Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 20 August 2008 at 7.30 pm in the Meeting Room, Ickleton Village Hall.


Present:  Robin Driver (Chairman), Sheila Birch, Terry Sadler, Jane Hurst, Tim Pavelin, Lewis Duke, Jocelyn Flitton (Parish Clerk), Timothy Stone (County Councillor) and 1 member of the public.


122/08 Apologies for absence: Liz Goddard, Peter Wombwell, Mark Stone-Wigg and John Williams (District Councillor)


123/08 To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 16 July 2008:  The minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman.


124/08 Adjournment for questions from members of the public: None


125/08 Matters Arising:

053/06 Land Registry – Recreation Ground/Village Hall – Correspondence had been received from Adams Harrison where they recommend that the lease of the land to the village hall be amended due to the construction being further to the southwest than the original lease by the Parish Council to the Village Hall.  This was agreed by the Parish Council, and that the Clerk would contact the Village Hall Trustees informing them of this amendment and that the cost would have to be borne by them and not the Parish Council.                                                                                                             Action:  Clerk

028/07 Tennis Courts – Nothing further to report at this moment.                               Action:  Clerk

073/07  Gypsy Corner – hedgerow – a hedgerow has been planted by person(s) unknown.  The Parish Council would like to minute their thanks for the planting of this hedgerow.

023/08  Parish Plan – this item to be kept on the Agenda as a reminder.                                 Action:  Clerk

039/08  Trees in Cemetery – The Clerk will obtain a quotation to remove the pines.  Action:  Clerk

050/08             Allotments – these are now up and running and a successful open day was held on Saturday 16 August 2008.

057/08  Butcher’s Hill Light -  Paul Quigley (SCDC) had informed the Clerk on 31 July that an order to CCC for the replacement of SC5 had been issued.   Nothing further has been heard or happened.

                                                                                                                                    Action:  Clerk   

Mill Lane Crossing – the Clerk has rung several times about the completion of this work and will continue to do so in the hope that the work will be completed in the near future.                           Action:  Clerk

091/08             Dog Fouling notice – two aluminium signs have been purchased and will be erected in the Recreation Ground.                                                                                                           Action:  Clerk

Coploe Pit gate – the repair of the post was still outstanding with C Frankau.              Action:  Clerk

096/08 Footpaths – galvanised gates – a letter had been received from A Stimson (CCC) to which the Clerk was asked to write for clarification especially relating to landowners responsibility.  Cllr Timothy Stone also agreed to take this up on our behalf.                                                                          Action: Clerk/TS

113/08 Proposed Grange Road closure – No date has yet been agreed/given for the temporary closure of this road.  The Parish Council have suggested to URS Corp Ltd that the best time for the farmers would be end of October/beginning of November.  No reply had been received from CCC (letter dated 17 July) regarding the alternative route, as the Parish Council were unhappy with the route previously suggested. 

Action:  Clerk

Imperial War Museum – Military Helicopter Exercise – Cllr T Stone had replied to our letter dated 17 July and had subsequently written to RAF Wattisham and was waiting a reply.  Lewis Duke felt that this issue was not being handled in a sensitive manner towards local landowners.                               Action:  TS/Clerk

118/08 Wellcome Trust – Dog Disposal Bins – The Clerk has now received a reply to the request placed with SCDC on 8 April, stating they will provide one bin near the railway crossing in Mill Lane.  A request for a further bin at the entrance/exit of the Wetlands walk in Hinxton Road was turned down.

Action:  Clerk


126/08 Youth Representation:  None


127/08 Correspondence received:

SCDC (P Quigley)        -           Butcher’s Hill replacement light

SCDC (E Harris)          -           Funding Fair 2008

SCDC(R Richardson)   -           Horse Chestnut Tree on Village Green

SCDC                          -           Dog Disposal Bins – Wetlands

SCDC (T Pope)                        -           Closure of Phone Boxes

SCDC                          -           Art News / Housing Futures

CCC (T Stone)             -           Imperial Ware Museum – Military Helicopter Exercise

CCC (T Stone)             -           Imperial War Museum Lottery Award

CCC (A Stimson)         -           Footpath 5/galvanised gates

Moore Stephens                       -           Annual Return for year ended 31 March 2008

URS Corp                    -           Grange Road/M11 bridge repair works

Bike Events                 -           London to Cambridge Bike Ride

Crocus FC                    -           Start of new season/state of football pitch

CPALC                                    -           New website/Autumn Training schedule/guide to Quality Council

C & C Folk Museum    -           Historical photographs on offer

Cambs. Acre                -           Cambridge Carbon Footprint Courses

Cambs. Acre                -           Cambridgeshire Rural Forum Conference

Cambs. Acre                -           Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Rural Services Survey 2007

Cambs. Acre                -           Annual General Meeting 2008

J Taylor                       -           The Humage, Church Street + copy of letter to SCDC

CDRP                          -           Cutting Crime in your Community event – 10 September 2008

Tesco (N Gellatly)       -           Hanley Grange

R Radford/T Sadler      -           Hanley Grange (various)

Wellcome Trust                       -           Hanley Grange

E-cops                         -           Various e-mails/updates

Cambs LAF                 -           Annual Report 2007/8

East of England                       -           East of England Plan review – consultation on project plan

Milton Country Park    -           Update on new management

SSE                              -           Second Runway Application / Newsletter / Christmas card

CarillionWSP               -           Acting as Managing Agent to Highways Agency Area 8.

Penny Fletcher             -           Aircraft

COPRG                        -           Administration/Research

IOG Saltex 2008          -           Exhibition 2-4 September 2008

COPE                           -           Newsletter No. 47

Glasdon                       -           Catalogue

Correspondence sent:

Wellcome Trust                       -           Hanley Grange

E-cops                         -           Police survey

Mrs M Bristow             -           Grassy Lane

Mr D Dunnett              -           Frogge Street


128/08 Planning application(s) received from SCDC:                      Declarations of Interest to be declared.


S/1191/08/CAC – total demolition of unsafe former Chapel (Retrospective application) – Frogge Street – Mrs Stella Parker - Approve

S/1351/08/A – Signs – The Ickleton Lion, Abbey Street – Greene King Pub Partners – Approve.

It was agreed to write to Greene King saying that the Parish Council would appreciate being notified before the signs were erected rather than after they had been done.                              Action:  Clerk (3)


Member of public left the meeting.



The Planning Inspectorate – Appeal Decision:

APP/WO530/A/08/2071879 (Application: S/1563/07/F) – Norman Hall, Church Street – alteration to wall and erection of tennis court fencing – Decision:  to allow the appeal and grant planning permission for access gates and tennis court fencing subject to conditions.

Application to carry out Tree works subject to a tree preservation order or situated within a Conservation Area:

C/11/40/054 – Reduce height of spruce and 3 conifers – 1 Abbey Street – Ms J A Flitton – Approve.

                                                                                                                                    Action:  Clerk

Ickleton Riverside Barns - Planning Application S/0330/08/F (Retrospective Application) submitted to the Parish Council in March 2008.  It was agreed that a letter be written to the Chief Executive at SCDC, as it was felt totally unsatisfactory that the Parish Council had not received official notification from the SCDC Planning Committee following their decision to pass the application in May.                   Action: RD/Clerk


129/08 Hanley Grange Proposal inc. Joint Action Group:

Terry Sadler reported that there is to be a Public Meeting at Whittlesford on 1 September at 6.45pm – this is a completely a political ‘Stop Hanley Grange’ meeting at which Lembit Opik, the Liberal Democrat Shadow Housing Minister will be speaking. The Government should be publishing more detailed assessments of the locations for eco-towns and a draft eco-towns Planning Policy Statement by the end of September.  These will be subject to a 3-month consultation period.  Jarrow have indicated they will put a submission to the Government by end of August setting out the details of their scheme.  The Government and Jarrow will be putting on exhibitions in September/October.

Cllr Timothy Stone reported that there are now two more eco-town documents available - a progress report and a sustainability appraisal scoping report.


130/08 Reports from Councillors:

Tim Pavelin reported that there was a lot of Old Man’s Beard growing in the hedgerow along Coploe Road.  It was pointed out that this was the responsibility of the landowner.

Sheila Birch reported that following work done in Coploe Pit, Old Man’s Beard was not so prevalent and the pit was in good condition this year.  The Conservation Trust will be coming on December 14 to tidy up Coploe Pit and all are welcome to come along.

Complaints had been received about cars blocking the pavements making it difficult or impossible for wheelchairs/pushchairs to keep on the pavement.  A notice will be put in Icene.                    Action:  Clerk

More fly tipping was reported at Gypsy Corner – dustbin bags and cardboard boxes. Action:  Clerk

Potholes – along Chrishall Grange road near the turn off to Redlands.                                    Action:  Clerk

Abbey Street – some trees has some rather low hanging branches over the footpath.  Action:  Clerk

Seats – the two seats at the far end of the Recreation Ground had the front plank missing.     Action:  Clerk

Insurance for Clerk’s Office – the Clerk was asked to check with our insurance company if this can be extended to cover her ‘office’.                                                                                           Action:  Clerk

Terry Sadler reported that he had received a response from Cllr John Williams on Street Trading.  It was felt that some villages need a street permit, but the charges are exorbitant.  (Fuller details can be found in Cllr Williams report). 

Terry Sadler had attended a Traffic & Speeding Summit at which a group of people had piloted a neighbourhood speed watch from which they were very enthusiastic.  If ever such a group were formed in Ickleton, he would be more than happy to represent the Parish Council.

Jane Hurst asked if the circular bench could be put back in the Play Area, but still allowing for the new tree to be watered.                                                                                                                       Action:  Clerk


131/08 Reports from District and County Councillors:

Appendix I                  -           District Councillor

Appendix II                 -           County Councillor



132/08 Finance (Bank Balances) including payments to:

Harts    -   £70.49         Algar Signcraft   -      £72.62      

Receipts:  HM Revenue & Customs - £196.95


Bank Balances:

Community Account                           -           £209.18

Business Base Rate Tracker Account   -           £9,213.34


Bank Mandate (RD) – still outstanding


133/08 Recreation Field and Play Area:
Aerial runway – the Chairman reported that this repair was in hand and new bearings were being sought.                                                                                                                             Action:  PW/TP/LG
Broken catch on Play Area gate – this had yet to be repaired/replaced.                       Action:  PW/TP/LG
Spring dog handle – this had yet to be repaired.                                                          Action:  PW/TP/LG
Football pitch – Following the use of Creosote on the football pitch, it was agreed that Crocus FC would be told that this was not environmentally acceptable for future use and also to be asked to dispose of the tin in the garage.  Crocus FC had complained that the pitch was not in a good condition, but Tim Pavelin reported he felt the comments were premature, as Charlie Frankau had done a good job and worked hard on the pitch, which, Tim felt was looking good.  Tim Pavelin will liaise with Gary Phillips of Crocus FC.     Action:  TP


134/08 Cemetery:


135/08 Cambridge & County Folk Museum:

A letter had been received offering the village three A1 panels featuring text and copies of historical photographs.  It was agreed that this letter would be passed onto The Ickleton Society.            Action:  Clerk


136/07             CPALC Website:

A password is now need to access this website, which most of the Councillors had been notified of.


137/08 London to Cambridge Bike Ride:

The Clerk had been asked to find out why this Cycle Ride did not come through Ickleton.  We were informed by the Bike Events that after several discussions with the Police & Highways Authorities as well as attendance at the Safety Advisory Group meeting, it was decided that to ensure a safer crossing of the A505 this year that the route should be moved.  The Bike Events team hope to return to Ickleton in the future, subject to the advice from the various authorities.  Tim Pavelin pointed out that the route through Ickleton and Hinxton is the National Cycle Route and asked if this could be passed back to the Bike Events team.                                                                                                                          Action:  Clerk


138/08 Adjournment for questions by members of the public: None


139/08 Date and time of next meeting  - 17 September 2008.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.00 pm.


Chairman                                                       Date                                                                           

Appendix I                              District Councillor’s Report


Street Trading


The definition of street trading covers trading in goods or services, which are provided from a van or stall or cart. It does not cover door-to-door selling of services to be provided - such as gravelling the drive, or selling dishcloths and the like from a satchel. It falls to the police to control these activities as and when necessary.


So street trading. For a village to be included in the list of villages for licensing requirement the Parish Council has to have specifically requested it. Sawston has. Duxford and Ickleton have not.  


It appears that it is the larger villages like Sawston, Histon, Cottenham that have licensing because of problems with too many traders - e.g. kebabs, and troubles from this ("kebab wars"). .


As you will see from the paper I delivered to you, the cost of licences is quite high (or so it seems to me) - £138 for 2 evenings per week, or £42 per day......these are per village.


The possibility that all of South Cambs should become a street trading area has met so far with a more or less 50:50 response from Councillors and Parish Councils and on balance it is unlikely that it would be supported if it went to be voted on in Council - at least with charges scheduled as they are at present and I think the status quo will remain.


My own view would be that the charges would be prohibitive for traders in the smaller or medium villages like Ickleton and Duxford, and we would have no more ice cream vans coming round.


If IPC does wish to apply, a formal request is required, and the processing takes about 6 months.


Ickleton Riverside Barns


Ray McMurray still has this as a sin of omission, which he promised last week he would rectify.


Appendix II                                                                             County Councillor’s Report


There are no county council meetings in August and you have already dealt with Hanley Grange.


Helicopter training


I have had no response to my letter to the station commander of RAF Wattisham to the complaint about helicopter practice near Duxford airfield.  I have written to Jos giving the background as the Imperial War Museum says it has no control over these training activities.


Galvanized gates


I have seen correspondence about painting these gates.  Is there anything you would like me to do?  I think that the whole exercise of replacing the wooden gates was driven by the availability of money.  That is no way to run public any kind of business – let alone a county council.


Bus routes


The alteration of bus routes brought about by Stagecoach’s purchase of various bus companies is currently subject to consultation.  There is no change proposed for this part of Cambridgeshire.


Distraction Burglaries


Those of you on e-cops will know that distraction burglaries are still taking place.  They principally affect older people who were not brought up to deal with today’s criminals.  Please do what you can to alert people you may know to be vulnerable.