked to write to CCC with a copy to the County Councillor.                                                           Action: Clerk

028/06 Cemetery Chapel roof – quotes:  Roy Ellis and Michael Rule had declined to quote for this work.  A quotation from C Frankau had been received for £48.00 + materials + VAT.  It was agreed to get another quote from David Andrews.  It was agreed that if C Frankau’s was the cheapest quote, then he could be given the go ahead to do the work.                                                                                                      Action: Clerk

Village seats – quote:  A quotation had been received from C Frankau for £222 + materials + VAT.  This also included maintenance work to the two bus shelters.  It was agreed to accept this quotation.    Action: Clerk

Headstones:  Item to be carried forward.                                                                                    Action: JM/PW

029/06 County Councillor’s response re Highways: The County Councillor had written with information about the nature of application that would be appropriate.

032/05 Circular – Icene:  The circular will be included in the April bulletin.  The questionnaires will be collected over 8/9 April or they can be left at the village shop or given to a Councillor.                Action:  Clerk


045/06   Youth Representation: None


046/06                Correspondence received:

            SCDC                     -                Footway Lighting

                SCDC                     -                Race Equality Scheme

                SCDC                     -                Public consultation on proposals to change the local elections system (Clerk)

                SCDC                     -                Charging of Parish Councils for Legal Advice

                SCDC                     -                Standards Committee- Appointment of Parish Council Members (Clerk)

                SCDC                     -                Free training event

                SCDC                     -                South Cambs. Local Development Framework-“Objection Sites” (Clerk)

                SCDC                     -                Consultation draft SCDC Biodiversity Strategy

                SCDC                     -                “Naturally Active” website

                CCC                        -                Parish Paths Partnership 2006/7

                CCC                        -                Cambs & Peterborough Minerals & Waste Dev. Plan

                CCC                        -                Cambridge City Centre - Streetscape Consultation

                CCC                        -                 A Rights of Way Improvement Plan for Cambridgeshire.

                CCC                        -                Consultations on Public Path Order Applications under Highways Act 1980

                CCC                        -                Home to School/College Code of Conducts

                CCC                        -                Rural Speeding: It’s an isolated affair (noticeboard)

                CCC                        -                Duxford Airfield Management Liaison Committee

                AFA                       -                Awards for All – funding available

                RoSPA                   -                Playarea inspection during April 2006

                CALC                     -                Bulletin/Courses

                CPRE                      -                Magazine/Houses & Gardens 2006/Countryside Voice

                Glasdon                 -                Catalogue

                Cambs Acre       -                Community Action magazine

                C&CD                    -                Clerks & Councils Direct magazine

                Thriplow                -                Thriplow Daffodil weekend 25/26 March 2006 (noticeboard)

                Highways              -                Highways Agency leaflet re roadworks March-May 2006

                Networking East   -                Newsletter

                One West      -                Copy of letter sent by Terry Sadler re rail travel

                M Woodhead                -                Proposed amendment to village framework to rear of The Old Vicarage

                Correspondence sent:

                SCDC                     -                Footway lighting (e-mail + 2 letters)

                Allianz                    -                Footway lighting

                Cemetery chapel roof quotations:                  Roy Ellis/Michael Rule/Charlie Frankau

                Countax C600H Tractor:                     Wrights Mower Centre - Acceptance of quotation

                service                                                   Duxford Hire & Supply – Quotation not accepted

                Football pitch – re-seed/fertilise:                Charlie Frankau – Acceptance of quotation

                                                                                Herald Contract -              Quotation not accepted

                Grass verges/village green/

                Churchyard/litter bins:                       Ron Coulson – Acceptance of quotation

                Seats around the village:                   Quotation asked for – Mr C Frankau


047/06                Planning applications:

                Lewis Duke declared an interest and left the meeting.

S/0833/99/F – Mr L G Duke, Abbey Farm – Conversion of Aisled Barn & Erection of Buildings for Class B1(A) and (B) with New Road & Access (Renewal of Time Limited Permission S/1359/94/F – amended.

This application was approved subject to:

·         Light pollution being prevented from skylights that overlook the village.

·         Further restrictions on traffic movements in Duxford Road.  For instance, moving the 30 mph Speed Limit sign to encompass the site entrance.

Lewis Duke rejoined the meeting.                                                                                                 Action: Clerk

Planning permission – information only:

S/2236/05/F- Land at Rectory Farm, Grange Road – Amended plan showing Grange Road 5.5m wide at site entrance.

Planning permission refused:

S/2236/06/F – Land at Rectory Farm, Grange Road – for Erection of Cereal Breeding Building, Greenhouses and Polytunnels.

Planning permission granted:  S/2373/05/F – Mr & Mrs D Whittaker - Extensions

Tree works subject to a tree preservation order or situated within a conservation area:

C/11/40/54 – K Denman Johnson, Priory House, 49 Abbey Street – Removal of ornamental Cherry – Approved.

C/11/40/54 – Mrs Owen, Norman Hall, 21 Church Street – Fell Ash tree, maintenance on 5 trees Approved.                                                                                                                                             Action: Clerk (2)

Proposed amendment to village framework: A letter (for information only) had been received from Martin Woodhead notifying us of his application to seek an amendment to the Ickleton village framework to include a meadow at the back of his property.   They plan to build on the land concerned, within the next 5 years, a single retirement dwelling.


A resident had asked if the planning applications could be included in the Icene.  After discussion it was agreed not to include these in the Icene at the moment, but to put the Agenda onto the website each month.                                                                                                                                                                    Action: Clerk


048/06   Reports from Councillors:

Peter Wombwell:  Cemetery corner - The last two kerbstones on the approach towards the village, tend to push vehicles out towards the middle of the road.  Mike Cooper (Highways) to be asked if they can be removed.                                                                                                                                               Action: Clerk

Jane Hurst:  Asked when the chalk mounds in Hinxton Road would disappear.  The owner has until October 2006 to integrate these into the field.

Lewis Duke: There appears to be much rubbish on the road sides e.g Duxford Road and Gt Chesterford Road.  The Clerk was asked to contact the Community Service to see if they are able to do a litter pick.  Also to contact McDonalds.                                                                                                                          Action: Clerk

Had there been any response from the Police re tyre dumping?  There had been no positive news.  If we wish to get an incident number we need to ring in the report as opposed to sending an e-mail.

He had attended a free training event (7 March) run by SCDC relating to Trustees that was not directly relevant to the Parish Council.

Terry Sadler: M11 Route Management Strategy has now been published (www.highways.gov.uk/roads/projects/4142.aspx).  Ickleton is mentioned as (a) suffering from noise and (b) rat running.  A service area is still a possibility in the area although they are leaning towards rest areas.

Sheila Birch: There are some potholes on the way to Gypsy corner.  Grid ref. 457420.  Sheila will check as workman had been seen in the area.                                                                                                 Action: SB/JAF

A new telegraph pole had been installed in Abbey Street and the van had made ruts in the grass verge.  It was agreed to ask Ron Coulson to make good the verge before it is ready for cutting.                  Action:  Clerk

CPRE have finally released housing figures.  Previously 23,900 in East of England, now up to 27,800.  The East of England examination has now finished.

James Macdonald:  A resident had expressed concern about the parking at both end of Butchers Hill.  Tim Pavelin and the Clerk will speak to the residents.  David Lines (CCC) was to be invited to walk around the village with Councillors.                                                                                                         Action: TP/Clerk (2)


049/06   Reports from District and County Councillors:

District:  Huntsman (Duxford) will be making a representation in the future to the Local Development Framework.  The Hanley Grange proposal may have a consultation period at the end of the year.  John Williams wants to introduce cycle routes to the area.  In view of the publicity relating to Longstanton re. Northstowe, where their District Councillor was unable to represent them, Sheila Birch pointed out that this might well happen here e.g. Hanley Grange.

County: See Annex 1


050/06   Finance (Bank Balances) including receipts and payments to: 


C Frankau  -                £578.11

CPRE                      -                £26.00

SCDC                     -                £29.09

Harts                      -                £49.06

Due to the end of the financial year on 31 March, it was agreed that the Chairman could approve the Clerk’s salary for 3 months, not exceeding £400.

Donation request: Froglets had sent a letter asking if the Parish Council could help them with purchasing some equipment.  The Chairman will meet with Ann-Marie Hoare to discuss their needs and report back at the next meeting.   Item to be put on next Agenda.                                                                 Action: JM/Clerk


051/06                Affordable housing – strategy for planning for the future:  This item to be removed from Agenda until the District Councillor has something concrete to propose.


052/05                Recreation Field and Play Area

Grass cutting quote re. Recreation Field & Play Area/Cemetery/Gravelling: Following a meeting between the Chairman and C Frankau, it was agreed to accept Mr Frankau’s revised quotation for the above work.  Letters would be written to the other tenders.                                                                                  Action:  Clerk

It was agreed to ask C Frankau to quote for re-painting the skate park after Mark Stone-Wigg had carried out an inspection.                                                                                                                          Action: MS-W/JAF


053/06   Land Registry:  A letter had been sent re Recreation Field and Cemetery and the relevant forms had been received.  The deeds of both properties are needed in order to complete the forms.                Action:  JAF


054/06   Footway Lighting:  A letter had been sent agreeing to take these over from 1 April 2006.  Correspondence to be circulated.                                                                                                                                             Action: Clerk


055/06   Flooding – Frogge Street:  Highways have made no progress.                                                               Action:  Clerk


056/06                Footpaths – Grassy Lane:  CCC Footpaths have moved the ‘new’ hedge and cut down the ‘old’ hedge back to a fence, although it had been understood that they were only clearing the scrub.  Concern was also raised as to who has keys to the level crossing gates.  James Macdonald and Sheila Birch will discuss this with Wellcome Trust (and will write a letter of support if appropriate) when they have their next meeting in March.


057/06   Coploe Pit:  Conservation Trust cleared the pit on Sunday 5 March; C Frankau has been informed to light another bonfire.  Invoice yet to be received from Conservation Trust.                                     Action: Clerk


058/06   Annual Parish Meeting: this will take place on Wednesday 17 May.  Date and venue of the AGM and Parish Meeting to be notified.                                                                                                 Action: Clerk


059/06                Adjournment for questions by members of the public:  None


060/06   Date and time of next meeting:  Wednesday, 19 April 2006 at 7.30 pm.


There being no other business the meeting closed at 10.15 pm.










Annex I - County Councillor's Report                                                                                    15th March 2006


Concessionary Fares Scheme

The current half price bus fare scheme for the over 60s is being changed as from

1st April.  Henceforth the over 60s will benefit from free bus travel within South Cambridgeshire for all journeys starting after 9.30 am.


The hitch is that the scheme applies only District wide.  A separate scheme will become operative in the City.  That means that free bus travel stops for our residents as soon as they reach the City boundary.  Thereafter they will have to pay full fare to reach the City centre: £1 single and £1.80 return.  The fare will be collected on boarding the bus rather than when crossing the boundary.


The new scheme will be a blow to those over 60 using Park and Ride because henceforth they will pay full fare.  It will also hit those who travel before 9.30.


Existing bus passes will remain valid from 1st April but with the new terms and conditions applied.  New bus passes should be available from June.


Council Re-structuring

There has been much discussion about removing one tier of local government.  In our part of Cambridgeshire, that revives the prospect of a merger of South Cambridgeshire and Cambridge City with that part of the County, which covers our area.  In the past, local residents in both the city and South Cambridgeshire have opposed the prospect because of fears of being "swallowed up."  In reality there are more electors in South Cambridgeshire than in the city of Cambridge but any merger - which would undoubtedly bring cost savings - would have to be handled sensitively.  There is almost certain to be a public consultation.


As part of council re-structuring there seems to be an underlying agenda of strengthening the role of Parish Councils.  Strong village government works well in France and other European countries, so perhaps we should think more about how it could apply here and whether that would be desirable.


Footway Lighting

You will have received a letter from South Cambs about a further twist to the footway lighting saga.  This will mean that lights currently looked after by the District Council will apparently remain their property from 1st April.  I must say I find this a bit rich after many Parish Councils have set their 2006/2007 precept on the basis of owning the lights.


In any event the County Council, who maintain the lights, are concerned that the District Council has yet to tell them which Parishes have signed on to the new scheme and for how many lights.  This is important because it is the County Council which attends to the maintenance and the power supply.  The County Council therefore needs to have contracts with individual Parish Councils in place before 1st April.


There have been stories of the County Council taking over large numbers of lights. It seems that the number could be about 200 out of 1824 but each light has to be examined to ensure that it reaches the standard for a highway light and is in good condition.


The exercise has shown that there is no accurate inventory of lights in South Cambridgeshire, so the County is undertaking a physical inspection.  The County is in some doubt about lights within District Council housing developments and similar places which might have escaped the net altogether.


Large Planning Issues

The expected planning application for a huge development of the Barrington cement works has apparently been delayed by two months.  It is now expected to be submitted in early May.


Draft plans for the Addenbrooke's relief road running from almost opposite the Trumpington Park and Ride to Addenbrooke's and crossing the Shelford Road have now been drawn up.  There will probably be a public consultation and the plans are being considered by County Council's planning staff before being submitted to the County's Development Control Committee.  The Council has secured partial funding from government.  The remainder may be obtained from Section 106 money paid by a developer of housing land, which will be opened up by the new road.


I am sorry I could not be with you this evening but please do let me know if there is any issue you would like me to take up on your behalf.