Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 15 July 2009 at 7.30pm in the Meeting Room, Ickleton Village Hall.  The meeting was delayed and started at 7.40 pm.


Present:  Robin Driver (Chairman), Terry Sadler, Sheila Birch, Liz Goddard, Tim Pavelin, Cllr Timothy Stone (County Councillor), Cllr John Williams (District Councillor) and one member of the public.


108/09 Apologies for absence:  Lewis Duke, Mark Stone-Wigg, Jane Hurst, Peter Wombwell


109/09 To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 17 June 2009:  The minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman.


110/09 Adjournment for questions from members of the public:

A resident wished to mention 3 items.  (1) Pothole at Gypsy Corner, which he knows the Parish Council has already mentioned to Highways. (2) Water Lane is overgrown with nettles (this item is on the Agenda) and (3) the lack of strimming in the Churchyard.  The Parish Council will in due course address these items, which will be included on next month’s Agenda.                                                                    Action:  Clerk

111/09 Matters Arising:

053/06  Land Registry – Village Hall Lease: - A letter had been received from Mr Marris (Adams Harrison) enquiring about the progress.  A copy of the Trust Deed has been circulated to the Parish Councillors for their comments before signing can take place.                                                                               Action: All

028/07 Tennis Courts - If nothing has been heard from Mr D Human by the next meeting, this item will be removed from the Agenda until such a time that further information may be received.               Action:  Clerk

201/08   Shop Sign – Cllr John Williams reported that the County Council (David Lines) would not authorise the installation of signs.  Refusal is not uncommon as the policy is very clear on this matter.  This information has been passed onto Dilip Odedra.

026/09  Gritting of roads by farmers (Cllr Stone) – to be left on the Agenda.                   Action: Cllr Stone

034/09  Freedom of Information Act – Terry Sadler had been working on this and would get in touch with the Clerk to discuss this further.       A letter had been received requesting copies of the past three years accounts for the Parish Council.  Terry Sadler & the Clerk would address this letter when they meet.                                                                                                                                           Action:  TS/Clerk

050/09  Churchyard – date for working party – Saturday 20 June 2009 – The PCCC worked in the Churchyard, unfortunately no member of the Parish Council was able to attend.  A request for strimming to be done for end of June and end of September had been received.                                           

082/09  Formula 1 at Imperial War Museum – An e-mail had been received saying that further testing would be carried out on Friday 17 July.  This is a differing nature of test to that being carried out on Wednesday 29th July, which will be the Museum’s last for 2009.

097/09  Frogge Street/Bus Service – Correspondence had been received from Cllr T Stone and Stagecoach.  The County Council did not inform Stagecoach of the closure.  Apologies were received from Stagecoach who would have made alternative means of collecting passengers had they been notified.  They state that it is not an option trying to turn a forty-foot vehicle around in Ickleton due to Health and Safety grounds. 

099/09  Footpath between Abbey St & Back Lane - The Clerk had received a few complaints about this footpath.  Two residents adjacent to the footpath had been contacted.  Terry Sadler volunteered to cut down the elders, which are growing into the pathway.                                                                 Action: TS/Clerk

Pothole - this had been reported to Highways.

Liz Goddard joined the meeting.


112/09 Youth Representation:  None


113/09 Reports from District and County Councillors

Appendix I                    -           District Councillor

Appendix II                   -           County Councillor

114/09 Correspondence received:

SCDC (Lee Phanco)                 -           Non-Domestic Rates for Cemetery, Brookhampton Street

SCDC                                      -           Gypsy & Traveller Development Plan Document

SCDC  (Linda Browne)             -           Community Liaison Support Assistant

SCDC                                      -           Parish Council Monthly Update (July 2009)                                

CCC                                         -           Position Statement-Children’s Centres Dev. In Cambs.

CCC                                         -           No. 4 Highway Maintenance newsletter

CCC (Highways)                      -           Various e-mails

CCC (A Stimson)                      -           Footpath 3

CCC (Cllr Stone)                       -           Buses cancelled/Frogge Street resurfacing

Stagecoach                               -           Buses cancelled/Frogge Street resurfacing

IWM                                        -           Renault F1 Test Days

S Casement (PCCC)                 -           Churchyard

Ron Beech                                -           Request for copy of Accounts (Freedom of Information Act)

Adams Harrison (A Marris)       -           Ickleton Village Hall  & Newsletter

NALC                                      -           2009 Awards for Local Councils

Ickleton Allotment Assoc.          -           Community Chest Grant (Respond)

CPALC                                                -           Various e-mails

Cambs Acre                             -           News Digest & Community Action magazine

Cambs. Police                           -           Neighbourhood Policing

Rural Services Comm.               -           Latest news

Stop Stansted Expansion            -           Newsletter

Cambs Horizons                        -           Green Vision News

Soc. Local Council Clerks          -           CPD Course

Cambs Housing Society             -           In-Focus newsletter

COPE                                      -           Newsletter No. 57

Clerks & Councils Direct           -           Newsletter July 2009

NALC                                      -           LCR Summer 2009 magazine

Correspondence sent:

C Frankau                                 -           Quote for strimming Footpath 3

Cllr Timothy Stone                     -           Speeding & 30mph signs/Stagecoach buses

1 Priory Farmyard                     -           Footpath Abbey Street/Back Lane

Stagecoach                               -           Cancellation of buses

Various e-mails


115/09 Planning application(s) received from SCDC:                       Declarations of Interest to be declared.

S/0803/09/F – Extensions – 14 Birds Close – Miss Elizabeth Gibson – Approve.                  Action:  Clerk

Appeal – Town & Country Planning Act 1990 – S/2151/08/F – Planning Inspectorate appeal reference: APP/W0530/A/09/2105415/NWF – Rowe Build & Development Ltd. 

It was agreed to write expressing our objections.  Terry Sadler will draft the letter.           Action: TS/Clerk

Planning application(s) granted by SCDC:

S/0196/09/F – Extensions – Mr Simon Day, 64 Abbey Street

S/0437/09/F – Replacement Shed – Mr D Price & Miss LC Driver, 44 Frogge Street

Applications (to SCDC) to carry out tree works subject to a tree preservation order or situated within a conservation area:

C/11/40/054 – Hornbeam - 30% Crown reduce, Scots Pine – 20% limb shortening over boundary, Gum Tree – Coppice, Elm – Remove to base small group – Mr A Bevan, The Mill House, 31 Church Street. – Approve.                                                                                                                          Action:  Clerk


116/09 Reports from Councillors:

Liz Goddard reported that the light is out in the corner of Birds Close, near Abbey Street.     Action:  Clerk

Tim Pavelin joined the meeting.

Liz Goddard reported that it was felt the owner/occupier of No 1 Priory Farmyard was unlikely to cut down the trees overhanging the footpath between Abbey Street and Back Lane.  The Chairman asked Cllr Stone to make enquires regarding the situation if others cut down the trees & who would pay.   Action:Cllr Stone


117/09 Finance (Bank Balances) including payments to:

SCDC  - £50.00            (Cemetery Rates)                     Harts - £55.30 (Icene-June)                  

JA Flitton - £443.55 (3mnths salary+expenses)   HM Revenue & Customs - £103.16 (PAYE)

Ickleton Village Hall (Hire of Hall) - £56.00

Bank Balances            :

Community Account                              -           £1,286.94

Business Base Rate Tracker Account    -           £10,234.48

A resident left the meeting.


118/09 Recreation Field and Play Area

·                     RoSPA report – nothing to report in the absence of Mark Stone-Wigg.                     Action: M S-W

·                     Quotation for weed killing – Charles Frankau reported that he is unable to quote for spraying weed killer on the Recreation Ground (with the exception of the Football Pitch) due to various rules and regulations now in place and we would need to contact a specialist company.  He recommended a company in Chrishall.  It was agreed not to action this item for the time being.

·                     Football pitch maintenance – Charles Frankau has this work in hand.

·                     Lock-up shed – the door had been tampered with.  Tim Pavelin reported that Gary Phillips of

Crocus had repaired the door.  The Clerk will write and thank him.                                       Action:  Clerk


119/09 Cemetery  -

·         Chapel – Condition to be kept under Review

·         Rabbits – ongoing problem.  Peter Wombwell is making enquiries about ferreting and shooting sessions to take place.                                                                                        Action:  PW

·         Trees in Cemetery – the Clerk was asked to contact BT regarding the telephone wires that are in the trees.                                                                                                   Action:  Clerk

·         Burial plot – Old Cemetery – Malcolm Evans – nothing further had been heard. Action:  Clerk

·         Response to letter dated 5 May from SCDC re Cemetery Rates – A copy of the letter received from SCDC (Lee Phanco) had been given to Terry Sadler.  Terry Sadler agreed to draft a response to the various points made.                                                       Action:  TS/Clerk

120/09  Village Sign:

As Vila Mila was unable to carry out this work, the Clerk had obtained a quotation, which totalled £417.02.  Meanwhile Andy and Ann-Marie Hoare volunteered to paint the sign, with the Parish Council paying for the cost of paint involved.  The Parish Council will write and thank them for this kind gesture.                                                                                                                                                       Action:  Clerk


121/09 Police Surgery – Monday 27 July 2009 – the Clerk will confirm that the Police are still able to attend.                                                                                                                              Action:  Clerk

Neighbourhood Panel Meeting 6 July 2009 – Sheila Birch attended this meeting.  Speeding traffic was high on the list.  Compliments were given to the police regarding their E-cops e-mail information system.  Speedwatch has met with a lack of volunteers.


122/09 Coploe Road – Speeding and 30mph Sign:

The Chairman explained to Cllr Stone as to what he was referring to last month regarding warning signs.  Cllr Stone will make enquiries and report back.                                                                          Action:  Clerk


123/09 Flooding:

Land adj. Stumps Cross – A letter (dated 3 July) had been received from Environment Agency stating that until they receive an official planning consultation from Essex County Council on this matter it is not something that Planning Liaison would get involved in.  The situation will continue to be monitored.

                                                                                                                                       Action: RD/LD

Drain top of Mill Lane – Mike Cooper (Highways) said the gully outfalls into a ditch on railway property on the left just before the railway crossing.  It was agreed to meet with Mr Cooper and discuss further.

                                                                                                                           Action:  RD/LD/Clerk

Abbey Street opp. Methodist Chapel – Flooding after a heavy thunderstorm had caused residents some concern.  It was agreed to discuss this situation when we meet with Mr Cooper.       Action:  RD/LD/Clerk


124/09 Parish Path Partnership (P3):  Sheila Birch had asked for more money to complete the necessary work required in the muddy area leading to the bridge at the end of Tin Alley. 

Footpath 3 – A Stimson had sent an e-mail pointing out the overgrown nettles.  He asked if we no longer wished to maintain it, then they would add it to the main CCC cutting contract.  The Parish Council would consider this at a later date.

A quotation had been received for clearing nettles etc. in Water Lane for £64.00 + VAT.  This quotation was accepted.  Sheila Birch asked if this included clearing up to the kissing gate as there were thistles growing.  The Clerk will check this, and if not find out if there will be any extra cost involved.     

   Action:  Clerk                     

125/09 Adjournment for questions by members of the public – None


126/09 Date and time of next meeting - 19 August 2009 @ 7.30 pm.


There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9.00 pm.











Appendix I                                                                  Report from John Williams, District Councillor


For Ickleton Parish Council                                                                           for July 2009


Signage for Village shop

Below is an E-mail from David Lines (and preceding E-mail trail) which is self-explanatory. The oracle has spoken, though some charm school training would help. In terms of pursuing the matter with the County there is no way forward and the matter is therefore closed.

Re the Parish Council’s suggestion for a sign on the bus shelter, I leave you to pursue this with Dilip if he is interested.

Housing Futures

As reported last month, tenants voted 3 to 1 vote to reject SCDC Cabinet’s proposal to transfer Council housing to a housing association. Following this in Full Council Lib Dems and Independents proposed a vote of no confidence in the Leader and Portfolio Holder, which was lost 22:27.

It is interesting to note that only in the last week the Government has announced, as part of its new housing development policy, that change to allow Councils to keep (more of) the rental income will be part of the platform. The LGA (Local Government Association) is also publicly now adding to this call. 

Duxford airfield – Formula 1 car testing

A protest leaflet originating from some Duxford residents was distributed in Duxford and this has resulted in further communications to the District Council, Tim Stone, the IWM, Duxford PC and myself. With these we estimate the tally to date to be not far off evenly split - more complaints than support, but not markedly so.

SCDC Environmental Health District Council EH department conducted noise testing at the last session.


The next session is on Wednesday 29th July.


Shop sign – relevant E-mail trail:

From David Lines, Highways Dept, Cambs County Council                     26 June

County Council Policy is very clear on the provision of signs for such establishments as the village stores in Ickleton.
In this instance we would not authorise the installation of signs. Refusal is not uncommon as the policy is very clear on this matter.
A meeting to discuss this matter would not alter the opinion of the Highway Authority therefore I cannot commit time to meet to discuss this issue.
Kind regards
David Lines
Area Traffic Engineer

From: John Williams
To: Lines David
Cc: Keppey Victoria; Finney Jon; Tim Stone
Sent: Fri Jun 26 11:29:11 2009
Subject: Re: Ickleton - possible road side signage for village shop

Copy by mail: Dilip Odreda

Dear David,

Vikky Keppey called me about this the other day, to advise that she would not be the person to consider this matter - but it would be you. It is now many months since my original approach to Highways on this matter.


In determining dates when you might be available, because of holidays etc. on both sides, the week of 13 July was a time she thought would be available for you, and I presume she will by now have asked you about this.

I am most anxious not to delay this matter any further. Ickleton Parish Council and I would hope to see some progress, and I would be most obliged if you could schedule to visit Ickleton on 13, 14 or 15 July.

If you liaise with me, then I can advise Dilip Odreda, proprietor of the village shop, on whose behalf we are acting. We would like to survey with you the surroundings to see what can be done to help with site(s) for signage which will meet his needs.

 Many thanks and regards.  (P.S. I am on holiday 6 - 12 July)

John Williams

District Councillor

Tel: 01799 530463


From: Keppey Victoria

To: John Williams

Cc: Lines David ; Finney Jon

Sent: Monday, May 18, 2009 4:51 PM

Subject: RE: Ickleton - possible roadside signage for village shop

Dear Cllr Williams,

Thank you for your email dated 15 May 2009 with regards to the above.

Please find attached a copy of the Highway Network Management Policies and Standards.

I have located the section relating to your request and the policy states unless both of the conditions are meet Cambridgeshire County Council are unable to permit the erection of a sign on the public highway. 

Signing to business and retail premises

24.5.1       Direction signing to business, retail or other private premises will only be permitted to sites:


·        that generate significant levels of traffic based on local traffic levels

·        that are located outside their postal address settlement and where motorists would have difficulty locating the site as a result


24.5.2       Both conditions must be met to permit signing on the highway.  The cost of providing direction signing will be met in full by the business concerned.


If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.


Vikki Keppey -  Development Control Engineer  

-----Original Message-----
From: John Williams [mailto:john@jpinternational.net]
Sent: 15 May 2009 16:55
To: Keppey Victoria
Subject: Fw: Ickleton - possible road side signage for village shop

Dear Vicky,

Re this matter - can your advise me any progress.

I have an Ickleton Parish meeting on Wednesday, and would like to advise something - as well as advising the party who wants the signage - our village shop.

Many thanks and regards

John W

01799 530463


Appendix II                                                                County Councillor’s Report

Report to Ickleton Parish Council                                          15th July 2009


Jointly Funded Minor Highway Improvements

At Monday’s meeting of the South Cambridgeshire Traffic Management Area Joint Committee we once again expressed our disappointment at the way parish bids for funding had all failed for this financial year.  It is likely that next year’s bids will be scored the same way and therefore we shall see no more than a few dropped kerbs and bits of white lines.  We have asked for the whole scheme to be re-evaluated for the year 2011/12.


Waiting restrictions in Abbey Street are still on the list of Minor Traffic Management Measures for which no budget has been identified. No scheme has been agreed, either.  This list just gets longer and longer.  Sorry there is nothing positive to report on this but, as is frequently the case, there just isn’t any money to do anything. 


Great Chesterford

I have had a word with Essex County Council about the dumping of soil at Stumps Cross. Officers from the County and the Environment Agency will be meeting on site tomorrow to discuss what action to take.


The history is confusing. Apparently Uttlesford District Council approved an application some years ago assuming that this was agricultural development.  The County has been unable to discover what permissions were granted at that time. There have apparently been on-site discussions but these have never been recorded and fall well short of planning approval. The scale of dumping indicates that this comes under the heading of minerals and waste and is therefore a matter for the county council.


The County has received a draft application (whatever that is) but it is likely that the County’s deliberations will be short-circuited by the Environment Agency, whose enforcement capabilities are less time-consuming.  That could result in the dumper being obliged to remove all material from the flood plain.


Tony Sullivan, the enforcement officer at Essex County Council has undertaken to let me have an e-mail on Friday to tell me what is likely to happen next.  I shall share that with Ickleton, Hinxton and Duxford parish councils, all of whom have expressed an interest.


Hanley Grange

Hanley Grange has gone quiet recently.  This is because it is wrapped up in the new Regional Spatial Strategy negotiations.  The East of England Regional Assembly is to report on 17th July giving its views on all the submissions by the region’s strategic planning authorities.  We are all holding our breath as to whether Cambridgeshire’s proposal to freeze the figure of new housing at the 75,000 level in the 2021 plan will be accepted.  The new plan takes us to 2031.  The county has an alternative to allow 15,000 additional houses to take the total to 90,000 but we don’t know if that will be accepted either.


In any event the plan will go out for a 12-week consultation in September.


Meanwhile Bidwells have been circulating a proposal for substantial development in Duxford.  I have been to see the chief planning officers of both the County and South Cambridgeshire District Council on the subject.


The consensus is that Bidwells have two ways of playing this: they can either put in an application as an exception or wait to see if they can influence revision of the Local Development Framework, which is due to begin in a year or 18 months. There is no chance at this late stage of influencing the emerging Regional Spatial Strategy and this is not a strategic proposal in any case.


At present it is highly unlikely that an application would succeed.  South Cambs's policy is to concentrate large-scale development in those villages which are sustainable - that is with a mix of shops, doctors' surgery, dentists, community facilities and (though he didn't say so explicitly) a secondary school.  At present Duxford has a primary school, a bank, an antiques dealer and one shop. It does have a hotel and a number of pub/restaurants. The range of employers is very restricted.


Awaiting revision of the Local Development Framework is unlikely to be much more tempting.  The present policies have worked pretty well in South Cambridgeshire and it is unlikely that a major departure would succeed.  But a delay does give more time for Bidwells to lobby.


The proposed road link from Moorfield Road to Ickleton Road would certainly help to reduce traffic on Moorfield Road and Hunts Road.  But neither of the officers I spoke to seemed to think it was much of a trade-off in getting a desirable road link in exchange for a development cuckoo.  Many of the arguments against Hanley Grange would apply to this site as well.


I think the ball is very much in Bidwells' court.


Transport Innovation Fund

The Cambridge Transport Commission is now to report on 21st July. There is still a great noise about the proposed congestion charge and stealth taxes.


I would suggest we await the Commission’s conclusions before manning the barricades.  Either private cars must be removed from our roads to permit public transport to access Cambridge quickly and easily or public transport must be taken off the roads and given alternative routes.  With a 23% increase in traffic planned the status quo just won’t do.


Renault testing at the Airfield

Renault will be testing starts at the airfield this Friday 17th July.  They are also scheduled to be testing on Wednesday 29th July.