Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 18 June 2008 at 7.30 pm in the Meeting Room, Ickleton Village Hall.


Present: Robin Driver (Chairman), Peter Wombwell, Jane Hurst, Sheila Birch, Terry Sadler, Tim Pavelin, Lewis Duke, Liz Goddard, Jocelyn Flitton (Parish Clerk).  John Williams (District Councillor – late arrival). Rachel Radford and 2 members of the public


084/08 Apologies for absence: Timothy Stone (County Councillor)

085/08 To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 14 May 2008: The minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman.


086/08 Adjournment for questions from members of the public:  None


087/08 Matters Arising:

028/06   Village seats – Charles Frankau had repaired all the seats with the exception of those in Duxford Road that he felt were in a state of disrepair and could not be moved to another site.  Robin Driver will look at the seats and make a recommendation at the next meeting.                                               Action:  RD

053/06  Land Registry (various land) – Mr Marris of Adams Harrison had sent the following e-mail:  “The Land Registry have indicated that there is a slight overlap of the land which it is proposed will be in the Parish Council’s title and that of neighbouring properties.  As a result they are serving notices on the registered owners affected and will complete the registration subject to any relevant points raised by such owners.  There is nothing unusual in this as one of the key features of a central land registration is that there should be no overlap of titles as was increasingly the case where neighbouring owners clashed saying that their respective unregistered title deeds established their ownership of disputed territory.”       The Clerk was asked to clarify what piece of land he was referring to.                                                    Action:  Clerk

028/07  Tennis Courts – nothing further to report                                                             Action:  Clerk

073/07  Gypsy Corner – hedgerow – the planting of the hedgerow is still outstanding         Action: LD/TS

137/07  Overgrowing trees – some trees had been cut back at 11 Birds Close, but the others will not be done till the autumn as birds are currently nesting in them. 

023/08  Top Soil – field Grassy Lane – Robin Driver and Jocelyn Flitton had met on site with the contractor who explained what he was doing and Uttlesford District Council had granted permission.  The Chairman asked the Clerk to contact Uttlesford DC for details of the planning application (P/A/2/14/253).  Copies had now been received and would be circulated to the Councillors.                                                Action: Clerk

Parish Plan – item to be kept on Agenda as a reminder.                                                   Action:  Clerk

No Smoking signs – the latest signs were still in place.  No quotation would be obtained for metal signs until it was felt necessary.   

039/08  Trees in Cemetery  The Clerk to speak to Ron Coulson to see if he was interested in cutting the trees down.                                                                                                                      Action:  Clerk

IWM – Graham Igglesden had attended the liaison meeting on 6 June and had raised the questions we asked about airfield movement.  The answers were read out and accepted.  The note will be circulated to the Councillors and filed.

050/08 Allotments – Lewis Duke had met on site with the group and hopes to have a signed agreement by end of the month.  The land will then be ‘worked’.                                                          Action: LD/LG

057/08 Butcher’s Hill Light & Trees – Paul Quigley from SCDC rang (following chase-up e-mail) to say he will follow up the replacement of the light with Cambridgeshire County Council as the replacement light should have been done by now.                                                                                      Action: Clerk

No response had been received from Mr T Bristow regarding the horse chestnut trees.  SCDC do not have any involvement as they do not own or manage any land along Butchers Hill area.  The Parish Council felt there was not anything else that they could do at this time.                                                                  

Parking Abbey Street – no response had been received from the police as yet.                 Action:  Clerk

Mill Lane Crossing – The Clerk had telephoned Network Rail’s National Helpline as no further response had been received.  This issue has now been logged (Job No. 1453404) and numbers on the crossing given to them in the hope they can locate this crossing and re-check the standards of the crossing.  Action:  Clerk


088/08 Youth Representation:  None


089/08 Correspondence received:

SCDC                          -           SCambs Local Dev. Framework – Supplementary Planning Docs.

SCDC                          -           Proposals for a review of boundary between SCDC & CCityC

SCDC                          -           Local Government (Misc. Provisions) Act 1982

SCDC                          -           South Cambridgeshire Tenant Open events

SCDC                          -           Housing Futures leaflet

CCC                             -           Parish Path Partnership (P3) 2008/09

CCC                             -           Brand new signage system for Cambridge

CCC                             -           Life on the Verge newsletter

CCC                            -           Modify the Definitive Map & Statement for public footpath No. 8      Duxford, No. 4 Hinxton and No. 3 Ickleton (Network Rail)

A Lansley CBE MP      -           As above

Moore Stephens                        -           Acknowledgement of Annual Return

Ickleton Utd Char.         -           Gertrude Homes Renovation

D Dunnett                     -           Land in Frogge Street – Action:  Chairman to write a letter

Susan Wilkinson            -           Recreation Ground 21 June – no objection raised

COPE                          -           Newsletter

Adams Harrison            -           Invitation to Garden Party 2 July 2008 (LD & PW to attend) + Newsletter

R Ashton IWM             -           Copy of letter re proposed Eco Town at Hanley Grange

T Stone                         -           E-mails re. Hanley Grange

R Radford                     -           E-mails re Hanley Grange

Sawston PC                  -           Hanley Grange leaflet

E-mails (various)           -           Hanley Grange proposal

South Cambs Speed.      -           Invitation to Speeding & Traffic Summit 22 July 2008

Adams Harrison            -           Land Registry

Crocus FC                    -           New Season begins 20 August 2008

CEN & Camb Water     -           Cambridge water Village Life Fund 2008

CEN & Camb Water     -           Cambridge Water Photographic Competition:Capturing Water

CPRE                           -           Fieldwork

CPRE                           -           Cambridgeshire Voice & Annual Report 2007/08

Stop Stansted                -           Update

NATS                          -           Consultation extension date to close 19 June 08

CALC                          -           Local Councils Liaison Committee Minutes

Karen Kenny                -           Allotments

Essex CC                     -           Introduction of 1 APP and Local Validation Checklists

Duxford Airfield            -           Agenda 6 June 2008 & Minutes 8 Feb 08

Glasdon                        -           Catalogue

Sutcliffe Play                -           Catalogue

Enertrag UK                 -           North Pickenham Wind Farm

Sawston VC                 -           Summer Academy

Go-East                        -           Publication of Revision to the RSS for the East of England

Cambs Acre                 -           Community Action magazine

Carillion-URS                -           M11 Junction 9 – 9a Link Road – Concrete Carriageway Repairs

L Morrissey                  -           Copy of letter to Dept. for Communities & Local Government


090/08 Planning application(s) received from SCDC:          

Declarations of Interest to be declared. 

S/0722/08/CAC – Total demolition of former office, garage & workshop buildings – Howeys Yard Adj 33 Abbey Street – R Pullin (Sheila Birch declared an interest) – Approve  - We approve the application for demolition of the existing modern buildings, but do not approve any plans for a replacement building as we have not yet seen sufficient details.

S/0679/08/LB – Alterations – glazed porch extension – 53 Abbey Street – Keith Mitchell – Information only.

S/0826/08/F – Dwelling following Demolition of existing buildings – Howeys Yard, Abbey Street – R Pullin – Sheila Birch declared an interest.  Approve

S/0871/08/F – Extension – Providence House, 6 Frogge Street – Mr N McKibbin – Approve but wished to comment that no plan of whole house had been received.

John Williams (District Councillor) joined the meeting

S/0933/08/F – Extension – 35 Church Street – D Odedra – Approve                                Action: Clerk(3)


Planning application(s) granted by SCDC:

S/0416/08/F – Erection of Bungalow following demolition of existing bungalow – 29 Church Street – Executor of Mrs MK Harrison deceased

S/0679/08/LB – Alterations-Glazed Porch Extension – 53 Abbey Street – Keith Mitchell Building

S/0722/08/CAC – Total Demolition of former office, garage & Workshop buildings – Howeys Yard, adj. 33 Abbey Street – Cheffins


091/08 Hanley Grange Proposal inc. Joint Action Group:

There was good support from the village at the weekend when the developers had hired the village hall for 2 days to exhibit their plans.  A copy of a letter sent by Imperial War Museum to Communities & Local Government was felt to be very significant.  Terry Sadler will draft a letter on behalf of the Parish Council to Communities & Local Government.  The Chairman (Robin Driver) will write a letter to Wellcome Trust (London).  Sheila Birch had met with Duncan Parsley at Wellcome (Hinxton) who felt that people were against it.


092/08 Reports from Councillors:

Tim Pavelin wished us to acknowledge all the hard work being done, relating to Hanley Grange, by Terry Sadler and Rachel Radford.  The Parish Council fully supported and thanked them for working so hard for the village.

Terry Sadler pointed out that during the demolition of the Old Chapel in Frogge Street, some flint walls had also been demolished.  He noticed that children were still unable to use the aerial runway.  The Chairman asked the Play Area sub-committee to review this and obtain a quotation to have it repaired.

                                                                                                                                Action: PW/TP/LG

2 members of the public left the meeting.

Sheila Birch asked about the proposed lay-bys in Grange Road.  Peter Wombwell reported that these were currently being done.

Rubbish left from trees in Back Lane (near No. 12 Birds Close) needed to be cleared away.  The Clerk will contact SCDC as No. 12 is a Council House and to find out who is responsible.             Action:  Clerk

Comments had been received about shrubs overhanging footpaths in Church and Frogge Street.

SCDC mentioned in their magazine that they now do litter picking every 6 months on verges where there are no kerbs.       John Williams was asked to check this out and get further information.     Action:  JW

Rachael Radford left the meeting.

Jane Hurst reported that she felt the Cemetery Chapel (listed building) was looking in a poor state and in need of repair.  Robin Driver will look at the Chapel and report back to the next meeting – this item to be put on the Agenda for the next meeting.                                                              Action:  RD / Clerk

Jocelyn Flitton reported that there appeared to be many outsiders from the village who come to walk their dogs on the Recreation Ground.  The Clerk was asked to see if she could obtain a suitable notice from SCDC regarding dog fouling.                                                                                          Action:  Clerk

The Clerk had asked Charles Frankau to quote for the repair of the wooden gatepost at Coploe Pit, which has rotted away.                                                                                                                        Action:  Clerk                        

093/08             Reports from District and County Councillors:


John Williams (District) gave a verbal report this time on Hanley Grange and Hexcel.

Timothy Stone (County) – no report received this month.


094/08 Finance (Bank Balances) including payments to:

            Hinxton Parish Council JAG - £500 (20/5/08)                  Clerks & Councils Direct - £9.50

            D Odedra - £51.73        Harts - £106.97                                     Ryecroft Data - £21.00

Receipts:  Ickleton FC - £18    R Skeates - £110          Cambridgeshire County Council - £500.00


Tim Pavelin requested to see next month how we are doing against budget.          Action:  Clerk

Bank Balances:

Community Account                              -           £809.50

Business Base Rate Tracker Account    -           £9158.89                                                          

Bank Mandate (RD) – still outstanding


095/08 Recreation Field and Play Area:
New Trees – ‘Drainpipe’Fence quotation – It was agreed that this was not necessary. 
RoSPA Report – 9/4/08 – items that need attention is with the Playground sub-committee who are giving it their attention.                                                                                                           Action: LG/TP/PW
Crocus Football Club – outstanding Match Fees – these are still outstanding for the season that has just been completed.  The Clerk will check what and when they paid last year.          Action: Clerk/TP


096/08  Footpaths inc. Application to modify the Definitive Map:

An e-mail had been received from Andrew Stimson (CCC) letting us know how the paint the galvanised gates.  After discussion it was agreed that a letter would be written to CCC.                 Action:  RD/Clerk

A response had been sent to CCC re the application to Modify the Definitive Map & Statement for Pubic Footpath No 8 Duxford, No 4 Hinxton and No 3 Ickleton (Network Rail).  The reply was as follows:  “There is no evidence that there was ever a footpath on that particular route.  There has never been a reference to this proposed footpath by British Rail in the minutes.  Our eldest resident (92) says there was never a footpath there.  We wish to object to this change”.


097/08  Post Office Closures in South Cambridgeshire:

Post Office Limited is due to announce the details of Post Office closures in Cambridgeshire on 8 July 2008.  SCDC are holding a briefing session on 16 July between 6.30 pm and 8.30pm.  At this point in time we are unable to say if we wish to attend this briefing session.                                         Action:  Clerk


098/08 Frogge Street Telephone Box:

British Telecom is holding a consultation regarding their proposed removal of the phone box.  It was agreed that a letter should be written requesting that we wished to keep the old telephone box (which is now a card only box and not coin) as despite mobile phones this is next to a public space and old peoples homes.                                                                                                                                    Action:  RD/Clerk


099/08  CCC Highways Parish Warden:

Terry Sadler had agreed to be our Highways Parish Warden and attended the first meeting on Monday 16 June 2008.  Highways felt they were not open or transparent enough to Parish Councils and want to improve communications. 


100/08 Wellcome Trust (inc. Dog Disposal Bins):

Sheila Birch reported that at the recent liaison meeting they had discussed (a) Hanley Grange (b) the possibility of them extending the Conference Centre (c) the possibility of a gas turbine for heat, in order to prevent surges, which disrupts their sensitive equipment.  Following a request from Jayne Proctor, the Clerk had been trying to obtain 2 dog disposal bins for Wellcome Trust.  Despite many attempts to do so, the bins had not been supplied.  John Williams was asked to chase this up.                           Action:  JW/Clerk


101/08 CCC – Consultation on the North West Cambridge Submission Draft Area Action Plan:

No comment was required on this consultation.                                                                    Action:  Clerk


102/08 SCDC – Consultation Draft Homelessness Strategy 2008-2013:

The Chairman and Clerk will complete the questionnaire by 31 July.                               Action:  RD/Clerk


103/08 Adjournment for questions by members of the public:  None


104/08 Date and time of next meeting  - 16 July 2008 @ 7.30 pm


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.25 pm.