Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 21 January 2009 at 7.30 pm in the Meeting Room, Ickleton Village Hall


Present:  Robin Driver (Chairman), Jane Hurst, Lewis Duke, Liz Goddard, Sheila Birch, Peter Wombwell, Tim Pavelin, Jocelyn Flitton (Parish Clerk), Cllr John Williams (District Councillor) and 7 members of the public.


001/09            Apologies for absence:  Terry Sadler, Mark Stone-Wigg and Cllr Timothy Stone (County Councillor)


The Chairman made the following two points before the meeting began:

·         The Correspondence files, which are circulated around the Councillors, are not being returned to the Parish Clerk.  If anyone does not wish to receive the file please could they let the Clerk know?

·         The Agenda has gone onto two pages this month mainly due to items, which we fail to get responses to e.g. District and County Councils. 


002/09 To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 10 December 2008.    The minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman.


003/09            Adjournment for questions from members of the public:  None


004/09            Matters Arising

053/06  Land Registry – Recreation Ground/Village Hall – signatures required – no response had been received following an e-mail sent to Mr Marris at Adams Harrison on 11 January 2009.  The Clerk will continue to chase.                                                                                                   Action:  Clerk

028/07  Tennis Courts – the Chairman hoped to have further news tomorrow on the land adjacent to Back Lane.                                                                                                                               Action:  RD

023/08   Parish Plan – it was agreed to remove this item from the Agenda for the time being.

039/08   Trees in Cemetery quotation – A quotation had been received to take down 8 Pine trees near the flint wall at a cost of £2425.00 + VAT and a quotation to take down 4 trees which are leaning towards the flint wall at a cost of £1485.00 + VAT.  The quotations take into account that the area is on a bend and would need traffic control and also telephone wires run through the trees.  The Chairman reported that only one tree is actually touching the wall.  It was agreed to leave the decision until the February meeting.

                                                                                                                                    Action:  Clerk

007/08   Butcher’s Hill Street Light (Ref. number corrected) – reporting that this light is still not working has not had any effect despite the Clerk sending numerous e-mails and phone calls to the appropriate authority.  The Clerk was asked to contact Wendy Landown, the new liaison officer at Cambridgeshire County Council who Lewis Duke and the Clerk met at the Police Neighbourhood Panel Meeting.                                                                                                                                                  Action:  Clerk

014/08  Mill Lane Crossing (Ref. number corrected) –Some work has been done on the crossing since the last meeting, and a resident reported that two members of Network Rail were at the crossing on Tuesday.  The Chairman visited the site today and said he was still not happy with the crossing although it looked like about ¾ of the work had been completed.  Wellcome Trust had written a strong letter to Network Rail supporting us in getting the crossing made safe.  No further response has been received from Andrew Lansley CBE MP and the Clerk had contacted his Secretary for a response on 11 January 2009.  The Clerk will update Wellcome Trust, Andrew Lansley CBE MP and also contact Network Rail asking for confirmation in writing that they consider all the work has been done and is safe and to confirm any recommendations for crossing the line.                                                                         Action:  Clerk

165/08   Churchyard (low branches) – this will be covered under item 013/09

183/08   Byway Signs – A response had been received from Andrew Stimson (CCC) asking if we could email photos of both ends of the byway and all signage and he will look into options for signs.  Sheila Birch will take photos and the Clerk will assist if required.                                                        Action:  SB

Frogge Street 30 mph Speed Limits – A letter had been received from Steven Thulborn (CCC) stating that any extension of the 30 mph Speed limit as suggested would not comply with County Council policy so therefore the limit would not be relocated.  The Clerk will send a copy of the letter to the Parish Clerk of Gt Chesterford Parish Council.                                                                                      Action:  Clerk

188/08   Street Lighting Maintenance & Energy Charges – we are still waiting for a response to see if we are being given a credit for the Butcher’s Hill light, which has not been working for a year.   Action:  Clerk

201/08  Cutting hedge permission for Allotment Association – Peter Wombwell will speak to the landowner this weekend.                                                                                              Action:  PW

Shop Sign – Cllr J Williams had nothing further to report at this moment, following our letter of 11/12/08 asking if he would discuss this with the planners and report back.                              Action:  Cllr Williams

205/07   Interaction with Businesses within the village – this item was still outstanding.            Action:LD/Clerk


005/09 Youth Representation:  None          


006/09   Reports from District and County Councillors


Appendix I            -            County Councillors Report

Appendix II            -            District Councillors Report


007/09            Correspondence received/Return of file

Councillors to inform the Clerk if they do NOT wish to receive the file

SCDC(Communications)-            SCDC’s planning for 2009/10

SCDC (N Kritzinger)            -            Business Link Voucher Scheme

SCDC                          -            Parish Forum Meeting (19/01/09)

SCDC (B Fairley) -            South Cambs Domestic Abuse Directory of Service

SCDC (S Smith)   -            Cemetery Chapel – refusal of grant application

SCDC                          -            Housing Futures

CCC (M Cooper)            -            Flooding Birds Close

CCC (M Cooper)            -            Closure of Frogge Street

CPALC                                    -            Guide to becoming a Quality Council

CPALC                                    -            Monthly General Newsflash

CPALC                                    -            Road Safety Compliance Consultation

Young Lives                 -            Youth Bank Cambridgeshire

Wildlife Trust                -            Coploe Hill Pit

R Patterson                   -            Little Shelford Footpaths

Cambs. Police               -            Neighbourhood Policing Update

Cambs. Police               -            Speeding Coploe Road/Stackyard

Cambs. Police               -            ‘Our Pledge to you’

Cambs. Police               -            Vehicle of interest to the police

A Lansley CBE MP       -            Copy of letter to SCDC re. Hexcel

A Lansley CBE MP       -            Acknowledgement of letter sent dated 20/12/08

SSE                              -            Stop Stansted update

Open University            -            Exhibition Saffron Walden Library 27 January 2009

Comm. & Local Gov.     -            Communities in Control: Real people, real power - Consultation document

Clerks & Councils            -            Direct magazine

COPE                          -            Newsletter No. 51

NHS                             -            In Touch magazine

NALC                          -            LCR magazine

Jimmy’s                        -            Jottings from Jimmy’s

Essex CC                     -            Minerals & Waste Development Framework

Cambs Acre                 -            Community Action magazine & Reaching out to local communities

Wicksteed                     -            Playscapes leaflet

Correspondence sent:

P Lilley                         -            Ickleton Cemetery tree works

Wellcome Trust             -            Mill Lane Level Crossing

CCC (M Oakman)            -            Village grass cutting 2008-09

Cllr J Williams               -            Shop sign

Cllr T Stone                  -            Outstanding queries with CCC


008/09            Planning application(s) received from SCDC             

Declarations of Interest to be declared.   Lewis Duke signed the Declaration of Interest book

S/1551/08/F – Extensions, Alterations & Conversion of existing Agricultural Buildings to Offices – Abbey Farm, Duxford Road – Mr L Duke – Amendment: Revisions to design - Information only

S/1552/08/LB – Alterations, extension and conversion of two outbuildings to office use – Abbey Farm, Duxford Road – Mr L Duke – Amendment: Revisions to design - Information only

S/2079/08/LB – Alterations-replace on window (SW elevation) & block window on front – Ickleton Lion, 9 Abbey Street – Greene King Pub Partners - Approve

S/2094/08/LB – Erection of signage – Ickleton Lion, 9 Abbey Street – Green King Pub Partners - Approve

S/2123/08/F – Dwelling – Land to the west of 20 Church Street – Mr & Mrs R Maynard

A site visit (19/01/09) had been carried out by kind permission of Mr & Mrs Maynard and copies of two objection letters sent to SCDC had been received.  The Councillors (who had attended the site visit) had considered and discussed the application and recommended that it be refused on the following reasons:

The Councillors voted unanimously to Refuse this application

3 members of the public left the meeting

S/2170/08/CIRC 14/90 – Pole – Land South East of Church Platt Cottage, 110 Frogge Street – EDF Energy Networks - Approve

S/2151/08/F – Dwelling – Land to the North West of 9 Grange Road – Rowe Build & Development Ltd.  The Councillors felt that their previous objections still stood and noted the site was outside the conservation area. 

The Councillors voted unanimously to Refuse this application.

Cllr Williams and 3 members of the public left the meeting

Planning application(s) withdrawn from SCDC:

S/1536/08/F/RMc – Erection of Grain Store & repositioning of Polytunnels & Glasshouses – Rectory Farm, Grange Road – RGR Smith & RAGT Seeds Ltd

S/1846.08/LB – Install replacement vehicular & pedestrian gates & fences – Harlequin House, 43 Abbey Street – Mr & Mrs J Macdonald

S/1844/08/F/EC – Replacement Gates & Fencing – Harlequin House, 43 Abbey Street – Mr & Mrs J Macdonald

S/1551/08/F – Extensions Alterations & Conversion of Existing Agricultural Buildings to Offices – Abbey Farm, Duxford Road – Mr L Duke

Planning application(s) granted by SCDC:

S/1839/08/F – Extension (Amendment to Approved application S/0357/08/F) – 21 Mill Lane – Mr & Mrs Hutchinson

S/1626/08/F – Additional Dwelling – 13 Birds Close – Mr S James

Planning application(s) refused by SCDC:

S/1821/08/F – Garden Room – Caldrees Manor, 2 Abbey Street – Mr J Gildersleeve

S/1823/08/LB – Alterations-Replacement of Conservatory by Glazed Garden Room – Caldrees Manor, 2 Abbey Street – Mr J Gildersleeve


009/09            Reports from Councillors

Sheila Birch reported more potholes – cemetery bend, Grange Road (near Redlands footpath), Grange Road (near the arch bridge), Hinxton Road near exit of Wellcome Trust walk.  The Clerk will also raise our concern again about the poor state of the surface in Frogge Street.  A complaint had been received from a resident about the state of Frogge Street.                                                                          Action:  Clerk

Jane Hurst said Jethro Holberry had asked if he could shoot rabbits in the cemetery.  The Clerk was asked to send a letter of thanks saying if we were not able to control the situation satisfactory, we would need to meet and discuss further before allowing this.                                                                  Action:  Clerk

Lewis Duke reported that at the Village Hall Management Committee Meeting held on Monday, a letter had been received from Hewitsons (solicitors) in which they recommended looking at revising and changing the structure of the Trustees.  They also recommended they need to review who is responsible for the lease.  He will keep the Parish Council updated.                                                           

Peter Wombwell recently attended a meeting at IWM about the Formula 1 days.  There would be 8 days a year with car movement, 1 day set-up up and 1 running day.  They will be speaking to landowners regarding security.  He feels it will be noisy but will happen.


010/09            Finance (Bank Balances) including payments to

Harts  -   £54.98                        Ickleton Village Hall - £36.00              JA Flitton - £335.87                       

HM Revenue £77.14            Cambridge Conservation Volunteers - £31.00 

Stop Stansted Expansion – Donation of £25.00 (proposed T Pavelin) – to be put on February Agenda


Bank Balances:

Community Account                                    -            £78.61

Business Base Rate Tracker Account            -            £11,130.96                               


Bank Mandate (RD) – outstanding



A meeting of the Finance sub-committee had been held and they proposed that the precept be kept at £15,000.  Terry Sadler had forwarded his views and recommended £15,525.  Following discussion, Sheila Birch proposed and Liz Goddard seconded that the precept be raised to £15,525.  The Chairman called for a vote and it was agreed by 4 votes to 3 against, that the Precept be raised to £15,525.            Action:  Clerk

1 member of the public and the Clerk left the meeting.


Parish Clerk’s salary review (As per NALC backdated to 1 April 08)

Following the recommendation of Society of Local Council Clerks, the Clerks salary was raised by 46p per hour, payable from 1st April 2008.                                                                                Action:  Clerk

The Clerk rejoined the meeting


011/09            Recreation Field and Play Area
(a) Quotation for Tree work rear of 34 Frogge Street – a quotation had been received for £260.00 + VAT.  It was agreed to leave this till the February meeting.                                                            Action:  Clerk
(b) Grass cutting quotations and strimming – The Clerk had notified the Councillors that Ron Coulson wished to cut back on his work and wished to give up the strimming.  Following discussion, the Clerk will send out for quotations and ask two people if they were willing to do the strimming (a list of which has been compiled).  Quotations will be presented at next month’s meeting.                                    Action:  Clerk



012/09            Cemetery 


013/09            Churchyard

Request for working party (to include 165/08) - Simon Casement (Church warden) had asked if a working party between the PCCC and PC could be arranged to tidy up the Churchyard.  The Councillors agreed to this and the Clerk will ask Mr Casement if he could propose two dates for this to take place. Mr Casement is proposing to install a wooden compound for grass cuttings to be put; following a conversation with Ron Coulson; they would need to consult with him about the compound as to how he can empty the grass cuttings from the tractor into it.                                                                                             Action:  Clerk

Garden of Remembrance – Mr S J Hall had written to Rev Schofield requesting that he can put geotextile under the tablets of Rev. JB Hall, Margaret Hall and Hannah Danson to inhibit the weeds.  The Councillors felt that this was a decision to be taken by PCCC.  Mr Hall also mentioned the surrounding hedge, which grows over the tablets.  The Councillors felt that this could be addressed when the working party are in action.  The Clerk will write to the Secretary of the PCCC.                                     Action:  JAF


014/09 Police Neighbourhood Panel Meeting (5 January 2009)

(a)    Speedwatch – Lewis Duke and Jocelyn Flitton saw the equipment, which was fairly simple but heavy to carry.  An article fully explaining Speedwatch is being put in the next Icene asking for volunteers.

(b)    Panel Meeting – there was nothing significant to report but it was pointed out that everyone should be vigilant regarding burglaries.


015/09            Footpaths – Parish Path Partnership (P3) Applications for 2009/2010

Sheila Birch reported that we had now received the application forms and asked if anyone had any suggestions.  Tim Pavelin suggested that the hedgerow be continued/planted across the field from Duxford to Ickleton.                                                                                                                       Action:  SB


016/09            Adjournment for questions by members of the public:  None   


017/09 Date and time of next meeting - 18 February 2009


There being nor further business the meeting closed at 9.40 pm








Appendix I                              County Councillor’s Report                                                      January 2009  



Apologies for Absence.  I’m sorry to be away at the moment because some of what I have to report may have been overtaken by events.


Hanley Grange


As I reported last month, the meeting of the Cambridgeshire Regional Spatial Review Panel (CReSSP) takes place on 9th January. 


I have sent a set of questions to the Panel, essentially seeking confirmation that Hanley Grange will still not be considered.  The response to the questions will give a better idea of how and whether the Joint Action Group should continue the campaign to ensure that Hanley Grange in its proposed form does not see the light of day.


The Joint Action Group has made its own representations and has been given a tentative invitation to speak at the Panel meeting in March.


It remains unclear whether the County and the Panel will be given enough time to complete a thorough study of all options open to the County as a statutory consultee. The deadlines appear to be far too tight.

Formula One at Duxford


As I reported in December, the meeting took place at the Imperial War Museum on 15th December and I am told there were about 40 people present.


The response was overwhelmingly positive and it is therefore likely that Renault will be testing cars on the airfield this year.  There will be a number of clauses to the agreement, which will allow the IWM to pull out if necessary.



Sale of County land to the Imperial War Museum


A meeting was held on 6th January to try and iron out the remaining differences between the County and the Imperial War Museum on sale by the County to the Imperial War Museum of its 150 acres of the site.  The essential sticking point is money.  The County’s valuers say the land is worth £1.6million and the Imperial War Museum’s say it’s worth £1.5 million.


I very much hope that a way has been found to bridge the gap and I shall report in February as to the outcome.



Appendix II                            District Councillor’s Report                         January 2009



Cemetery grant


See E-mails on this subject forwarded separately. David Bevan is the newly appointed head of Conservation. He is on holiday until next week and has therefore not yet seen mine of 17 January. This will not change the outcome but as you see I have asked for an apology to Ickleton PC for the reasons stated.


Conservation department staff has now changed 100% over a 12 month period, and the climate is currently very much “by the book.



Land behind Back Lane


I have been asked again recently about any of this land as potential for affordable housing.  What is the situation with the tennis courts proposal?





As did Lewis Duke and Jos Flitton, I attended the information session on this at last week’s Police Neighbourhood Liaison meeting when John Fuller demonstrated the assembly of the tripod with the camera, etc. and explained the procedures.

In the event that IPC propose to recruit volunteers for this it is to be noted that the detailed guidelines mention that volunteers from village A operate in village B, to avoid the possibility of repercussions, though any actual repercussions were not mentioned last week. Meanwhile I am quite happy to be one of the volunteers for this in Ickleton (and enjoy the repercussions accordingly!)


Meanwhile the following has just come in:




Some of you (SCDC Councillors) have probably seen publicity about the Speedwatch scheme at neighbourhood panel meetings (text below). There is one set of apparatus to be shared between villages in South Cambs, probably a week at a time, and teams of 3 people are recommended to run the system.

We are arranging training for volunteers in Milton Bowls Pavilion on Sunday 25th Jan, from 2 - 4:30pm.

This is set up for volunteers from Milton, but if any other villages are interested there are places available to join us.


Please contact Jan Dean at Histon Police Station if you are interested: directly on 07738025129, other contact details below.
Jan Dean
Histon Enquiry Officer
08454564564 ext 3708
Cambridgeshire Constabulary.