ICKLETON PARISH COUNCIL                     


Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 18 October 2006 at 7.30 pm in Ickleton Village



Present:  James Macdonald (Chairman), Robin Driver, Sheila Birch, Terry Sadler, Tim Pavelin, Lewis Duke, Jane Hurst, Mark Stone-Wigg and two members of the public


161/06            Apologies for absence:  Peter Wombwell (ill health)


162/06 To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 20 September 2006:  There were two amendments to be made.  Page 3 Item 150/06 (Terry Sadler) – sentence should read:  “Whilst looking at the Objection site re. Hunstman he noticed that the local wildlife trust had pointed out the designation of the River Cam from Gt Shelford to the Essex boundary as a County Wildlife Site (CWS) to the district council”.  Page 4 – Item 157/06 – Second sentence “…… which manufacture Precursor Carbon Fibre”.  Subject to these amendments being made, the minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman.


163/06            Adjournment for questions from members of the public:  A resident reported dog fouling in the lane, which runs between Abbey Street and Birds Close.  Another resident reported that Carr & Bircher skip lorries are coming through the village when it is believed that they should be using the A505.  The Clerk was asked to write to the company

                                                                                                            Action:  Clerk

164/06            Matters Arising:

277/05 Village parking – Communication had been received from Richard Preston letting us know whom we should contact in the absence of David Lines.  The Clerk was asked to get in touch with Brian Stinton.                                        Action:  Clerk

296/05 Gt Chesterford bridge & grass verge – The clerk was asked to chase for a response to the e-mail sent by the Chairman.  It was also noted that another crash had occurred under the bridge on 1st October.                                          Action:  Clerk

Timothy Stone (County Councillor) joined the meeting.

028/06 Chapel roof/Village seats – Robin Driver had a meeting with Mr E Warren, who will be reporting back to him shortly.  C Frankau had repaired the seat in the cemetery, but the 11 remaining seats had still to be done.    Action:  RD/Clerk

053/06 Land Registry -  A letter had been sent to Adams Harrison with answers to the queries raised.                                                                                      Action:  Clerk

068/06            ‘Brightening up’ village – Mike Cooper has agreed to meet with Councillors in the village.  The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 24 October.            Action:  Clerk

Repair mesh on Cemetery fence -  C Frankau has now completed this repair.

071/06  Cemetery – retaining board quotations.  Another quotation had been obtained from Herald Contracts.  It was agreed to accept the quotation from C Frankau. 

                                                                                                            Action:  Clerk

John Williams (District Councillor) joined the meeting.

087/06 Tipped soil adj Tylers Yard.  Correspondence had been sent and received from Cambs CC who are in touch with Mr Rule.  The work should be carried out within the next 4-6 weeks or they will look to take enforcement action.  Action:  JAF

118/06 HGVs – Richard Preston (CCC) reported that the item had been added to a long list and will not be dealt with at this present time.                                        

134/06 Lime tree – A letter had been written to the Tree Preservation Officer (due to no response from telephone calls), a reply is expected.                     Action:  JAF

Street Lighting – no response from the letter(s) sent to SCDC.  Copies will be sent to John Williams to enable him to obtain an answer.                                    Action:  JW

Wooden posts – this item is with Highways.                        

Weed in River Cam – The Environment Agency have sent 3 booklets – Land Drainage & Sea Defence Byelaws/Living on the Edge and Flooding in Gardens.  These documents will be circulated.

Flashing speed signs – CCC had reported that these are normally installed if there is a history of serious accidents – there are none recorded against Ickleton.  The Parish Council could pay for their own signs, which will include maintenance that could be expensive.  The Clerk was asked to contact Newton Parish Clerk regarding the number of accidents and to obtain a quotation for installing the signs in the village.                                                                                                  Action:  Clerk

Black bins and collection of black sacks – SCDC have no plans to change the collection of Black bins from fortnightly to weekly.  John Williams was asked to check the collect of trade waste black plastic sacks within the village.                                                                                                                          Action:  JW

150/06 Churchyard flint wall – quotation.  Robin Driver and Tim Pavelin declared a non-prejudicial interest.  A quotation had been obtained, but it appeared this only seemed to cover the internal flint face.  The Clerk was asked to obtain a quote for the external flint wall; this would be referred to Lewis Duke and Jane Hurst to make a decision as the work need to be carried out in the near future.  Action: Clerk/LD/JH

Mill Lane pavement – This has been reported to Highways (CCC).

Rail Track  No response had been received.  The Clerk was asked to chase for a reply.                                                                                                        Action:  Clerk

Carol Singing – John Williams has agreed to obtain the licence and organise the evening.

154/06 Allotments.  The Chairman had been talking to two landowners and had nothing further to report at the moment.                                      Action:  JM


165/06 Youth Representation: None


166/06            Correspondence received:

SCDC              -            SCDC Biodiversity Strategy

SCDC              -            Ind. Examinations Local Development Framework

CCC                -            New Concessionary Bus Fare Scheme leaflet

CCC                -            Cambridgeshire Waste Private Finance Initiative Project

CCC                -             Cambridge & Peterborough Minerals & Waste Plan docs.

CCC                -            Registration Service in Cambridgeshire

CCC                -            Countryside Access Team – Annual Report

CCC                -            Disability Sport Focus Group - Newsletter

IWM                -            Duxford Airfield Management Liaison Committee

CALC              -            The Bulletin and various documents

Essex CC            -            Minerals Dev. Documents

SSE                 -            Stop Stansted Expansion leaflets

Cambs Police            -            Cambridgeshire Neighbourhood Watch – 4/11/06

HA                   -            Highways Agency leaflets (Oct 06 – Jan 07)

COPE              -            Newsletter

Camb Acre            -            Open Evenings

Lepra               -            Cookie parties 21 – 28 January 2007

APG News            -            Practical info. On age issues for employers

HMRC             -            HM Revenue & Customs Employer Bulletin

S Peck             -            Neighbourhood Watch

N Bennett            -            Autumn Ball 2007 (The Parish Council agreed in principle but needed more specific details as soon as possible)


Correspondence sent:

Network Rail            -            Level Crossing between Ickleton & Hinxton

CCC                -            Highways – Footpath in Mill Lane

CCC                -            Ickleton public footpaths 4, 5 & 11

S Peck             -            Neighbourhood Watch

T Bristowe            -            Butchers Hill footpath

CCC                -            land adj. Tylers Yard, Brookhampton Street

SCDC              -            Lime tree in churchyard


167/06            Planning applications:


S/1749/06/O – Construction of a carbon Fibre Precursor Plant – off Ickleton Road, Duxford – Hexcel Composites Ltd – Approved subject to the following comments:


(a)      Access by Road.  The Environmental Statement (7.2.2) states “access to the site from the south will be restricted by a level crossing and Ickleton Village.  As such, HGV’s and abnormal loads will not normally access the site from the south…..smaller goods vehicles will however still be able to access the site from the south…..it has been assumed that all (construction and operational personnel) vehicles, both during construction and operation will access the site from the north….”.  We are concerned that this statement is insufficiently robust in order to ensure that HGV’s in particular do not approach the site through Ickleton.

(b)     Access by Rail.  We strongly support the proposal that the operation of the branch line will resume and where possible be used for the import of materials and the export of products.  We feel their statement should be more robust.

(c)      Trees.  It is proposed to construct a bund along the southern boundary of the proposed development and to plant a strip of woodland to the south of the site.  We would point out that the land is very poor, and therefore the trees planted will require intensive maintenance if they are to avoid the effects of the drought.  Furthermore, it is not clear from the application how much planting there will be.  It is important that a large number of trees are planted.

(d)     Lighting.  We would emphasize the need to ensure that new lighting is reduced to the minimum required for safe operation of the works, and to keep light pollution to a minimum.

(e)      Imperial War Museum.  We are concerned to ensure that as aircraft from Duxford cannot overfly the site, there will be no impact on the fighter circuit.  Little or no reference is made in the application to the proximity of IWM to the site.

(f)       Recycling.  Little mention is made of the proposal of the possibilities or recycling.  The policies of Hexcel are not made clear. We would have wished to have seen a greater use of alternative renewable energy resources.

                                                                                                            Action:  Clerk

Mark Stone-Wigg declared a non-prejudicial interest in the next application.

S/1809/06/LB – Alteration Enlargement & Reconstruction of Outbuildings with Extension for Annexe – 26 Abbey Street – Mr & Mrs R Olds -  No Recommendation.                                                                                                       Action:  Clerk

S/1810/06/F – Extension to Outbuildings to form Annexe – 26 Abbey Street – Mr & Mrs R Olds – No Recommendation                                                        Action:  Clerk

Planning application granted: 

S/1333/06/F – Dwelling – land adj 20 Brookhampton Street – Andrew Hoskins

Planning application refused:

S/1555/06/F – Conservatory – 30 Abbey Street – Mrs Jane Hurst


Tree Works subject to a tree preservation order or within a Conservation area:

C/11/40/54 – Maintenance on Horse Chestnut, Lime & Ash trees – 21 Church Street – Mrs Owen – No comment                                                                      Action:  Clerk

Planning proposal:  31/33 Abbey Street – The Chairman will have an informal talk with Mr Holt to go over his proposals.                                            Action:  JM

North West Cambridge Area Action Plan – public consultation.  The Chairman had looked through the documents and felt the Parish Council did not need to respond, as it does not affect us directly.

SCDC Gypsy and Traveller Development Plan Document.  These documents will be circulated.  The public consultation is for a six-week period from Friday 13 October to Friday 24 November 2006.                                       Action:  Clerk


168/06            Reports from Councillors:

Jane Hurst reported a pothole (left hand side) in Frogge Street between The Glebe and Ickleton Riverside barns.                                                               Action:  Clerk

Terry Sadler had received an e-mail from the Highways Agency, which informed him that the concrete carriageway on the M11/A11 link is in good condition and they are unable to include it in their current resurfacing programme.  Sheila Birch was asked to check with Wellcome (at the next meeting) whether they are affected by the noise.

                                                                                                            Action:  SB

The Clerk reported that the road was flooded last week around cemetery corner after a heavy rainfall.  The Clerk was asked to speak to Peter Wombwell re the gully’s leading into the field.                                                                             Action:  Clerk


169/06            Reports from District and County Councillors:

District:  John Williams reported that any kind of food waste can now go in the Green bin for recycling.  A nappy collection service is available.  There are no proposals for a collection of plastics for recycling within the village.


See Appendix 1


Timothy Stone and 1 resident left the meeting.




170/06            Finance (Bank Balances) including payments to: 

Harts                            £ 49.06                        Ickleton Village Hall                £36.00

JA Flitton                     £406.10                      HM Customs & Revenue            £83.71


Community account                                    -            £492.35

Business Base Rate Tracker account            -            £19,561.99


The Chairman reported that we were within the budget of our precept, which was set earlier in the year.


Risk Assessment:  This item to be deferred to next month’s agenda. Action:  Clerk


171/06            Recreation Field and Play Area

RoSPA report & repairs – C Frankau still had two items outstanding. Action:  Clerk

Spring bird & horse – Mark Stone-Wigg had obtained a quote from Playquest to replace the items at a cost (including installation) of £500 each.  Other quotes were higher.  It was agreed to ask V Mila to look at them and give a quotation for repairing them.                                                                                                              Action:  Clerk

Tennis Courts – 2 meetings have now been held.  The committee will be working under the umbrella of the Parish Council with Mark Stone-Wigg as its representative.  The committee are looking at fund raising and have been given the support of the Village Hall committee.

Football pitch – C Frankau has fertilised and sprayed the pitch and will continue to spray as necessary.  More fertiliser will be put on in February/March.  Details of income/outcome for the last few years relating to the pitch had been circulated.

Dog Fouling – the Football Club had reported no further incidents.


172/06            Wellcome Trust:  Sheila Birch reported that the Bat roost had now been repaired.  Occupants of the temporary buildings should have been out by October; this has been delayed to early December.  The temporary buildings should disappear within 7-8 weeks.  More landscaping work is being done.  They are having a Save Energy campaign with more lights being switched off in the evenings.  The iron bridge over the river needs to be repainted and Wellcome are writing to Essex County Council.  The signage, in the Wetlands, was installed after a risk assessment had been carried out.


173/06 Neighbourhood Watch:  Stanley Peck had written to say be wished to resign from this post at the end of the year.  A letter had been written thanking Stanley for all his efforts.  A notice will be put in Icene asking for a volunteer to take over this role.                                                                                                     Action:  Clerk


174/06  Cemetery:  Mr Skeates had called to say he would send details of guidelines and markers in the near future.  No further response will be sent to Mr Holdgate for the moment.  The brick pillar on the west fence needs to have some bricks replaced.  The Clerk to ask C Frankau.                                                                       Action:  Clerk


175/06            Imperial War Museum:  Mick Martin had sent his apologies but will attend the November meeting.                                                                        Action:  Clerk


176/06            Remembrance Sunday:  Jackie Seeger has agreed to play the Last Post.  The Clerk will write to Malcolm Hall asking him to obtain the wreath to be laid at the Memorial.  Gerry Birch has been informed to these two points.  The Clerk was asked to arrange for the Village Green to be tidied up before the service. Action:  Clerk(2)


177/05            Adjournment for questions by members of the public:  None


178/05 Date and time of next meeting:  Wednesday 15 November 2006 @ 7.30 pm.

It was agreed to move the December meeting forward by one week from Wednesday 20 December to Wednesday 13 December.      


There being no further business the meeting closed at 10.40 pm.









Appendix 1 - County Councillor's Report                                     18th October 2006


A 505

At a CALC liaison committee meeting I attended last Monday a map was produced showing where the expected road congestion points are expected to be in 2021.  The A505 between junction 10 and the Sawston Roundabout was one.  There is no money available to do anything about this at present and it seems to be very much a problem for the future.  Some road improvements can be achieved by using government money through Growth Area Financing.  That works fine for new towns such as Northstowe but not for the A505, where the problem is principally generated in other counties.  I shall be trying to move the A505 up the county's agenda.

You may have noticed that traffic surveys are popping up all over the place.  Please drive up and down past them and hop on buses into and out of Cambridge so you get counted.

Highways Cleaning

Roadside cleaning in South Cambridgeshire is becoming dreadful.  I have discovered that from 1991, under The Environmental Protection Act, the District Council had a regular service for mechanical road sweeping. All road channels were swept four times a year.  This was initially reduced to cover kerbed roads only and now there is no regular frequency.

The result is that silt and rubbish is washed into gullies, causing blockages and potential flooding.  In addition build-up of roadside silt allows weeds to grow, which the County Council finds it difficult to eliminate because permitted weed killers are of inadequate strength to do the job properly.  Eventually the weeds damage road surfaces.  I am going on the warpath.

Traffic Schemes

In plans just revealed to the public, the County Council has announced it is freezing the budget for all minor Traffic Regulation Orders which includes putting in place new disabled parking bays and changing parking bays and yellow lines.

The County has hit financial problems because of large overspends in many of its budgets, and so has drawn up plans to save millions of pounds. It has so far not been prepared to share the details of these cuts with the public.  One of the problems is that the council works with reserves of only £5 million on an annual budget of some £500 million, so any error can cause grave repercussions.

The implications for small-scale improvements in Ickleton are clear.  I raised the frustration of our villages in full council yesterday.  Many have been awaiting small road improvements for months and now I'm afraid they will just have to wait a bit longer.

Highways staffing

You should have received a communication (see below) from Richard Preston about staff shortages and remedial action.  The new system works as I have tested it.

Mike Cooper

The presentation of Mike's Recognition of Outstanding Service Award took place on 22nd September.  For some reason the county wishes to keep the publicity in-house, which I can't understand.  So nothing in the newspapers.  But thank you for Ickleton's support.

Hexcel Composites

This £90 million scheme (S1749/06/0) will probably be decided in Westminster but initially it will be the District Council who will deliberate on the matter.  In the local area Hinxton Parish Council are concerned about the view.  I think the company will be able to address this issue and John Williams has already been in negotiation.  Duxford Parish Council are in favour of the scheme in principle but for now recommend its refusal because of problems of access.  County Highways will issue their opinion on roads issues in due course and I have asked them to try to propose positive solutions rather than just say no.  John and I will be going to see the company later this week just to explore the ground.  We shall definitely not be trying to interfere or propose solutions ourselves.

Cambourne Library

Cambridgeshire just keeps winning awards.  As well as the Chief Constable's OBE (and dramatic improvement in efficiency), Cambourne Library has just received an international award for its construction and use. The library building also houses Trading Standards and a medical centre.  Thought you'd like to know for the next time you are in Cambourne.

Tim Stone



The team structure comprises a team leader, traffic engineer and a traffic technician.  Following the departure of Philip Sharpe, when David Lines took over as team leader, we have tried on several occasions to recruit for the traffic engineer post without success and this has resulted in a backlog of programme work and in the number of outstanding requests, particularly from Parish Councils, for ad-hoc traffic management measures.  David Lines is currently on long-term sickness leave, which has exacerbated the situation.  I am aware of the frustration that this has caused some parish councils and indeed some Members.


As an interim measure, I have asked Brian Stinton, the Lead Engineer for the Cambridge Projects Team to assume responsibility for the traffic team at Whittlesford until such time as David Lines is able to return to work.  Brian will also have some support from Graham Lowe, the Engineering Manager for Cambridge.  Brian and Graham will need to balance their commitments in south division with their current roles in Cambridge.


Whilst this will help stabilise the situation, there will continue to be some delays in responding to routine traffic management requests as the priority, at this time, will be to deliver the jointly funded minor highway improvement and speed management schemes in this year's programme.  If you have any pressing traffic matters may I suggest you contact Brian, initially? 


I am sorry that we have been unable to delivery the level of service that is expected and that we would want to provide.  The new highways services contract with Atkins, which started in September, has required all staff to adopt new procedures and working practices and this has also added to the delays but I hope things will gradually improve over the coming weeks and months. 


I will be sending a similar communication to all South Cambs. Parish councils in the near future.


Michael Oakman, the Divisional Maintenance Engineer, is currently organising meetings with all county members in South Cambs. and their respective parish councils to give an opportunity to discuss highways issues and I look forward to meeting with you in the near future.


Richard Preston

Head of Network Management (South & City)