ICKLETON PARISH COUNCIL                     


Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 19 April 2006 at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall


Present: James Macdonald (Chairman), Robin Driver, Lewis Duke, Sheila Birch, Terry Sadler, Jane Hurst, Tim Pavelin, Mark Stone-Wigg, Jocelyn Flitton (Parish Clerk), John Williams (District Councillor, Timothy Stone (County Councillor), 2 representatives from Crocus Football Club, 1 representative from Ickleton Football Club and seven member of the public. 


061/06                Apologies for absence:  Peter Wombwell


062/06   To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 15 March 2006:  The minutes of the meeting were approved and signed by the Chairman.


063/06                Adjournment for questions from members of the public:

M11 – the noise from the motorway seemed to be increasing over the years, would the planting of more trees aid the situation?  Terry Sadler replied that he had been attending meetings with other Parish Councils regarding the M11.  Trees would not reduce the noise situation, what is required are earth barriers but no funds are currently available.  In future, when the M11 is re-surfaced, noise reduction surfaces will be used in future on the road.

Coploe pit – wildlife seems depleted since the cutback in the pit.  Sheila Birch reported that there are 100 varieties of  wildflower growing at the bottom of the pit and it is hoped that plants will grow on the sides.  The pit also contains many Roman snails.

Allotments – was there any possibility of any allotments being made available in the village?  There were currently 5 interested parties.  The Chairman pointed out that the Parish Council have a duty to provide these and would give this suggestion some thought and discuss at a later date.


The Chairman moved some items forward so they could be discussed earlier in the meeting.


67/06  Planning applications:  Lewis Duke declared an interest and left the meeting.


S/0562/06/F – Erection of Cereal Breeding Building, Greenhouses & Polytunnels – Land at Rectory Farm, Grange Road, Ickleton – Messrs PR Wombwell, LG Duke, RGR Smith & RAGT Seeds Ltd.

All the Councillors declared a non-prejudicial interest.  After discussion the council decided 5 votes to 2 votes against the planning application.  The Clerk will send a letter reiterating the points that were made in December adding concern that any alterations to the flood plan could affect the flooding that occurs at the top end of Abbey Street.                                                                                                                     Action: Clerk


2 members of the public left the meeting

Lewis Duke returned to the meeting


71/05  Football Clubs

Terms for next season – Tim Pavelin reported that the pitch does need attention, which was in hand.  They now have some good players in the teams and he would like to see the fees kept down.  Gary Phillips and Mick Eldred of Crocus Football club had attended an FA meeting where they were complimentary about the facilities, but said the playing surface needs improving.


The following rates were agreed for the season 2006/2007:

Crocus Football Club increased from £10.20 to £10.50

Ickleton                Football Club increased from £5.10 to £5.25

The Clerk to write letters confirming these rates.                                                                      Action: Clerk


Crocus play their last match on May 6 and are due to start playing friendly matches mid August.  Charles Frankau will be notified                                                                                                  Action: Tim Pavelin/Clerk

A councillor asked if they could ask their supporters not to leave litter in the Recreation Ground.


Crocus asked for permission to hold a five-a-side tournament around the second weekend in August.  If permission were given they would need the use of the changing facilities and hope to gain approval for a drinks tent.  Any other charitable organisations within the village would be invited to provide food and refreshments, stalls and to make the event into a fun day if possible.  The Parish Council gave provisional approval.  Once a date was confirmed, the Clerk would put a notice in Icene inviting village organisations to participate and raise funds for their cause.                                                                                     Action: Clerk


Tim Pavelin reported that Ickleton Football Club has reached the VB Trophy cup final.  Their opponents will be Stapleford and the match will be played in Cambridge.  Anyone interested in going along, please contact Steve Jenkins on (01799) 531440 as it is their intention to run a bus to the venue.  The Parish Council sends their congratulations to the team in reaching the final.  The Clerk will put this in the Icene.

                                                                                                                                                                Action:  Clerk


3 members of the Football Clubs left the meeting.


73/06  Highways – Frogge Street pavement.  A meeting was held between Mike Cooper (Highways) and colleague, Sheila Birch, Jocelyn Flitton and Jan Livingstone on Tuesday 11 April to discuss the state of the pavement between house numbers 34 – 42.  At the request of Mike Cooper a letter was written to the owners of the houses pointing out that any work would entail digging near the foundations of their houses and the Council would not take any responsibility for any damage.  Written response had been received from two owners and a verbal from the other owner who all agreed in principle to the work but have concerns regarding any damage to their properties.  Timothy Stone volunteered to speak to Mike Cooper and report back to the Clerk.                                                                                                      Action: Timothy Stone/Clerk


2 members of the public left the meeting


064/06   Matters Arising:

277/05 Village parking:  A letter had been written to David Lines (CCC) inviting him to meet the Councillors and to walk around the village in order to give some advice.  No response had yet been received.  The Clerk to chase.                                                                                                                                                     Action: Clerk

296/05 Gt Chesterford bridge:  James Macdonald and Peter Wombwell attended a meeting on 10 April with Gt Chesterford Parish Council representatives and Essex County Council.  An option of making it one-way traffic under the bridge would be considered but it would not be blocked off completely.  There was some confusion over where the actual boundary line is; Robin Driver said it is just in front of the bridge where the road divides to go over the railway line.  Concern was raised about salting of the road under the bridge.  The Clerk to write to Gt Chesterford Parish Council.                                                                 Action:  Clerk

296/05 Abbey Street/Church Street sign:  these are now in place.

317/05 Redundant Street ‘furniture’:  Sheila Birch reported that there were several fire hydrant signs, which would need to stay.  It was agreed to remove this item from the Agenda.

325/05 Wellcome Trust (Picnic tables):  A letter has been written to Wellcome Trust who has confirmed that they will contribute £410 towards the picnic tables.  An acknowledgement will be sent.                Action: Clerk

018/06 Cycle Routes:  A response had been received from CCC

028/06 Cemetery Chapel roof - Charles Frankau has been asked to repair the Chapel roof.  Action: Clerk

             Headstones:  Item to be carried forward.                                                                 Action: JM/PW

048/06 Cemetery Corner: A response had been received from CCC Highways stating that they do not intend to alter the kerbstones.

Litter:  Community Service was unable to help with this, as it was felt bad for morale.  A letter has been written to Environmental Health Services, SCDC but no response has been received.                Action:  Clerk

Potholes:  The potholes near Gypsy corner (grid ref. 457420) have not yet been filled in.   Action:  Clerk

Abbey Street verge:  Ron Coulson had made good the verge.

Parking – Butcher’s Hill: Jocelyn Flitton had spoken to the residents at No. 2 Butchers Hill who have stopped parking on the road outside their property.  Tim Pavelin had not spoken to anyone as he thought the problem was resolved.  It was pointed out that cars are still parking on the corner near No. 38.                Action:  TP

050/06 Froglets – donation:  It was agreed to make a donation of £550 towards the cost of 4 fold-away tables and 2 trikes.                                                                                                                                     Action: Clerk

052/05 Skatepark – quote:  Charles Frankau has yet to submit this quotation.                              Action:  Clerk

053/06 Land Registry:  The Clerk had so far been unable to locate the deeds to the original part of the cemetery.  She will continue the search.                                                                                   Action: Clerk

057/06 Coploe Pit – bonfire:  Charles Frankau has lit this bonfire.

o/s Invoice: see Finance

073/06 Frogge Street – Flooding:  No further news from Highways.                                             Action:  Clerk


065/06   Youth Representation:  None


066/06                Correspondence received:

            SCDC                                     -                Concessionary Bus Fares April 2006 leaflet

                SCDC                                     -                Training events (e-mail)

                SCDC                                     -                Planning application S/0833/99/F – acknowledgement of letter

                SCDC                                     -                Free finance training available for community groups

                SCDC                                     -                Ickleton Housing Needs Survey

                SCDC                                     -                South Cambs magazine (e-mail)

                Independent Examin.                -                South Cambs. Local Development Framework

                CCC                                        -                Concessionary Fare Pass Information

                CCC                                        -                Proposed bus fare increases

                CCC                                        -                Village maintenance 2006/07

                CCC                                        -                Park & Ride Surveys 2006

                CCC                                        -                National Cycle Network – Cambridgeshire

                CCC                                        -                Submission Statement of Community Involvement (SCI)

                CCC                                        -                Meet the Artist Day

                CCC                                        -                Repair of bollard in Frogge Street (e-mail)

                Defra                                      -                Clean Neighbourhoods & Environment Act 2005

                Imperial War Museum                -                Minutes 10 March 2006

                CALC                                     -                Notice of meeting 31 May 2006 + various papers

                Allianz Cornhill                  -                Response to our lettet 8/3/06 re. Footway lighting

                Ickleton Village Hall                -                Increase in charges from 5 April 2006

                Stop Stansted Exp.                -                BAA’s Consultation on the Second Runway (various papers)

                Wrights Mower Centre                -                Machinery Demonstration w/e 22 & 23 April 2006

                Sawston Village College                -                June Cannie accepting to speak at Annual Parish Meeting (e-mail)

                One Railway                  -                Response to letter sent by Terry Sadler re Train Service

                Letters sent:

                Mr C Vincent                  -                Hire of Chapel 11 May 2006

                SCDC                                     -                Litter pick

                CCC                                        -                Invitation to David Lines re. Parking

                Step Pest Control                          -                Rabbits in Cemetery

                Mr C Frankau                  -                Skate park quote/ Cemetery Chapel roof

                Mr D Andrews                                -                Cemetery Chapel roof

                Jayne Proctor(Wellcome)               -                Picnic Tables



067/06                Planning applications:

S/0700/06/F – Dwelling – Land adj. 20 Brookhampton Street – P Hoskins

After discussion the Council agreed on ‘No Recommendation’, but would like to make the following points:

·         The edge of the house is immediately adjacent to the lane leading to the field behind the site.  Does this comply with building regulations?

·         Concerns were raised regarding parking facilities.


The Clerk to ring Grant Buck to see if he is aware of the planning application.                          Action: Clerk(2)


068/06   Reports from Councillors:

Jane Hurst:  Jane felt the village was in need of ‘brightening’ up.  Perhaps we could provide a planter at the crossroads at the top of Abbey Street or plant trees in the field in Frogge Street.  Councillors were asked to think of some ideas and come up with one proposal for the next meeting.                 Action:  All

Mark Stone-Wigg:  The wire mesh fence in the Cemetery was in need of maintenance.  The Clerk will ask C Frankau to repair.                                                                                                                                                Action: Clerk

The RoSPA report was due.  C Frankau to be asked to re-spread and rake the bark.                Action: Clerk

Robin Driver:  More soil had been tipped into the field near Hinxton Railway crossing.  Tim Stone was asked to report this to CCC.                                                                                                                       Action: T Stone

Robin Driver left the meeting

Tim Pavelin: Free Bus Travel for Over 60’s has caused concern to some residents.  David Lilley had written a letter to Andrew Lansley MP.  The Park & Ride service had gone up, double in price, which could lead to cars being taken into Cambridge.  The District & County Councils do not have enough funding to spend on bus services.  Tim Pavelin hoped both the Councils were doing something to remedy this situation.  The Clerk to write a letter to Andrew Lansley, copy to John Williams and Timothy Stone.                Action:  Clerk

Terry Sadler:  He had obtained a paper copy of M11 Route Management Strategy, which he would put for circulation.                                                                                                                                          Action: TS/Clerk

There is a pothole in front of the entrance to Ickleton Lion car park in Abbey Street.                Action:  Clerk

Sheila Birch:  Queried a recent Traffic Survey car seen in the village.  Timothy Stone said it was linked to the potential building on the Huntsman site in Duxford.

James Macdonald:  A speed check was recently carried out in Frogge Street.  E-mail had been received from E-cops reporting they had carried out a foot patrol of the village on Tuesday night.


069/06   Reports from District and County Councillors:

District:  Confirmed that Ickleton Parish Council had taken over the footway lights.  John Williams will ask the Tree Planting Officer for comments regarding our earlier discussion.

Council:  The proposed development at Barrington Cement works has been cancelled; they are looking for a site on the coast.  The Cambridgeshire, Norfolk & Suffolk Constabularies are due to merge.  Cambridgeshire & Suffolk voted against it but it looks like it will go ahead.  Beacon status has been awarded to the Council for the way it deals with waste and procurement.  CCC is getting tough with illegal road signs and is removing them immediately.  EA Regional Association is keen that villages should develop their websites.  The Chairman said we do have a good website with lots of information including historical data, potential house buyers had said they had found it very useful.  Our correspondence contains information about a draft constitution of CALC.  Responses need to be made by 12 May.  Timothy Stone would be interested in our opinion.                                                                                                                                                 Action: Clerk


070/06   Finance (Bank Balances) including receipts and payments to: 


Cheques dated 31/03/06:

JA Flitton    £406.03                  HM Revenue & Customs                £79.15

Cheques dated 19/04/06:

Step Pest Control                          -                £293.75                   R Coulson -                £70.00

Ickleton Village Hall                -                £27.00                     Harts                      -                £57.24

Wrights Mower Centre                -                £237.33                   Camb. Cons. Vol                -                £60.00

Froglets                                 -                £550.00

Receipts:                 07/04/06                 SCDC                Precept 06/07                -                £5,500    

Bank Balances:

Community Account                                                -                £  5,112.13

Business Base Rate Tracker Account                -                £13,901.77

Draft Accounts: These had been circulated to the Councillors.  Ken Worthing will shortly be carrying out the audit.                                                                                                                                                      Action:  Clerk


071/05                Recreation Field and Play Area

Cemetery – Rabbits – A pest control firm has recently visited the Cemetery and the field across the road.

Gravelling – this work has yet to be carried out by C Frankau                                                 Action:  Clerk

Sports Questionnaire:  There had been a disappointing response/result.  It was decided to do a ‘chaser’ and invite the youth along to a Parish Council meeting.  Owen McGuire had formed a group and was looking to forming a Youth Club.  They were in consultation with SCDC.  The Parish Council give this their full support.                                                                                                                                                 Action:  Clerk


072/06   Footway Lighting:  Nothing further to report at the moment.


074/06                Footpaths – Grassy Lane:  A meeting had been held on 5 April between John Cooper, John Sargeant (CCC), Peter Millie (Wellcome), Sheila Birch and Jocelyn Flitton.  John Cooper admitted that the Community Service had been over enthusiastic in cutting down the hedge.  The original line of the hedge (between the two trees) should eventually grow again.  They will remove the stumps that are intruding on the footpath and Peter Millie hopes to install some more wooden bollards.

CCC had taken the opportunity to visit Tin Alley as they now have a duty to ensure wheelchair access.  They would need to address the kissing gates and bridge.


075/06   Annual Parish Meeting – 17 May 2006:  June Cannie Principal of Sawston Village College has agreed to speak and it is hoped PC Iain Perry will also come along.  The Clerk to organise a flyer to be delivered around the village, put on the website and write letters to obtain the various reports.                Action:  Clerk


076/06                Adjournment for questions by members of the public:  None


                The Parish Clerk and members of the public were asked to leave the meeting.


077/06   Clerk’s Salary:  The Parish Council discussed arrangements for the Clerk’s salary for the forthcoming year.  The Chairman will retain a minute of the discussion.


                The Parish Clerk returned to the meeting.


078/06   Date and time of next meeting:  Thursday 11 May 2006 at 7.30 pm in Ickleton Chapel



There being no other business the meeting closed at 10.15 pm.