ICKLETON PARISH COUNCIL                     


Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 19 July 2006 at 7.30 pm in Ickleton Village Hall


Present:  Lewis Duke (Vice Chairman), Jocelyn Flitton (Parish Clerk), Sheila Birch, Terry Sadler, Tim Pavelin, Mark Stone-Wigg, John Williams (District Councillor), Timothy Stone (County Councillor) and 2 members of the public.


111/06            Apologies for absence: James Macdonald, Robin Driver, Peter Wombwell (previous engagements) and Jane Hurst (unwell).


112/06 To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 21 June 2006.  The minutes of the meeting were approved and signed by the Vice Chairman.


113/06            Adjournment for questions from members of the public:  A member of the public wished to draw the Council’s attention to the proposed major development near M11 at Duxford.


114/06            Matters Arising:

277/05  Village parking – David Lines has now returned to work but is currently on holiday.

                                                                                                            Action: Clerk

296/05  Gt Chesterford bridge & grass verge – The Parish Clerk from Gt Chesterford had reported that were still chasing Essex CC to cut the grass verge.  The Clerk was asked to write again expressing our concern.                                                                       Action:  Clerk

028/06  Chapel roof/Village seats – These jobs had still to be completed by C Frankau.

                                                                                                            Action:  Clerk

052/06  Skate park – Re-painting outstanding with C Frankau                     Action:  Clerk

053/06  Land Registry – Another quotation had been received.  The Clerk to ring and ask the solicitors who gave the original quotation, how much it would cost to register all the land.

                                                                                                            Action:  Clerk

068/06            ‘Brightening up’ village – The Clerk to try and contact D Lines again.  

Action:  Clerk

Repair mesh on Cemetery fence - still outstanding with CF                    Action:  Clerk

071/06  Cemetery – retaining board – quotation waited from CF             Action:  Clerk

073/06  Frogge Street – Flooding – Mike Cooper has ordered this job, but a new contractor is taking over from 1 September 06 and only emergency work is being carried out until then.                                                                                                     Action:  Clerk

087/06 Tipped soil adj Tylers Yard:  The Clerk has written another letter to Mr Rule asking for an update as the expiry date of 1 October 2006 is drawing near.  If no response is received by end of first week in August, the Chairman/Vice Chairman will make face-to-face contact.                                                                                                     Action:  Clerk

89/06    Frogge Street pavement:  As per 073/06 Frogge St flooding.            Action:  Clerk

96/06   BAA flight heights – Flights are flying lower than 1 mile (as last year) at 4,500 feet.  The stack above Ickleton serves Stansted and Luton, but this is due to change shortly.  Timothy Stone suggested that the Clerk contacted Mick Martin (Duxford PC/Imperial War Museum) to obtain further information.                                                       Action:  Clerk

101/06 Grange Road – protected grass verges – letters had been written.

’No dogs’ sign – the Clerk is still trying to source a metal sign.                 Action:  Clerk

Pothole – this has been filled in.                                                        

108/06 Ickleton Information Guide:  it is currently being updated before going to print.

                                                                                                            Action:  SB/Clerk

115/06 Youth Representation:  None


116/06            Correspondence received:

            SCDC              -            The Transformation Project

            SCDC              -            Gambling Act 2005 – Draft Policy

            SCDC              -            Village Facilities Information Leaflet

            SCDC              -            Ickleton Riverside Barns – S/1077/06/F

            SCDC              -            Public consultation – East of England Plan

            CCC                -            Street Lighting Maintenance

            CCC                -            St Andrew’s St/Hobson St Consultation 29/6-19/08 ‘06

            CCC                -            Changes to Local Bus Services

            CCC                -            Community Transport Guide 2006

A Lansley MP            -            Village Post Office

SCCDRP       -            Policing your Neighbourhood

            CALC              -            Agenda/Training information

            Cambs. Arch.    -            Archaeology – Non User survey

            Wellcome        -            Geese and Rabbits

            Go-East      -            Proposed Revisions to East of England Plan

            Ind. Exam.   -            South Cambs Local Development Framework

            S London            -            Ickleton Riverside Barns (2)

            K Veitch  -            Ickleton Riverside Barns

            B Hodson            -            Ickleton Riverside Barns

            C Holberry            -            Ickleton Riverside Barns

            CPRE              -            Voice magazine

            C&C Direct   -            Magazine

            LCR                 -            Local Council Review magazine

            Camb. Acre     -            AGM 5 Sept 06

            Catalogues       -            Bago/Stadia Sports/Glasdon

Correspondence sent:

            S London                        K Veitch              B Hodson

            Moore Stephens            C Frankau(3)                   Mr & Mrs C Hamilton

            Mr & Ms M Fenton            M Rule            


117/06            Planning applications:

S/1333/06/F – Dwelling – Land adj. 20 Brookhampton St – P Hoskins – No Recommendation.                                                                                 Action: Clerk

Revised plans – information only

S/2311/05/F – Extension, Garage and Studio – 27 Frogge St – Mr & Mrs Wentzell

(Addition of roof light to rear roof slope & change from timber window frames to PVC frames to match existing.)

SCDC Planning permission granted:

S/0562/06/F – Erection of Cereal Breeding Building, Greenhouses & Polytunnels – Rectory Farm

S/0821/06/F – Extension with amended change to design of window – J Flitton


A review of the procedure for dealing with planning applications will be included in the next month’s Agenda.

                                                                                                            Action:  Clerk


118/06            Reports from Councillors:

Terry Sadler said objections have now been lodged re planning on Local Development Framework.  There is a proposal for a Motorway Service Area for M11 (objection site 20) that shows that there is no access to the area from M11 but traffic will come off the motorway and down Hunts Road.  The site is in the flight path of Imperial War Museum.  It was agreed that the Planning Committee should meet to discuss this and it was recommended that the Parish Council sends in a response by 28 July on-line.  The development on the Huntsman site had caused concern about the increase in traffic through this village.  The site was also outside Duxford village envelope.  Duxford Parish Council has been unable to support the objection site.  Terry Sadler to e-mail his comments on the site to the Planning Committee to discuss, along with the Motorway Service Area proposal.                      Action:  TS/JM/RD/SB

There seemed to be an increase in HGVs driving through the village.  Timothy Stone said he would find out more information and report back next month.                                                                                                                   Action:  TStone/Clerk

Sheila Birch reported graffiti in the bus shelter in Frogge Street.  It was agreed to ask C Frankau to paint the shelter.                                                             Action:  Clerk

Cambridgeshire County Council are looking at enlarging the kissing gates at both ends of the field in Brookhampton Street that leads towards Hinxton.  They are also looking at the bridge in Tin Alley footpath, to make disabled access possible.

Jocelyn Flitton had received a letter from Monica Lilley giving the date for next year’s Church Fete 7 July 2007 and asking for permission to use the Recreation Ground.  Permission was given and the Clerk was asked to write a letter thanking Monica and her helpers for all their hard work.                           Action:  Clerk

A letter had been received regarding the Cemetery.  This will be passed to Jane Hurst.                                                                                                   Action:  JH

The newspaper bins were full and the lids broken which is resulting in other rubbish being deposited inside.  The Clerk has already rang to ask for the bins to be emptied and repaired/replaced.                                                                               Action:  Clerk

A potential buyer of a building in Abbey Street had enquired if he could lease some parking space (10/12 cars)  in the Village Hall car park.  The Clerk to say we have encountered this problem before with significant parking in Abbey Street.  It is legal but has caused problems in the past.  The Clerk will refer him to Gordon Woolhouse – Chairman of Village Hall.                                                                  Action:  Clerk


119/06            Reports from District and County Councillors:

District – John Williams said he could supply a form to respond to the M11 proposal if anyone wished to send in a representation and were unable to do this on-line.


The Vice Chairman brought the next item forward


121/06            Football pitch – Tim Pavelin had expressed concern about the state of the pitch.  The Clerk had contacted C Frankau who said he had seeded, raked and applied fertiliser in May.  The grass seed did germinate and the pitch did green up well after the fertiliser had been applied, but it has been very dry.  He will apply weed and feed to the grass after we get some rain.  It was agreed we would write to the Football Clubs explaining what work had been done and hope they understand the state of the pitch is due to the dry weather.                                                           Action:  Clerk


Tim Pavelin and one member of the public left the meeting.


119/06            Reports from District and County Councillors:

County  -  See Annex 1


120/06            Finance (Bank Balances) including payments to: 


Harts                -            £49.06                          J A Flitton            -                  £526.05

Ickleton Village Hall            £36.00                          HM Revenue & Customs  -  £120.59


Community Account                                               £46.72

Business Base Rate Tracker Account:            £15,977.42



121/06            Recreation Field and Play Area:


RoSPA report/repairs -  Mark Stone-Wigg to contact C Frankau                     Action:   M S-W


Sports Questionnaire – Tennis Courts.  There had been a poor response for volunteers to join a working group.  Another reminder will be put in Icene.                              Action:  Clerk


Youth Club – nothing to report


122/06            Allotments:  The Chairman is currently talking to land owners.            Action:  JM


123/06             Police:  The Clerk had written to Inspector Paul Ormerod requesting a meeting.  Our local policemen have now been issued with mountain bikes to patrol the villages.

                                                                                                            Action:  Clerk


124/06  Additional burial ground:  The Chairman is currently talking to land owners.

                                                                                                            Action:  JM


125/05            Adjournment for questions by members of the public:


There is graffiti on the post box in Coploe Road.  The Clerk will contact the Post Office.

The litter deposited on top of bridge over M11 has still not been collected by SCDC.  There is also more fly tipping in road leading between Elmdon and Grange Road.            Action:  Clerk (2)



126/05 Date and time of next meeting:  Wednesday 16 August 2006 at 7.30 pm.


There being no other business the meeting closed at 8.50 pm.




















Annex 1


County Councillor's Report                                                                        19th July 2006


Stansted Airport

The County has received a presentation from BAA on their application to Uttlesford District Council, which would raise the number of passengers passing through the airport from 25 million to 35 million.  Councillors seem to be forging a cross-party consensus that cheap air travel will need to be restricted.  This is for reasons of environmental concern and also because the vast majority of the proposed increase in passenger numbers would come from cheap holiday flights, which are regarded as a loss of revenue to the United Kingdom.


Local Development Framework Objection Sites

As part of the Local Development Framework being formulated by the District Council, there have been a number of surprise applications for new development.  There are none for Ickleton. But the Motorway Service Area proposal for Duxford has been reintroduced as Objection Site 20.  Duxford, Whittlesford and Thriplow parish councils will be submitting their opposition.  Submissions have to be made by 28th July.


The Huntsman site in Duxford is also subject to much controversy.  Duxford Parish Council felt unable to support the proposal to build a substantial number of houses on the site.  Huntsman are particularly aggrieved because they though they had done a good job in setting out their case.  They are also concerned that Hauxton Parish Council are backing redevelopment at the Bayer Crop Science site, which Huntsman considers inferior (see Representation 13986).


Concessionary Bus Scheme

The County Council is continuing to explore ways to introduce a countywide free concessionary bus fare scheme. While this is a district council function, negotiations are being led by the County Council with bus operators and local district councils to try and find a countywide solution.


This would not have been necessary if Government had distributed the money for the scheme to the County Council rather than spread it across the Districts. This is further complicated by the fact the grants were never ring fenced for concessionary bus fares.


The County Council receives no funding at all for the scheme and has no legal duty to implement it. But the Council feels strongly that a scheme should be introduced and has already pledged £60,000 as well as bringing the district councils together to negotiate an improved scheme.


Frogge Street

Mike Cooper tells me that footway work in Frogge Street to be ordered but may now have to wait until start of the new contract on 1st September.




I have at last received information about local policing and have sent them to Jos.


The police newsletter should be reinstated soon.  You are probably getting all police information already.  Eric Spoelstra says he sends it out to all known contacts but there may be people whose e-mail he does not have.  If you wish to register with him his e-mail address is Eric.Spoelstra@cambs.pnn.police.uk


Mark Hopkins, Acting Assistant Chief Constable, whom I met today, acknowledges that one of his principal objectives is to communicate better with parish councils.


Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk are still trying to get a "federal" arrangement for their police forces after the collapse of any police mergers within England.  The idea is to leave the county police forces in place but create a kind of regional crime squad to help with organised crime and drugs.


Meanwhile in Cambridgeshire we shall be getting 31 Neighbourhood Teams by 2008 and a substantial increase in Police Community Support Officers.  I have asked to be sent a list of those villages, which will be covered by our local team, when it is set up.


Guided Bus

The County Council has accepted an offer of £92.5million towards the £116.2 million cost of the guided bus way to be built from St Ives to Milton and from the Trumpington Park and Ride to Cambridge station using disused railway lines.  The remainder of the money is to be extracted by way of Section 106 agreements - principally from the developers of the new village at Northstowe.  Much has yet to be done and it is not expected that the first fare-paying passenger will be using the service until late 2008 at the very earliest.


Local Government Reorganisation

Ian Stewart, Chief Executive of the County Council, today confirmed that there is definitely a move afoot to delegate to Parish Councils a number of areas of decision currently handled by "higher" authorities.  The Lyons reports, the Local Government Association (LGA) and the national Association of Local Councils (NALC) are all in favour. The plan is that this would be a voluntary delegation.  The Council's leader, Keith Walters, believes that parish councils will be unwilling or unable to take on further activities and points to the small number of contested parish council elections as a proof of lack of representative democracy at village level.  He is also opposed to the idea of single-tier authorities uniting County and District roles largely on grounds of cost but also because he considers reorganisation to be a distraction.


ROCS Award

I should be most grateful for your support in my attempt to have Mike Cooper's efforts rewarded with a "Recognition of outstanding customer service" award.