Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 16 January 2008 at 7.30 pm in the Meeting Room, Ickleton Village Hall


Present:  Robin Driver (Chairman), Lewis Duke, Peter Wombwell, Tim Pavelin, Sheila Birch, Terry Sadler, Jane Hurst, Liz Goddard, Mark Stone-Wigg and Jocelyn Flitton (Parish Clerk).  Timothy Stone (County Councillor) and John Williams (District Councillor).


016/08            Apologies for absence:  None


017/08 To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 16 January 2008:  The minutes of the meeting were approved and signed by the Chairman.


018/08            Adjournment for questions from members of the public:  None


019/08            Matters Arising:

277/05  Village parking:  This item was still outstanding.                                           Action:  TS

028/06  Village seats:  This item was still outstanding with C Frankau                 Action:  Clerk

053/06  Land Registry inc.Coploe pit:  Both Statutory Declarations had been sworn in front of an independent solicitor and returned to Adams Harrison.  A letter has been received from Adams Harrison informing us that the Land Registry have agreed to register the Parish Council’s title to Coploe Pit with freehold title absolute.                                           Action:  Clerk

154/06  Allotments + CALC Course 08/03/08:  Lewis Duke reported that he had withdrawn the offer of the field behind the cemetery.  He was however willing to offer the small triangular field in Coploe Road (just before the M11 bridge); this will be put to the meeting which is being held on 21 February.  It was pointed out that there are vacant allotments in Duxford should anyone wish to apply.  The Parish Clerk will apply to attend a workshop on Allotments (being run by CALC) on Saturday 8 March 2008.             Action:  RD/LD/Clerk

Mark Stone-Wigg joined the meeting.

028/07  Tennis Courts:  Nothing further to report.                                      Action:  RD

073/07  Gypsy Corner – hedgerow: this is due to be planted shortly.                      Action:  LD/TS

089/07  Churchyard: work still in progress by R Coulson                                            Action:  Clerk

137/07  Overgrowing trees:  Stella Parker had been in touch with the Parish Clerk and had arranged for someone to look at the trees.                                                   Action:  Clerk

007/08  Gypsy Corner – tipping: this had been reported to SCDC. 

Potholes: these had been reported to CCC Highways

011/08  CCC - Foot Crossing across Cambridge/London railway line:  Copy of correspondence that A Lansley MP had sent to R Driver had been received.  This issue is now with the local landowners who have objected to Network Rail.  Pedestrians should continue to use Water Lane footpath.

014/08 Mill Lane Railway Crossing:   Network Rail has placed notices on both gates of the crossing warning pedestrians of the uneven sleepers.


020/08 Youth Representation:  None


021/08            Correspondence received:

CCC                             -            Speed Limit policy and reviews

CCC (Mike Cooper)            -            Response to various queries

CCC                             -            Countryside Access Issues

CCC                             -            Minutes Duxford Airfield Management Liaison Comm.

CCC                             -            Cambridge CVS – networking events Jan-Mar

CCC                             -            Ukrainian visitors to Ask CEdRIC leaflet

SCDC                          -            Council Housing in Cambridgeshire leaflets (2)

Monica Lilley                -            Ickleton Church Fete 5/7/08 – donation request (March)

A Lansley MP              -            Public Footpath bordering Hinxton,Ickleton & Duxford

Audit Commission            -            Appointment of external auditor

Elaine Culling                -            Top Soil (field off Grassy Lane – Gt Chesterford)

Jayne Proctor                -            Wellcome Trust – Wetlands Maintenance Day Feb. 23

Network Rail                -            Mill Lane Level Crossing (Steve Day)

CDRP                          -            Tackling Hate Crime in your Community!

Communities                 -            Consultation of orders & regulations Local Authorities

MHB Services              -            Street lighting and maintenance work offered

National Grid                 -            Pipeline marker posts

Ickleton Utd Charities            -            Acknowledgement of donation

CALC                          -            The Bulletin and various leaflets

Cope                            -            Magazine

Wicksteed playscapes            -            leaflet

Cof England                  -            Table of Parochial Fees from 1/1/0

SSE                              -            Various literature

MLS                             -            Street furniture

Essex CC                     -            Intr. Of 1 APP & Local Validation Checklists

Bago                            -            Hand tools for litter booklet

Enjoy England               -            St George’s Day

Correspondence sent:

SCDC                          -            Roz Richardson – Thank You letter for 2 new trees

CCC (Mike Cooper)            -            Various items from January Meeting

Elaine Culling                -            Top Soil (field off Grassy Lane in Gt. Chesterford)

Network Rail                -            Mill Lane Railway Crossing

Adams Harrison            -            Land Registry documents


022/08            Planning application(s) received from SCDC:

S/0145/08/F – Extensions (Renewal of time limited permission Ref. S/2314/02/F) – 39 Church Street – S Vallance-Goode – Approve                                                    Action:  Clerk


S/0081/08/F – Replacement gate, new vehicular access & trellis to garden (revised design) – 53 Abbey Street – Keith Mitchell Building Consultancy Ltd.

S/0206/08/LB – Internal & external alterations and conversion of offices to three bedroomed dwelling (revised design S/1211/07/LB), inc. revised internal layout, install stainless steel flue, folding glazed screen on rear elevation, replace corrugated sheeting on first floor north east elevation with hardiplank – 18 Abbey Street – Visible Edge.


Following correspondence passed on from SCDC, the Clerk was asked to point out that this had caused confusion during discussion, due to the incorrect address being referred to in Abbey Street.   The Parish Council would therefore like to request an extension to both applications from SCDC.                                                                         Action:  Clerk


S/1333/06/F – Dwelling (additional roof light to rear elevation) – land adj. 20 Brookhampton Street – P Hoskins.  For information only.

S/1852/07/LB – Alterations and refurbishment of cottage (Amendments) – 53 Abbey Street – Keith Mitchell Building Consultancy Ltd.  For information only.

Planning application(s) granted by SCDC:

S/2211/07/F – Replacement garage – 7 Church Street – Mr & Mrs S Cheney

Planning application(s) refused by SCDC:

S/1077/06/F – Erection of 7 Retail Units & Café (retrospective) & Erection of 4 additional Retail Units –  Ickleton Riverside Barns, 111 Frogge Street (for Mr & Mrs S London)

Tree Preservation Order or situated within a Conservation Area:

C/11/40/054 – Fell to ground Ginkgo Biloba tree – Caldrees Manor, Abbey Street - Mr & Mrs J Gildersleeve –  Approve

C/11/40/54 – Plane tree - reduce back to previous reduction and thin by 15% - 8 Abbey Street  - Mr Rolfe - Approve


023/08            Reports from Councillors:

Terry Sadler:  Enquired how the watering bags worked that were supplied with the new trees.  The Clerk had received instructions and had given these to Ron Coulson.

The Highways Agency had given an update on the delays regarding the M11 re-surfacing.

Information relating to the press reports on new ECO towns (e.g. Hanley Grange) would be given to the Clerk to put in the circulation file.

Sheila Birch:  The P3 Footpaths form had been completed by Cllr Birch and the Clerk.  The cost of hardcore was needed to add to the form.  It was estimated that it would cost £150.00 plus £50 labour.

A request for an update on the Top Soil being removed in a field off Grassy Lane, which is in Great Chesterford.  The Clerk had been in correspondence with the Parish Clerk at Gt Chesterford and also Cambridgeshire County Council.  A further update will be given next month.                                                                                                          Action:  Clerk

The possibility of a Parish Plan was raised.  The Chairman agreed that this could be added to a future Agenda giving Councillors time to consider the idea.                             Action:  All

A request had been received from The Ickleton Society asking if they could add the Village Leaflet to their website.  It was agreed by all that this could be done.  It was suggested that we should include details of free access to the Imperial War Museum in our next update.

                                                                                                               Action: SB/Clerk

A Street light in Abbey Street had gone out.  The Clerk will report this.                Action:  Clerk

Jane Hurst:  Potholes near the bridge at Gt Chesterford were dangerous.  The Clerk would contact the Clerk at Great Chesterford to ask if these could be filled in.                 Action:  Clerk

Jocelyn Flitton:  The No Smoking sign had disappeared again from the Bus Shelter in Frogge Street.                                                                                                           Action:  Clerk


024/08            Reports from District and County Councillors:


District Councillor            -             Appendix I

County Councillor            -            Appendix II


025/08            Finance (Bank Balances) including payments to:


Harts - £49.06               Cambs County Council - £574.38            Adams Harrison - £593.44

S Birch  -  £11.00            R Driver  -  £10.00          CPRE  - £28.00       CALC  - £45.00

Finance received:              Football Club - £10.00   

HM Revenue & Customs (VAT refund) - £1025.94

Bank Balances:

Community Account                                    -            £604.67

Business Base Rate Tracker Account            -            £7589.79                     

Bank Mandate (RD) - outstanding


026/08            Recreation Field and Play Area:
New Trees – ‘Drainpipe’Fence quotation – C Frankau still to submit         Action:  Clerk            
Eastern Landscape (SCDC) – 2 new trees-  Two Silver Birches had been planted and a letter of thanks had been sent to Rosalind Richardson at SCDC.
RoSPA Report – Aerial runway -  Mark Stone-Wigg reported that a bearing had now gone on the slip wire.                                                                                     Action:  PW/MS-W 
Skate park quotation:  this was still being withheld                                    Action:  RD/Clerk 
Clothing/footwear Recycling bank:  The Parish Council has agreed to a request from Planet Aid UK Ltd to place a clothing/footwear recycling bank in the Recreation Ground.
       Action:  Clerk

Grass Cutting quotes 2008 season:


C Frankau reported to the Clerk that he had rolled the football pitch twice since Christmas.


After much discussion, they were awarded as follows:


Recreation Field and Play Area               -            C Frankau

Proposed by S Birch, seconded by L Duke and agreed with a majority vote, one vote against.

A proposal for Buchans was received but had no seconder.

Cemetery                                              -            C Frankau

Proposed by T Pavelin, seconded by L Duke and agreed by a majority vote.

Village Green & Churchyard               -            R Coulson

Proposed by T Pavelin, seconded by P Wombwell and agreed with a majority vote.


Proposed by T Pavelin, seconded by P Wombwell and agreed with a majority vote.

Litter & Dog Bins                              -            R Coulson

Proposed by T Pavelin, seconded by P Wombwell and agreed with a majority vote.

Football Pitch                                        -            C Frankau

The re-seeding, fertilising of the pitch would be done on request.

Countax Tractor (Service)                       -            Wrights

It was agreed to have the Tractor serviced again at Wrights, which R Coulson will organise.

                                                                                                                    Action:  Clerk

027/08 Street Light – Butcher’s Hill:  SCDC have confirmed that they will fund the replacement if required.   The Parish Council has asked them to go ahead with the replacement.


028/08  Emergency (Flooding) Plan:  The Chairman would like to see a plan compiled listing out where various items can be found.                                       Action:  RD/LD/PW


The County Councillor left the meeting                                                                                          

029/08             Cemetery – Burial Fees:  As Tim Pavelin wished to present proposed changes, it was agreed to put this item again on next month’s Agenda.  Cllr Pavelin will circulate his proposals beforehand for everyone to consider before discussion at the next meeting.                                                                                                              Action: TP/JH/Clerk

030/08            Adjournment for questions by members of the public:  None   


031/08 Date of next meeting:  Wednesday 19 March 2008 at 7.30 pm.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.20 pm






Appendix I                  Ickleton Parish Council                                    February 2008


Report from John Williams, District Councillor


Planning application – 53 Abbey Street


See E-mail from SCDC Planning Department forwarded to Parish Councillors yesterday.



Planning appeal - land behind Grange Road

At the hearing last week the recommendation for refusal was supported with the paperwork of officers, Ickleton Parish Council and me, for the same reasons as before. The applicant was present but did not speak - his agent did so - but the arguments were unchanged – i.e. that the building represented a non-intrusive development etc. etc. and should be allowed.  As I have advised Terry the Inspector did not make his decision and it will not be for another month at least. The Appeals Officer visited the site with the Inspector after the hearing, and said that he thought the Inspector would probably refuse judging by body language. We shall see.




The offer by Hexcel under Section 106 is currently as follows, under the category of infrastructure and road safety improvements. These all based on estimates already provided by the County Council.


Along Hunts Road:

            Flashing speed limit signs: £20K

            Zebra crossing: £20K

Consultancy study of the Hunts Rd/Ickleton Road/St Peters Street junction - £15K

Cycle path - “priming contribution” - Duxford/Ickleton - £35K (= 10% of the budget estimated by County). There has been some discussion about considering instead the Hunts Road from the constriction up to the roundabout.

The above are under Section 106.

Plus: Outside Section 106 - for £25K: Hard standing parking along the side of Hunts Road along the edge of the playing field and accessible to the road to take the extra cars especially when there is increased demand from events at the school or on the field.



Appendix II        County Councillor’s Report                      February 2008 




The County’s budget was approved yesterday by Full Council. Both the administration’s budget and the Liberal Democrat alternative budgets are passed before Scrutiny to see whether they make financial sense and whether the spending priorities reflect the stated political ones. As usual the Conservative budget was passed with all the Liberal Democrat amendments being defeated.  The intended Council Tax increase will therefore be 5%.  The Council will be substantially increasing its contingency reserves “just in case” and many services will be cut, including road surfacing and bus subsidies.


Joint Audit and Inspection Letter

The County’s External Auditor and the Audit Commission have passed judgement on the County’s 2007 results.  The External Auditor’s Overall Use of Resources score, which measures financial competence and value for money has now improved to level four – the highest score.  The Audit Commission’s report underlines some of the important tasks for the future, amongst which are developing a shared vision for the future of Cambridgeshire and all its communities as well as working better in partnership.  The Audit Commission’s judgement of the County gives it a score of two, which is “at only minimum requirements – adequate performance.”  Not good and the County is seriously falling behind other shire counties in several respects.


Congestion Charge

Cambridgeshire’s Transport Innovation Fund bid has now attracted a further £1m in government funding to take the proposals to the next stage.  This is well short of the amount the County says is needed so it will be interesting to see what happens next.


National Award for Climate Change

The County and its partner Donarbon have just won an award from the Royal Town Planning Institute on joint work for the Mechanical and Biological Waste plant and other work at Waterbeach.  The plant will drastically cut the amount of waste going to landfill and the accompanying release of methane.


The Private Finance Initiative contract itself has still to be signed and will be for a 25-year period.


Rail Crossing

I noted at Duxford Parish Council’s meeting that Andrew Lansley has given you the same answer as I had about the rail crossing.  Please let me know if there is anything further you would wish me to do.


Fly Tipping

You may have seen a Thriplow resident on television complaining that when he took rubbish tipped onto his land to the Thriplow tip he was refused permission to dump it there.  I have taken the matter up and the County has now asked operators of Recycling Centres, as they are now called, to use discretion when accepting this kind of waste.  The County doesn’t want that to get too much publicity and I am trying to get a more formal scheme set up.  It is not helped by the fact that the District Council is responsible for the collection of waste and the County for its disposal.