Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 19 March 2008 at 7.30 pm in the Meeting Room, Ickleton Village Hall


Present: Robin Driver (Chairman), Sheila Birch, Tim Pavelin, Lewis Duke, Peter Wombwell, Terry Sadler, Liz Goddard, Jane Hurst, Mark Stone-Wigg, Jocelyn Flitton (Parish Clerk), Timothy Stone (County Councillor), John Williams (District Councillor) and four members of the public.


032/08            Apologies for absence:  None


033/08 To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 20 February 2008:  The following amendments were made – the date on the first line should read 20 February 2008.  Under Grass Cutting quotes 2008 season ‘Proposed by T Pavelin, seconded by P Wombwell and agreed with a majority vote’ had been entered twice.  The minutes were then approved and signed by the Chairman.


034/08            Adjournment for questions from members of the public: None


035/08            Matters Arising:

277/05  Village parking:  This item was still outstanding.                                           Action:  TS

028/06   Village seats:  This item was still outstanding with C Frankau.                 Action: Clerk

053/06  Land Registry (various land):  Nothing further had been heard from Mr Marris at Adams Harrison.  The Clerk was requested to contact Mr Marris again for an update.

                                                                                                                    Action:  Clerk

154/06   Allotments:  Lewis Duke declared an interest before discussion took place.  The Allotment group has circulated a questionnaire to the 26 interested people regarding the site offered near Coploe Hill.  Six people were still interested, but 17 had said No.  The Parish Council has now discharged its duty in attempting to provide allotments.  However, the Parish Council would be happy to assist if any other site became available.  Cllr Timothy Stone reported that Hinxton Parish Council is introducing allotments back into their village.  The Clerk was asked to contact Hinxton Parish Clerk and ask for more information in case plots might be available to Ickleton residents.  The Clerk had recently attended a workshop on Allotments and had circulated a document with information gleaned.  She had also made contact with Duxford Parish Council at the workshop, and they had sent some information relating to their allotments.  The Clerk had suggested that we might invite Karen Kenny (who was the presenter from Allotments Regeneration Initiative) to speak to the Parish Council.  It was agreed the Clerk should invite Karen Kenny to a meeting when she was available.                                                                                                                                        Action:  Clerk

John Williams joined the meeting.  Two members of the public left the meeting.

028/07  Tennis Courts:  Nothing further to report.                                      Action:  RD

073/07  Gypsy Corner – hedgerow:  this is due to be planted shortly.        Action:  LD/TS

089/07  Churchyard:  this work had now been completed.

137/07  Overgrowing trees:  Stella Parker and David Human had informed the Clerk that this was in hand.                                                                                                 Action: Clerk

023/08  Top Soil – field Grassy Lane:  Nothing further to report.                      Action:  Clerk 

Parish Plan:  item to be kept on Agenda as a reminder.                                          Action:  Clerk

Potholes(Gt Chesterford bridge):  these had now been filled in.

No Smoking signs: nothing further to report.                                              Action:  Clerk


036/08 Youth Representation: None



037/08            Correspondence received:


SCDC                          -            Parish Tree Warden Scheme (Copy: P Wombwell)

SCDC                          -            Getting involved – tenants & leaseholders of SCDC

SCDC                          -            Local Devl. Framework

CCC                             -            Cambridgeshire’s Registered Trader Scheme

CCC (Highways)            -            Frequently asked questions

CCC                             -            Tackling Congestion in Cambridgeshire – Workshop

CCC                             -            Bus Service Changes (Copy:  D Lilley)

CCC (T Stone)              -            Hanley Grange Eco Town

NATS                          -            Terminal Control North/Proposed Changes to Airspace

Wellcome Trust             -            Request for Dog bins on Wetlands

RoSPA                         -            Annual inspection notice

Cambs. Acre                -            Data Protection Act 1998 – updating records

Stop Stansted Exp.     -            Request to speak at Parish Council Meeting

Stop Stansted Exp.     -            Public Meeting – 2 April 2008

BAA                            -            West Anglia Main Line Rail Enhancements

Duxford PC                  -            Copy Allotment Tenancy Agreement and DAHS notes

A Lansley CBE MP       -            Re. Hexcel – copy of letter to Office of  Info. Comm.

A Lansley CBE MP       -            Re. Hexcel – copy of letter to Hinxton PC

Cambs. Police               -            E-mail re. Cannabis seized in Ickleton

Crocus FC                    -            Response to complaint received

J & A Macdonald            -            Copy e-mail to Env. Health re. Xmas collections

Ickleton FC                   -            Letter and cheque for first part of season

CALC                          -            Affiliation Fee and report

LGS Services                -            Internal Auditor and other services to Parish Councils

EAS                             -            Offering Services to PC

CPRE                           -            Fieldwork magazine

Std Brd for Eng             -            Leaflet

Cambs Acre                 -            Community Action magazine

Cambs. Acre                -            Local Network Fund Brochure

Cambs. Acre                -             NALC leaflet

Clerks & Councils            -            Magazine

LCR                             -            Magazine

Essex CCC                   -            Introduction of 1 APP & Local Validation checklists

COPE                          -            Magazines

Ickleton Society             -            Copy of letter to A Lansley CBE MP re. Hanley Grange

Duxford Airfield -            Minutes of Liaison Committee 8/02/08

Glasdon                        -            Catalogue

Correspondence sent:

R Coulson                     -            Grass cutting 2008 season

C Frankau                     -            Grass cutting 2008 season

Herald Contract                        -            Grass cutting 2008 season

MD Landscapes                   -            Grass cutting 2008 season

Buchans                       -            Grass cutting 2008 season

Wrights Mower             -            Countax C600H tractor – service

Duxford Hire                -            Countax C600H tractor – service


038/08            Planning application(s) received from SCDC:

S/0081/08/F – Replacement gate, new vehicular access & trellis to garden (revised design) – 53 Abbey Street – Keith Mitchell Building Consultancy Ltd. –  (Letter sent 25/02/08)  Ickleton Parish Council wish to Refuse this planning application for the following reason:

We do not understand the reference in the application to the LPA having confirmed there is no need for parking in relation to the dwelling.  This may have been true in the past when this was a 2-up 2-down agricultural worker’s dwelling, but the development will result in a much larger residence with modern services etc.  In effect it is a new development.  The Parish Council’s views as to the level of parking provision needed would seem to be in line with policies adopted in July 2007 in the Development Control Policies DPD – Appendix 1 (up to 2 spaces for a dwelling of 3 or more bedrooms in poorly accessible areas, which Ickleton is – and the line problems specific to Abbey Street are more than sufficient additional grounds for seeking the provision of two spaces in the present case).


S/0206/08/LB - Internal & external alterations and conversion of offices to three bed roomed dwelling (revised design S/1211/07/LB) – 18 Abbey Street – Visible Edge -  (Letter sent 25/02/08).  Ickleton Parish Council wish to Approve this planning application subject to the following comments:

Aspects that concern the Parish Council are:


S/0268/08/F – Change of use from Office to Residential (Amended Design) – 18 Abbey Street – Visible Edge – Approve                                                                               Action:  Clerk


S/0330/08/F – Erection of 7 retail units & café (retrospective application) – Ickleton Riverside Barns, 111 Frogge Street – Mr S & Mrs T London. The Chairman gave a resume of the application pointing out to Mr & Mrs London that there were a few inconsistencies, which should not affect the decision made by the Parish Council.  He then invited Mr London to make any points that he felt was relevant to the application.  The Parish Council felt they needed to be consistent and support the SCDC policies, which were listed in the Refusal document dated 21/01/08.  After discussion, a unanimous vote to Refuse the application was made. 

The Chairman will be writing to SCDC pointing out various inconsistencies within this application.                                                                                             Action: RD/Clerk

The Chairman asked John Williams to follow up on some of the points made.     Action:  JW


Two members of the public left the meeting.


S/0357/08/F – Extension – 21 Mill Lane – Mr & Mrs Hutchinson.  Jane Hurst declared an interest.  Approve.

The Parish Council expressed some concerns regarding the flood plain and planning applications that were received and requested that the Clerk contact the Environment Agency and ask if someone could come and speak at a Parish Council Meeting.                  Action:  Clerk




Planning application(s) granted by SCDC:

S/0081/08/F – Replacement gate, new vehicular access & trellis to garden (Revised design) – 53 Abbey Street – Keith Mitchell Building Consultancy Ltd.

S/0145/08/F – Extensions (Renewal of Time Limited Permission Ref. S/2314/02/F) – 39 Church Street – S Vallance-Goode

S/0206/08/LB – Internal & External Alterations & Conversion of Offices to Three Bedroomed Dwelling – 18 Abbey Street – Mr D Riches, Visible Edge.


039/08            Reports from Councillors:

Robin Driver reported that he had seen a tree hitting the cemetery wall when it was very windy.  The Clerk will check to see if we need permission to cut it down.               Action:  Clerk

Liz Goddard reported a pothole in Mill Lane at the top of Church Street junction.  A tree had recently been blown down across Back Lane.  Liz Goddard reminded Mr Duke that he mentioned last year that it is now 10 years since Dilip and Sunita Odedra took over the village shop.  It was agreed to put this on next month’s Agenda.                                              Action:  Clerk

Jane Hurst reported that the side of the recently repaired pothole outside No. 36 Abbey Street was wearing away.                                                                                   Action:  Clerk

Mrs Hurst was also concerned that the movements at Duxford Airfield had increased by 30%.  It was suggested that Mrs Hurst sends an e-mail to the Clerk, raising her concerns, so she can forward it on to Mr G Igglesden who represents the Parish Council at the Liaison Committee Meetings .                                                                                                         Action:  JH

Lewis Duke raised concerns about our planning procedure.  It was agreed to put this on next month’s Agenda so it can be discussed further.                                             Action:  Clerk

Sheila Birch reported a pothole in Frogge Street just outside the 30 mph speed limit.  The daffodils planted in the autumn by Jane Hurst were now out.  Dog Fouling was taking place in Abbey Street and requested a note was put in Icene.                                   Action:  Clerk

Jocelyn Flitton reported that Mr & Mrs Sullivan who live in Abbey Street had contacted CCC (Highways) with regard to having wooden posts put up on the verge outside their house.

Robin Driver reported that following information given to the Police, and an amount of Cannabis was seized near the Barn off Frogge Street.  The Clerk was asked to write to PC Perry thanking him for his quick response.                                                       Action:  Clerk


040/08            Reports from District and County Councillors:


District Councillor            -            Appendix I

County Councillor             -            Appendix II


041/08            Finance (Bank Balances) including payments to:


Harts - £56.02               Wrights Mower     -            £208.11                        CPALC  -  £199.46

R Coulson - £80.00            SCDC - £39.53      

Received:  Ickleton Football Club - £42      


The Clerk reminded the Parish Council that the financial year ended on 31/03/08 and asked for approval of her 3 month’s salary + PAYE paid up to and including 31/03/08 which would signed by the Chairman.  The Parish Council agreed to this.                      Action:  Clerk


Donation – Ickleton Church Fete:  Sheila Birch and Lewis Duke declared an interest,  before a decision was made.  The Parish Council is currently mindful of its expenses but fortunately an alternative source for this request was found and consequently this request will be met.                               


Bank Balances:

Community Account:                                  -            £363.55 (approx.) following £1000 transfer

Business Base Rate Tracker Account            -            £6589.79 (less £1000 transfer)


Bank Mandate (RD)  - outstanding


Cllr J Williams and Cllr T Stone left the meeting.


042/08            Recreation Field and Play Area:


New Trees – ‘Drainpipe’Fence quotation: this quotation was still outstanding. Action:  Clerk            
RoSPA Report – Aerial runway:  this was currently out of action.  Mr Driver and Mr Wombwell will look at the problem.                                                              Action:  RD/PW
Skate park quotation:  this was still on hold due to the outstanding work currently with Mr Frankau.  It was agreed the Clerk would write to Mr Frankau.                              Action:  Clerk

043/08  Emergency Flooding Plan:  Mr Driver, Mr Duke & Mr Wombwell will gather a list of items that are available and where they are kept and will report back to the next meeting.

                                                                                                            Action: RD/LD/PW

044/08             Cemetery – Burial Fees:

Tim Pavelin had submitted a revised proposal of increased charges and the Chairman proposed that the current charges were increased by £5 (inflation cost).  The two proposals were put to the vote.  Three were in favour of Mr Pavelin’s proposal and five were in favour of the Chairman’s proposal.  The Chairman’s proposal was therefore carried.   Action:  Clerk


045/08            Adjournment for questions by members of the public:  None


046/08 Date of next Parish Council meeting: Wednesday 16 April 2008 at 7.30pm


Parish Council/AGM - 14 May


Annual Parish Meeting - 21 May 2008 – It was agreed to invite a member of the Stop Stansted Expansion to speak at this meeting.                                                        Action:  Clerk


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.20 pm.






Appendix I

For Ickleton Parish Council                                                                        for March 2008


Report from John Williams, District Councillor


Planning application – 53 Abbey Street

This application has now gone through - via Chairman’s delegation.


Technically, as we have unfortunately learnt, there is no requirement for this application to have any off-road parking places. But since the application indicates one place, it was strategically better that it be approved as such. If the application were referred to Committee because of the desire to have 2 places, then Committee might indeed have refused for the commonsense reasons that we have trying to put forward. This would then lead to an appeal, which would be lost, and we would be back to square one, possibly without any places at all.

Therefore I felt that supporting the application was the best course.


Meanwhile I am writing to the applicant to ask him to consider the design so that 2 parking places are possible, if he were so minded.


Housing – Choice Based Lettings

SCDC has just launched this under the title “Home – Link”.

In this scheme, every month or two, Council and Housing Association rented properties becoming vacant will be advertised.

Any existing tenants - Council or Housing Association - are registered automatically, and new applicants may join. They may “bid” for any property. The assessment of applicants will be according to the usual points system currently used.

The scheme does not make much difference to the availability of housing per se, but the opportunity for choice is now more open and readily available to take a look at.. I will be tracking this and happy to advise people on how best to be in the loop.


The Huntsman proposals in Duxford.

These are not in the current Local Development Framework. They went in as a proposal for a potential amendment to the framework (called an “objection site”). Consultation on such proposals happened last year, and then were considered by the Inspector.

The main criteria expected to be applied to this housing idea were to what extent is there a shortfall of housing in the context of the Government’s plans for housing in the region as a whole by 2016. 


A long silence broke on Friday last week. Answer (a) “There is a shortfall”, and (b) A question! “Where should this be filled”?


Villages are ranked according to their size, and the bigger the village the more it is likely to be considered as worthy of having more development. Duxford is a half-way size place. The case for expansion of housing on any scale in Duxford will be arguable either way. 



Appendix II


County Councillor’s Report                                   March 2008 




A new threat is posed by the revival of the Hanley Grange project in the guise of an ecotown.  Hanley Grange is an area bounded by the A11, A505 and A1301. If built it would have a devastating effect on the existing infrastructure. Along with most other people and both the County and the District I am entirely opposed to the project, which has become a sneaky way of reintroducing a previously failed attempt to gain support for development.


If you would like to join in the protest I have sent the Clerk the name of the civil servant to write to.  You could also try Andrew Lansley.


Lewis Duke felt that local Parish Councils should be notified at an earlier stage regarding this type of development.


Aircraft stacking

The proposals to change the stacking patterns for Stansted and Luton are now out for consultation.


The package can be found on www.nats.co.uk/TCNconsultation. Using the "How this affects you" link on the right side of the page you just enter your postcode and you can see what the existing and future proposed arrangements are. I believe you will agree with me that the proposal is advantageous for us.  Certainly that is the view of the Imperial War Museum.


Level Crossing, Brookhampton Street

Duxford Parish Council were concerned by rumours about Hinxton Road being closed for six months while work is carried out on the level crossing.  While researching the answer I discovered that the same rumour may surface in Ickleton.  The reality is that Network Rail have to apply in a way in which they have an option to close the road within a given six-month period.  In practice the work will be done in one session overnight between Saturday and Sunday.  Notices will be posted in due course.


Environment Agency – the maps, which they use are felt not to be up to date.


Potholes – Highways now has a schedule of when they will fill in the potholes.