Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 16 April 2008 at 7.30 pm in the Meeting Room, Ickleton Village Hall


Present: Lewis Duke (Acting Chairman), Liz Goddard, Jane Hurst, Terry Sadler, Tim Pavelin, Sheila Birch, Peter Wombwell, Mark Stone-Wigg, Jocelyn Flitton (Parish Clerk), Timothy Stone (County Councillor).  Margaret Malcolm (Hinxton PC), Steve Jenkins (IFC), Mick Eldred (Crocus FC), Lisa Morrissey (Allotments) and 14 members of the public.  Karen Kenny (Allotments Regeneration Initiative)


047/08            Apologies for absence:  Robin Driver, Mark Stone-Wigg and John Williams (District Councillor) will be arriving late.


048/08 To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 19 March 2008:  The minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman


049/08            Adjournment for questions from members of the public: The Secretary of The Ickleton Society asked if they could give a report at the Annual Parish Meeting.  The Parish Council agreed to this request.


050/08            Allotments (154/06) – Karen Kenny.  Prior to the meeting Karen had been shown around the village and had seen the proposed site in Coploe Road; she had also been sent a list of questions that the Allotment Group had compiled.  Karen responded to the questions supplied, which was then followed by further questions and a discussion, one of which was whether it was best if the Parish Council or the Allotment Association (which must be formed) should lease the land from the landowner.  Mrs Kenny stated that no funds are required to begin an Association.  The Chairman thanked Mrs Kenny for attending the meeting, which was thought to have been most helpful.                                     Action:  Clerk

Mrs Kenny, Mrs Malcolm and two members of the public left the meeting.


051/08  Football Clubs – terms for next season:

Ickleton Football Club reported that the Sunday side had moved into the senior division and hope to finish in the top three.  Mr Jenkins thanked the Parish Council for their support. 

Crocus Football Club had been promoted to the premier league and were currently in fourth place.  Unfortunately dog fouling was still happening on the pitch, which had to be cleared before a match could begin.  This is unacceptable and will be mentioned in Icene.

The Chairman congratulated the Clubs on their achievements during the season.

The match fees for the 2008/2009 Season were discussed and it was agreed to increase them as follows:

Ickleton Football Club - £6.30 from £6.00

Crocus Football Club - £12.50 from £12.00

C Frankau has supplied a maintenance schedule for the forthcoming season, which would be worked around the Football Clubs informing the Parish Clerk when their current season finishes and the new one begins.  The Clubs felt the pitch could be rolled more often.  It was proposed that Tim Pavelin would liaise between C Frankau and the Football Clubs regarding the maintenance; all the Parish Council agreed this.                                                                                                                                          Action:  Clerk

Steve Jenkins and Mick Eldred left the meeting.


The Chairman then brought the next item forward on the Agenda


056/08 Hanley Grange Proposal inc. Joint Action Group

The Chairman explained the situation regarding this proposed ECO-town, which came as a surprise locally.  The Parish Council is trying to gather real information and facts before responding and regard this as an extremely serious threat.  The proposed town will be approximately the size of Saffron Walden.  Four Councillors had attended a meeting on Tuesday evening, which had been facilitated by Mr Andrew Lansley CBE MP in the Memorial Hall, Whittlesford.  Mr James Paice MP was also in attendance and Mr Alan Hazelhurst MP had tendered his apologies.  Representatives from several local Parish Councils, County and District Councillors were also present and all were against the proposal. 

Timothy Stone reported that the 15 proposed sites listed were to be cut down to 10 or less by the end of the year.  We currently had 4 in the Eastern Region and a response must be made by 30 June.  It was felt that we must concentrate on stopping it at this first hurdle.  There were four points against:


A website has been set up www.stophanleygrange.org.uk which gives up to date information and an on-line petition can be found.

A Joint Action Group (consisting of several Parish Councils) has been formed.  A Flyer is being compiled and will be sent out.  The Chairman then invited members of the public to ask questions to which Timothy Stone replied. 

9 members of the public left the meeting.

Mark Stone-Wigg joined the meeting.

The Chairman then opened up the discussion to the Parish Council regarding joining the Joint Action Group.  Sheila Birch proposed Terry Sadler seconded the proposal that we join the group.  The Parish Council agreed unanimously that we should join.  The Group would like not more than three Councillors to attend the meetings.

A member of the public left the meeting.

It was agreed that an article should be put in Icene, and a link from our village website to the Stop Hanley Grange website should be put in place.                                                             Action:  Clerk/L Goddard

It was agreed that the whole of the Parish Council would form a Hanley Grange sub-committee.

John Williams joined the meeting.

Sheila Birch suggested that perhaps a speaker, at some point, would be better than everyone having to look on a website, as some are unable to do so.

A member of the public left the meeting.                                                                                     Action:  All


052/08            Matters Arising:

277/05  Village parking - this item is still outstanding and should perhaps be removed.             Action:  TS

028/06  Village seats – the seat in Abbey Street was still to be repaired.  Mr Frankau asked if some Councillors could look at the two seats in Duxford Road as there was a mound of earth in front of them and currently no one could sit on them.  He will await our response.                                                             Action:  All

Peter Wombwell left the meeting

053/06  Land Registry (various land) – despite chasing Mr Marris for a response, nothing had been heard.

                                                                                                                                    Action:  Clerk

028/07  Tennis Courts – nothing further to report.                                                           Action:  RD

073/07  Gypsy Corner – hedgerow – this was still outstanding.                                           Action: LD/TS

137/07  Overgrowing trees – this item was still outstanding.                                           Action:  Clerk

023/08  Top Soil – field Grassy Lane – nothing further had been received.  T Sadler reported that the topsoil was now being put back.                                                                                        Action:  Clerk

Parish Plan – item to be kept on Agenda as a reminder                                                           Action:  Clerk

No Smoking signs – it was agreed to purchase two more stick-on signs, as the last two had been torn off. It was agreed to obtain an estimate for two metal screw-on signs.                                     Action:  Clerk

039/08  Trees in Cemetery – Roz Richardson (SCDC) said she would visit the site, but has not yet let us know how she got on.  A reminder has been sent.                                                         Action:  Clerk

Potholes (Various) – these had been reported and filled in by CCC Highways.                    Action:  Clerk

IWM – a letter had been sent to G Igglesden asking him to raise the query at the next Liaison Meeting.                                                                                                                                               Action:  Clerk

Dog Fouling – an article had been put in Icene re Abbey Street.  Following the comments made by the Football Clubs, it was agreed to keep this on the Agenda                                                 Action:  Clerk


053/08 Youth Representation:  None


054/08            Correspondence received:

CCC                                                     -            Integrated Plan 2008

CCC (M Cooper)                                    -            Response to e-mail dated 20/3/08

CCC/Cambs. Horizons                                   -            Green Vision News

CCC  (T Stone)                                     -            Hanley Grange

SCDC (D Grech)                          -            The Old Chapel, Frogge Street

SCDC (H Adams)                                    -            SCDC Standards Committee nominations

SCDC (G Hayward)                                 -            Audit Commission

SCDC                                                  -            Council Housing leaflet

SCDC                                                  -            Plan making information

SCDC (S Harwood-Clark)               -            Dog Disposal Bins - Wetlands

South Cambs CDRP Annual Event    -            Invitation to meeting 14 July 2008

A Lansley CBE MP                               -             Hexcel (3 letters and copies)

Sawston Neighbourhood Policing -            Profile update

C Mead                                                            -            Oxfam Walk 2008

CPBRC                                                            -            Pond survey

SSE                                                      -            Annual Parish Meeting confirmation

SSE                                                      -            Proposed airspace changes consultation

SSE                                                      -            Second Runway application now submitted

Audit Commission                              -            Appointment of external auditor

The Local Channel                                    -            leaflet

CALC                                                  -            Liaison meeting 17 April 2008

Wicksteed                                             -            Leaflet

SutcliffePlay                                         -            Leaflet

CPRE                                                   -            Countryside Voice/Houses & Gardens 2008

COPE                                                  -            Newsletter No. 43

Histon & Impington                                  -            Festival of Sport, Fitness & Dance 8 June 2008

Open University of East of England            -            Notice of open days

Essex CC                                             -            Introduction of 1 APP Application forms

Glasdon                                                -            Leaflets

Highways Agency                         -            Leaflets March – May 2008

Cambs & Peterborough                            -            Community Life Awards 2008

J Gildersleeve                                        -            Hanley Grange

Correspondence sent:

Crocus Football Club                             -            Invitation to PC meeting 16 April

Ickleton Football Club                             -            Invitation to PC meeting 16 April

HJ Paintin Ltd                                       -            Ickleton Cemetery -Table of Fees

R Skeates Funeral Directors                      -            Ickleton Cemetery – Table of Fees

H Peasgood & Son                               -            Ickleton Cemetery – Table of Fees

Mr C Frankau                                       -            Outstanding work

Mrs M Lilley                                         -            Ickleton Church Fete 2008

PC Iain Perry                                        -            Letter of thanks

Mr G Igglesden                                     -            Duxford Airfield Management Liaison Committee


055/08            Planning application(s) received from SCDC:


Declarations of Interest to be declared.   Tim Pavelin declared an interest in the Tree Works application.


Planning Procedures.  Following the circulation of the plans to the Planning Committee, the Parish Council will meet on the Monday prior to the Parish Council meeting on the Wednesday, to enable everyone to have a good look at the plans.


S/0416/08/F – Erection of Bungalow following demolition of Existing Bungalow + Amendment – revised site location plan and ownership certificate – 29 Church Street – Executor of Mrs MK Harrison Deceased. – Approve.  The Parish Council would like to know SCDC policy regarding the increase in size from 2 to 4 bed roomed property.                                                                                                               Action:  Clerk

S/0417/08/CAC – Total demolition of Existing Single storey dwelling – 29 Church Street – Executor of Mrs MK Harrison Deceased. – Approve                                                                                       Action:  Clerk

S/0563/08/F – Extension – 3 Southfield – Mr & Mrs Toombs – Approve                                    Action:  Clerk

Planning application(s) granted by SCDC:

S/0268/08/F – Change of Use from Office to Residential (Amended Design) – 18 Abbey Street – Mr David Riches, Visible Edge.

The Planning Inspectorate:

S/0048/07/O - Appeal by Rowe Build & Development Ltd – Site at land r/o 9-17 Grange Road – The Appeal has been dismissed. 

Application to carry out Tree works subject to a tree preservation order or situated within a Conservation area:

C/11/40/054 – Large Sycamore tree which needs pollarding – 4 Church Street – Clare College – Approve

                                                                                                                                    Action:  Clerk

057/08            Reports from Councillors:

Liz Goddard:  Mr P Long (Butcher’s Hill) had given photographs of the Horse Chestnut tree branch that had blown down a month or two ago.  Mr Long is still concerned about the state of the trees.  It was agreed that we write again to Mr Bristow (Brookhampton Hall), send the photographs and express out concerns.  It was also agreed to copy in the Tree Officer at SCDC Roz Richardson.

Complaints had been received regarding the Motor home, which is parked in Abbey Street as it is causing problems by blocking the view for residents getting out of their driveway.  The Clerk will find out the legal situation regarding this and then speak to the tenant if necessary.                                            Action:  Clerk

Regarding the letters received from Andrew Lansley CBE MP relating to Hexcel, a response will be sent.

                                                                                                                                    Action:  Clerk

Terry Sadler:  another pothole has appeared in the gutter outside the entrance to Priory House.

                                                                                                                                    Action:  Clerk

Sheila Birch:  asked if we should not be writing to SCDC regarding the enforcement order for Ickleton Riverside Barns.  Cllr John Williams said that the new planning application put the enforcement order on hold.

Water Lane Footpath – the path is now 12foot wide, the copse has been removed, with the chippings put on the path.  This has also been extended into Hinxton Parish (we have made Hinxton Parish Clerk aware).  A galvanised kissing gate has replaced the broken stile.  Concern was raised as this work had been done without consultation and after 31 March when birds could be nesting.  E-mail had been sent to John Cooper (CCC) with a copy to Timothy Stone.  Timothy Stone said he would speak to John Cooper and report back.                                                                                                                                  Action:  TS/Clerk

Mark Stone-Wigg reported that due to work commitments he would be unable to attend the next five Parish Council meetings. The Parish Council accepted and agreed this but said if it goes beyond the five months then they would need to review the situation.  The responsibilities that Mark has will be reallocated at the AGM.                                                                                                                         Action:  M S-W/Clerk


058/08            Reports from District and County Councillors:


see Appendix I – District Councillor


see Appendix II – County Councillor


Timothy Stone left the meeting


059/08            Finance (Bank Balances) including payments to:

Cheques dated 31/3/08  -     JA Flitton - £634.34                        HM Revenue & Customs -  £115.19

Harts  -  £65.42                                                             Ickleton Village Hall  -  £36.00


Financial year end 31/03/08 – Draft Accounts.  These had been circulated to the Councillors who agreed that they had been well presented.  The Parish Clerk will now meet with the Internal Auditor before the form for the external auditor needs to be completed by the Chairman.                           Action:  Clerk


Village Shop – The Parish Council recognise that the shop and Post Office had been successfully run for the past 10 years by Dilip and Sunita Odedra.  As a token of our appreciation, it was agreed to write a letter of thanks and send some flowers to Sunita.                                                                          Action:  Clerk

Post Office – this area is now being evaluated and results are due out in June/July.  It was agreed that we should write a letter to A Lansley CBE MP supporting out Post Office and asking if there is anything we can do to support our Post Office now.                                                                              Action:  Clerk                          

Bank Balances:

Community Account                                    -            £211.98

Business Base Rate Tracker Account            -            £6,658.89


Bank Mandate (RD) - outstanding


060/08            Recreation Field and Play Area:
New Trees – ‘Drainpipe’Fence quotation – this was still awaited from C Frankau.                       Action:  Clerk            
RoSPA Report – Aerial runway – this was still outstanding.  RoSPA will be visiting the Play Area this month to carry out their annual check.                                                                          Action: RD/PW
Skate park quotation – It was agreed that this should now be taken ‘off hold’ and ask C Frankau to carry out this work.                                                                                                                Action:  Clerk

061/08  Emergency Flooding Plan:

This item is ongoing.  Some concerns were raised regarding this item and Jane Hurst pointed out that we have some good community spirit in the village should a crisis occur.                  Action:RD/LD/PW


062/08              Police Neighbourhood Panel Meeting:  Lewis Duke and Jocelyn Flitton attended the last meeting on 7 April at Sawston Village College.  Again the main topics raised were ASB and speeding.  Inspector Paul Ormerod is now moving to Force Headquarters and his replacement is Inspector Chris Savage.

                                                                                                                        Action:  Clerk


063/08  Annual Parish Meeting – 21 May 2008 + Resolution for spend on refreshments:

The meeting will start at 7.30pm and the speaker will be Peter Sanders (Chairman) from Stop Stansted Expansion.  A resolution was put forward and carried to allow the Chairman or his appointed deputy to spend up to £150 on refreshments from the village shop.                                        Action: RD/Clerk


064/08            Adjournment for questions by members of the public: None


065/08 Date of next meeting and AGM:  14 May 2008 at 7.30 pm.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 10.50pm.








Appendix I                              District Councillor’s Report                         April 2008




1. I will report verbally about Hanley Grange in relation to the District Council, and joint action plans as I see them.

    I had a letter from John Gildersleeve, and (with his agreement) am passing a copy to you for the Parish Council, as requested last night by Lewis Duke.


2. The site at the back of Grange Road has had the appeal refused by the Inspector as I had hoped, and this is good news.


3. Regarding the Ickleton Riverside Barns application: I discussed the perceived confusions as advised by the Chairman by letter to SCDC Planning. I went through this with the officers and in their view none of them are of any significance - i.e.:


The term employees for tenants and/or their employees - this is not a distinction of significance in the context of the application.


Gas storage. The business is continuing. Even assuming a discrepancy in figures, this would not impact the issue since Highways have recommended improvements in the splay which (if carried out) would cover this.


Floor areas. Whether the figures are 320 or 445 sq. meters is not an issue, given that the issue is the presence of the additional units, not their area.


Whether a cafe is or is not a food outlet is not a planning issue.


4. There is nothing else that can't wait till next time, given the importance of the Hanley Grange business.


Appendix II                            County Councillor’s Report                                   April 2008 


Local Area Agreements


From next year, the Audit Commission will be judging all local authorities on their joint effectiveness within a given area.  That will include the County Council, the District Council, the Police, the Fire Authority and the Primary Care Trust.  There is a very complicated table of 198 Performance Indicators which these bodies, called Cambridgeshire Together, will be judged on.  Cambridgeshire Together may choose up to 35 as priorities.


I won’t go into detail but I find it interesting that the first performance indicator chosen as a priority is likely to be the percentage of people who feel they can influence decisions in their locality.


I have made it clear that I believe that Parish Councils need to have much more say in what is going on and, where parish councils wish it, real power should be devolved to them together with the cash to be able to perform.


Hanley Grange

I have already e-mailed you about a meeting on 7th May in Whittlesford, which I should be glad if you would attend.  The objective there will be to set up a Joint Action Committee of parish councils, rather in the same way that parish councils around Elsenham have joined to fight proposed development there.  I have e-mailed you details of the proposed structure of the Joint Action Group, which would involve 12 parish councils.


Meanwhile I have set up a website www.stophanleygrange.org.uk, which will passed on to the Joint Action Group once it is set up.  Hinxton, Pampisford, Babraham, Duxford and Whittlesford have all formally resolved to join and I am hoping that the others will do so as well.


The County Council, District Council and Cambridgeshire Horizons have all come out against the proposed Hanley Grange and it is important to get it off the shortlist by 30th June.  Otherwise we may be faced by a formal planning application.  That will be much more difficult and expensive to fight because the promoters of Hanley Grange will have the best possible planning and public relations advice going.


Please let me know if you would like any further information beyond that which I have sent you already.  You can find the consultation document on:



I shall make a further verbal report.