Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 17 September 2008 at 7.30 pm in the Meeting Room, Ickleton Village Hall.


Present: Lewis Duke, Sheila Birch, Terry Sadler, Tim Pavelin, Liz Goddard, Jocelyn Flitton (Parish Clerk), Timothy Stone (County Councillor) and John Williams (District Councillor)


Lewis Duke (Vice Chairman) took the Chair in the absence of Robin Driver (Chairman)


140/08            Apologies for absence:  Robin Driver, Jane Hurst, Mark Stone-Wigg and Peter Wombwell


141/08 To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 20 August 2008:  The minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman.


142/08            Adjournment for questions from members of the public:  None


143/08            Matters Arising:

053/06  Land Registry – Recreation Ground/Village Hall – Lewis Duke, Jocelyn Flitton and Tim Pavelin declared an interest.  A letter had been received from Adams Harrison together with a copy of the Deed of Variation.  Following a conversation between the Clerk and Mr Marris, it was proposed and seconded and agreed by the Parish Council that the signatures required should be amended and the deed of variation completed.                                                                                                                    Action:  Clerk 

028/07  Tennis Courts – nothing further to report at this moment.                                               Action:  Clerk

023/08  Parish Plan – this item to be kept on the Agenda as a reminder.                                  Action:  Clerk

039/08  Trees in Cemetery – this quotation will be obtained in the near future.                   Action:  Clerk

057/08  Butcher’s Hill Light – the light has now been installed but it has not yet been connected to the electricity point.  The Clerk has e-mailed SCDC (P Quigley) asking when this is likely to be done.

                                                                                                                                    Action:  Clerk

Mill Lane Crossing – following further telephone calls to Network Rail, they have now decided to reassign a new Job Number (linked to the previous job number).  It is hoped that this will speed up the completion of this work.                                                                                          Action:  Clerk

091/08 Dog Fouling notices – these have now been put up at the entrances from the Village Hall Car Park to the Recreation Ground.

Coploe Pit gate – the quotation/repair of the post was still outstanding from C Frankau.            Action:  Clerk

096/08 Footpaths – galvanised gates – no response had been received to the letter sent to A Stimson (CCC) dated 21/8/08.  Cllr T Stone agreed that Landowners should have been informed; the Chairman stated that this had not happened in Ickleton.  Cllr Stone will revisit this issue with CCC conveying the points raised by the Parish Council.                                                                                                            Action:  TStone

113/08 Proposed Grange Road closure –further information is awaited from URS Corp Ltd regarding the date when the temporary closure of the road would take place.                                       Action:  Clerk

Imperial War Museum – a copy of a letter sent by RAF Wattisham to Cllr Stone had been received, together with a letter from Ministry of Defence explaining the military aircraft activity in our area.  It was felt there was nothing further that could be done by the Parish Council at this time.

118/08 Wellcome Trust – Dog Disposal Bin – the installation by SCDC of this bin in Mill Lane has still to be done.                                                                                                                Action:  Clerk

130/08 Fly tipping/Potholes – these had both been reported and resolved.

Overhanging trees Abbey Street – Sheila Birch will continue to monitor this situation and report back to the Parish Council if necessary.

Insurance – the Clerk was covered by both the Parish Council’s insurance and her home insurance for public liability.   The home insurance does not cover for lost, stolen or documents lost in a fire.  People visiting her house on Parish Council business are not covered.  The Clerk was asked to contact the Parish Council Insurance Company and ask how much it would cost to our extend coverage to cover this situation.                                                                                                                                   Action:  Clerk

Circular Bench in Play Area – C Frankau will be reinstating this bench in the near future.  He had repaired the two seats at the far end of the Recreation Ground.                                                Action:  Clerk


144/08 Youth Representation:  None


149/08            Reports from District and County Councillors:

This item was moved higher in the Agenda at the request of Cllr T Stone.  The request to move this item permanently to this place will be put on the Agenda for next month.                          Action:  Clerk


Appendix I            -            County Councillor’s Report

Appendix II            -            District Councillor’s Report


The Chairman thanked Cllr Stone for all his efforts on the Stop Hanley Grange campaign.  Cllr Stone reported in addition to his report, that Ickleton Post Office was not on the list of proposed closures announced today, although Thriplow had been included on the list.

In response to a question, Cllr Stone told the meeting that the Imperial War Museum, Duxford are undertaking a review of their activities across the whole site.  He anticipated that this would be particularly focused on the area north to the A505.

It was agreed that Cllr Williams would report on SCDC Council Housing next month.  The Clerk will add this to the October Agenda.                                                                                              Action:  Clerk/JW


Cllr Timothy Stone left the meeting.


145/08            Correspondence received:

SCDC                          -            Proposed Payphone Closure

SCDC                          -            The future for Council Housing in South Cambs.

CCC                             -            Countryside Access Team Annual Report 2007-08

CCC                             -            Minor Highway Improvement Schemes 2009/10 Bids

CCC/PCC                    -            Cambs. & Peterborough Minerals & Waste Consultation

SCDC/CCC                  -            South Cambs Speeding & Traffic Summit 22/7/08

SCDC/CCC                  -            North West Cambridge Area Action Plane Consultation

Camb.Criminal JB        -            Just News

John Taylor                   -            The Humage, Church Street and Allotments

Cllr T Stone                  -            Stop Hanley Grange

Rachel Radford             -            Stop Hanley Grange

Mary Flinders                -            Stop Hanley Grange (Andrew Lansley CBE, MP)

Cambs Police                -            Notes on Sawston Neighbourhood Panel – 7 July 2008

CPALC                                    -            Ian Dewar in HotSeat 24/08/08

CPALC                                    -            Training Courses 2008/09

Barclays Bank              -            Current Standard interest rates

Steelway Fensecure            -            Tickets to Saltex 2008 – 18/9/08

Cambs.LINK                -            Health & Social Care

CPRE                           -            Fieldwork magazine

Glasdon                        -            Catalogue

LCR                             -            Magazine

Clerks & Councils            -            Magazine

Cambs. Acre                -            Revive & Thrive - Conference 25 September 2008

Cambs. Acre                -            Magazine

Sawston Village Col.      -            Cinema Project

London Com. Belt      -            London Commuter Belt (East)/M11 Strategic Housing Market

The Rural Housing            -            Presentation about the work of the Trust

Cope                            -            Newsletter No. 48

Buchans                       -            Ground maintenance 2009

Stop Stansted                -            Newsletter

IPCC                            -            Garden of Remembrance + Churchyard (28 Sept) (Clerk to reply)

Highways Agency -            Road Journeys September to November 2008

Correspondence sent:

Greene King                 -            Planning Application S/1351/08/A

CCC (A Stimson)            -            Footpath 5

SCDC                          -            Ickleton Riverside Barns

Adams Harrison            -            Land Registry – Lease of Lane to Ickleton Village Hall

Crocus Football Club     -            Football pitch (Tim Pavelin)


146/08            Planning application(s) received from SCDC:             Declarations of Interest to be declared.

S/1212/07/F & S/0268/08/F – Revised gate position within garden wall – 18 Abbey Street – Visible Edge – Information only.

S/1433/08/F & S/1446/08/LB – Garden Room Extension to Annexe – 26 Abbey Street – Mr R Olds – Approve                                                                                                                       Action:  Clerk  

Planning application(s) granted by SCDC:

S/0330/08/F – Erection of 7 Retail Units and Café (Retrospective Application) – 111 Frogge Street – Ickleton Riverside Barns – Mr S and Mrs T London

Application to carry out Tree works subject to a tree preservation order or situated within a Conservation Area:

C/11/40/054 – Pruning Cherry Tree – Providence House, 6 Frogge Street – Mrs S McKibbin - Approve

C/11/40/054 – 50% reduction in crown of self sown Sycamore – 10 Butchers Hill – Mr K Worthing – Approve


Ickleton Riverside Plans – SCDC response to letter – A letter had been received from Greg Harlock (Chief Executive – SCDC).  The Chairman (Robin Driver) will respond asking for clarification on how future conditions will be dealt with when the Planning Committee go against the recommendation of officers.                                                                                                                 Action:  RD


147/08 Hanley Grange Proposal inc. Joint Action Group:  The Chairman thanked Terry Sadler and Rachel Radford and everyone else who had put in a tremendous effort in halting the Hanley Grange proposal.  Another meeting of the Joint Action Group is due to be held shortly. 


148/08            Reports from Councillors:

Liz Goddard – cars were still parking on the pavements, particularly in Abbey Street, making it difficult or impossible for pushchairs to pass without going on the road.  This had been mentioned in the September issue of Icene.

There was a possibility that the Chapel in Abbey Street could be sold; this could affect the bus stop, which is currently in front of the Chapel.

Tim Pavelin – some windows had been broken in the Village Hall on Tuesday night.  The Clerk had informed the police via E-Cops.

A resident had reported rats in Frogge Street since the old Chapel had been demolished. 

A request was made to the Clerk to make a separate heading in Icene regarding issues that had not been discussed at the Parish Council meeting.

Terry Sadler – the paper banks were overflowing and wondered when they would be emptied.  The Clerk had made the first call on 26 August and subsequent calls since.  Cllr Williams was asked if he could take up the delay with SCDC.                                                                                    Action: Clerk/JW

A draft letter will be produced regarding Stansted 2nd Runway very shortly.             Action:  TS

Cllr Williams was asked if he could find out what Rubbish collections were in place over the Christmas period this year.                                                                                                             Action:  JW

Sheila Birch – asked Cllr Williams if Ickleton Riverside Barns were sold, would the conditions still apply.  Cllr Williams replied that they would.

The Clerk was asked to order a wreath for Remembrance Sunday – this has already been done verbally, but a confirmation letter would be written.                                                                         Action:  Clerk

It was agreed that Gerry Birch would assist Stanley Peck in laying the wreath.

Jocelyn Flitton – reported that the police carried out a speed check in Frogge Street on August 22nd.

Lewis Duke – had attended the South Cambridgeshire Crime & Disorder Reduction Partnership Community Safety event on 10 September 2008.  The Envirocrime workshop had been cancelled so he joined the Dwelling Burglary workshop.  It was evident during this event that a two-way conversation is essential between the police and the community.  The police are now providing this by way of E-Cops.  He also had the opportunity to talk with the new Inspector, who had spent his early days as a PC in Sawston.


150/08            Finance (Bank Balances) including payments to:

Harts    -   £90.48 

Bank Balances:

Community Account                                    -            £118.70

Business Base Rate Tracker Account             -            £9,213.34


The Clerk had received notification that the second half of the precept (£7,500) would be in our Community Account in the next few days.  A transfer into the Business Base Rate Tracker Account would then be made.                                                                                                                           Action:  Clerk

The Clerk reported that Moore Stephens were still querying some small points on the form that was submitted.  Confirmation of the final audit approval has still to be received.


Bank Mandate (RD) – still outstanding


151/08            Recreation Field and Play Area:

Aerial runway +Spring dog handle  - these items were still awaiting repair.             Action:  PW

Broken catch – Liz Goddard has agreed to replace this catch.                                       Action:  LG

Skate Park – C Frankau has put on 1 coat of grey paint and painted the wooden surrounds, but has not yet painted the green parts.  This will be completed shortly.                                                 Action:  Clerk

Football pitch – C Frankau has put fertiliser on the pitch and sprayed it with iron, which will strengthen the grass for the winter and burn off the weeds.  He was mowing the pitch again today.


152/08            Cemetery:

Chapel (Quotes and possibly Grants) – The Clerk had obtained two quotations, with a possible third quotation obtained by the Chairman.  It was agreed that the Clerk should obtain two more quotations.  The firms to be contacted would be from the list provided by SCDC from whom a grant application form was obtained.  Other possible grants were also being looked into.  It was agreed that we would like to have this work completed before winter.                                                                                       Action:  Clerk

Rabbits - to be discussed at the next meeting.                                                                Action:  PW


153/08            Wellcome Trust:

Sheila Birch and Terry Sadler attended the liaison meeting with Duncan Parsley on 3 September.  Duncan Parsley ran through items that may turn into future planning applications.  They are intending to expand their Conference Centre, which would visually not affect Ickleton.  Phases 2 & 3 of the Southfield development have outline planning permission for Bio-Tec industry, which lapses quite shortly.  The Trustees (in London) are considering what to do.


154/08            Adjournment for questions by members of the public:  None   


155/08 Date and time of next meeting - 15 October 2008.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 10.15 pm.







Appendix I                                County Councillor’s Report                                                     September 2008


Hanley Grange


Much relief at Tesco’s decision to withdraw Hanley Grange from the eco-town process.  It comes as a culmination of the efforts of at least 16 parish councils, thousands of individuals, our MPs, the County and District Councils as well as Cambridgeshire Horizons.

Enormous thanks to the parish council and all your residents who have taken part in the campaign.

Review of the Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS) is already underway, initiated by the East of England Regional Assembly (EERA).  Review is to be completed by 2011 and extends the time horizon from 2021 to 2031. As a Section 4(4) authority, Cambridgeshire is statutorily empowered to give advice to EERA.

It could be that Cambridgeshire will be expected to plan for an additional 40,000 dwellings beyond the numbers planned until 2021.  But it is too early yet to give any firm numbers.

EERA has already commissioned a survey to consider the broad outlines.  The survey is split three ways:

·         New Towns with more than 20,000 dwellings

·         New developments of up to 10,000 dwellings

·         Urban extensions at places such as Haverhill, Royston and possibly Sawston.

Developers are being asked to propose sites and it is likely that Tesco will come back with Hanley Grange under the second category.

The County will be going out to consultation – probably in October.  By this time the EERA-commissioned consultants should have reported and developers will have made their representations.  Internally the County is likely to create an all-party group to meet in public and propose its own set of options.

Sir David Trippier, Chairman of Cambridgeshire Horizons, has publicly praised the Stop Hanley Grange campaign and the Joint Action Group.  All planners are very keen for the Joint Action Group to remain in business.  But with the new scenario of consultation rather than out-and-out opposition there is a feeling that the Joint Action Group might like to concentrate at this stage on assessing and presenting options.

The Stop Hanley Grange committee is to meet at the end of the month to round off the first phase of opposition and decide how to keep the Joint Action Group ready for immediate action when the time comes.


Transport Innovation Fund


The Joint Transport Forum of the County, City and South Cambridgeshire met on Tuesday and Cambridgeshire’s Transport Innovation Fund bid is moving forward.  The County has admitted that its original announcements about creation of an independent commission to decide the way forward was “hasty.” The proposal has now changed considerably as a result of vocal opposition to what was regarded in some quarters as an attempt to remove any hint of blame from the County Council if it supported an unpopular move.

The Commission is now purely an advisory body.  Its exact composition has yet to be established.  It will hear evidence from all interested parties. It is clear that any decisions will be taken by the County.  The Commission is now expected to report after the County Council elections next May or June, thus taking the heat off the current administration.  The idea is that any decisions would be ratified by full council in October 2009.

Meanwhile a number of dead ends have been blocked off:

It is pretty well established that the status quo will not do.

The idea of a tax on work place parking would raise little money and would have a number of pernicious effects.

Additional parking restraints in the city would have no measurable effect.

It is also clear that it will be impossible to deliver Cambridge East on the Marshalls airfield site without the £500million from the Transport Innovation Fund.

The Joint Transport Forum will meet monthly from now on and at last seems to have started concentrating on the major issues of what benefits can be delivered with £500million and the income from whatever congestion charge would be implemented.  This seems to be much more positive than previous meetings which I have attended.

Village Speed Limits


The County Council has sent the Parish Council details of the next round of Minor Traffic Management Measures costing less than £15,000 and how to bid for them.  As last year, the District Council no longer jointly funds these measures.  For the current year the budget was £50,000 for the whole of South Cambridgeshire.  The budget for 2009/10 has yet to be set but clearly not many schemes will be approved.  I am told that it is likely that footway enhancements will be looked on favourably. As in the past the County is looking to solve problems using its own engineering skills rather than vet oven-ready schemes which parish councils may wish to present.

It is unlikely that any speed limit changes will be agreed while the County continues with its programme of re-assessing all speed limits.  The first roads to be re-assessed included the A1307.  Preliminary indications show that it is likely that the A505 from Junction 10 of the M11 to the Sawston roundabout will be re-assessed as 50mph.

The opposition at the County is highly critical of the centralized way with which this is being implemented.  The Liberal Democrats have proposed a change in policy to make it easier for Parish and Town Councils to reduce speed limits from 40mph to 30mph, and to introduce new speed limits, including 20 mph zones.  This is always subject to technical issues being agreed by County officers.  Papworth parish council managed to get a 20mph limit imposed in the village centre by paying for the whole scheme themselves but that is regarded as a one off.




At the end of July I attended a speeding seminar in Sawston co-hosted by the police and the County. One of the more interesting things to come out of it was a new scheme called Speedwatch, which could well be of  interest to Ickleton.

Speedwatch centres round a piece of equipment, which is installed at the side of the road and clearly indicates to motorists how fast they are going. Volunteers are present and record the number plates of vehicles, which are speeding.  This information is then passed to the police, who write a letter to the registered keeper of the vehicle.  A second contravention results in a visit from the police.


The Speedwatch equipment is not accurate enough to be used to prosecute motorists but it can be used in places where the police are unwilling to set up conventional speed monitoring.  Apparently there have already been good results in the Soham area, where Speedwatch has already been implemented.


The next thing is for the County and the Police to decide how much they are prepared to spend on the initiative.  Each piece of equipment costs some £3,000 and local residents have to volunteer to be trained in its use.  They also have to volunteer to use the equipment regularly.  I think we can expect an announcement shortly.


Helicopter flights


You have received a response to the Parish Council’s complaint about helicopter flights.  I have had one too and have passed a copy to the Parish Clerk.













Appendix II                            District Councillor’s Report                         September 2008



Planning matters


Ickleton Riverside Barns


SCDC has now issued the permission, a copy of which will presumably have been sent to Jos at the same time as to me.


Hanley Grange


Tesco have acknowledged that they have followed the will of the people in withdrawing the proposal. Thanks are due to all who contributed to the campaign and I thank Ickleton Parish Council, and Terry and Rachel in particular for their unstinted efforts.


It does leave a question hanging in the air. Tesco still owns the land. They will be free to proceed with ideas for the development of their land through the normal planning process which might begin with the regional spatial strategy review which is due to start in the coming year and be concluded in 2011. This will decide, amongst other things, what housing is needed in the future for the region, where, how and when. It could for example put in a planning application for a store on part of its site on the basis that this would be much less objectionable than a store and a new town. Who knows. The Hanley Grange Action Group will be thinking of this and intends to stay on the alert.




Meanwhile we should note the situation of the current LDF, since the Inspectors announced that they found a shortfall in the dwelling capacity of land allocated in the various Development Plan documents. This is mainly accounted by a shortfall in the expected achievement of the target for Northstowe (which is 9,500 homes in total) by the end of the LDF period (2016). In addition the site at Chesterton sidings will now be retained by Network Rail. The net result is a shortfall of about 2,200.

The Inspectors propose to make up that shortfall by adding sites to the Site Specific Policies DPD. This would take account of north-west Cambridge, which would be in the region of one to two thirds of the total. In addition the Inspectors have asked the Council to carry out a comparative assessment of the various “objection sites” that are on the table (Hanley Grange is not one of these). Huntsman is one, but is very unlikely to be considered, since rural centres such as Duxford are down the pecking order relative to suburban extensions to the city, satellite towns and “large villages”.

This autumn the Council's preferred sites for allocation will be presented and there will be a six-week period of public consultation. After this the Council will recommend to the Inspectors the additional housing development to make up the shortfall.