Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 16 September 2009 at 7.30pm in the Meeting Room, Ickleton Village Hall. 


Present:  Robin Driver (Chairman), Jane Hurst, Lewis Duke, Sheila Birch, Tim Pavelin, Mark Stone-Wigg, Liz Goddard, Jocelyn Flitton (Parish Clerk), Cllr Timothy Stone (County Councillor)


144/09            Apologies for absence: Terry Sadler, Cllr John Williams (District Councillor), Peter Wombwell


145/09 To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 19 August 2009: The minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman.


146/09            Adjournment for questions from members of the public:  None


147/09            Matters Arising:

053/06  Land Registry – Trust Deed & Village Hall Lease:  The Trust Deed had been sent to Adams Harrison, who had in turn sent this to Hewitsons (Solicitors for The Village Hall).  An amended form of Deed of Variation between Ickleton Parish Council and Ickleton Village Hall is now awaited.

    Action:  Clerk

028/07  Tennis Courts – Proposal:  Mark Stone-Wigg was thanked for his work in compiling a Proposal document, which had been circulated.  A request for a plan to be provided was made.  The Chairman stated this was a good working document, but he would give it more thought before it is presented to David Human.                                                                                                             Action:  RD/M S-W/Clerk

Liz Goddard joined the meeting.

026/09   Gritting of roads by farmers (Cllr Stone):  Cllr Stone reported that CCC have been reviewing the gritting of streets/cycle ways but said it was unlikely farmers will be brought into the equation due to Public Liability and Training required, also the ‘salt’ released from the gritting lorries was in a ‘liquid’ form. Lewis Duke raised concerns about Grange Road, especially as RAGT Seeds Ltd. was now operational and employed approximately 50 people who would use this road to get to work.   The Chairman asked Cllr Stone if he could make this point, asking for this road to be included in the gritting plan and report back to the Parish Council.                                                                                                         Action:  Cllr Stone       

034/09   Freedom of Information Act – Feedback:  Terry Sadler and Jocelyn Flitton had completed the form, which had been circulated for comments.  Sheila Birch pointed out that 3 boxes at the top of page 5 had not been completed.  The Clerk will check this with Terry Sadler.  Apart from this, the Councillors were happy for this to be put on the website.  The Clerk also mentioned that a list of Working Parties and the year-end Financial Statement would also be added to the website, and the quarterly Budget review would be included in the relevant minutes.                                                                       Action:  TS/Clerk

099/09   Footpath between Abbey St & Back Lane:  Liz Goddard will check the footpath and report back to the Clerk should there be any problems.                                                                                          Action:  LG

116/09   Cutting down of trees (Cllr Stone):  Cllr Stone reported that CCC Highways would do the job and pay for it if there is a problem; but they do not handle minor issues.  It was agreed to send one more letter to the owner and for the CCC to also send a letter.                                                     Action:  Clerk/Cllr Stone

120/09   Village Sign:  Mr & Mrs Hoare has this in hand and will carry out the work shortly.

    Action:  Clerk

122/09   Coploe Road – Speeding & 30mph sign (Cllr Stone):  Cllr Stone confirmed that CCC would not be supplying extra signage or moving the 30mph sign.  A request for this work could be made under the next submitted Minor Highway Improvement Schemes Bids.

135/09   Enertrag Linton Wind Turbine – CCC Highways (Cllr Stone:  Cllr Stone handed the Clerk two letters from CCC, which had been sent to SCDC within the timescale.  One did however get sent on the last day, but this should not have delayed the SCDC decision. 

East of England Regional Assembly’s Consultative meeting re. Growth in the region 2011-2031(10 September):  It was agreed that we would send a reply, mentioning conditionality.  The Chairman will liaise with Terry Sadler about the response.  It was felt there was a lot of talk about the number of houses but not how they would be serviced.  Sheila Birch had picked up a CCC leaflet and asked if these were going to be distributed.  Cllr Stone said he would check this.                                        Action:  RD/TS/Cllr Stone

Pothole Abbey Street:  this had been reported and would be repaired in due course.

158/09  CCC - Swine Flu volunteers:  two volunteers had come forward.


148/09 Youth Representation:  None


149/09            Reports from District and County Councillors:

Appendix I                    -            District Councillor

Appendix II                   -            County Councillor


150/09            Correspondence received:

CCC (M Vigor)             -            Have your say on growth & development in Cambridgeshire

CCC (M Cooper)            -            Pothole & Grange Road

CCC (M Russell)            -            Notice of departure

CCC (M Davey) -            Community Engagement Strategy - Consultation

SCDC (Appeals)            -            Response to attendance at hearing on 22/09/09

SCDC (S Allsopp)            -            Audit of Parish Councillors’ Register of Interests

SCDC (A Grimmer)            -            Tree Warden Scheme

SCDC                          -            Voluntary Sector Fayre

SCDC                          -            Parish Council (Monthly Update) September 09

SCDC                          -            Gypsy & Traveller site consultation – 10 July – 9 October 2009

SCDC (H Adams)            -            Decision by the Policy & Performance Portfolio Holder

Wellcome (K Hampson)-            Confirmation of liaison meeting

Wellcome (D Parsley)            -            Planning Application / Footpath near railway crossing

Bishop’s Stortford Church Ickleton Methodist Chapel, Abbey Street

Adams Harrison            -            Ickleton Village Hall – Trust Deed & Lease

P Fentem                      -            Environment Agency (land off Stumps Cross)

Local Council Clerks   -            Newsletter / Governance Toolkit for Parish & Town Councils

Ickleton Village Hall      -            Open Day 24 October 2009 / Premises for vaccinations / P Whitmell

Victim Support              -            Request for a donation

CPALC                                    -            Newsletter / A Best Practice Guide for Agendas & Minutes

CPALC                                    -            Communities Act

EERA                          -            East of England Plan Public Consultation Event 2 Sept – 24 Nov.

IWM (E Blaine)            -            Newsletter/Update

A Lansley CBE MP       -            Cemetery rates / Microsoft software donations to local charities

Stop Stansted Exp.     -            Newsletter/Update/BAA’s draft Noise Action Plan consultation

CPRE                           -            Hedgerows Course / Fieldwork

Cambs. Acre                -            Development of a new Rural Strategy for Cambridgeshire

Glasdon                        -            Catalogue

COPE                          -            Newsletter No. 59

Clerks & Council -            Magazine Issue No. 65

LCR                             -            Magazine Autumn 2009

Timberline                     -            Catalogue

Correspondence sent:

David Human                -            Tennis Courts proposal

Ickleton Village Hall      -            Mrs Woodley’s bench


151/09            Planning application(s) received from SCDC:


Declarations of Interest to be declared:  Tim Pavelin declared an interest in the Tree Works application for Ickleton Social Club and did not take part in the discussion.


S/104/09/O – Erection of buildings for research & development together with ancillary facilities & infrastructure.  Phases 2 & 3 – Land to the South of Wellcome Trust, Genome Campus, in the parishes of Ickleton & Hinxton CB10 1RQ – The Wellcome Trust.

This application will affect Ickleton more than Hinxton and the Chairman felt more trees should be included. Due to the volume of paperwork received, it was agreed the Clerk would ask SCDC for an extension in order to give all the Councillors the opportunity to look at the plans.  The Clerk was asked to look for any comments made on the previous application (2002).                                 Action:  ALL/Clerk

Planning application(s) granted by SCDC: S/0766/09/F – Garage/Workshop/Store with Annexe (Amended design to include 2 Velux Escape Roof lights) – 33 Frogge Street – Ms P Fearn

Planning application(s) refused by SCDC:  S/0078/09/LB – Proposed Roof light – Church Barn, Mowbrays Yard – Dr Jane Roberts

S/0975/09/F – Extensions & Alterations – 30 Church Street – Mr & Mrs Peter Cocks

Town and Country Planning Act 1990 – Appeal by Rowe Building & Development – site:  land r/o 9-17 Grange Road –10.00 am on 22 September 2009 @ SCDC offices.  Terry Sadler will attend on behalf of the Parish Council.                                                                                                                     Action:  TS

Tree Works subject to a tree preservation order or situated within a Conservation Area:

C/11/40/054 – Fell Horse Chestnut tree – leans towards building, will eventually cause structural damage – Church Street/Mill Lane – Ickleton Social Club  -  Approve                                                   Action:  Clerk


152/09            Reports from Councillors: 

Tim Pavelin reported that the Summer Sizzler was a very successful event and well attended.  £1000 had been raised at the event. 

Robin Driver reported that the Allotment Association had held a successful Open Day.  The allotments were proving to be an asset to the village.

The Parish Council wished to note their thanks to everyone involved and for all their efforts.


153/09            Finance (Bank Balances) including payments to:

SCDC Cemetery Rates - £50.00            A Shepperd (Website domain) - £14.98   C Frankau (Water Lane) - £73.60

Receipts – Dignity Funerals Ltd (SM Barber-Lomax dec’d) - £141.00

Bank Balances:

Community Account                                    -            £  1,038.52

Business Base Rate Tracker Account            -            £10,834.48       


154/09            Recreation Field and Play Area

(a)    RoSPA report (Aerial runway) – Mark Stone-Wigg was arranging a meeting with Robin Driver (who apologised for the delay) and Peter Wombwell.  He had also contacted the original suppliers.  He will report back at the next meeting.                                                           Action:  M S-W/RD/PW

(b)    Offer of Round Seat – Terry Nelson had asked the Clerk if the Parish Council would like a round seat (with a back) to go round a tree in the Play Area.  The Parish Council would like to accept the seat and thanked Mr Nelson for the kind offer.                                                         Action:  Clerk


155/09            Cemetery 

·                     Chapel – Condition to be kept under Review – nothing further to add

·                     Rabbits – No further comments received from Peter Wombwell.        Action:  PW

·                     Trees in Cemetery – The Chairman recommended that one tree be taken down each year.  All agreed this proposal.  The Clerk was asked to get 3 quotations to take down the one tree that had been identified as the first to be removed.                                                                                       Action:  Clerk

·                     Burial plot – Old Cemetery – Malcolm Evans – Nothing further had been heard.     Action:  Clerk

·                     SCDC re Cemetery Rates – Terry Sadler, Robin Driver & Jocelyn Flitton had met a representative from the Valuation Office at the Cemetery.  He seemed sympathetic to our request but said that the decision rests with SCDC.                                                                                                               Action:  TS


Churchyard – Estimate received (not requested) for work - submitted by IPCC – Simon Casement had sent an estimate to the Clerk.  It was agreed that the estimated needed more clarification and more details of who was carrying out the work.                                                                                            Action:  Clerk


156/09            Flooding –

·                     Land adj. Stumps Cross – A circulated e-mail, which was sent to Lewis Duke from Peter Fentem (Chairman, Gt Chesterford Parish Council) informed us of his latest communication with Mike Bodell.

Mr Duke and Mr Driver were in the process of compiling the dossier for the Environment Agency.  A discussion of the points they had so far listed took place.                                                           Action:  LD/RD

Cllr Timothy Stone left the meeting.

·                     Drain top of Mill Lane – the Clerk was asked to send a reminder to Network Rail.    Action:  Clerk

·                     Abbey Street opp.  Methodist Chapel – Mike Cooper (CCC Highways) informed the Clerk that solicitors would be contacting Mr Duke.  Mr Duke asked if a reminder could be sent to Mr Cooper as no contact from solicitors had been received.                                                                       Action:  Clerk

·                     Grange Road – Mr Duke had spoken with Mr Cope and he has agreed to progress matters.


157/09            Wellcome Trust Liaison Meeting – 16 October at 9.00 am – Agenda items: 

It was agreed that the following items should be requested on the Agenda:  Footpath/Icene (village magazine)/Planning Application/Flooding/Wind Turbine.                                                    Action:  Clerk


158/09            Footpaths:

Sheila Birch had had a meeting in the morning with Andrew Stimson (CCC) regarding Footpath 5 (Tin Alley).  The original footpath runs along the fence adjoining the field owned by Caldrees Manor, but over the years walkers have diverted the footpath.  They agreed that Sheila Birch would speak to the landowner of the field, that the footpath crosses, and report back to Andrew Stimson.                                 Action:  SB


159/09            Ickleton Methodist Chapel, Abbey Street:

A letter had been received (and circulated) from Bishop’s Stortford Circuit of the Methodist Church asking if the Parish Council had an interest in acquiring the building.  This letter had also been sent to The Ickleton Society and Ickleton Village Hall.  After discussion it was felt we should ask how much they were considering letting the building sell for.                                                                             Action:  Clerk


160/09 SCDC – Chairman’s Delegation Procedure (Planning) Meeting:

Terry Sadler and Sheila Birch attended this meeting on 1 September, after which Terry Sadler sent round an informative e-mail outlining their views on the meeting.  Copies of the minutes have not yet been received.  Terry Sadler offered (and it was accepted) to draft a letter as a formal response before the next meeting of the Planning Committee on 7 October.                                                                                            Action:  TS


161/09 SCDC – New Arrangements for Indemnity agreements for the transfer of open space contributions:

The letter dated 13 August 2009 was read out to the Parish Council.  It was agreed more clarification of the process was required before sending a letter as requested.                                             Action:  Clerk


162/09            Adjournment for questions by members of the public:  None


163/09 Date and time of next meeting:  Wednesday 21 October 2009 at 7.30 pm


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.40 pm.





Appendix I

For Ickleton Parish Council                                    from John Williams             16 September 2009


EERA public consultation on growth in the region 2011 to 2031


The East of England Regional Assembly (EERA) held a public consultation event at Robinson College Cambridge last Thursday10 September about housing growth in the region 2011 to 2031. I attended the daytime session, and it was repeated in the evening.


The meeting was one of several to be held in different parts of the region, as a prelude to public consultation on the proposals.


In the evening the meeting was attended by a representative of Duxford Parish Council, and Tim Stone. With acknowledgement to Norman Foster, of Duxford, whose notes I am partly plagiarising for this report – as well as adding my own. Tim will doubtless include the meeting in his report (and on his website).


The plans are devoted to the growth of housing, and the need for increased housing was stressed by all speakers.


For the period 2011 to 2031 there are 4 scenarios proposed on which the public is invited to comment – for the whole region:

Scenario 1: 26060 new homes per annum. Continuation of existing target and broadly based on the views of local councils in the region. For South Cambridgeshire, this would mean an annual average of 1180, and a 20 year target of 23600. (This scenario is the one favoured by Cambridgeshire County Council.)

Scenario 2: 30100 new homes p.a. Promotes growth in areas identified by the Regional Scale Settlement Study (Jan 2009). Notable changes to other counties and areas in the region. For S. Cambs, an annual average of 1330 and a 20 yr target of 26600.

Scenario 3: 29970 new homes p.a. Promotes growth around successful business locations where new jobs are attracting workers. Particular focus on Hertfordshire, S. Essex and Cambridgeshire. For S. Cambs, an annual average of 1200 and a 20 yr target of 23920.

Scenario 4: 33650 new homes p.a. Promotes growth where households are projected to grow. Based on long term trends such as people living longer and people moving to the region. Majority of additional growth in Herts, Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk. For S. Cambs, an annual average of 950
and a 30 yr target of 19000.

Note: Scenarios 2 to 4 will test the Government's view that more homes are needed in the region, although EERA has already rejected the highest end of the range being proposed by the Govt. - about 39000 new homes p.a.


Many factors have been considered in the scenarios, e.g. Air Quality, Biodiversity, Climate Change, Flood Risk, Renewable Energy, Flood Plain Development, Community Wellbeing, Economy and Employment, Historic Environment, Agricultural Land, Landscape, Rural Areas, Transport, Waste, Water and Habitats.

My observations:

The plan document available at the meeting document comments on some of the above factors, but is weak on others. However I believe that the various plans on each subject can be seen by going on to the website.


This EERA presentation was essentially all about housing. Except for saying that employment is predicted to grow by so much, there was nothing to substantiate this with highlight figures and what kinds of employment this would consist of. I think this is a weakness.


The plan document had almost nothing to say about transport infrastructure.  The answer to a question from me about settlements along rail interlinks (I suggested Cambridge – Ipswich just as an example) was NO.

A map showing the locations of proposed growth shows developments around Cambridge and other centres as concentric circles of development – strongest near the centre, and weakening further out.


The consultation can be accessed by going on to:


It runs from now until 24 November.




Appendix II

Report to Ickleton Parish Council              Cllr Tim  Stone                                      16th September 2009


Regional Spatial Strategy


You should all have received news of the first of the East of England Regional Assembly’s consultative meetings on the revision of the East of England Plan (Regional Spatial Strategy).


As John Williams has said in his report, I attended last week’s consultation evening at Robinson College to get an idea of what exactly are our options. 


Several speakers, including a representative from EERA spoke about the need for increased housing in the East of England, an assessment which was eloquently supported by the representative from Shelter. In brief, there is an undeniable need for increased affordable housing in the region.

John has outlined the four scenarios.  But for us the important part of this is the opportunity for the public to make their views known by responding to the County’s consultation, and particularly on Hanley Grange.  Hanley Grange remains in play even though it is not specifically proposed by EERA or the County.


The consultation can be accessed through the County’s website, navigating through to Planning.  The place for comments on Hanley Grange is in the box at question 4 at the bottom of page 2.


New Household Recycling Centre


The county council is to decide where to put a new Household Recycling Centre to the south-west of Cambridge. The Development Control Committee, of which I am a member, met last week to agree a proposal to go forward to the County’s Cabinet for final approval as part of the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Minerals and Waste Plan.


There has been much controversy about where the Household Recycling Centre site should be: on the old Bayer site in Hauxton on the west of the A10 opposite where the old buildings have been demolished or off the new Addenbrooke’s slip road in Trumpington. A new site is needed not least because of the planned housing growth in Trumpington Meadows, Glebe Farm and so on.


The new brand of Household recycling centres is nothing like what we know in Thriplow. To begin with they are enclosed in modern buildings, which not only look good but also avoid dust blowing around. More items can be recycled and instead of having to climb up steps to deposit things, users will be able to drop waste into skips at a lower level. And skip lorries and cars don’t come into contact.


At the moment it seems that the Trumpington site could well get the go-ahead, though nothing is finally decided yet. While Thriplow will stay open the new site could nevertheless be of interest to people in our local villages: it could well be more convenient for people driving to Cambridge or the Trumpington Park & Ride and for the less muscular the thought of avoiding those stairs could be a real attraction.


Transport Innovation Fund


The Cambridge Transport Commission has now issued its report.  The main conclusions are that Cambridgeshire should pursue its bid for £500 million funding for road and other engineering works to improve access to Cambridge.  The report also seeks to de-fuse the contentious congestion charge by suggesting that the County should establish with the government a trigger point at which stage a congestion charge would be introduced.  This would enable introduction of the charge to be delayed.


Initial reaction from the government is that such a procedure would not be acceptable as the principle of demand management is written into the rules of the Transport Innovation Fund.  The opposition has made no commitment to funding the transport Innovation Fund without congestion charging.


What is more, the County has until the end of October to put in its bid within the original framework or it runs out of time.


The Transport Commission underlined the serious transport infrastructure deficit in and around Cambridge, suggesting that £500 million was far too little to invest, regretting the lack of a more ambitious programme and concluding that at some stage tunnelling would become inevitable.


We look forward to the County coming down off the fence.


Council Cash Crunch


As is reported in yesterday’s Cambridge News, the County Council warns that it is facing a huge cash crunch. This year, after the schools budgets have been removed, the council has £326.4million to spend on all the services it delivers. After various adjustments the figure for 2014/15 is calculated to be £213.3million, a drop of nearly 35%.