Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 16 May 2007 at 7.47 pm in Ickleton Village Hall


Present: Robin Driver (Chairman), Sheila Birch, Lewis Duke, Jane Hurst, Terry Sadler, Liz Goddard, Tim Pavelin, Mark Stone-Wigg, Jocelyn Flitton (Parish Clerk), Timothy Stone (County Councillor) and John Williams (District Councillor)


066/07 Apologies for absence: Peter Wombwell (prior engagement)


067/07 To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 18 April 2007:  Minute 054/07 – Item 053/06   the last word in the fourth sentence should read voluntarily not voluntary.  The minutes of the meeting were then approved and signed by the Chairman.


068/07 Adjournment for questions from members of the public:  None


069/07 Matters Arising:


277/05  Village parking:  Brian Stinton (CCC) had produced a suggested parking restrictions map, which was only for the Parish Council’s consideration at this stage.  No funding is available at the moment and it was noted that some Parish Council’s are funding such work themselves. 

Lewis Duke rejoined the meeting.

It was agreed to set up a working party consisting of:  Tim Pavelin, Terry Sadler, Sheila Birch, Jane Hurst and Robin Driver.                                                                                              Action: Working Party

028/06  Chapel roof:  The roof had now been repaired.

Headstones:  Jane Hurst had checked the headstones as much as possible.  We need access to a Topple Meter to do further checks.                                                                                              Action:  JH

Village seats:  This work is still outstanding with C Frankau                                              Action:  Clerk

053/06  Land Registry – Coploe pit:  A letter had been sent to Mr Marris outlining our claim to Coploe Pit.  The Chairman asked the Clerk to write to Mr Marris saying we wished him to lodge a claim with the Land Registry.                                                                                                               Action:  Clerk

068/06  ‘Brightening up’ village:  The suggestion of planting bulbs was still in hand.           Action: J H

071/06  Cemetery – retaining board:  This work is still outstanding with C Frankau            Action:  Clerk

087/06  Tipped soil:  This item has now been resolved.

154/06   Allotments:  Nothing further to report at the moment                                           Action: LG/JM

190/06  Coploe Pit – grazing:  In the absence of Peter Wombwell, there was nothing further to add.

                                                                                                                                    Action: PW/SB

008/07  Highways – Frogge Street:  Mr & Mrs Rose had cut back the shrub so that the arrow sign could now be seen earlier.   

Carillion-URS:  Lewis Duke had nothing further to report at the moment until he felt it appropriate to re-contact the representatives re. flooding.                                                                              Action:  LD

028/07  Tennis Courts:  Nothing further to report at the moment.                                 Action: M S-W/JM

042/07  Mill Lane – scaffolding:  Mr Wallis has said the work will be completed within two weeks and he has then instructed the firm to remove the scaffolding.  The Clerk was asked to inform Mr J Harding of this.                                                                                                                          Action:  Clerk

045/07  Eastern Tree Surgery – Recreation Ground & Churchyard:  We expect this work to be carried out in the near future.                                                                                                                     Action:  Clerk

058/07  Post Box-Butcher’s Hill:  The Clerk had written to EDF Energy but had received no reply.  She had also spoken to the Collections Manager in Cambridge who is going to replace the box, when they also can speak to someone who was responsible.                                                                            Action:  Clerk

M11 Group:  Terry Sadler reported that the response from the Highways Agency was disappointing.  Junctions 9-10 were only going to have essential preventative maintenance done in the autumn.  Junctions 9 – 11 resurfacing was due 2009/10 but this was subject to funding and Junctions 8-9 will be repaired/resurfaced in the spring of 2008.  It was agreed that Terry Sadler should pursue this further and copy any correspondence to Andrew Lansley MP                                                    Action:  TS


John Williams joined the meeting.


070/07 Youth Representation:  None


071/07 Correspondence received:


James Macdonald          -           Thank You card

SCDC                          -           Anti Social Behaviour – Report It! Leaflet

SCDC                          -           Notes from Traveller Liaison Forum Meeting 27 March 07

SCDC                          -           Proposed Tree Works – Ickleton Conservation Area

CCC                             -           Grass Cutting - E-mail Timothy Stone

CCC                             -           Heavy Commercial Vehicle Route Manager’s Newsletter

CCC                             -           Minor Traffic Management Measures

CCC                             -           Cambridge Cycling Campaign – e-mail Timothy Stone

CCC                             -           Parish Path Partnership (P3) 2007/2008

CCC                             -           Life on the Verge Newsletter

CALC                          -           The Bulletin

CALC                          -           New Code of Conduct

CALC                          -           Quality Council Status

CALC                          -           First liaison meeting with SCDC – 7 June 2007

Soc. LCC                     -           Membership of the Society of Local Council Clerks

Allianz                          -           Cemetery Chapel Roof claim.  A reply to be sent.  Action:  Clerk

Cambs. Police               -           Neighbouring Policing (Sawston Profile update)

BE Partnership              -           Musical Theatre Workshop Week at Linton V C

Crocus FC                    -           Match fees 2006/2007

Ickleton FC                   -           Match fees 2006/2007

Duxford CE School       -           Invitation to Musical performance

Playsafety                     -           RoSPA Report

Miranda Stone-Wigg      -           Use of Recreation Ground for Village Picnic                  

CPRE                           -           Agenda Mtg 15 May 2007

Essex CC                     -           Minerals & Waste Development

Cope                            -           Newsletter

Vitalise                         -           Donation request

LCR                             -           Magazine

Clerks & Councils         -           Magazine

Kompan                        -           Play Areas leaflet

Huck                            -           Play Areas catalogue


Correspondence sent:

Cambs. Police               -           Door-to-Door salesmen

Allianz Cornhill              -           Ickleton Cemetery Chapel claim (2)

Mr G Wallis                  -           Scaffolding

Mr C Frankau               -           Football Pitch

Mr & Mrs P Rose         -           52 Frogge Street (cutting back shrub)

Whitehall Plastics          -           Advertising

Crocus FC                    -           2007/2008 Season & Football Pitch Maintenance Schedule

Ickleton FC                   -           2007/2008 Season & Football Pitch Maintenance Schedule

Go East                                    -           Change of address





072/07 Planning applications received:

S/0697/07/F – Ext. to Outbuilding to form Annexe (Amended Design) – 26 Abbey Street - Approve

S/0696/07/LB – Alteration Enlargement & Reconstruction of Outbuildings with Pitched Roof & Extension - Approve

S/0729/07/F – Conservatory – 29 Frogge Street – C Warwick - Approve

S/0749/07/F – Extension & Replacement Garage/Workshop – 7 Church Street – Mr & Mrs S Cheney.  It was agreed that a site visit should be carried out before any decision could be made.  The Clerk will contact the applicants and neighbours.                                                                                          Action:  Clerk

Planning applications Granted/Refused by SCDC

S/0151/07/F – Mr & Mrs Cope – New House Coploe Road – Granted.

S/0048/07/O – Rowe Build – land r/o 9/17 Grange Road – Refused

Tree Works subject to a tree preservation order or situated within a Conservation area:

C/11/40/054 – Mrs Woodhead, The Old Vicarage, Butcher’s Hill – Horse Chestnuts (2) and 1 Sycamore – maintenance – No Comment

Ickleton Riverside Barns:  The Clerk had heard nothing further from SCDC.  John Williams reported that CCC regards the access to the site as unsatisfactory.  Discussion was also being had as to whether retail establishments in the countryside fit in with the local plan.  The application will go before the planning committee within the next two months.  The Chairman asked John Williams if he could keep us updated.

                                                                                                                                    Action:  JW

073/07 Reports from Councillors:

Terry Sadler said he had reported more fly tipping at Gypsy Corner to the Clerk.  He suggested that he and one other Councillor visit the site.  Lewis Duke offered some hedgerow plants if it was felt that these would help.  He had already reported to Mike Cooper (Highways) a pothole outside his house.           Action:  TS

Sheila Birch mentioned the white Renault that had been parked in Abbey Street for some time.  The Clerk has already reported this.                                                                                               Action:  Clerk

There was also a pothole on the A505 roundabout when exiting towards Sawston.  Timothy Stone said he would report this.                                                                                                             Action:  T Stone


074/07 Reports from District and County Councillors:

District:  John Williams asked if anyone was involved with the Skatepark when it was installed as he is currently helping Duxford who wish to acquire one.  Tim Pavelin said he was involved and would discuss this later.

Lewis Duke asked if John Williams could check the content of the report for the Grange Road planning application relating to the Fire Services access, and report back.                                                Action:  JW

The Chairman asked if the District Councillor could produce a written report each month along the lines as the one supplied by the County Councillor.                                                                      Action:  JW


See Appendix 1


075/07 Finance (Bank Balances) including payments to:

George Collin & Sons    -           £3505.28

Playsafety Ltd.              -           £ 238.53

Harts                            -           £ 139.03


Receipts:  Ickleton FC £15.75 / CCC £945.58 / Crocus FC £336.00 / Allianz £2858.22


Bank Balances:

Community Account                              -           £ 2,481.39

Business Base Rate Tracker Account    -           £14,763.37


Year-End Financial Statement:  These were presented to the Parish Council following an audit by Ken Worthing.  It was unanimously agreed that the accounts be adopted.  The Chairman will complete the form so that they can then be sent to Moore Stephens.                                                          Action: RD/Clerk


Insurance Policy: the previous Chairman is currently reviewing the policy.                 Action: RD/Clerk


076/07 Recreation Field and Play Area:
Spring Mobiles:  The Clerk was currently chasing this item.                                              Action:  Clerk
New Trees – Item to be kept on the Agenda for further discussion later in the year.          Action:  Clerk
RoSPA Report – Mark Stone-Wigg had read the report and said there were a few new recommendations.  He will arrange a meeting with Charlie Frankau to go through the items.                                  Action: M S-W


077/07 Cemetery :

Reserved Plots – The family involved are still discussing this issue.                                   Action:  Clerk

Weeds – Charlie Frankau had cut down the weed and would continue to do so.

Rabbits – The situation is still being monitored.                                                             Action: JH/Clerk


078/07 Police Neighbourhood Panel Meeting:

Lewis Duke and Jocelyn Flitton attended the last meeting.  Lewis Duke reported that the meeting had two parts (a) official and (b) networking possibilities.  He felt that it was important that a member of the Parish Council always attended these meetings.  He also asked Councillors to let him know, before the meetings, of any issues that they would like him to raise.                                                             Action:  All


079/07 Annual Parish Meeting – 23 May 2007.  A notice had been placed on the notice board, leaflets had been delivered around the village (some by Lena Frost) and it had been mentioned in the Icene.


080/07 Adjournment for questions by members of the public:  None


081/07 Date and time of next meeting:  20 June 2007 at 7.30 pm.                                                                  


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.00 pm.







Appendix 1     County Councillor’s Report                                             May 2007


Joint Planning Arrangements - Cambridge Sub-Region

The City, County and South Cambridgeshire Councils with Cambridgeshire Horizons have proposed that they should work together on planning for local growth. Plans are now well advanced for the creation of the joint Development Control committees for Northstowe and the Cambridge fringes that will form the centrepiece of these proposals.  It is expected that these committees will start work by September.


The Government is providing an additional £700,000 of funding to support the work on growth in 2007/08 and the expectation is that similar levels of funding will follow in subsequent years.


Although good news in itself, there are a couple of issues here which are worth a little reflection:


·         If we had a unitary authority covering greater Cambridge we wouldn't have to go through all this rigmarole because it would be obvious where decision-making lies.


·         Provision of "good boys and girls" money from central government has its downside.  The reward system potentially encourages councils to divert resources to follow the central government's agenda - even if they would not normally act in a particular way.  It also messes up budgets, which may be set without expectation of reward money.


Gypsy and Traveller Sites

The East of England Regional Assembly (EERA) is preparing a single-issue review of the emerging East of England Plan relating to the provision of Gypsy and Traveller caravan sites.  EERA is required to identify the number of pitches required for each local planning authority (but not their location) based upon Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessments prepared by local authorities and a strategic view of needs across the region.


An Issues and Options document has been published today for twelve weeks of public consultation. This document seeks views on:

·         the scale of pitch provision appropriate across the region

·         the distribution of provision

·         delivery and implementation issues


The Issues and Options document will be made available on EERA's website: www.eera.gov.uk


Within Cambridgeshire a public engagement event will be held on Monday 21st May at the Auditorium, Robinson College, Grange Road, Cambridge, CB3 9AN between 7pm and 9.30pm. This is to raise awareness about the consultation and to give the public to an opportunity to ask questions.


New County Council Structure

With the election of Shona Johnstone to Leader of the County Council there has been a shake-up of cabinet portfolios.  These can be accessed on the County's website: Council and Democracy - Councillors - The Council's Cabinet.  The new structure has left some people a little bemused: for instance what are Enhanced Services and Universal Services?  But no doubt things will settle down after a few teething troubles.



County Councillors no longer receive a weekly update of new planning applications affecting villages in their Division.  As a result we have to use the District Council's website.  This might prove useful to the Parish Council if you wish to find out what is going on in neighbouring villages.   The planning application search facility can be found on http://egov.scambs.gov.uk/planningapps/pa.php or you can get to it by drilling through the District Council's website.


Tim Stone