Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 19 November 2008 at 7.30 pm in the Meeting Room, Ickleton Village Hall.


Present: Robin Driver (Chairman), Peter Wombwell, Sheila Birch, Terry Sadler, Liz Goddard, Jocelyn Flitton (Parish Clerk), Timothy Stone (County Councillor), John Williams (District Councillor) and 1 member of the public


175/08 Apologies for absence:  Jane Hurst (indisposed), Lewis Duke (previous engagement), Mark Stone-Wigg (for late arrival)


176/08 To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 15 October 2008: The minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman.


177/08 Adjournment for questions from members of the public:  None


178/08 Matters Arising:

053/06  Land Registry – Recreation Ground/Village Hall – signatures required – Nothing further had been heard from Mr Marris (Adams & Harrison) following the e-mail sent dated 17/10/08 requesting that he send the documentation for signature.                                                                                         Action:  Clerk

028/07  Tennis Courts – Nothing further to report at this moment.                                    Action:  Clerk

023/08  Parish Plan – this item to be kept on the Agenda as a reminder.                           Action:  Clerk

039/08  Trees in Cemetery quotation – Mr Lilley has not yet sent the quotation due to queries he has regarding the BT telephone line and the possibility of having to have traffic lights.          Action:  Clerk

057/08  Butcher’s Hill & Brookhampton Street Lights – the Street light in Brookhampton Street is now working.  The Butcher’s Hill light has still not been repaired despite many reminders. Action:  Clerk     

Mill Lane Crossing – The Clerk has written twice to Mr Gary Nolan at Network Rail.  The second letter contained 6 photographs of the crossing together with an appropriate article from the Daily Telegraph.  The Clerk had received a phone call on November 18 from John Eccles who said he was now looking into the problem, which he will try to resolve but it may take a week or two.  The Chairman had visited the crossing at lunchtime today and whilst he was there 16 people crossed over the line. The Parish Council agreed that copies of the letters should be sent to Andrew Lansley CBE MP and that the Chairman would now contact the press.                                                                                               Action:  Clerk/RD

091/08 Coploe Pit gate – this work is still outstanding with Charles Frankau                     Action:  Clerk

096/08 Footpaths – galvanised gates (TStone) – Cllr T Stone reported that he had as yet been unable to ascertain any information, but would continue to try to do so.                                               Action: T Stone

113/08 Grange Road closure (start date 1/12/08 for one week) – Carillion WSP have confirmed that the road works will commence at 8.00 am on Monday 1 December and is expected to be completed by the evening of Friday 5 December 2008.  The hours of work will be 8.00am – 18.00 pm.  The diversion route is along Coploe Road onto Royston Lane or left onto Strethall Road.

118/08 Wellcome Trust – Dog Disposal Bin – This has now been installed in Mill Lane near the railway crossing.

130/08 Circular Bench in Play Area – This bench has now been put back in the Play Area.

148/08 Paper Bank Collections – Cllr Williams had been unable to help on this occasion.

165/08 Churchyard (low branches) – The Clerk will remind Ron Coulson to speak with the Chairman regarding the branches.                                                                                                         Action:  Clerk


179/08 Youth Representation: None


180/08  Reports from District and County Councillors:


Appendix I                    -           County Councillor’s Report

Appendix II                   -           District Councillor’s Report

181/08 Correspondence received:

CCC                                         -           Village Benefits Advice Service

CCC                                         -           Contracted Bus Service Consultation

CCC                                         -           Duxford Airfield Management Committee – Agenda/Minutes

CCC                                         -           On-line route planner for Cambridge

CCC                                         -           Inside Trade newsletter

SCDC                                      -           Christmas Fire Safety Advice

SCDC                                      -           10 Butchers Hill – tree application

SCDC                                      -           Recycling Free Wood chippings

SCDC                                      -           Local Dev. Framework/Site Specific Policies/Housing Shortfall

SCDC                                      -           Police Service Centre Statistics/Shed & Garage Burglaries

SCDC                                      -           Better Regulation, Better Business

SCDC                                      -           Organising an event in Cambridgeshire

SCDC                                      -           Visual Audits & Adopt a Neighbour Scheme

SCDC                                      -           SCDC Economic News/ Business Flyer

SCDC                                      -           Parish Council Monthly Update

SCDC                                      -           Standards Committee Newsletter

E Culling                                   -           Gt Chesterford Speed limit at Railway Bridge

A Lansley CBE MP                  -           Heavy traffic speeding through Duxford & Ickleton

Herald Contract                                    -           Grass Cutting 2009

Cambridge Water Co.                -           Cemetery, Brookhampton Street

Playquest                                  -           Quotation for Maintenance of Play Area

E-Cops                                     -           Traffic Accident – Frogge Street

CALC                                      -           Constitution/AGM/Training Courses/Banking Crisis

NALC                                      -           2008/09 National Interim Salary Award for Local Council Clerks

Cambs. LINK                           -           Newsletter

Communities & L Gov               -           Codes of conduct for local authority members & employees

CPRE                                       -           Stop the Drop Toolkit

Barclays Bank                          -           Business Banking Code

Rural Housing Trust                  -           Open House – Leaden Roding, Essex

Stop Stansted Expansion            -           Newsletter

Carillion WSP                           -           Closure of Grange Road

NALC/LCR                              -           Magazine

CPRE                                       -           Countryside Voice

Clerks & Councils Direct           -           Magazine

COPE                                      -           Newsletter No. 50

Wicksteed Park                         -           Catalogue

Correspondence Sent:

E-Cops                                     -           Traffic accident Frogge Street

SCDC – R Richardson              -           Horse Chestnut tree – Recreation Ground

Miss C Willmott                        -           Ickleton Cemetery

Network Rail                            -           Mill Lane Crossing

CCC                                         -           Butcher’s Hill Light


Mark Stone-Wigg joined the meeting.


182/08 Planning application(s) received from SCDC:                       Declarations of Interest to be declared.

S/1446/08/LB – Garden Room Extension to Annexe – 26 Abbey Street – Mr R Olds –Information only.

S/1626/08/F – Additional Dwelling – 13 Birds Close – Mr S James.  Liz Goddard declared an interest in 13 Birds Close and did not take part in the discussions for this application.   A site meeting had been held and was discussed.  Approve

S/1821/08/F – Garden Room – Caldrees Manor, Abbey Street – Mr J Gildersleeve - Approve

S/1823/08/LB – Alterations-Replacement of Conservatory by glazed garden room – Caldrees Manor, Abbey Street – Mr J Gildersleeve – Approve

Cllr John Williams left the meeting

S/1839/08/F – Extension (Amendment to approved application ref. S/0357/08/F) – 21 Mill Lane – Mr & Mrs A J Hutchinson - Approve

S/1751/08/F – Replacement Shed – 44 Frogge Street – Miss LC Driver & Mr D Price.

Mr Robin Driver and Mr Tim Pavelin declared an interest in this application and did not take part in the discussions - Approve

S/1844/08/F – Replacement Gates & Fencing – Harlequin House, 43 Abbey Street – Mr & Mrs J Macdonald - Approve

S/1551/08/F – Extensions, Alterations & Conversion of Existing Agricultural Buildings to Offices (Use Class B1) following demolition of Store – Abbey Farm, Duxford Road – Mr L Duke.  These plans had only been received on Monday 17 November and it was agreed that a site meeting should be held before a decision could be made.                                                                                                       Action: Clerk (7)

Planning application(s) granted by SCDC:

S/1433/08/F – Extension to Annexe – 26 Abbey Street – Mr R Olds

S/1446/08/LB – Garden Room Extension to Annexe – 26 Abbey Street – Mr R Olds

Application for tree works subject to a preservation order of in conservation area:

C/11/40/54 – Lop and prune 6 trees (3 Lylandi and 3 self-set trees:  Ash, Hazel & Walnut) – Gurner House, 20 Church Street – Mrs J Maynard – Approve


A member of public left the meeting.


183/08 Reports from Councillors:

Liz Goddard reported that she had attended the presentation by Cambridge Water and Cambridge News to receive a cheque for £250 from the Village Life Fund on behalf of the Allotment Association.

Peter Wombwell reported that two verge conservations posts had been sawn off near Chrishall Grange and some fencing had been taken from Coploe Road.  The Clerk was asked to order two more conservation plaques.                                                                                                                 Action:  Clerk

He also raised concerns about Highways and if they were getting best value from their contractors.  He was currently experiencing problems following the lay-bys which have been put in Grange Road.  It was agreed that Mr Wombwell would e-mail all the information to Cllr Stone, who would look into it.       Action:  PW

Sheila Birch said Dilip Odedra wished to put a notice up (advertising his shop) on either the lamppost or signpost.  Cllr T Stone said CCC did not approve of signs on these posts, although there is currently a sign on the lamppost for B&B.  Tim Pavelin suggested that maybe he should approach the Village Hall and ask if he could affix the sign to their post.

There is a pothole in Frogge Street (middle of road) before you get to Ickleton Riverside Barns.

Action:  Clerk

Some Byway signs have appeared near Grassy Lane Bridge, with two more near Stump Cross.  Enquiries will be made with Footpaths to see why these have appeared.                                          Action:  Clerk

Terry Sadler had attended the Parish Warden meeting from which notes had been promised but had not yet been received.  Following the recent heavy rainfall, he had noticed that the Slade was very full and it appears to be full of vegetation.

Tim Pavelin was concerned following the recent accidents in Frogge Street and felt that this tied in with an e-mail we had received from Gt Chesterford Parish Council, whereby the 30mph limit is being moved to under the bridge towards Ickleton.  They had asked if we had considered getting our 30mph limit extended.  It was agreed that we would write to D Lines (CCC) requesting an extension of the limit in Frogge Street.  It was also agreed to ask for the speed limit in Coploe Road to be extended as it was felt this was important due to the recent introduction of the Allotments.  The Chairman also asked if the Allotment Association could cut the hedge (opposite the seat) back to ensure a clearer vision for traffic.

                                                                                                                                    Action:  Clerk

A verbal request had been received for help with the Over 60’s Christmas lunch.  In order to consider this we would need to receive an application in writing so it could be put on the Agenda.



184/08 Finance (Bank Balances) including payments to:

Harts  - £128.06 (Icene+Stationery)        AMA Building -£2021.00           R Coulson - £2170.00 

Receipts:  Ivett & Reed - £40.00          C Willmott-£110.00


Bank Balances:

Community Account                              -           £688.60

Business Base Rate Tracker Account    -           £11,075.18


Bank Mandate (RD) – still outstanding


185/08 Recreation Field and Play Area:
Aerial runway – this was still awaiting repair.                                                         Action:  MS-W/PW
Spring dog handle – this was still awaiting repair                                                     Action:  MS-W/PW
Skate Park – the re-painting has now been completed

Quotation for Tree work rear of 34 Frogge Street  - Following an inspection of the trees by the Chairman and Parish Clerk, the Clerk has now shown Mr Lilley the work required and we now await his quotation.                                                                                                                                                Action:  Clerk


186/08 Cemetery

Chapel and Grant application to SCDC - the repair work on the Chapel had now been completed but it has been pointed out that further work is required.  Peter Wombwell will visit the site with Andy Hoare to assess the situation.  An application to SCDC for a grant has been sent and we await the outcome.  It was agreed to put the future use of the Chapel on the next Agenda.                                       Action:PW/Clerk


Rabbits – Ferreting in the cemetery is to continue.


187/08   Duxford Airfield (IWM) Management Liaison Committee Representative:

A letter had been received from Graham Igglesden saying he would have to retire as our Representative due to ill health.  The Parish Council said Mr Igglesden had given, over many years, a lot of time and hard work and they wished to record this. A letter of appreciation would be sent.   It was agreed that Lewis Duke would replace him as the Representative.                                                                   Action:  Clerk


188/08 Street Lighting Maintenance and Energy Charges:

The Clerk had circulated the costs that had been received for the coming year, which also compared the costs with those of last year.  Sheila Birch suggested that we should deduct the money relating to SC5 (Butcher’s Hill), as this light had not been working for several months.  It was agreed that a letter would be sent to Chris Sproston at CCC.                                                                                     Action:  Clerk


189/08   Speed watch Response:  Neither Terry Sadler or the Clerk had received a response for volunteers.  This information will be passed back to the Police.                                                  Action:  Clerk


190/07 Interaction with Businesses within the village: 

It was agreed to put this item on the Agenda again next month, as in the absence of Mr L Duke it was unclear as to its purpose.                                                                                         Action:  Clerk


191/08 Adjournment for questions by members of the public:  None


192/08 Date and time of next meeting - 10 December 2008.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.15pm





Appendix 1                 County Councillor’s Report                                         November 2008



Hanley Grange

Tesco have put the HG site into the mix for the next Regional Spatial Strategy
(RSS) review, in a bid, which looks similar to their last version.  The new proposal is for 14,100 houses, which presupposes that Tesco will gain control over the Wellcome land.


Incidentally Wellcome have put forward a proposal to include the disused gravel extraction area into the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Minerals and Waste Plan.  This is something of a last-minute proposal.  The idea would be to extract 170,000 tonnes from the site.


I have had a word with Robert Smith about the idea and he says that it had long been suggested that the site would be good for an agricultural reservoir.  I have a meeting organised with Wellcome for 25th November.

The County is setting up a panel to discuss all the sites proposed in the RSS review. No details have yet been released (there aren't any) but we have been told that the panel will meet in public. It is likely that the panel will include County and District Councillors, Cambridgeshire Horizons and officers of the County and the Districts, but nothing is clear yet.

I have kept the joint Action Group informed of what is happening and the Joint Action Group has the intention of attending Panel meetings, lobbying members of the Panel and putting forward the views of local communities. It seems that the Hanley Grange site has now been studied to death and is regarded as a poor one in any case, as you will have seen from the latest edition of the South Cambridgeshire magazine.  But we still need to be vigilant.

If the revised RSS recommendations include the principle that there should be no new settlements south of Cambridge, then we are relatively safe, barring any Tesco appeal. But we have to ensure that the recommendations do include that sort of stipulation or we shall be campaigning forever.

Parish Wardens

The first meeting of Parish Wardens is took place on 28th October.  Three parish councils were represented.  It was a good meeting with the parishes explaining some of their frustration with the County on planning issues.


Formula One at Duxford

The Renault Formula One team are interested in using the Imperial War Museum at Duxford for testing their cars.  The idea would be to spend up to five days in 2009 at the airfield.


On 30th October a group of us travelled to Kemble airfield in Gloucestershire to find out more.


The key is the noise.  Formula One cars are not quiet. In the event the car was not as noisy as the visitors had expected.  Even the sound engineer engaged to take readings was surprised.  In fact the car seemed to spend most of the time in a tent, surrounded by mechanics.


No decision will be taken until there has been an opportunity for all local residents to learn more and have their say.  A meeting will be arranged, probably in the week beginning 15th December.  The Renault team are keen to involve the local community and provide educational projects for schools.


Appendix II                            District Councillor’s Report                          November 2008


Planning matter  -  Time for consideration of planning applications

To confirm my explanation at the meeting.

In respect of the Birds Close application you already had my information by E-mail before the October meeting that:

 “The Parish Council time extension request has been considered by David Rush, the Head of Development Control. Having considered that the end of the neighbours' consultation period is 14/11/08, which means the Council can only make a decision for the application after this date, the PC time extension till 19/11/08 is acceptable”.

As I explained, this took quite an effort to obtain, and Mr Rush was reluctant, but agreed in view of the circumstances.


Then – in answer to the following E-mail from Jos, in relation to 44 Frogge Street:

Terry Sadler, on behalf of the Planning Committee has asked me to forward the following comment:

 "Sheila has noted that the application, having been received by Development Control on 06 October, was forwarded to us on 04 November - rec'd a few days thereafter - asking for our comments by 25 November!  Perhaps we should let John Williams know about this"


My comment on this, as I said at the meeting, is that such a timing is in line with the normal procedure – i.e. that a Parish Council has 21 days to comment from the date of sending the application to the Parish Council. This procedure is not going to change. It does not matter that the planning department may not have send out the papers until 4 weeks after the date of registration, the 21 days is a required period for PCs willy-nilly. The other requirement is 8 weeks from registration date until the return of the PC’s recommendation, and normally these two requirements will not be in conflict.


As I said at the meeting, I have progressed this issue as follows:


At the recent Planning Portfolio Holder meeting I raised the problem for Parish Councils in which the required time for consultation may not allow them to consider the item properly because of the timing of their meetings. Whereas most Parish Councils have a planning group or committee, which can and does consider applications without undue delay, in most cases their recommendations are then ratified at the full Parish Council meeting. Most PC’s have monthly meetings. But sometimes applications may only be received just after a PC meeting, and so the full PC will not be able to respond in the requested time. I stressed that it is important that the full PC meeting be able to ratify these recommendations, for reasons of democratic accountability, and that this is a right to be expected by the applicant as well as by the Parish Council. And thirdly that it is unreasonable to expect a PC to convene special meetings of the full PC just to satisfy the required 21 day period; PC members serve on a voluntary basis etc. etc.


With this reasoning, and the endorsement of the portfolio holder, the head of Planning (Gareth Jones) agreed that it would make sense for the Planning Department to note the dates of the meetings of Parish Councils and time the sending of papers to allow PCs to deal with applications and submit their recommendations without disturbing their routines unnecessarily…

The 21-day period for consultation will still remain, as it appears to be a statutory requirement. It can be stretched a few days, but stretching further - as in the case of Birds Close - would not normally be acceptable. One has to bear in mind that the planning applicant (who has to follow a variety of planning rules) would expect that the rules of consultation are followed, and could possibly contest a consultation, which is allowed to stretch the rules beyond a certain point.


Cemetery Grant – the Parish Council should receive 25% towards the cost of repairing the chapel roof.