Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 20 January 2010 at 7.30pm in the Meeting Room, Ickleton Village Hall.


Present: Lewis Duke (Vice Chairman), Sheila Birch, Jane Hurst, Terry Sadler, Tim Pavelin, Peter Wombwell, Mark Stone-Wigg, Jocelyn Flitton (Parish Clerk)


001/10 Apologies for absence: Liz Goddard, Robin Driver (Chairman), Cllr Tim Stone (County), Cllr John Williams (District).


In the absence of the Chairman Robin Driver, Lewis Duke took the chair.


002/10 To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 16 December 2009: The minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman.


003/10 Adjournment for questions from members of the public:  None


004/10 Matters Arising:

053/06  Land Registry – Trust Deed & Village Hall Lease /Payment by IVH to Adams Harrison – Nothing further had been heard.  There will be an update from the Village Hall following their meeting next Monday 25 January.                                                                                                          Action:  Clerk

028/07  Tennis Courts – Proposal by Stella Parker – Stella Parker had telephoned the Parish Clerk saying that both David Human and herself are Trustees of the land and that their children are beneficiaries.  They would like to take professional advice before discussing with the Parish Council the possible use of the land for tennis courts.  Stella Parker asked if the Parish Council would be prepared to pay the fee for this advice which would be approximately £400 + VAT.   After discussion, Lewis Duke proposed that the Parish Council pay the fee in principle and commit the Tennis Club Committee to pay half in the future.  All the Councillors unanimously agreed this proposal and the Clerk was asked to speak to Stella Parker.                                                                                                                                                           Action:  Clerk

116/09   Cutting down of trees by Owner Mr A Fleet (TS/SB/Cllr Stone) – Terry Sadler had looked at the footpath during the day and night time.  He reported that towards the Back Lane end, the trees were growing through the chain fence and one cannot walk through comfortably.   Terry Sadler volunteered to speak to the current tenants at a suitable opportunity.                                               Action:  TS/Cllr Stone

190/09   Grips in Road – If nothing had been done to clear the grips by next month’s meeting, the item would be taken off the Agenda, but a letter would be written to CCC Highways.                         Action:  Clerk

195/09   War Memorial – The Clerk had received two quotations and was awaiting the third one.  As Sheila Birch is attending a War Memorial Custodians’ Conference on 4 March 2010, it was agreed to wait until a report from the conference was received and the third quote.                                            Action:  Clerk/SB   

198/09   Ickleton Village Hall vandalism update – A local person had been arrested and charged following the November incident, which had been caught on CCTV. 

211/09   Mill Lane road sign – this had been reported to SCDC.                                           Action:  Clerk

 Trees donated by Duxford School – The Clerk was asked to check with Penny Woodhead if the trees had been heeled in and how many were available.  Peter Wombwell said the trees would need to be planted next month and asked for suggestions as to where they should be planted.                 Action:  Clerk


005/10 Youth Representation:  None


006/10 Reports from District and County Councillors:

No reports received this month.

007/10 Correspondence received:

SCDC                                      -           Liaison Meeting Minutes 25 November 2009

SCDC (L Browne)                    -           Village Events/Community Clean Up events

SCDC (L Browne)                    -           Community Transport

SCDC                                      -           Parish Council Monthly Update / Weekly Bulletins

SCDC (E Davy)                        -           Graffiti Removal Service

CCC                                         -           Consultation on Cambridgeshire’s Third Local Transport Plan

CCC (A Stimson)                      -           Footpath 3

CCC (SA Gilson)                      -           Position Statement-Children’s Centre Dev. in City & SCambs

CCC (T Stone)                          -           Grit Bins

CCC (M Cooper)                      -           Potholes

CCC (T Bateman)                     -           Sawston & Linton Children’s Centres

NALC                                      -           Standing Orders for Local Councils / Nat. Training Strategy

Ickleton Allotment Assoc.          -           AGM 11/01/10 & Minutes

Thriplow                                   -           42nd Thriplow Daffodil Weekend

A Lansley CBE MP                  -           Resurfacing of the M11/ Youth Facilities

CPALC                                                -           Newsletter 23 December 2009 / Course Sessions

CPALC                                                -           Future Jobs Fund / Grant allocations

CPALC                                                -           Buckingham Palace Garden Party/Power of Wellbeing Training

CPALC                                                -           Advice Training & Support Matrix; benefits of Membership

War Memorials Trust                -           Custodians Conference 4 March 2010

Barclays Bank plc                     -           Appointment of Bankers Mandate

Clerks & Councils                     -           Direct Magazine & Suppliers Guide & Yearbook

Stella Parker (Phone call)          -           Proposed Tennis Courts

Local Works                             -           Sustainable Communities Act Amendment Bill

Rural Services Network             -           Parish Newsletter January 2010/ Asset Transfer Unit

NALC                                      -           Local Council Awards 2010

COPE                                      -           Newsletter No. 62

NHS Cambridgeshire                 -           Proposals to improve Hearing Services in Cambridgeshire

NHS Cambridgeshire                 -           Launch of public consultation – Future of Muscoloskeletal Serv.

Cambs. Acre                            -           Acknowledgement of Membership/News Digest

J Day & Son Ltd.                      -           War Memorial quotation

D Skeates                                 -           Burial plot in old Cemetery for Malcolm Evans

I Livingstone                             -           Telephone Kiosk

Cambridgeshire Police               -           Sawston Neighbourhood Panel Meeting documents/Poster

Barr Ellison                               -           Introducing their services

Somersham Parish Council         -           Research on Local Environmental Projects (T Sadler to respond)

Gt Chesterford PC                    -           Potholes

Hibbitt & Sons                          -           War Memorial quotation

Correspondence sent:

BT Payphones                          -           Telephone kiosk Frogge Street

Cambs. Acre                            -           Query regarding membership

Gt. Chesterford PC                   -           Potholes

Elaine Culling (Parish Clerk) had reported the potholes outside Plextek to Essex County Council.

CCC (M Cooper)                      -           Potholes

Mr Cooper reported they were almost overwhelmed with potholes at present.  Every effort is being made to complete all the repair work as quickly as possible although, with regret, some prioritising is currently necessary.


008/10 Planning application(s) received from SCDC:  None           


Tim Pavelin declared an interest in the trees application and did not take part in the discussion.


Applications (to SCDC) to carry out tree works subject to a tree preservation order or situated within a conservation area:

C/11/40/054 – Walnut Tree located to front, left hand side of property.  Proposing to reduce the crown at branches that are hitting neighbouring property – No. 4 Church Street – Clare College, c/o Bidwells –

The Parish Council has no objection to the proposed works as such, but we consider that permission should be granted only on condition that the works are undertaken when the tree is in leaf, i.e. from midsummer 2010.  Walnut trees are prone to bleeding, even in the so-called dormant season.                         Action:  Clerk


009/10 Reports from Councillors:

Jane Hurst reported that Jack Bristow had mentioned that the hedge on the verge near the entrance to his gateway in Mill Lane impedes his view.  Robin Driver will be asked to look at the hedge and report back at the next meeting.                                                                                                               Action:  RD

There is also a pothole outside Wayside in Abbey Street.

Terry Sadler reported that a few weeks ago we were asked to give a response to the CCC Freight Map.  After discussion it was agreed that we might be better speaking to the companies involved directly.  This had already happened at the liaison meeting with Wellcome Trust and they are trying to ensure any lorries visiting their site will follow the appropriate/approved route by them.  Also discussed at the liaison meeting was that the test results from the Wind Turbine were so far quite promising.  It should be borne in mind that any application will probably be for a much higher turbine than the current monitoring mast.  The Clerk was asked to contact Hinxton Parish Clerk and ask if they could notify us when this application is received.  Wellcome had had no contact from the Environment Agency regarding flooding.  The subject of maintaining our Play Area was discussed and Wellcome said they employ a Fabricator who they felt would be able to help us.  More details about the Fabricator will be obtained and passed to Mark Stone-Wigg.  

                                                                                                                                    Action: Clerk/TS

Sheila Birch reported that in an article from CPALC it states, “If a local council makes a written request to the Local Planning Authority (LPA), it must be informed of planning applications relating to land in its area.” It was agreed that the Clerk would write to Uttlesford District Council, having first liaised with Elaine Culling, Gt Chesterford Parish Clerk.                                                                   Action:  Clerk

The churchyard flint wall (opposite Norman Hall) had lost some stones recently.  The Clerk to ask Andy Hoare to look and let us know what he recommends regarding repair.  If it was a small job, it was agreed that we could give him the go ahead.  Tim Pavelin declared an interest.                                Action:  Clerk

Jocelyn Flitton had received complaints about cars (especially in Abbey Street) parking on the pavements forcing residents with pushchairs or mobile scooters having to go onto the road – some have been unable to do this.  The Clerk will put an item in Icene asking residents to be more considerate.         Action:  Clerk

Lewis Duke reported on the Sawston Neighbourhood Panel Meeting that was held in Ickleton Village Hall on 4 January 2010.  The attendance was down possibly due to the weather conditions and future meetings will probably be held in Sawston.  Items on the Agenda:  a)  Presentation about costs of policing in Cambridgeshire, b)  New cautioning system and c) Speeding.


010/10 Finance (Bank Balances) including payments to:

Ickleton Village Hall (Hire of Hall) - £42.00                    Harts (Dec Icene) - £56.02                   

JA Flitton (3months Salary & Expenses) - £523.52          HM Revenue & Customs - £97.71

C Frankau - £2737.00 (Grass Cutting & Maintenance 2009 Season


Donation to Duxford School re. Trees – This will discussed next month.  The Clerk was asked to check with the Chairman of Governors if the payment should be made direct to the school or to the PTA.

                                                                                                                                        Action:  Clerk

Bank Balances:

Community Account                              -           £810.11

Business Base Rate Tracker Account    -           £13,837.93


Bank Mandate – the bank has now confirmed that the new Mandate is now in place.


Precept -  The Finance Committee had met and they proposed raising the precept to £17,000.  This figure takes into account increasing costs and the recommendations of both the internal and external auditors.  Terry Sadler proposed, Peter Wombwell seconded and all agreed that the precept be raised to £17,000.    

                                                                                                                                        Action:  Clerk


Risk Assessment review – Lewis Duke and Jocelyn Flitton will review this document before the end of the financial year 31/03/10.                                                                                                       Action:  LD/Clerk


Parish Clerk’s salary review discussions (see NALC 2009/2010):

The Parish Clerk left the room whilst discussions took place. The Councillors agreed to the recommendation of Society of Local Council Clerks to pay £9.94 per hour payable from 1st April 2009.

                                                                                                                                        Action:  Clerk

The Parish Clerk rejoined the meeting.


011/10 Recreation Field and Play Area:   


012/10 Cemetery 


013/10 Churchyard  - Working Party in January/February – the Clerk had sent out a spreadsheet with dates and asks all Councillors to complete and return as soon as possible.                                      Action:  All


014/10 Flooding –

Terry Sadler reported that the Ickleton Society have discussed this issue and are proposing to alert Essex CPRE and asked if they could use public information that the Parish Council has on file.  It was agreed they could but asked if the Society would keep the Parish Council informed.


015/10 Footpath 5 (Tin Alley) – Tim Pavelin declared an interest and did not take part in the discussions.  Two quotations had been received to lay the road planings.  Peter Wombwell reported that the planings were £7 per tonne and he thought we would require 2-4 tonnes.  It was agreed to accept the quotation from Andy Hoare.  Sheila Birch and Peter Wombwell will liaise with the relevant parties involved to complete this work.                                                                                                            Action: SB/PW/Clerk

Parish Path Partnership (P3) Applications for 2010/11 – Sheila Birch and the Clerk will meet to complete this form by 26 February 2010.                                                                   Action:  SB/Clerk

Footpath 3 (Water Lane) – A Stimson (CCC) had sent an e-mail asking if we wanted this path added to the list of paths that CCC cut in 2010.  In principle it was agreed but felt a proviso might need to be added following their extensive work further down the footpath last year.                        Action:  SB/Clerk


016/10 Gritting of roads by CCC  /  Grit Bins  +  (208/09)  Salting of roads by Farmers (Cllr Stone):

This item will be carried forward to next month when it is hoped Cllr Stone will be in attendance.

                                                                                                                          Action:  Clerk/Cllr TS


017/10 Adjournment for questions by members of the public:  None


018/10 Date and time of next meeting - 17 February 2010


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.25 pm.