Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 16 December 2009 at 7.30 pm in the Meeting Room, Ickleton Village Hall.


Present: Robin Driver (Chairman), Lewis Duke, Sheila Birch, Tim Pavelin, Terry Sadler, Liz Goddard, Mark Stone-Wigg, Peter Wombwell, Jocelyn Flitton (Parish Clerk), Cllr Tim Stone (County), Lee Frere (JAP Architects) and 3 residents.


203/09            Apologies for absence: Jane Hurst, Cllr John Williams (District)


204/09 To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 18 November 2009:  The following amendment to be noted:  191/09 – Stop Stansted – The proposal had a split vote and lost on the Chairman’s casting vote, however……….  The minutes were then approved and signed by the Chairman.


205/09            Adjournment for questions from members of the public: None


The Chairman brought the next item forward on the Agenda.


210/09            Planning application(s) received from SCDC:  None  


Declarations of Interest to be declared.  Tim Pavelin and Robin Driver declared an interest in the proposed planning application for the Former Old Chapel, Frogge Street and did not take part in the discussion.


Planning Application(s) granted by SCDC: 

S/1393/09/LB – Alterations-Remedial works to Plinth Sole Plate & Timber Frame and Reinstate Lime Render and Plaster (Front Elevation). Replace Windows and Doors.  Create 2 Loft Hatches – 20 Church Street – Mr S & Mrs L Parsons


Proposed Planning Application - JAP Architects – Former Old Chapel, Frogge Street.  The Chairman invited Mr Frere to put forward his views on the proposed application, which is in the Conservation Area and that SCDC Conservation department have very strong views on the site.  The Councillors then asked Mr Frere questions relating to the house being situated right on the road (original footprint), the site of the wheelie bins, views of the house from across the meadow and issues with cars using the driveway (which had been passed by Highways).  The Councillors were unanimous in the view that any proposed new building on this site should be moved further away from the edge of the road. The Chairman invited Mr Wentzell and Mr Warwick for their comments.  They have concerns regarding the safety issue of exiting their driveways if the house is situated right on the road.  Mr Frere thanked the Parish Council for their views, which he would take back to his client and the Conservation department.


Mr Frere and two members of the public left the meeting


Sheila Birch had reported seeing two low loaders delivering two halves of a mobile home to Michael Rule’s plot in Brookhampton Street and asked Cllr John Williams to check if permission was needed.  Cllr Williams reported that Mr Rule had obtained permission in October 1997 for 2 mobile homes on the site.  The Clerk had found the Parish Council minutes for 15 October 1997 relating to this application.


One member of the public left the meeting.


206/09            Matters Arising:

053/06  Land Registry – Trust Deed & Village Hall Lease – An e-mail from Mr. Marris, Adams Harrison on 6 December states “I have lodged the leases with Tim Middleton and am looking forward to hearing from him with confirmation that he has completed them.”  Ickleton Village Hall has received an invoice (as yet unpaid) forwarded by Hewitsons, from Adams Harrison for £322.00 relating to the Deed of Variation of Village Hall Lease.  Ickleton Village Hall had agreed to pay for this variation.                           Action:  Clerk


028/07  Tennis Courts – Proposal – We are waiting to hear a response from our proposal.               Action:  Clerk

116/09  Cutting down of trees – letter sent to Owner Mr A Fleet – No response had been received from Mr Fleet.  The overgrowing trees were obscuring the street light from lighting up the pathway.  Terry Sadler will look at what exactly needs doing and what we can or cannot do.  Sheila Birch will speak to Andrew Stimson (CCC) regarding the footpath.  A copy of the letter sent to Mr Fleet will be forwarded to Cllr Tim Stone to see if CCC are able to move this forward.                                   Action: TS/SB/Cllr Stone/Clerk

190/09  Response to EERA – Terry Sadler had replied to this consultation on behalf of the Parish Council.

Potholes – these had been reported Highways.

Grips in Road – these had been reported to Highways.

Ash Tree branch in Brookhampton Street – Mr Bristow had given permission for this branch to be removed which had been done.

195/09  War Memorial – the Clerk has written asking for three quotations.                        Action:  Clerk

198/09  Ickleton Village Hall vandalism – The police had produced a poster, which had been put up on the notice board, but it had not been seen in the local press.   So far as is known no responses have been received.  The Clerk was asked to check with the police to see if the poster could be posted on our village website.                                                                                                                  Action:  Clerk

199/09  BT Red Telephone Kiosk – After discussion, with the Clerk reading out one response received from a resident as to its possible use, it was agreed to purchase the BT Red Telephone Kiosk for £1.  The Chairman said we would need to find a method of locking it.                                                   Action:  Clerk


207/09 Youth Representation: None


208/09            Reports from District and County Councillors:

Appendix I            -            District Councillor’s Report – No report this month

Appendix II            -            County Councillor’s Report


Lewis Duke asked Cllr Stone again why the local farmers could not salt the local roads following receipt of a letter from CCC Highways asking “Parish Councils to purchase Salt Bins at a price in the region of £100 per bin.  Members of the public could spread the salt on the highways on a voluntary basis but the CCC would not accept any liability for this activity.”  Lewis Duke and Peter Wombwell would like the CCC to deliver a pile of salt to them, which they could then put along Grange Road using their own equipment.  Cllr Stone agreed to look into this again and report back.                                                                           Action: Cllr Stone


Cllr Stone left the meeting.


209/09            Correspondence received:

CCC (C Sproston)            -            Street Lighting Maintenance and Energy 2009/10

CCC (C Sproston)            -            Unmetered Festive Lighting Connections

CCC (M Oakman)            -            Provision of Salt Bins

CCC (C O’Neill)            -            Countywide Advisory Freight Map

CCC (A Stimson)            -            Parish Path Partnership (P3) Applications for 2010/2011

CCC                             -            Future Cambridgeshire

SCDC (C Bradford)            -            Exception Sites Parish Review Meeting (18/01/10)

SCDC                          -            Parish Council Monthly Update (December 2009)

SCDC (K Quigley)            -            Christmas waste & recycling collections

SCDC (C Patchett)            -            Cemetery – National Non-Domestic Rates

SCDC (A Grimmer)            -            Copy of e-mail from Mr Lang, Butcher’s Hill to SCDC

SCDC (N Kritzinger)            -            Cambridgeshire Slivers

SCDC (Planning)            -            PPG15 – Planning Policy Guidance: Planning & the historic environment

SCDC (H Adams)            -            Various e-mails

Mr A Lansley CBE MP            -            Flooding at top of Mill Lane / “Return of Hanley Grange”

Cambs. Acre                -            News Digest 1 December 2009/Community Action magazine Winter ‘09

NALC                          -            NALC Conferences & Events Survey

Direct Info. Service -            Sample Newsletter and subscription form

E-Cops                         -            Dedicated phone number for people with communication difficulties

E-Cops                         -            Various e-mails

Cambs. Police               -            Neighbourhood Panel 4/01/10 – change of venue to IVH

S Shaw                         -            Empowering Local Councils & the Sustainable Communities Act

Big Lottery Fund     -            Grants

Rural Services               -            Parish Newsletter

CPALC                                    -            Autumn 2009 Bulletin + various e-mails

SGOSS                         -            Advertising for School Governors

Carillion WSP               -            A14 Junction 31 to Junction 33 – Eastbound Repair Works

Carillion WSP               -            M11 Junctions 10 – 11:  Resurfacing Scheme

Stop Stansted Exp.     -            Glancing back as we look ahead leaflet/Receipt of donation

Imperial War Museum            -            Public meeting 7 December 2009 re. Formula 1 testing

HM Revenue                -            On-line returns to be made

M Parker (DuxfordPC)            -            Potholes

Glasdon                        -            Catalogue

NHS                             -            Leaflet Winter 2009

CPRE                           -            Fieldwork December 2009

LCR                             -            Magazine Winter 2009

S Wentzell                    -            Proposed plans for former Chapel Site, Frogge Street

Mr & Mrs J Bristow -            Land adj. Stumps Cross

S Grumbelhall                -            Wind Turbine Noise

Wellcome Trust             -            Play Area – donation of £500 towards repairs

Wellcome Trust             -            Icene – donation towards printing costs

Ivett & Reed                 -            War Memorial

Cambridge P, P & F      -            Past, Present & Future (formerly Cambridge Preservation Society)

Correspondence sent:

Mr T Bristowe              -            Footpath 5 and Ash Tree

Mr & Mrs A Fleet     -            Overhanging trees Alleyway/Footpath between Abbey St & Back Lane

Mr A Lansley CBE MP            -            Youth facilities

Wellcome Trust             -            Thank you letter regarding donations

Barclays Bank plc        -            Bank Mandate

Ivett & Reed                 -            War Memorial

J Day & Sons               -            War Memorial

Hibbett & Son               -            War Memorial

CCC (M Oakman)            -            Grass Cutting 2009



211/09            Reports from Councillors:

Tim Pavelin reported that the street sign for Mill Lane has fallen off its posts.                     Action:  Clerk

Terry Sadler asked if we could alert Mike Cooper (CCC Highways) to the proliferation of the unauthorised advertising signs on the roadside.                                                                              Action:  Clerk

Mark Stone-Wigg wanted to record his thanks for potholes, especially near the Ickleton Lion being filled in.

Lewis Duke attended the meeting at Imperial War Museum on 7 December regarding future Formula 1 testing by Renault.  Attendees felt that the meeting had been badly publicised.  It was agreed at the meeting held at IWM that testing would go ahead for 5 days per year during the week.

He had also been asked (as had the Parish Clerk) if the Council were interested in trees, which Duxford School had left over from a project.  There were Field Maples, Wild Cherries and Birches.  The Clerk was asked to find out how many trees were available.  A possible donation to the school was also mentioned.       

                                                                                                                                        Action:  Clerk   

Liz Goddard reported that together with Terry Sadler they had attended the CCC Highways Open Day (as had the Parish Clerk) regarding the recycling of material taken off the roads before resurfacing.  The new machinery was being demonstrated and it was said the recycling of materials should pay for the equipment within 3 years.


212/09            Finance (Bank Balances) including payments to:

Ron Coulson (Grass Cutting 2009) - £2,060                     Harts (Nov Icene) - £55.30  

Cambs Acre (Renewal of Membership) - £35.00              Treetops (Felling 2 trees in Cemetery) - £385.25

Receipts:  SCDC (Refund Cemetery Rates) - £277.78

Wellcome Trust (Donation towards printing costs of Icene) - £1,000 and £500 (towards repairs in Play Area)

Bank Balances            :

Community Account                                    -            £1,267.36

Business Base Rate Tracker Account            -            £16,835.77


Bank Mandate:  This form has been returned to the bank again following their query as the two accounts are set up with different names.                                                                                                     Action:  Clerk


Precept and Parish Clerk’s salary review discussions for January Agenda:  Both these items will be put on the January Agenda.  The Finance Committee need to meet (preferably on a Monday) before the January meeting to present the proposed figures and Precept for next year.  The Precept requirements must be returned to SCDC by 1 February 2010.                                                Action:  RD/TP/LD/Clerk


213/09            Recreation Field and Play Area:  The excess on the insurance policy is £250.  Following the receipt of the kind donation from Wellcome Trust of £500 towards repairs, the following was agreed:

RoSPA report (Aerial runway) – to repair carrier and new seat.  At an approximate cost of £600.                                                                                                                                                       Action:  M S-W 

Broken Spring Animal – to be repaired as per quote obtained from Wicksteed of £238 + VAT).                                                                                                                                                       Action:  M S-W

Cllr Williams, as requested last month, to report on how we are able to obtain the money as mentioned in Point 11 of the Appeal success by Rowe Rudd.                                                      Action: Cllr Williams


214/09            Cemetery 

·         Chapel – Condition to be kept under Review – nothing further to report

·         Rabbits – on going monitoring. 

·         Burial plot – Old Cemetery – Malcolm Evans – Mr Evans had arranged for the sycamore trees to be cut down.  An e-mail has been sent to David Skeates asking him to check that the plot is vacant before the relevant paperwork can be issued.     Action:  Clerk

·         SCDC re Cemetery Rates – update – A refund of £277.78 had been received from SCDC.  A letter from SCDC dated 25 November had also been received, which Terry Sadler has written an e-mail to the Councillors with his comments.  Our attention was drawn to the possibility of reducing rates to £nil by setting up a Charitable Trust.  This suggestion will be borne in mind.


215/09            Churchyard  - Working Party in January – The Clerk is in the process of organising a date for this.                                                                                                                                  Action:  Clerk

216/09            Flooding –

·         Land adj. Stumps Cross – John and Margaret Bristow had forwarded a copy of an e-mail from Tony Sullivan, Essex CCC. This stated that the Environment Agency was visiting the site on 9 December 2009.  Lewis Duke had telephoned Mr Bodell (EA) following a letter we sent on 18 November, and will continue to keep pushing the Environment Agency for a further response.                 Action:  LD

·         Drain top of Mill Lane – Mike Cooper (CCC) had received a letter from Mr Andrew Lansley CBE MP and CCC was in the process of sending a reply.     Action:  Clerk

·         Abbey Street opp.  Methodist Chapel – Lewis Duke reported that this is proceeding slowly.

·         Abbey Street/Butchers Hill – Mike Cooper (CCC) says he is still awaiting the official report regarding this drain.     Action:  Clerk


217/09            Footpath 5 (Tin Alley) – Following the site meeting on 28 November, it was agreed that wood chippings should be laid behind the copse along the definitive line of the footpath.  Treetops were unable to deliver the chippings (from the trees cut down in the Cemetery) due to the wet ground and their heavy equipment.  The Chairman asked the Clerk to find out the cost of purchasing wood chippings from Ridgeons.  The cost of a bulk bag (cubic metre) is £54.44 + VAT + delivery of £15 and we would need to pay upfront.  Peter Wombwell said he was having a load of old road surface materials delivered in January, some of which could be used instead of wood chippings.  The Clerk to ask C Frankau and A Hoare to quote for wheeling the material from Butchers Hill and laying in the copse.   Sheila Birch will also speak to A Stimson (CCC Footpaths).                                                                                    Action: SB/PW/ Clerk


218/09  SCDC Planning Parish Forum Meeting (10 December) – Terry Sadler reported that both he and the Clerk had attended this meeting, which he felt had been worthwhile.  SCDC are looking to change the Planning Application form that we receive to record our recommendations by possible adding another box ‘Conditions’.


219/09            Adjournment for questions by members of the public:  None


220/09 Date and time of next meeting - 20 January 2010


There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9.30 pm.










Appendix II – County Councillor’s Report to Ickleton Parish Council                    16th December 2009


Guided Busway

Newspaper reports tell us that the guided busway is not running to plan.  In fact it’s not running at all.  I have been invited to join a committee to plot the way forward.  The committee held its first meeting this week.  It met in secret because of the contractual issues involved.  Accepting the invitation was not altogether an easy decision because, being in the opposition, there is a good case for saying, “They got us into this mess so they can get us out of it.”


We have no idea when the southern stretch of the guided busway will open.


Hanley Grange

Thanks to all those who participated in the Hanley Grange consultation.  A Conservative County Councillor and I created something of a love-in at full council last Tuesday this week because he represents Mereham, where another large development has been proposed.  These are issues, which cross political divides and do demonstrate that we can all work together very effectively.


The County, with the support of the five district councils, has written to the East of England Assembly to say that Hanley Grange is not wanted.  The County qualified it as “unsustainable and resource hungry.”  We’ll see what effect that has, but there will be two more consultations next year just in case the message hasn’t got through.


I also wrote to the East of England Regional Assembly to complain about the difficulty people had had in getting onto the website.  Their response says, “I am disappointed that the portal did not meet our expectations for all users in this instance, and we will be insisting that improvements are made to the system prior to any future use.”  The Chairman of the Regional Planning Panel also assures us that the lessons learned in this consultation will be applied to the next consultation.


Community Transport Plan

Another consultation, which didn’t work as planned.  Under the Local Strategic Partnership, the District Council has been the front-runner in tying together how we deal with community transport for people without cars and inadequate public transport services.  Their web-based consultation elicited 12 replies.


I was at a meeting last week, which went into a considerable amount of detail as to possible options. The District did say that they had contacted all parish councils on the subject and had received no responses.  I suggested they might like to work through ACRE, CPALC and the Neighbourhood Panel process if they really wanted feedback.


Thriplow Tip

Thriplow Household Recycling Centre modifications should be starting soon.  The press office told me last week that they are putting together a press release saying how I welcome it.  I do.


Road Noise Reduction

The Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has designated Cambridgeshire a “noise generating authority” because it looks after roads. Roads carrying more than six million vehicles a year and where traffic noise is in excess of 76 decibels for 18% of the 18-hour working day are considered as major roads.  The A505 is one such road.


The county is huffing and puffing about the “substantial additional financial implications of undertaking noise alleviation measures.”


As it’s the county’s goal to make Cambridgeshire a place where people want to live, it seems only reasonable to ensure we have a quiet environment.  As we know, when it comes to highway improvements the answer is all to often, “We can’t afford it.”  An interesting challenge.