Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 17 February 2010 at 7.30pm in the Meeting Room, Ickleton Village Hall.


Present: Lewis Duke (Vice Chairman), Sheila Birch, Jane Hurst, Terry Sadler, Peter Wombwell, Tim Pavelin, Liz Goddard, Jocelyn Flitton (Parish Clerk)


019/10            Apologies for absence: Robin Driver, Mark Stone-Wigg, Cllr John Williams (District Councillor) and Cllr Timothy Stone (County Councillor)


In the absence of the Chairman Robin Driver, Lewis Duke took the chair.


020/10 To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 20 January 2010:  The minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman.


021/10            Adjournment for questions from members of the public:  None


022/10            Matters Arising:

053/06  Land Registry – Trust Deed & Village Hall Lease /Payment by IVH to Adams Harrison – Ickleton Village Hall had now made a payment to Adams Harrison regarding the change in the lease document.  The new Title document (with a new title number) had been received and was circulated in the meeting.  Tim Pavelin proposed, Peter Wombwell seconded that the document was accurate and all the Councillors accepted it.  This should enable Adams Harrison to now close the file.  It was also agreed that all title deeds should be stored at Adams Harrison.                                                                                     Action:   Clerk

028/07  Tennis Courts – nothing further to report at the moment.                                                  Action:   Clerk

116/09   Cutting down of trees by Owner Mr A Fleet – Terry Sadler had contacted Cheffins who have passed on his details to the owner and he is waiting a response from Cheffins.                                Action:  TS

190/09   Grips in Road – CCC had not cleared out the grips in the village but especially in Duxford Road.  It was agreed to send an e-mail to CCC Highways pointing out that these had not been done and water was lying on the road and ask if these could be attended to as soon as possible.                            Action:  Clerk

195/09  War Memorial – The Clerk had now received three quotations, which had been circulated.  It was agreed that no decision would be made until after Sheila Birch had attended the War Memorial Custodians’ Conference on 4 March 2010.  It was also agreed that we should aim to get the repairs done before Remembrance Sunday in November.                                                                               Action:  SB/Clerk

198/09  Ickleton Village Hall vandalism update – A local man had been to court and was given a 12 month Conditional Discharge.  He was also ordered to pay £219.05 compensation to Ickleton Village Hall and £85 court costs.

211/09  Mill Lane road sign – The Clerk had rung SCDC for an update but without success.  She will now contact Linda Browne (Liaison Officer at SCDC) and ask her to chase the repair.                         Action:  Clerk

Trees donated by Duxford School – Penny Woodhead reported there were approximately 143 tree whips available and it was agreed that we should accept them.  Peter Wombwell and Sheila Birch will look around the village to see where they could be planted.  Peter Wombwell agreed to plant the trees and was given authorisation to spend up to £200 on materials (compost, posts etc.).                  Action:  PW/SB

009/10  Private entrance in Mill Lane – the Chairman is still pursuing this.                         Action:  RD

Local Planning applications (Essex) – The Parish Clerk to Great Chesterford Parish Council has agreed “to let us know if plans are lodged that are near the boundary with Ickleton and point us in the direction of the plans of the Uttlesford District Council website”.


023/10 Youth Representation:  None


024/10            Reports from District and County Councillors

Appendix I                                -            District Councillor’s Report

Appendix II                               -            County Councillor’s Report – No report received.

025/10            Correspondence received:

Adams Harrison                       -            Ickleton Village Hall Lease

SCDC (H Adams)                        -            SCDC Standards Committee

SCDC (K Kavanagh)                    -            Food Waste article

SCDC (L Browne)                       -            Cabinet Meeting 23 March

SCDC (A Grimmer)                      -            Tree Warden meeting 6 March

CPALC                                                -            NALC Pay Scales / Standing Orders for Local Councils

CPALC                                                -            Newsletter

CCC (Highways)                   -            Various e-mails

CCC (M Vigor + S Lacey)            -            Cambs. & Peterborough Minerals & Waste Draft

CCC (CST)                              -            P3 Co-Ordinators training

CCC ( A Keech)             -            Discovery Places

Uttlesford District Council            -            Uttlesford Core Strategy

Imp. War Museum                       -            Battle of Britain commemoration

RoSPA                                     -            Annual Inspection notification (April 2010)

Ickleton Village Hall                  -            Booking charges

Hinxton Parish Council             -            Planning applications (Wellcome)

BT                                           -            Adopt a Kiosk Scheme

E-Cops                                     -            Various e-mails

Cambs. Police                           -            Sawston Neighbourhood Panel notes/Website

Cambs. Acre                            -            News Digest 1 February 2010/Cambs. Playing Field

CPRE                                       -            Cambridgeshire Voice magazine

Cambs. Horizons                       -            Green Infrastructure Strategy/Consultation

J Fowler                                   -            Abbey Street

M Hall                                      -            Telephone kiosk

SMP Playgrounds                 -            Brochure (via e-mail)

C Barbone                                -            Gardens of Easton Lodge

Marshalls                                  -            Landscape brochure

Cambs. Green                           -            Infrastructure Strategy Consultation 2010

NSPCC                                                -            Donation request

Spinal Injuries Assoc.              -            Fish & Chip Supper

COPE                                      -            Newsletter No. 63

Sovereign                                  -            Play equipment catalogue

Correspondence sent:

M Evans                                   -            Burial plot – Old Cemetery

J Flitton                         -            Salary

Somersham Parish Council            -            Environment study

CCC (Highways                    -            Abbey Street (Icy road)

E-Cops                                     -            Abbey Street (Icy road)


026/10            Planning application(s) received from SCDC:  None 

Declarations of Interest to be declared.  Tim Pavelin declared an interest in the revised proposed planning application from JAP Architects.

Planning application(s) granted by SCDC: 

S/1204/09/O – Land South of Genome Campus – Erection of Buildings for Research and Development together with Ancillary Facilities and Infrastructure and associated work – BNP Paribus Real Estate (for The Wellcome Trust)

Liz Goddard joined the meeting.

Revised proposed planning application from JAP Architects – The Old Chapel site, Frogge Street.    The Councillors discussed the revised proposed plans and were delighted to see the house set back from the road but felt it could be set back further due to the impact of the structure so close to the road and it would also allow more car parking/turning facilities.  With regard to the footpath/verge it was the Councillors preference that CCC Highways department should adopt this.  The Councillors would like to see the new enclosure wall as a flint wall (not brick) as a flint wall was previously on this site.  The Council would welcome any further queries the Architects may have.                                                              Action:  Clerk

027/10            Reports from Councillors :

Sheila Birch reported a pothole outside 25 Abbey Street and it was also noted one outside 36 Abbey Street.  Further potholes were reported in Grange Road just past the fork on the right hand side, also just past Rectory Farm.                                                                                                                   Action:  Clerk

Jocelyn Flitton had received a phone call from Keena McKillen who is organising the Church Fete this year on 26 June.  She asked for permission to use the Recreation Ground and to erect two marquees.  She also mentioned that they were intending to use the skatepark to give a demonstration.  The Clerk spoke to the Insurance Company to check a few points, which were then discussed by the Councillors.  The Parish Council agreed to give permission for the use of the Recreation Ground, erection of two marquees (at the Church Committee’s own risk).  With regard to the skatepark, the insurance company said we must make it clear that only skateboards are used, this excludes the use of bikes on the ramp.  The Church Committee should erect adequate fencing between the skatepark and members of the public and it should be well marshalled by them.  The Church Committee needs to be aware that they must organise their own insurance.                                                                                                                               Action:  Clerk


028/10            Finance (Bank Balances) including payments to:

Harts (Icene) - £56.02              Andrew Hoare Building Landscapes (Footpath 5) - £273.39

CPRE -  (Membership) - £29.00

Receipts:  HM Revenue & Customs - £121.48 (VAT Refund)

Donation to Duxford School re. Trees – it was proposed and seconded that we give £50. 


Bank Balances:

Community Account                                    -            £523.18

Business Base Rate Tracker Account            -            £13,837.93


Risk Assessment review:  This document had been checked and circulated.  Lewis Duke said a few minor alterations had been made.  The Councillors were asked to check the document with a view to accepting it next month.                                                                                                                  Action:  Clerk

Parish Clerk’s salary scale query:  The Clerk had obtained documentation from CPALC, which was passed to Terry Sadler asking if he could look at the scales and report back.                           Action:  TS


029/10            Recreation Field and Play Area:          

Aerial runway & Broken Spring Animal repairs – Mark Stone-Wigg reported that he had given the go ahead to repair the broken Spring Animal.  He was currently chasing prices (parts and labour) from the original installer that is required for the Aerial runway.  He will inform everyone when the prices have been obtained.                                                                                                               Action:  M S-W

Obtaining money as mentioned in Point 11 of Rowe Rudd Appeal – An explanation (see Appendix I) had been received and noted from Cllr Williams.

Grass cutting quotations / servicing of Mower:  The Clerk had received various quotations, which had been circulated and were discussed at the meeting.  It was agreed to retain the local contractors for the coming season by six to one vote.  Lewis Duke will speak to C Frankau and R Coulson.                               Action:  LD

Recreation Field and Play Area – awarded to Charles Frankau

Cemetery – awarded to Charles Frankau

Village Green & Churchyard – awarded to Ron Coulson

Verges – awarded to Ron Coulson

Litter bins – awarded to Ron Coulson

Football pitch – awarded to Charles Frankau

Servicing Countax C600H Tractor – awarded to Wrights Mower Centre                               Action: Clerk


RoSPA report is due in April by which time the Councillors hoped the repairs would have been done.


030/10            Cemetery: 

Chapel – Condition to be kept under Review  /  Rabbits - nothing further to report on either of these.

Burial plot – Old Cemetery – Malcolm Evans – David Skeates had now rodded the proposed site and had reported it clear.  The Clerk has now issued the paperwork to Malcolm Evans and awaits receipt of the fee.                                                                                                                                  Action:  Clerk

Headstone check – Jane Hurst agreed to carry out this check and report back to the Clerk.     Action:  Clerk

Burial Fees 2010 – The Table of Fees agreed at the Parish Council meeting on 18 February 2009 had been circulated and was discussed.  It was agreed to make increases in the fees for the coming year.   The new Table of Fees will be circulated to the Councillors and local Funeral Directors.                          Action:  Clerk


031/10            Churchyard:   

Working Party on 20 February – it was agreed to meet at 10.00 am.    

Churchyard Wall – Andy Hoare had reported that he felt more work should be done on the wall than he had originally quoted (£50/£60).  He now estimated that the cost for two days work would be approximately £500-£600.  It was agreed that we would approach him to do a temporary repair as originally quoted. 

                                                                                                                                        Action:  Clerk

The Clerk was asked to check with CPALC if when the churchyard was transferred to the Parish Council, that it did include the flint wall.                                                                                                   Action:  Clerk


032/10            Flooding 

Land adj. Stumps Cross – Lewis Duke reported on the situation following a conversation with M Bodell of the Environment Agency.  The Environment Agency had done a survey of the levels and a small part is on the flood plain and they will speak to C Onslow.  It was agreed that we should ask the Environment Agency to re-map the Flood Plain and that we should also write to Andrew Lansley CBE MP asking him to speak/liaise to Sir Alan Haselhurst MP.                                                                      Action: :LD/Clerk

Drain top of Mill Lane – the Clerk is continuing to chase Network Rail for a response.             Action:  Clerk

Abbey Street opp.  Methodist Chapel nothing further had been heard.  Lewis Duke will chase his solicitor and the Clerk will e-mail CCC Highways for an update.                                                   Action:  LD/Clerk

Abbey Street/Butchers Hill – Photographs had been sent to CCC Highways and an e-mail had been received in response which stated “It appears that the storm drainage system is completely blocked once again just inside the wall of Caldrees Manor”.  After discussion it was felt that the matter was strictly between the CCC Highways and Mr John Gildersleeve.  An e-mail will be sent to CCC Highways saying that the Parish Council would be happy to help if they can.                                              Action:  Clerk


033/10            Footpath 5 (Tin Alley) – the planings had now been laid and the footpath was much improved.

Parish Path Partnership (P3) Applications by 26 February 2010 – We were still left with some money to spend before we submit the new application. It was agreed to accept a quotation from C Frankau to trim and tidy up overhanging branches in Water Lane.  The work to be completed by the end of February.  Sheila Birch and the Clerk will meet to complete the application and return by the deadline date. Action:Clerk/SB


034/10            Gritting of roads by CCC  /  Grit Bins  +  (208/09)  Salting of roads by Farmers (Cllr Stone) – this item to remain on the Agenda until Councillor Stone is present at a meeting.                     Action:  Clerk


035/10            Standing Orders for Local Councils – CPALC say that it is important that the Parish Council review and adapt the part 2 electronic version as required for our council.  They also need to be minuted as adopted.  The Clerk was asked to check with CPALC as to why they are required and what will happen if they are not adopted.                                                                                                               Action:  Clerk                                                                                                            

036/10            Adjournment for questions by members of the public:  None


037/10 Date and time of next meeting - 17 March 2010 at 7.30 pm.     


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.40 pm.


Chairman                                                                                Date


Appendix I                  District Councillor’s Report                                     February 2010



Land behind Grange Road Section 106

The Inspector’s Decision:

A Unilateral Planning Obligation under Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended) was submitted by the appellant at the Hearing with respect to the contribution of £2,244.90 towards outdoor play space, including children's play space and informal open space. The Council were satisfied that the terms of the signed and dated Unilateral Undertaking submitted complied with LDF Policies SF/10 and SF/11. I agree and I am also satisfied that they accord with the provision of Circular 05/2005: Planning Obligations.

What next? The money will be payable when development is underway.

South Cambs District Council will pass this sum to Ickleton Parish Council for its own use for the above purposes.