Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 15 April 2009 at 7.30 pm in the Meeting Room, Ickleton Village Hall.


Present: Lewis Duke (Vice Chairman), Jane Hurst, Sheila Birch, Terry Sadler, Mark Stone-Wigg, Peter Wombwell, Tim Pavelin, Jocelyn Flitton (Parish Clerk), Cllr John Williams (District),  Cllr Timothy Stone (County), Pam Fearn (Ickleton Village Hall) and three members of Crocus Football Club.


057/09            Apologies for absence:  Robin Driver, Liz Goddard


In the absence of Robin Driver, Lewis Duke took the chair.


058/09 To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 18 March 200:  The minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman.


059/09            Adjournment for questions from members of the public:  None


060/09            Matters Arising:

053/06  Land Registry – Village Hall Lease – Holding Trustees consideration/vote – A copy of the draft Trust Deed had been circulated to the Councillors.  It was proposed, and seconded that the Parish Council became the Statutory Body (Holding Trustees).   It was agreed unanimously that this proposal be adopted. The Clerk will confirm this with Ickleton Village Hall and notify Mr Marris at Adams Harrison.                                                                                                                                                               Action:  Clerk 

028/07  Tennis Courts – Contact had been made and hopefully a response will have been received within the next month.                                                                                                                 Action:  Clerk

201/08   Shop Sign – Cllr Williams has included the following in his report:  Contact with Highways department. The officer has visited and inspected the area and is awaiting the outcome of the “Highway Network Management Policies and Standards” which is currently being reviewed. This will be the guidance she requires in order to ascertain what signage proposals would be in accordance with the policy. The adoption of these policies is due to be decided by the County Council cabinet on 21st April.

     Action: Cllr Williams

205/08  Interaction with Businesses within the village – No further comments had been received from the Councillors and it was agreed to write a letter to those businesses, who do not have direct contact within the village, asking if (a)  they would like to receive a copy of the Icene on a regular basis and (b) invite them to attend the Annual Parish Meeting.  All agreed this action.                                    Action:   LD/Clerk

026/09  Gritting of roads by farmers – Cllr Stone reported that this idea was well received.  Decisions were being delayed as CCC is reviewing the procedures in June. Cllr Stone will keep us informed. 

           Action: Cllr Stone

Hanley Grange letter – Terry Sadler will shortly be circulating a copy of the draft letter to the Councillors.                                                                                                                      Action:  TS

034/09  Freedom of Information Act – Terry Sadler still has this in hand.                                     Action:  TS

050/09  Churchyard – date for working party – The Clerk had reminded Simon Casement, who said he will get back to us with a proposed date.                                                                                 Action:  Clerk

055/09  Annual Parish Meeting (27 May 2009) – Speaker – Lewis Duke reported that Richard Summers of RAGT Seeds had agreed in principle to speak at the meeting.  It was agreed by all that the Clerk would arrange for a leaflet drop, within the village, to take place.                                           Action:  Clerk


061/09 Youth Representation:  None





062/09             Football Clubs – terms for next season:

Crocus Football Club reported a troubled season for both the First and Reserve teams, who were unable to attract younger players, as it was felt that they could not afford the subscriptions.  They expressed their concerns again about the state of the pitch.  The Clerk had obtained a schedule of maintenance for the football pitch from C Frankau, which will be sent to the Football Clubs.   After discussion, two proposals were put forward:

(i)                  Leave the fees for Crocus and Ickleton Football Clubs at the current fee (£12/50/£6.30) but increase the fee for visiting teams from £15 to £20.

(ii)                Increase the fees by 3 ½% - Crocus £12.90 and Ickleton Football Club £6.50 and also increase the fee for visiting teams from £15 to £20.


Item (ii) was carried in favour by 4 votes to 3 votes.  It was suggested that Tim Pavelin, together with a member of Crocus Football Club would meet with Charlie Frankau to discuss the pitch.        Action:  Clerk


Three members of Crocus Football Club and Pam Fearn left the meeting.



(a)    Correspondence received:


CCC (M Cooper)            -            Highways – Potholes

CCC (A Stimson)            -            Parish Paths Partnership event 25 April 2009

CCC (M Hall)               -            Weather the Storm guide to help residents & businesses

CCC & Peterborough            -            Minerals & Waste Plan – Hinxton Gravel pit

CCC & Peterborough            -            Consultation on further Additional Mineral & Waste Dev. Proposals

CCC (T Stone)              -            Shaping the future of Cambridgeshire

SCDC (C Bradford)            -            Second Parish Forum Meeting 16 July 2009

SCDC                          -            Parish Council Monthly Update (April 2009)

ICO                              -            Information Commissioner’s Office – Freedom of Information Act DVD

E-Cops                         -            Various e-mails

CPALC                                    -            Website Security Statistics/Support/Managing the safety of Burial Ground

                                                Memorials/Power of Well-being/Monthly Newsflash

EACH                          -            Request for a donation

M Lilley                        -            Church Fete – request for a donation

Wellcome (K Hampson)-            Wooden bridge

SSE                              -            Stop Stansted Expansion update

RoSPA                         -            Acknowledgement of Annual Inspection due to take place in April

COPE                          -            Newsletter No. 54

Queensbury                  -            Shelters for your Community leaflet

Online Playgrounds            -            Online playgrounds leaflet

Help the Aged               -            Small grants scheme

Sac-o-Mat                    -            Dog waste bins & bag dispensers

CPRE                           -            Countryside Voice magazine

Correspondence sent:

Wellcome (J Proctor)            -            Mill Lane Level Crossing

L Goddard                    -            Summer Sizzler

J Day & Son                 -            Ickleton Cemetery – erection of 2 headstones

Mr&Mrs D Wombwell            -            Ickleton Cemetery – Burial plot

Ickleton Football Club            -            Invitation to Parish Council meeting 15 April 2009

Crocus Football Club     -            Invitation to Parish Council meeting 15 April 2009






(b)   Reports from District & County Councillors:

Appendix I                    -            District Council

Appendix II                   -            County Council


Cllrs John Williams and Timothy Stone left the meeting


064/09            Planning application(s) received from SCDC:             Declarations of Interest to be declared.

S/0106/09/F – Erection of Grain Store, Re-positioning of Polytunnels & Glasshouses – RAGT Seeds Ltd., Grange Road – Amendment – Revised to reduce height of building to 8.1m to match adjoining building.

Information only

Planning application(s) granted by SCDC:

S/0038/09/F – Erection of Bungalow & removal of Condition 9 of Planning Permission S/1626/08/F – 13 Birds Close – Mr S James

S/0119/09/F – Conversion of Existing Agricultural Buildings for Offices (Use Class B1) – land to the northeast of Abbey Farm, Duxford Road – Mr L Duke

Applications (to SCDC) to carry out tree works subject to a tree preservation order or situated within a conservation area:

C/11/40/054 – Fell 7 trees/saplings in poor condition – Norman Hall, 21 Church Street – Mr Owen – Approve.  The Parish Council wish to note that the owner is prepared to plant replacement trees and we are pleased to see this and encourage him in his aim.

C/11/17/054/01 – Reduce height, spread, remove all large deadwood of Horse Chestnut – Southfield  - Mrs Demmer, 8 Southfield – Approve                                                                                        Action:  Clerk


065/09            Reports from Councillors:

Mark Stone-Wigg – reported potholes in Hinxton Road near Cemetery corner and the railway crossing.  Peter Wombwell also mentioned that the road leading to Chrishall Grange (in the dip and road leading to Redlands House) was in a poor condition.  These will be reported to Highways.                       Action:  Clerk

Terry Sadler – reported that he had attended the Highways meeting during which there was much discussion about the salting/gritting of the roads.  There appeared to have been an issue between CCC and the Highways Agency.  With regard to road improvements, it seemed that all funding was pointing towards development.  He reported that he was disappointed that the minor improvements bids had been over-ridden and the money used for other projects.

Jocelyn Flitton - reported that another paint tin had been dumped near the paper bins.  


066/09            Finance (Bank Balances) including payments to:

Cheques dated 31/03/09  -  JA Flitton  -  £639.47             HM Revenue & Customs - £131.76

Ickleton Village Hall - £36.00 (Hire of Hall)                Harts - £86.99 (Icene)                   

SCDC - £104.74 (part payment Cemetery Rates)

The Parish Council had asked Cllr Williams (document received and to be circulated) and Terry Sadler to look into the increased charges for the Cemetery.  Terry Sadler had been looking at SCDC website and it looked as though if a listed building was empty, then there is no charge.  As the Chapel represents over £1,000 of the rateable value, this could be a significant help.  He has spoken to the District Valuer and the similarity of Fowlmere was very comparable.  It was agreed that a letter querying the situation would be written.                                                                                                                   Action: RD/TS/JAF

Receipts                                              -            SCDC (Precept – 6 months)  -  £7762.50

Bank Balances        

Community Account                                    -            £2687.87

Business Base Rate Tracker Account             -            £10,233.37

These figures represent the amounts after £5000 has been transferred from the Community to the Business Base Rate Tracker account.

Draft Accounts – The Clerk had circulated the draft accounts to the Councillors.  An internal audit will take place shortly.  An Agenda item next month will ask for the accounts to be adopted.                Action:  Clerk

Risk Assessment – Additions were suggested relating to computer and website security.  There were no further comments, this document will now be made ready to be included with the annual audit documents.  The Clerk reported that Andrew Shepperd (Ickleton Society) had copied the two Burial books (dating back to 1864) and this information was now available on the village website.  It was agreed to write to Andrew thanking him for his time and effort.                                                                           Action:  Clerk


067/09            Recreation Field and Play Area:
Grass cutting 2009 – Confirmation letters sent to C Frankau and R Coulson – These letters had now been sent to both parties.


068/09            Cemetery  -

·         Chapel – Condition to be kept under Review      +Rabbits – these were ongoing

·         Trees in Cemetery – this item was still outstanding, due to issues with phone lines.  Peter Wombwell agreed to try and resolve the problem.                           Action:  PW

·         Maintenance inspection – document from CPALC – this document had been circulated to the Councillors and also the Churchwardens.  Jane Hurst will incorporate the key points in her next inspection.

·         The Clerk reported that Malcolm Evans had approached her with regard to a burial plot near his parents in the Old Cemetery.  The plot could be checked to see if it is vacant, but the tree roots would cause concern.  The Clerk will write to Mr Evans saying this will be checked. 

   Action:  Clerk

069/09  Wellcome Trust – Liaison Meeting 20 March 2009:  Terry Sadler and Sheila Birch met with Duncan Parsley.  They asked about the proposed Hinxton pit, details of which were subsequently e-mailed to us.  They will reapply for the Southfields site – this is to keep their options open.  They are considering the impact of the proposed hotel at Whittlesford, to see if they need to extend their bedrooms at the Conference centre.  Repairs had been done to paths damaged by the floods in the Wetlands.  To fulfil their need for more electricity they are considering installing a wind farm turbine(s) and will also need to apply for a measuring mast.  The Parish Council have mixed views as to whether this would solve their problems.  The flooding issue was discussed (see item 071/09).                                                                                                  

070/09 Police Neighbourhood Panel Meeting – 6 April 2009: Lewis Duke, Jocelyn Flitton and Pam Fearn attended this meeting.  In view of the recent vandalism at the Village Hall, it was felt that it might be beneficial if the Village Hall was represented.  Anti Social behaviour was still high on most villages priorities.  The police issued a reminder about Distraction and Dwelling burglaries, which are taking place in the area.  Speedwatch – only 1 parish had replied to the police.


071/09            Flooding:  Wellcome are currently raising their own concerns with the Environment Agency.  Sheila Birch had spoken with someone in Gt Chesterford and brought the matter to his or her attention.  It was agreed that we would contact Wellcome to obtain the name of the person with whom they are liaising at the Environment Agency.  The Parish Council would then make contact and follow up their concerns about flooding.                                                                                                 Action:  LD/TS/SB


072/09            Adjournment for questions by members of the public:  None


073/09 Date and time of AGM and next PC meeting:   20 May 2009 at 7.30 pm  


There being no further business, the meeting closed at 10.10pm.








Appendix I                  -            District Council


Report from John Williams, District Councillor                                                       April 2009


Signage for Village shop


Contact with Highways department. The officer has visited and inspected the area and is awaiting the outcome of the “Highway Network Management Policies and Standards” which is currently being reviewed. This will be the guidance she requires in order to ascertain what signage proposals would be in accordance with the policy.

The adoption of these policies is due to be decided by the County Council cabinet on 21st April.


Cemetery rates


Rateable value

The basis of calculation is the rateable value (RV) – a figure which is based on various economic factors and this year stands at £1,475.


The RV is recalculated every 5 years. It has been at this level since 2005.

Between 2000 and 2004 it was £1,170.

Records are not to hand to trace what it was in previous years, but one might assume the figure back in 1990 was about £600 - 700.

Rates charged

To calculate the rates actually charged the RV is multiplied by a “standard multiplier” for the year which for this year 2009 is 48.1%.

(Last year it was 46.2%)

£1,475 x 48.1% = £709.48

This is then subject to Small Business Rate (SBR) relief of 50% = £354.74.


In the absence of what is called transitional relief – this is the rate chargeable.

Transitional Relief

The current system of business rates was introduced in 1990.


At the same time it was planned that rate increases year on year should not exceed 10%.


To effect this a mechanism called “Transitional Relief” was introduced. 


Secondly properties are “revalued” every 5 years.  


There is no data available before 2000 to show how the figures for transitional relief for Ickleton Cemetery developed, but in 2008 this figure had reached £596.


            Subtracted from 2008’s nominal rate of £675             = £79

            which then, with SBR also applied, became:                        about £40.


It seems that the actual rates charged have been of a similar of order of magnitude since 2000.

Ending of transitional relief

For reasons best known to itself, Government has wanted to end TR, and since 2005 it was planned to be phased out and ended altogether in 2009.

So now they have ended it, and the figure for TR is zero. Hence the 2009 rates now required.


What next

There will be a programme of revaluation, and officers will be going round to re-assess rateable values.

A new transitional relief scheme (!) may be introduced, but at the moment nobody knows what this will be.

Meanwhile - Payment of the rate

You will see the Council’s information just advised that collection of this year’s rates will be phased to take account of hardship, but it is still going to be due in the end.


I am advised that the rate can be added to next year’s precept and so it will be covered in due course.

Public reaction

Unsurprisingly this is pretty strong. Hundreds of businesses are being affected and the Council has many complaints and worried people to deal with. However SCDC is not the architect nor the decision maker – merely the collector of rates on behalf of Government according to the Government’s laid-down calculation methods. It is powerless to change any rate.


I have prepared a letter which complains that the ending of TR must have been known well in advance, and consequently advance warning should have been given of a rate rise so that this could at least be budgeted for in the precept.



Councillors may be interested in the following relating to Duxford parish:


Red Lion Whittlesford - new hotel

Following the approval (delegated) by SCDC Planning Committee, the decision was called in by English Heritage to the Secretary of State (via Go-East) on the grounds that its advice was not followed in respect of the impact of the hotel on the listed buildings - notably the Chapel. At a meeting on 3 April between the applicant, EH, architects for the applicant, SCDC planning officers and myself, this matter was resolved with agreement by EH to withdraw the call-in request. There is a phase 2 for landscaping and improvements and this more or less satisfied EH.



The Hexcel application is being re-referred to South Cambs Planning Committee on 6th May.

The meeting will:

-  Revisit safety aspects following a paper by a Duxford resident, which was referred to the Health and Safety Executive.

-  Include finalised Section 106 proposals - i.e:


3 flashing speed-warning signs at village entrances on Hunts Road, Ickleton Road and Moorfield Road (£35K).

2 flashing 20 mph signs on the Hunts Road at school crossing times (£25K). This follows the advice of County Highways, who advised against the proposal for a specific pedestrian crossing on the Hunts Road.

Plus - as before: kick-start contribution for cycle path Duxford-Ickleton (£35K); Hunts Road/ Ickleton Road/St Peters Street junction study (£15K).  Note: County have not responded positively on the question of what might follow from the assessment of the junction study, and this is a cause of concern to Duxford PC.

Appendix II                -            County Council


Report to Ickleton Parish Council                                        15th April 2009


Hanley Grange

The Joint Cambridgeshire Regional Spatial Strategy Review Panel (CReSSP) met again on 7th April.  I could not be there but at a meeting of the Cambridgeshire Economic Workshop in Wisbech on 27th March I did get some useful figures which I passed on to Lydia Macpherson, Chairman of Babraham Parish Council, who spoke on behalf of the Joint Action Group.  The county was unsure whether to propose an additional 15,000 houses beyond the 75,000 planned until 2021 to take the 2031 figure to 90,000 or try to brazen it out by declining to increase the numbers beyond the 2021 figure..

Lydia’s presentation was well received and, although there can be no guarantees at present, it certainly appears that the planners are not looking to create any more new satellite towns around Cambridge.


Meanwhile there is a County questionnaire about people’s priorities for Cambridgeshire on

http:// forms.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/customer/servlet/ep.app?ut=x&type=248063. 

It is open until 23rd April.



I discovered at the Neighbourhood Panel on 6th April that the only one parish council in our area has subscribed actively to Speedwatch.


Whittlesford Station

You may have noticed that some new lights have been installed at the main station car park.  NCP’s website records that NCP are upgrading a number of car parks, including installation of CCTV.  I have spoken to NCP, who initially assured me that the car park did have CCTV.  When I told them it didn’t they said I should speak to National Express, which I have done. I now have a reference number – 1367153 and a name – Victoria Lamb.  I await further information.


I have also reminded National Express that they still haven’t replied to my latest request for a cycle wheeling channel over the bridge.  They say the respond to messages within six days, but that is certainly not my experience. 



No doubt Terry Sadler will report on the Parish Warden meeting which took place yesterday.  I am quite encouraged that the experiment will work.


Councillor Training

It’s taken four years but we now seem to be moving on getting better-trained County Councillors.  When I was first elected I was surprised to find that there were no job descriptions and no format for developing councillors’ skills.  Training, which is very good, is on facts and procedures rather than skills and activities. I have been active on a Member Development Panel trying to produce a framework for professional councillors.


I hope that the next batch of county councillors will have less trouble in getting equipped to do the job better.


Imperial War Museum

The transfer of the runway from the County to the Imperial War Museum is going quite slowly but all parties are happy with progress so far.