ICKLETON PARISH COUNCIL                     


Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 21 February 2007 at 7.30 pm in Ickleton Village Hall


Present:  James Macdonald (Chairman), Robin Driver, Sheila Birch, Tim Pavelin, Terry Sadler, Jane Hurst, Mark Stone-Wigg, Peter Wombwell, Jocelyn Flitton (Parish Clerk), John Williams (District Councillor) and 8 members of the public.


017/07 Apologies for absence: Lewis Duke and Timothy Stone (County Councillor) - prior engagement


018/07 To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 17 January 2007.  The minutes of the meeting were approved and signed by the Chairman.


019/07 Adjournment for questions from members of the public:  None


The Chairman brought the following items forward on the Agenda.


028/07 Tennis Courts.  The Councillors had received a document produced by the Tennis Courts Committee; the committee were now looking for support from the Parish Council before proceeding any further. 

Peter Wombwell joined the meeting.

A good debate was had, with various views expressed by those present.  Concerns were raised regarding the funding, the siting of the tennis court(s) and the basketball court.  The Chairman was asked to make representations to the owners of the adjacent field, to see whether there was any possibility of all or part of it being leased, sold or even gifted to the Parish Council. James Macdonald declared an interest in the field, since he had a restricted covenant on it.

1 member of the public joined the meeting.

The Committee were asked to obtain further information regarding the usage of the courts of neighbouring villages. A final decision on the tennis courts will be made at next month’s meeting.

                                                                                                            Action:  JM

6 members of the public left the meeting


023/07 Planning application(s):


S/0048/07/F – Dwelling – Land R/O  9-17 Grange Road – Rowe Build and Development Ltd.  Refuse. The Parish Council felt the application relating to this Backland Development would:

·         be out of character with the pattern of development in the vicinity;

·         have an unacceptable adverse impact on the amenity of existing properties; and in particular,

·         be out of keeping as our village has a strong linear character.

·         the access is too narrow for construction and Emergency Service vehicles e.g. Fire Engine.


S/0151/07/F – Extension – New House, Coploe Road – Mr & Mrs C Cope.  Accept


1 member of the public left the meeting


Ickleton Riverside Barns:  Nothing has moved since the Highways Agency raised several issues.  SCDC intend to resolve the situation within the next two months.


18 Abbey Street:  Correspondence had been received from a prospective buyer who intended to use the premises for offices.  It is understood the buyer has now withdrawn. 

A member of the public joined the meeting.

A further letter has been received from a Development Consultant acting on behalf of the owners saying they are currently engaged in preapplication discussions with South Cambridgeshire District Council in an attempt to secure a change of use from Commercial to Residential. 


Tree Preservation Order(s):

C/11/40/054 – Laburnum – remove – Mrs Taylor, 1 Church Street – Deemed Consent


Listed Buildings.  There was nothing to further to add following Mr Nick Grimshaw’s attendance at last month’s meeting.  (It is understood that Mr Grimshaw is leaving SCDC.)  Following a meeting at SCDC offices, it is understood that parking will be looked at when considering an application for 18 Abbey Street.


020/07 Matters Arising:


277/05  Village parking – Nothing further has been heard from Mr B Stinton, following our letter dated 22/01/07.                                                                            Action:  Clerk

028/06  Chapel roof – The insurance company had requested another quotation to repair the roof; this has been submitted.  The bell has been removed and put in storage.  Action:  Clerk

Village seats – C Frankau has yet to complete repairing the seats.                        Action:  Clerk 

053/06  Land Registry – Mr Marris has written regarding Coploe pit asking for evidence as to the long-term use/ownership of the pit.  This information was sent to Mr Marris on 30 November 2006.  The Clerk will respond.                                        Action:  Clerk

068/06  ‘Brightening up’ village – One quotation for wooden gates had been received.  After discussion it was agreed not to go ahead with this scheme. A suggestion of planting a tree in the middle of the Village Hall car park was made.  The Clerk will write to the Chairman of the Village Hall Committee.                                                                        Action:  Clerk

071/06  Cemetery – retaining board – C Frankau has yet to complete this task. Action:  Clerk

087/06 Tipped soil – Concerns had been raised regarding the field in Frogge Street.  The Highways Agency had been contacted but had stated that the piles of chalk deposited in the field are not within the flood plain and would therefore not be taking any further action.

134/06 Trees (various) – Roz Richardson (SCDC Tree Preservation) had visited the village and looked at the following trees:


Confirmation to carry out these works, together with details of recommended tree surgeons is yet to be received from SCDC.                                                                    Action:  Clerk


150/06 Churchyard flint wall – A meeting has yet to be arranged with Andy Hoare.                                                                                                          Action:  Clerk

John Williams joined the meeting.

154/06 Allotments – The Chairman had spoken to a landowner who had said ‘No’.  He was asked to speak to the Agent representing the owner of the adjoining field to the Recreation Ground.                                                                                      Action:  JM

190/06 Coploe Pit – grazing – Peter Wombwell is currently organising this.       Action:  PW

008/07 Items reported to Highways – the gulleys have been cleaned and the team had been asked to sweep the road.  Councillors agreed that this area was still bumpy and needed attention.  Pothole in Frogge Street had been repaired.  The gully outside Ickleton Lion has been cleaned out and a pothole repaired.  The clerk had also spoken to the landlord.  Planings have been arranged to be placed on the verge northbound just beyond the 30 mph sign in Brookhampton Street – this has yet to be done.  The pothole outside no. 36 is open again with tar on the resident’s windows.                                                                       Action:  Clerk

Carillion-URS (M11 drainage) – a response should be received within 15 days of Clerk chasing (13/02/07).                                                                                    Action:  Clerk

015/07 Streetlight – reported.

Potholes - Potholes in and around Grange Road were noted by Highways and being repaired.

012/07 Grange Road – A quotation had been received for £625.00 + VAT for supplying 2 sets of steel field gates.  It was felt that a swinging barrier + padlocks would be just as suitable.  The Parish Council agreed that this was the responsibility of the two landowners and were not prepared to pay for the gates.     The Environment Agency at SCDC might be able to help especially as these were being put in place to stop fly tipping.                     Action:  Clerk

013/07 Footpaths – The forms had been completed and submitted to CCC regarding the Parish Paths Partnership scheme.  It was felt a meeting should be held with Wellcome Trust regarding the maintenance of Grassy Lane.  New gates had been installed on Footpath 11 and in the field opposite.  The Clerk to write to CCC and ask if these could be painted black.                                                                                                               Action:  Clerk


021/07 Youth Representation:  None


022/07 Correspondence received:

SCDC              -           South Cambs L D F -Adoption of Core Strategy Dev. Plan

SCDC              -           Cemetery, Brookhampton Street

SCDC              -           South Cambs DC Lettings Policy Consultation

SCDC              -           Protocol for Consultation on Housing Issues

SCDC              -           New Graffiti removal service

CCC                 -           RECAP waste consultation

CCC                 -           East of England Plan – proposed changes

CCC                 -           Duxford Airfield Management Liaison Committee – 16 March 2007

CCC                 -           Ickleton public footpath 11 (reply)

CCC                 -           Contracted Bus Service 101

CCC                 -           Parish Paths Partnership New Bulletin

CCC                 -           Village grass cutting 2007-08

CCC                 -           Local Access Forum Recruitment

CCC                 -           Countryside Access Issues

Tim Stone         -           Bus Service 101

Adams Har.      -           Coploe Pit

C&LG              -           Communities & Local Govnmnt – Revised Model Code of Conduct

Cambs. Police   -           Updates / Neighbourhood Profile Update

Wildlife Trst      -           Re-survey of Coploe Hill pit County Wildlife site+ Workshops 2007

Victim Sup        -           Acknowledgement of Donation

CCF                 -           Cambs. Community Foundation – South Cambs Youth Banks

Gt Chesterfd     -           Railway Bridge on Ickleton Road

NALC              -           Review of the quality Town & Parish Council scheme

CALC              -           Sample Cemetery guidelines

CALC              -           Affiliation Fees/ Consultation documents/Training sessions

CALC              -           The Bulletin/ Agenda next meeting 1 March 2007

Cambs Acre     -           Cambs & Peterborough Community Life Awards 2007

Uttlesford         -           Local Dev. Framework

BE Educ.          -           Arts News Sawston/Linton

BAA Stansted   -           Update 2nd runway

Stop Stansted    -           Airport Public Inquiry

Stop Stansted    -           Airport Expansion & Health Issues

Country All       -           Post Offices

A Lansley MP  -           M11

E-cops              -           Updates

IVH                 -           Leaflet for distribution around village

Glasdon            -           Catalogue

Shaw’s             -           Catalogue

COPE              -           Newsletter No. 30

St George’s       -           Catalogue – Celebrate St George’s Day

Stadia Sports     -           Catalogue

Highways Ag    -           Leaflets – planned roadworks – East edition

Audit Com.       -           Appointment of External Auditor

EEAPTC          -           Newsletter

BE Prntship      -           Easter Mini Academy

Sygma Sec.       -           18 Abbey Street

JC Frost            -           18 Abbey Street

Residents          -           Tennis Courts


Correspondence sent:

CCC                 -           Ickleton public footpath 11

CCC                 -           Speeding and parking in Ickleton

SCDC              -           Trees

Mr I Laird         -           M11

A Lansley MP  -           M11

A Lansley MP  -           Cambridgeshire County Council Budget

Clr J Williams    -           Ickleton Riverside Barns

Mr&Mrs P Baker         Flood Plain land Frogge Street

Mr T Bristowe              Tree Butchers Hill

Carillion-URS    -           M11 Motorway drainage

Peasgood          -           Cemetery markers

C Frankau         -           Repair guttering Bus Shelter


024/07 Reports from Councillors:

Jane Hurst reported that a resident had cut their hand when trying to post a letter into the post box on Coploe Road.           She also mentioned the puddles and bumpy road in Brookhampton Street (see Matters Arising).                                                                    Action:  Clerk

Sheila Birch reported that a wheel/tyre and rubbish had been dumped at Gypsy corner.

                                                                                                            Action:  Clerk

Jocelyn Flitton had received an e-mail asking if the Parish Council would write supporting Milton Country Park.  It was agreed that we should do so.                       Action:  Clerk


025/07 Reports from District and County Councillors

District – John Williams mentioned Milton Country Park, Ickleton Riverside Barns and Bus Service 101.  He is keen to get a bus service, which includes running between Duxford and Ickleton on days other than Sundays.

County – see Appendix 1


026/07 Finance (Bank Balances) including payments to: 

Harts                -           £45.23                          CALC              -           £178.50

            R Coulson         -           £70.00                          C Frankau         -           £47.00

            CCC                 -           £586.98                                    CPRE               -           £27.00

            V Mila              -           £120.00

Receipts:  HM Revenue & Customs - £212.48  PSV Claims Bureau  -  £47.00


Community Account                              -           £660.47

Business Base Rate Tracker Account    -           £12,167.71


Risk Assessment:  The Risk Assessment presented was approved.


027/07 Recreation Field and Play Area


Recreation Field & Playarea/Cemetery   -           C Frankau

Village Green/Churchyard/Verges          -           R Coulson

Litter bins                                             -           R Coulson

Re-seed/Fertilise Football pitch               -           C Frankau

Servicing Countax C600H Tractor          -           Wrights

                                                                                                            Action: Clerk(3)

A letter from CCC re. Village grass cutting 2007-08 had been received saying that the rate we would receive is £945.58 (same as last year).  The Clerk to write accepting.     Action:  Clerk


Mark Stone-Wigg reiterated the size of the replacement trees was important in the Play area.  Cecil Vincent would like to buy a tree in memory of his wife.  The Clerk was putting an article in Icene asking for any suggestions following the cutting down of the trees.


Tim Pavelin asked if the football pitch could be rolled now.                      Action:  Clerk


029/07 Cemetery:

Guidelines – Draft guidelines had been circulated for consideration.  It was agreed that we should add a paragraph stating that the erection of headstones must be done by a Stone Mason.  Tim Pavelin did not agree with the paragraph on Grave spaces and cremation plots but it was agreed that this should remain.  The Clerk will make the amendments and once the Chairman has agreed, the guidelines will be distributed to local Undertakers, Churchwardens and the put on the website.

Markers – the Clerk had acquired some wooden markers from Peasgoods in Saffron Walden.

Table of Burial Fees – The table of fees had been circulated.  It was agreed that the fees remain unchanged this year, but should be increased next year, probably by £5, and the age of over and under 12 be checked.                                                                       Action: Clerk (2)


030/07 Affordable Housing:  A letter from SCDC had been circulated re.  Mutual Exchanges and s106 Restrictions.  The Clerk was asked to respond by asking if there was a problem in Ickleton where no suitable tenants can be found from local villages.                                                                                                                                   Action:  Clerk





031/07  Post Office:  A DTI Consultation Document has been received stating that responses are due by 8 March 2007.  A copy of the document was given Dilip Odedra to display in the village shop.  The Parish Council will respond supporting the village Post Office.                                                                                                                           Action:  Clerk


032/07  Election of Parish Council 3 May 2007:  Relevant dates had been sent to members of the Parish Council.  Nomination papers will be available from the Clerk from Monday 26 March and the deadline for submission is Noon 2 April 2007. This information will be included in the next Icene.                                                                  Action:  Clerk


033/07 Adjournment for questions by members of the public:  None


The Parish Council/AGM meeting will take place on 16 May.  Annual Parish Meeting will take place on 23 May 2007.


034/07 Date and time of next meeting:  Wednesday 21 March 2007 at 7.30 pm


There being no further business the meeting closed at 10.15 pm.






Appendix 1                                         County Councillor's report          21st February 2007


Budget 2007/08


The County Council's budget was set yesterday.  Please excuse the politics in what follows but you may like to know what happened.


The Conservative Cabinet proposed a budget, which is much clearer than last year's and very well presented.  But the upshot is the need to save £10.3 million and cuts in service provision.


The Liberal Democrats proposed an alternative budget which sought to reduce the cuts in service provision by £1.4 million this year, including setting up a climate change fund to allow the council to lead the country in reducing the council's impact on the environment.  To fund increased service provision, the alternative budget proposed greater savings in internal costs in a number of areas and these could have been quite painful - particularly in press and public relations where the council's current performance is extremely polished. 


Full Council is seldom a pleasant place to be in and yesterday was no exception.  The amendment was defeated and the Conservative budget adopted.


I spoke against the Conservative proposal to axe the Discretionary Traffic Management budget, which you may remember was frozen last October in the face of budget, over-spends.  Although some of the Conservatives were sympathetic to my plea their party discipline is such that there was no chance of saving the budget.


For the time being that makes small schemes in our villages much more difficult to adopt.  That includes the measures suggested by Brian Stinton. I shall be working with Highways to see how we can best get round the problem and meanwhile have got myself appointed to the South Cambridgeshire Traffic Management Area Joint Committee to see if I can do some useful work there.


Mobile Library


Village residents have been worried by notices in mobile libraries that services may be cut. The mobile library stops in two places in Ickleton on alternate Mondays. The next visit is on 26th February.


As part of the approved county council budget there is indeed a proposal to withdraw two of the eight mobile library vehicles. 


The Liberal Democrat alternative budget proposed reinstating £40,000 of the cuts to maintain all the library vehicles but the motion was defeated.


It seems exceedingly unlikely that the service to Ickleton will be cancelled.  In any event it is recognised that there will have to be community consultation, route review and general re-planning before any changes are made.  Of course the best thing would be to increase usage of the mobile library to demonstrate how important it is to the village. That would encourage the planners not to curtail services.


You may like to keep your written intervention until the public consultation is announced.  But you could start now to increase interest in using the mobile library in the village, just to make sure.




East of England Plan


I reported last month on the revision to the East of England plan.  There are several bits to it which are worth considering, notably the exclusion of discussion about a second runway at Stansted.  The government tells us this is a national question and may not be dealt with in a Regional plan.  What the region may discuss is questions of transport and access!  Cambridgeshire County Council remains united in its opposition to the second runway.


The other matter that you may want to comment on is the proposal that no further new towns should be built in the Region during the period of the plan.  Thus no Hanley Grange.  The Parish Council may wish to comment in support of this recommendation.


Road Pricing


Many Parish Councils have been brought into the debate on road pricing.  The campaign by the Association of British Drivers (now ended) assures us that the UK's 33million cars have "no measurable impact" on global CO2 levels.  The Association also tells us that each car will need a £200 tracker, which will have Big Brother implications.


There are clearly concerns that a national road pricing system could allow routine surveillance of citizens.  There is also the question of whether the money raised will be in addition to or instead of current taxes on motorists.


What is entirely clear to Cambridgeshire planners is that we need either a massive increase in road building to stave off gridlock (amongst other places on the A505 between Junction 10 and the Sawston roundabout) or we need to encourage vehicles off the roads at peak times.  It is likely that a congestion charge scheme will be considered for Cambridge before long, not least because Park & Ride offers a genuine alternative to driving into the city.  But is also clear that better alternative means of transport need to be vigorously promoted.


101 Bus


The 101 bus has been saved and I thank all those who helped in the campaign to keep it. The route is still "under review" so any useful publicity will be welcome.