Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 18 March 2009 at 7.30 pm in the Meeting Room, Ickleton Village Hall.


Present:  Robin Driver (Chairman), Jane Hurst, Lewis Duke, Tim Pavelin, Terry Sadler, Sheila Birch, Liz Goddard, Mark Stone-Wigg, Jocelyn Flitton (Parish Clerk) and Pam Fearn (Ickleton Village Hall)


038/09            Apologies for absence:  Peter Wombwell, John Williams (District Councillor) and Timothy Stone (County Councillor)


039/09 To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 18 March 2009:  The minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman.


040/09            Adjournment for questions from members of the public:  None


041/09            Matters Arising:

053/06  Land Registry – Village Hall Lease – Lewis Duke explained that the Village Hall Committee is drawing up a new Trust Deed for the village hall.  Members of the Village Hall Management Committee held a meeting with Philip Peacock of Cambridgeshire Acre to discuss various options.  A trust deed requires Holding Trustees and Management Committee Trustees.  It is preferable to have a statutory body as the Holding Trustee rather than individuals.  A statutory body can be the Charity Commission, a local authority (SCDC) or a Parish Council.  The Village Hall Management Committee would prefer the Parish Council to act as Holding Trustee as it has local knowledge and own the site that the hall was built on.  Holding Trustees take no part in the management of the hall.  The Clerk will circulate a copy of the draft Trust Deed for consideration by the Councillors before the next meeting, when this item will again be on the Agenda.                                                                                                                            Action:  Clerk

028/07  Tennis Courts – Nothing further had been heard from Mr D Human.                            Action:  Clerk

014/08  Mill Lane Crossing – A letter had been received from Mr Andrew Lansley CBE MP.  This item will now be taken off the Agenda.

201/08   Shop Sign (Cllr Williams) – see note in Cllr Williams report.                  Action: Cllr Williams

205/08  Interaction with Businesses within the village – A draft list of businesses was circulated for consideration and any additions/alterations should be e-mailed to the Clerk.  Further discussion will be had at the next meeting.                                                                                                             Action:  All

009/09  Potholes – An e-mail had been received from Mike Cooper (CCC Highways) saying he had ordered the pothole repairs to be completed as soon as possible, although they had been almost overwhelmed with pothole reports!  The public report the majority of potholes, but they have full time Inspectors who inspect every road in Cambridgeshire on a routine basis.  The classification of the road determines the frequency of these inspections.  Their SWAT teams also patrol and repair potholes on sight.

026/09  Gritting of roads and grit bins – Nothing further had been heard from Cllr Stone regarding local farmers gritting certain roads within the village.  The cost of purchasing bins for grit was felt to be too high to consider at the moment.                                                                                             Action:  Cllr Stone

Hanley Grange letter – Terry Sadler reported that the consultation period had now been extended until the end of April and he would circulate a draft letter shortly.                                                          Action:  TS

031/09  Speedwatch – The names of the three volunteers had been sent to Cambridgeshire Police.

032/09  Footpaths – Parish Path Partnership (P3) Applications for 2009/2010 inc. 183/08 Byway Signs – The forms had been completed and returned to CCC, together with photographs of the Byway signs that they requested.

034/09  Freedom of Information Act – Terry Sadler had looked at the information and proposed that we adopt the ICO’s model scheme.  The Councillors agreed to this.  Terry Sadler will do some more work on this and contact the Clerk.                                                                                              Action:  TS/Clerk



042/09 Youth Representation - None


043/09   Reports from District and County Councillors:


Appendix I                    -            District Council

Appendix II                   -            County Council


044/09            Correspondence received:

SCDC                          -            Ickleton Cemetery Non-Domestic Rate Bill.                  Action:  Clerk

SCDC (A Holly)   -            Standards Committee

SCDC (L Hayward)            -            Housing Futures DVD/ Formal Offer Document

SCDC                          -            North West Cambridge Area Action Plan DVD

SCDC (G Jones)   -            Local Development Framework DVD

SCDC                          -            New Proof of Concept round announced by EEDA

SCDC                          -            Council Housing leaflet

CCC (A Dunsdon)            -            Contact Centre Telephone Number Changes

CCC (S Wade)             -            Results of tendered service consultation (Buses) + response D Lilley

CCC                             -            Your Cambridgeshire magazine

CPALC                                    -            Power of Wellbeing/Affiliation Fees/Spring Bulletin

RoSPA                         -            Notification of inspection of Play Area

A Lansley CBE MP       -            Copy of correspondence re. Hexcel

Imp. War Museum            -            New Public Relations Manager/ Minutes Liaison Committee

Cambs. Acre                -            Village of the Year competition/ Fieldwork magazine/Comm. Action

R Radford                     -            Stop Linton Wind Farm

Froglife                         -            Build a wildlife pond

SSExpansion                 -            Letter of thanks for donation

Cllr T Stone                  -            Hanley Grange – consultation reply

E Culling                       -            Gt Chesterford PC – potholes & 30 mph Speed Limit

J Marshall                     -            Copy of letter re. planning application S/0106/09/F

Cambs LAF                  -            Notice re. forthcoming meetings

COPE                          -            Newsletter No. 53

Clerks & Council -            Magazine March 09

Stds Board                    -            Leaflet February 09

NALC                          -            LCR magazine

Glasdons                       -            Catalogues

Correspondence sent:

Cambs. Police               -            Speedwatch

D Fraser                       -            Flooding

CCC                             -            Street Lighting Maintenance & Energy charges

C Frankau                     -            Contract work

Speed Survey                -            Safety Camera survey

P Lilley                         -            Tree quotations


045/09            Planning application(s) received from SCDC:            

Declarations of Interest to be declared. – Lewis Duke declared an interest in S/0106/09/F


S/0038/09/F – Removal of Condition 9 of Planning Permission S/1626/08/F – 13 Birds Close - Mr S James – No Recommendation

S/2025/08/F -  Erection of Gate – 6 Butchers Hill – Mrs L Frost – AMENDMENT – Gatepost design & slight relocation of access gate and door furniture information supplied.            Information only.

Lewis Duke left the meeting.

S/0106/09/F – Erection of Grain Store, Re-positioning of Polytunnels & Glasshouses – Grange Road - RAGT Seeds Ltd.- Refuse.  The Parish Council had previously requested that the height of the grain store be reduced from 9.5 metres to 8.1m, the same height of the existing barn. This point had not been taken into consideration in this planning application

Lewis Duke rejoined the meeting.


S/0196/09/F – Extensions – 64 Abbey Street – Mr Simon Day – Approve                         Action:  Clerk(2)


Planning application(s) granted by SCDC:

S/2025/08/F – Erection of Gate – 6 Butchers Hill – Mrs L Frost


Planning application(s) refused by SCDC:

S/2151/08/F – Dwelling at land to the Northwest of 9-17 Grange Road – Rowe Build & Dev. Ltd.


046/09            Reports from Councillors:

Terry Sadler reported that he had been exchanging e-mails with Cllr Stone asking for an update on the Highways Minor Improvement Scheme. 

Mr Sadler asked if the Parish Council were giving a view on the proposed Linton Wind Farms.  The Chairman said it was up to individuals to make representations and not the Parish Council.

Mr Sadler would also like Cllr Williams to explain what his interest/intentions are regarding the field in Back Lane.

Sheila Birch reported that the notices for protected roadside verges have now been installed.

Mark Stone-Wigg reported that in the Play Area, one Monkey bar rung went missing, but it has now been replaced.


047/09            Finance (Bank Balances) including payments to:

CPALC - £195.03 (Affiliation Fees)    Harts  -  £70.98 (Icene)             NALC -  £13.50 (Subscription)

R Coulson - £150.00 (Watering trees)     Wrights - £312.56 (Servicing Countax C600H)
Payments Received:

J Day & Son - £114.00 (Erection of 2 Headstones)   S M Barber-Lomax - £57.00 (Purchase of burial plot)


Financial year end 31/03/09 – Approval Clerk’s 3 month’s salary + PAYE paid up to and including 31/03/09.  The Parish Council approved the payment to the Clerk.                               Action:  Clerk


Bank Balances

Community Account                                    -            £24.33 (excluding Clerk’s salary)

Business Base Rate Tracker Account            -            £6,130.96

The sum of £900 will be transferred to the Community Account                                                           


Risk Assessment:

A draft updating the Risk Assessment was circulated.  Councillors were asked to send any suggestions/amendments to the Clerk.  This document would be discussed again at the next meeting.

                                                                                                                                  Action:  LD/Clerk                                           

048/09            Recreation Field and Play Area:
(a)               Tree work rear of 34 Frogge Street – this had now been done.  
(b)               Grass cutting 2009 – Confirmation letters to C Frankau and R Coulson – The Chairman had been in contact with both parties, who had agreed to revisit their costs.                                                 

(c)               Summer Sizzler – 5 September 2009 – A request for permission to hold the Summer Sizzler in the Recreation Ground on 5 September 2009 was agreed.                                                           Action: Clerk


049/09            Cemetery  - 

·         Chapel – Condition to be kept under Review/ Rabbits  - nothing further to add

·         Trees in Cemetery – this item was still outstanding.                             Action:  PW

·         Burial plot in Old Cemetery – A letter had been received from R Skeates Funeral Directors saying that in the opinion of their gravedigger the grave space appears to be empty.  The Clerk will write to Mr and Mrs Wombwell allocating the space but will not be asking for payment as due to the period of time elapsed, no one can say/prove if payment had previously been made.

    Action:  Clerk

·         An application from J Day & Son (on behalf of D. Lilley) had been received for the erection of two headstones.  No objections were raised.

·         Maintenance inspection – Jane Hurst had carried out an inspection.  Two headstones were found to be wobbly in the old Cemetery.  Peter Wombwell will be asked to lay these down respectively.  Some broken vases, which could be dangerous, were found on the Plumb grave.  The Clerk to make contact with the family to ask if these could be removed.       Action:  Clerk


050/09            Churchyard – Date for working party – Nothing further had been heard from the Churchwardens.


051/09   Vandalism  -  Village Hall and tree in Play Area

The Parish Council were disappointed and concerned that 10 windows in the village hall had been deliberately smashed.  Pam Fearn said the windows would be replaced in the next few days.  The Plane tree, which had been planted in the Play Area, at considerable cost, had had some of its lower branches snapped off.  Gerry Birch has said he will tidy up the end of the branches that have been snapped.  The Councillors deplore this type of vandalism, and would ask parishioners to be vigilant.


052/09            Duxford Airfield Management Liaison Committee – Future Format

Lewis Duke reported that the museum want to review the Friends of Duxford card, due to lack of revenue.  After discussion, the Councillors agreed that they would like to see it continue and if possible for the museum to do more for the local population.


053/09            Flooding / Meeting with Wellcome Trust 20 March 2009:

Sheila Birch and Terry Sadler will discuss flooding when they meet with Wellcome Trust on Friday.  The Clerk was asked to contact the Clerk at Gt Chesterford to see if she had heard any more from Phil Hunt at Uttlesford District Council. A letter written by Mr and Mrs J Bristow, was passed to the Chairman following the request that it is published in Icene.  The Chairman will speak to the Editors of Icene and add a small comment after the letter.                                                                                                  Action:  Clerk


054/09            Adjournment for questions by members of the public:  None


055/09 Dates:


 AGM/Parish Council – 20 May 2009. 


Annual Parish Meeting – 27 May 2009.  The Chairman asked for suggestions for a Speaker.  It was agreed that Lewis Duke would ask Richard Summers of RAGT Seeds if he would like to speak at the meeting.


056/09 Date and time of next meeting  - 15 April 2009 at 7.30pm 


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.15 pm.








Appendix I


For Ickleton Parish Council                                                                                    for March 2009


Report from John Williams, District Councillor



Signage for Village shop

Contact with Highways department officer preceded my letter in January. Followed up twice but no action yet to visit the village to look. Ongoing.



Land behind Grange Road


Terry has reported this.

Officers favoured, but Committee refused the application 5 : 8 : 1, with the linear character of the village still the main reason.


Whittlesford side of Duxford ward:

The Red Lion:  Approved 10 : 4 : 0, against Conservation dept and officers' recommendation, and with my support and that of Whittlesford and Duxford PCs. In spite of Mrs Roberts’ vociferous dislike of the hotel design, other members found it acceptable, and not too overbearing on the listed buildings. Arguments favouring were that the economic shot in the arm would actually help the conservation of these (the chapel and Red Lion building itself), given the clear commitment demonstrated by the applicants. Also the economic benefit per se.


Land behind Station Road: Officers recommended approval. I supported with the agreement to take on board some of the concerns of Duxford PC. Approved 11 : 3 : 0.



Land behind Back Lane

Any progress?


Appendix II                                                                            County Councillors Report                        

Report for Ickleton Parish Council                               18th March 2009

State of the roads
Most of the potholes caused by the icy weather have now been mended.  County Highways have been extremely busy responding to people's messages.  There are still a few potholes left to be filled and I would urge anyone to report them on 0345 0451360.  Mike Cooper is back next Monday.
You may have seen that extensive patching is being organized for the Sawston Roundabout.

Hanley Grange
Consultation on the Sustainability Assessment of Hanley Grange and the Draft Planning Policy Statement for Eco-towns has now been extended to 30th April.  I have sent a copy of my reply to all local parish councils. The County will be responding and I would encourage anyone who has not already done so to send in a response.

The Regional Spatial Strategy Review consultation continues. This could have an impact on Tesco's introduction of Hanley Grange as a "normal" town. I attended the meeting of the Joint Cambridgeshire Regional Spatial Strategy Review Panel (CReSSP) on 6th March and shall attend the next one on 7th April, when the Joint Action Group will address CreSSP.  I may well do so as well.
Meanwhile on 24th February I attended and Economic Workshop about the Regional Spatial Strategy.  That should help inform the County Council's work on the Cambridgeshire Development Study. There was a good exchange of views but no single trend.
The County is scheduled to have the Cambridgeshire Development Study ready for 20th March.  So it isn't entirely clear why CReSSP continues to meet and the next Economic Workshop will meet again on 27th March in Wisbech. I intend to be there, too.

Transport Innovation Fund
 There have now been several open meetings of the Cambridgeshire Transport Commission, which has been set up to examine the County's bid for £465 million or so of government funding to improve transport in and around Cambridge.
I went to the first one on 4th March at which evidence was given by the Government Office for the East of England, the East of England Regional Assembly, Cambridgeshire Horizons and the officers of Cambridgeshire County Council.

Some of the background information was fairly stark:
 * 45% more traffic is expected on the strategic road network by 2021.
 * Cambridgeshire's population is expected to grow by a third between 2006 and 2031 to reach 800,000.
* The cost of congestion, currently estimated at £1 bn will double by 2021.
* After construction of Chesterton Station, due for completion by the end of 2016, there is about £80 million left for transport schemes costed at about £1 bn.
* By 2021 there will be 20,350 more morning peak trips into and within Cambridge (on a base thought to be in the region of 90,000, though that was not clear).
* That will bring an 84% increase in junction delays, a 30% increase in distance travelled and a 40% increase in travel time.
* 40% of greenhouse gases are caused by transport.
* Only demand management will bring about a reduction in private car traffic in and around Cambridge.  That conclusion was also reached by consultants working for the Economic Forum.

Main lines of enquiry were:
* whether, in view of the economic crisis, the projected growth in and around Cambridge would actually take place.  Current plans show there will be 30,000 more jobs than houses in Cambridge.  The response was that although the rate of growth is likely to slow in early years, it will certainly take place at some time - and probably by 2031.
* whether the proposed £500 million to be spent on TIF is just an attempt by government to paper over gaping holes in the amount Cambridgeshire really needs to finance infrastructure for growth.  The costs are estimated at £4 bn, of which £2 bn is for transport.  Within the city a contribution of £500 million will still leave a gap of £760 million.
* why increases in traffic are inevitable when over the past few years, blocking off the centre of the city centre and successful Park & Ride services have actually reduced traffic.  The response was that these are once only initiatives and cannot be repeated.

The elephant in the room was exactly what £500 million can buy.  It appeared that the County had not done an adequate job in showing what the carrot could be and therefore everyone is fixated on the stick.  This will be rectified.

At the second meeting on 10th March, Dick Jarvis, the Chairman of the Cambridgeshire branch of the Federation of Small Businesses said that a congestion charge could save a plumber £2,500 a year as he does more plumbing and spends less time in traffic jams.  Commission member Professor Tony Travis pointed out that based on wasting 6.2 hours a week and an hourly rate of £25, the figure was more like £7,500.  Dick Jarvis admitted that his members didn't really understand the implications of the charge.
You can find out all about the Cambridgeshire Transport Commission on its website www.cambstransportcommission.co.uk

Frogge Street

I have visited Frogge Street and delivered a letter to residents.  I have had the street swept to stop gravel being projected onto houses and Highways will partially resurface the road from within the squeeze point to the speed limit sign in the new financial year starting on 1st April.  An application will be made to have the whole length resurfaced in the financial year beginning 1st April 2010.

Cambridgeshire has been awarded three stars (out of four) for its overall operations.  This is the last year in which the Audit Commission will judge local authorities in this way.  Next year sees the introduction of Comprehensive Area Assessment when all local public services will be judged on the combined benefits they deliver.  That will include police, NHS, county and district councils.

The county's Trading Standards have received a Beacon Award from the Department for Communities and Local Government.  That is a local authority Oscar.  I can confirm that Trading Standards are excellent.
Finally the County Council has achieved the Customer Service Excellence Standard for its Highway services.
If only they had more money to do the job!