Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 15 August 2007 at 7.30 pm in Ickleton Village Hall.


Present: Robin Driver (Chairman), Sheila Birch, Lewis Duke, Terry Sadler, Tim Pavelin, Liz Goddard, Mark Stone-Wigg, Jane Hurst, Jocelyn Flitton (Parish Clerk), Timothy Stone (County Councillor) and one member of the public.


100/07 Apologies for absence:  John Williams, Peter Wombwell (Previous engagements)


101/07 To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 18 July 2007:  The following amendment was requested:  096/07 – the last sentence should read “Sheila Birch declared a non-prejudicial interest in any future planning applications for Howeys Yard”.  The minutes of the meeting were then approved and signed by the Chairman.


102/07 Adjournment for questions from members of the public:  A resident asked for an update on the Ickleton Riverside Barns application (see Appendix I).


A member of the public left the meeting.


103/07 Matters Arising:

277/05  Village parking:  Terry Sadler will give an update at next month’s meeting.           Action:  TS

028/06   Village seats:  This work is still outstanding with C Frankau.                                Action:  Clerk

053/06  Land Registry inc. Coploe pit:  Communication had been received from Mr Marris (Adams Harrison).  He reported that “the Land Registry have completed the registration of your title with the exception of the land which is to be the subject of Mr Driver’s declaration.  I am checking that this has been done correctly and will report at the same time as sending the declaration to you for Mr. Driver.  As to Coploe Pit I am still considering the paperwork sent in”.                                                  Action:  Clerk

068/06  ‘Brightening up’ village:  It is intended to plant bulbs in October; the sites will be agreed at next month’s meeting.  The purchase of bulbs is to be looked into to obtain the best price. Action:  JH

071/06  Cemetery – retaining board:  This work is still outstanding with C Frankau            Action:  Clerk

154/06   Allotments:  Nothing further to report at the moment.                                          Action:  RD

190/06  Coploe Pit – grazing:  The Conservation Volunteers are due to tidy up the pit in September after which the sheep could graze in the pit. Sheila Birch to discuss with Peter Wombwell.          Action:  SB/PW

008/07  Flooding (Carillion-URS):  Some residents had expressed concern, when we recently had heavy rainfalls, as to where they could obtain sandbags.  The Parish Council recommends that if owners are concerned about flooding at their property, they should purchase sandbags (available from Ridgeons) to protect their property.  Highways only supply sandbags in extreme circumstances that relate to flooding on the roads.                                                                                                                      Action:  Clerk

028/07  Tennis Courts:  Nothing further to report at the moment.                                      Action:  RD

045/07  Eastern Tree Surgery – Recreation Ground & Churchyard  - The firm had now returned and finished the job as requested.

058/07  Post Box-Butcher’s Hill:  A letter has been received from Royal Mail stating that the post box would not be replaced.  They point out that the area has an under-used large post box situated outside the Post Office, which is under a quarter of a mile away.  The Parish Council will write a letter objecting to the removal.                                                                                                                     Action:  Clerk

073/07  Gypsy Corner:  The planting of a hedge is due to take place in the autumn.            Action:  LD/TS

089/07  Churchyard:  A quotation from Ron Coulson for £120 had been received also a letter from Simon Casement (Churchwarden) regarding other areas of the churchyard.  The Chairman and Clerk would speak with Ron Coulson and a response will be sent to S Casement.  A resident had pointed out that the buttresses on the outside wall were showing signs of wear.                                                           Action:  RD/Clerk

Butcher’s Hill:  Three letters had been sent to local bus companies regarding their using Butcher’s Hill, two responses had been received.  A local resident has raised concerns about the Chestnut trees (which are on private property) especially since a large branch fell off this week blocking the footpath.  The Chairman and Clerk will look at the site and write appropriate letter(s) to the owner(s).

                                                                                                                                Action:  RD/Clerk

Website:  Liz Goddard reported that there had been no response for a volunteer to help with the village website.  Another notice will go in the next Icene.                                                    Action:  LG

Overhanging trees & brambles:  The branches from the overhanging tree in Church Street had been trimmed back, but no response had been received regarding the brambles in Abbey Street.   Action:  Clerk

095/07  Police Neighbourhood Panel Meeting:  The date of the next meeting at Sawston is 9 October 2007.

                                                                                                                                    Action:  Clerk

104/07 Youth Representation:  None


105/07 Correspondence received:

SCDC              -           South Cambs Development Control Policies Dev. Plan Document

SCDC              -           Public Payphones in South Cambs – Frogge Street

SCDC              -           Review of polling districts and polling places

SCDC              -           South Cambs Draft Licensing Policy – Licensing Act 2003

SCDC              -           Funding Fair 2007

SCDC              -           SCDC Weekly Bulletin

CCC                 -           Have your say on Bus Services (Response sent by D Lilley)

CCC                 -           Network Management Patch Meetings (Terry Sadler to attend)

CCC                 -           Parking Policy Review

CCC                 -           Ickleton to Cambridge cycle route

CCC                 -           Funding available for community and voluntary groups

CCC                 -           Minerals & Waste Plan

CCC                 -           Cambs. Scrutiny – Working to improve Services for Cambs. People

A Lansley MP  -           Copy of correspondence  (OIC) re. Hexcel Composites

A Lansley MP  -           Losing Local Post Offices

D Plumb           -           Copy of correspondence Snow Walker re. OS Parcel 130 Frogge Street

CPMHT           -           Cambs & Peterborough Mental Health Trust

J Macdonald     -           Affordable Housing   Letter to be sent to J Williams.   Action: RD/Clerk

S Casement      -           Churchyard

Adams Har.      -           Registration of Title

SCC&DRP       -           Reducing Anti-Social Behaviour and “Environcrime”

Stop Stansted    -           SSE Delivers Evidence at Public Enquiry

Sizzler Grp        -           Invitation to Ickleton Sizzler

Camb Acre       -           Annual General Meeting 4 Sept 2007

Cope                -           Newsletter

Iog Saltex         -           Exhibition 4 – 6 Sept, Windsor Racecourse

L Bateman        -           Fireworks on Recreation Ground

CALC              -           Booking forms for Courses + Meeting 23 August 2007

CALC              -           Planning White Paper

SLCC               -           Regional Conference 27 September 2007

3 Valleys          -           Three Valleys Water – consultation

Royal Mail        -           Post Box located in Butcher’s Hill

Park Leisure     -           Playgrounds and Play Equipment

Correspondence sent:

Richmond         -           Coaches using Butcher’s Hill (response received)

Kenzies            -           Coaches using Butcher’s Hill (response received)

Whippet            -           Coaches using Butcher’s Hill

Stella Parker     -           Overgrowing brambles onto footpath in Abbey Street

CALC              -           Nomination for Buckingham Palace Garden Party 2008

SCDC              -           Reply – Public Consultation on Site Specific Policies DPD Objection Sites

PlayQuest         -           Quotation for repairs to Aerial Runway

Madingley         -           Quotation for bark

SCDC              -           Register of Members’ Interest Forms


106/07 Planning applications received from SCDC:

S/1458/07/LB – Replacement of Flat Roof to Three Front Dormer Windows with Clay Tiled Pitched Gabled Roofs – 26 Abbey Street – Mr & Mrs R Olds - Approve

S/1459/07/F – Installation of Pitched Roofs to Dormer Windows – 26 Abbey Street – Mr & Mrs R Olds – Approve.                                                                                                                      Action: Clerk

For Information only:

S/1212/07/F – Amendment – Railings removed from front elevation and design of garage door changed – 18 Abbey Street – Dalesville Holdings Ltd.

S/1111/07/LB – Amendment – Existing double window to remain and not be replaced by a triple window/opening at the gable end through the kitchen to create a worktop to be removed and existing gable end to remain as-is - 16 Abbey Street – Mr & Mrs Heaney

Planning applications granted/refused by SCDC:

S/1112/07/F – Extension – 16 Abbey Street – Mr and Mrs S R Heaney – Granted

S/1108/07/F – Extension – 64 Abbey Street – Mr D Vickers - Refused


Enertrag – Proposed Wind Farm at Linton, Cambridgeshire.  A public exhibition is being held at Linton Village Hall on 25 September 2007 between 3-8pm.  Individuals could make their own views known, but it was agreed that the Parish Council were unable to comment on a consultation document.


Ickleton Riverside Barns - update by Cllr John Williams – See Appendix 1


Meeting with Conservation Officer to be arranged.                                                          Action:  JW


107/07 Reports from Councillors:

Jane  Hurst – a resident had also spoken to her regarding the trees in Butcher’s Hill.

Terry Sadler – He had sent an e-mail to the Highways Agency regarding the M11 Resurfacing programme to reduce the noise nuisance for Ickleton.  A copy of his e-mail will be circulated to the Councillors.  Mr Sadler also asked if we knew when the lay-bys were being constructed along Grange Road.  Designs had been passed by the Highways and a quotation had been obtained; hopefully the work will be done before the end of they year.

Sheila Birch – reported that there were more potholes on the road (in the dip) going towards Chrishall Grange.                                                                                                                               Action:  Clerk

Jocelyn Flitton – reported that the Village Hall had been broken into again, causing more damage this time.  The Parish Council agreed to write to the Village Hall Committee requested that they review their security procedure in light of this recent break-in.                                                                        Action:  Clerk


108/07 Reports from District and County Councillors:


District Councillor          -           See Appendix I

County Councillor          -           See Appendix II


109/07 Finance (Bank Balances) including payments to:


Wrights Mower  -  £24.48            Play Quest  -  £5.88             Harts  -  £72.38


Payments received:  H M Revenue & Customs (VAT Repayment)  - £1586.26

Bank Balances:

Community Account  -  £2206.34           Business Base Rate Tracker Account    -           £12,850.17

110/07 Recreation Field and Play Area:


New Trees – Following Sheila Birch and Terry Sadler’s meeting with Wellcome Trust, Wellcome have very generously offered to pay half the cost of an English Oak and Native Horse Chestnut - mature trees which they can source for a total cost of £1985.00.  After a suggestion of a Copper Beech had been made, it was agreed to speak to Wellcome to see if their offer would cover this tree instead of an English Oak.                                                                                                                                         Action:  Clerk


RoSPA Report

Mark Stone-Wigg will check with C Frankau on the state of play regarding the items he was requested to attend to.                                                                                                                      Action: M S-W


A resident had commented that although the football pitch looked in good shape (no weeds), there were too many plantains growing all over the rest of the field.  The Clerk would pass this information onto the Contractor.                                                                                                                   Action:  Clerk


111/07 Cemetery

Headstones and Memorials – Maintenance Programme – An inspection was carried out on 19 July.

Churchyard headstones – this should also be included in the Maintenance Programme.  The Chairman asked Jane Hurst if she would do this.                                                                                  Action:  JH

Tim Stone pointed out that any remedial work that the Parish Council wished to undertake on headstones would need a faculty from the Diocese of Ely before any repair could be taken out.


112/07  Code of Conduct - Return Member of Interest forms to SCDC.  These had now been returned  to SCDC.


113/07  Village Leaflet – One amendment was requested to the leaflet.  The Clerk will arrange the printing and distribution (to go out with the Icene) to every house in the village.                                    Action:  Clerk


114/07 Adjournment for questions by members of the public:  None


115/07 Date and time of next meeting:  19 September 2007 at 7.30 pm          


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.30 pm







Appendix I                  District Councillor’s Report                                      11 August 2007


1.         Ickleton Riverside Barns planning application.


This was considered at 1 August Planning Committee meeting and refused.


There was a site visit on Monday 30 July (8 members).


The officer’s document for the meeting is attached (as requested by Jos).


This committee meeting was the first outing for the new procedure, which allows public speaking by applicants and objectors.

The applicants, Mr and Mrs London, read their submission argument.


There were no objector presentations.


I gave my submission as local member - see attachment.


The debate was limited, with one committee member speaking in support, one doubtful, and other limited remarks.


The vote was taken:  5 in favour (included myself) and 7 against.


The enforcement procedure is now to be expected, but physically will probably be delayed in the event of appeal.



2.         18 Abbey Street planning application


This was on the agenda for Chairman’s delegation on Wed 8 August.


I had put in my own argument on this as per attachment, to strengthen the case about the need for parking space.


It was decided to refer the application to Committee – it will go on the September agenda.


3.         Sandbags for flood protection


I have been looking into this. SCDC do not (now, at least) either supply or sell these. They advise purchase at Homebase, Ridgeons etc.  Ridgeons do sell them.


I have discussed with Lewis and Jos, and (we) feel it would be a good idea for the Parish Council to review the subject.



John Williams










Appendix II    County Councillor’s Report                                             August 2007


Hexcel Composites

The County's position on the planning application is that it has received an unsatisfactory Transport Assessment, which lacked the necessary information with which to undertake a meaningful review. County officers have since discussed this with Hexcel and have now received additional information, which is being analysed, before sending comments to South Cambs.


Housing Green Paper 23rd July

The Green Paper sets out plans for an £8billion programme for affordable housing in 2008-11, a £3billion increase compared with the previous three years.  This is perhaps the first official clue we have had that the financial quantum we may expect to get in response to the East of England Assembly's Housing Investment Plan for 2008-11 could be a welcome and significant increase.


The Green Paper is now out for consultation with responses due to be received by 15th October 2007


If you would like to comment, the whole thing is on-line at:




Signs on Junction 10

Directional signs at the top of the M11 north and southbound on slips were stolen several weeks ago from junctions 10,11,12 and 13.


They are the responsibility of the Highways Agency who has also lost signs along the A14.  This is all part of a concerted effort by villains to steal metal.


They are all made of aluminium and the HA is looking to replace them with signs made from glass fibre.  As yet there is no date for installation but they are about the same price as the aluminium ones and, surely, much less attractive to thieves.


We had two "Park and Ride" signs taken from beneath two of the directional signs. Replacements are on order but cannot be fitted until the HA have installed their new ones.


Fencing on Junction 10

Like many locals, I have been very doubtful about the financial wisdom of replacing the fencing on the A505 at Junction 10.  I therefore asked for a "before and after" report on accidents. 


The accident investigation report, which was the catalyst for this scheme, looked at the accidents on the approach arms for the roundabout (including the M11 slips) for the 5-year period 1996 to 2000.  In that time there were 13 injury collisions on the A505 approaches.


The scheme was substantially complete in June 2003 and in the 4 years to June 2007 there have been 8 further injury collisions. As no records are kept of damage only collisions, it is not possible to indicate what the trend has been for these.


All kinds of arguments can be made about whether the increased volume of traffic would tend to increase or decrease the number of injuries.   But the raw statistics would indicate that there has been a decrease of 3 injury accidents over 5 years (23%).  So in principle it's worth spending the £2,000 to replace the fencing.  The trouble is that last week's replacement lasted less than 24 hours before being destroyed.  So now it's time for Plan B to be thought about.




Bid to Government for transport improvements

You may have seen in the press that the County is proposing a congestion charge for Cambridge.  The facts are that the Council is planning to submit a bid to central Government later this year for a package of transport improvements worth around £500 million to tackle congestion in the Cambridge area.


Plans for communicating and engaging with partners, businesses and the public are being drawn up now. People will have the opportunity to find out about the transport proposals and discuss issues with Councillors and Council staff at workshops, presentations and exhibitions taking place at the end of the year and into next year.


On a side note, the County will be responsible for collecting the congestion charge money and I made sure that it has left itself liberty to plough the cash back into projects of its choice.  I am particularly concerned about the lack of money for the inevitable upgrading of the A505 between Junction 10 and the Sawston roundabout.  There is also the possibility of using some of the money for noise attenuation measures on the M11.  I have spoken to the Highways Agency about that and they would in principle be in agreement for third party money to be spent on noise attenuation because they have none to spend themselves.


There will of course be much argument over what the as yet unknown amount of money will be spent on but I believe we need to make a loud noise for our area of the world so Northstowe and the city don't get a disproportionate amount.


Have Your Say on Bus Services

By now parish clerks should have been sent a message about bus service consultations.

The address is:




Please let as many people know this address as you can. It could be by word of mouth, or through Iceni.


Network Management Patch Meetings

Although the County spends vastly more money on social services than on highways, it always seems to be roads, which interest local residents the most.


The County is therefore proposing to hold local information and feedback events, initially for County, District and Parish Councillors, though with the later option of participation from the general public rather like police Neighbourhood Panels.


I have welcomed the idea and have proposed Tuesday 2nd October as a first meeting, to take place at the Highways depot on Station Road, Whittlesford.  This is not yet set in concrete but first indications from parishes shows a good level of interest, so it is likely to go ahead.


I should be most grateful for your views.             Tim