Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 17 March 2010 at 7.30pm in the Meeting Room, Ickleton Village Hall.


Present: Robin Driver (Chairman), Sheila Birch, Jane Hurst, Tim Pavelin, Terry Sadler, Lewis Duke and Jocelyn Flitton (Parish Clerk)


038/10            Apologies for absence: Mark Stone-Wigg, Liz Goddard, Peter Wombwell, Cllr Johns Williams (District Councillor) and Cllr Timothy Stone (County Councillor)


039/10 To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 17 February 2010:  The minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman


040/10            Adjournment for questions from members of the public:  None


041/10            Matters Arising:

053/06  Land Registry-Storage of title deeds – Adams Harrison have confirmed that the paperwork has been put into long term store at their offices at no cost to the Parish Council.

028/07  Tennis Courts – The Clerk had received phone calls from David Human and Stella Parker.  We will shortly be receiving a letter from Brien Walker.  It was also pointed out that there is a ‘No build covenant’ on the land, which Stella Parker will be discussing with the relevant party.  It was also suggested that the courts could be built along the side of the field or at the other end to eliminate the problem of the electricity pole.                                                                                                                              Action:  Clerk

116/09 Trimming back of trees by Owner Mr A Fleet  -  Terry Sadler reported that Cheffins were not managing the property and nothing further had been heard from them.  Mr Sadler will speak to the tenants in the near future.                                                                                                                Action:  TS

190/09   Grips in Road – Mike Cooper (CCC Highways) reported that these had been done.  The Parish Council agreed that this was so in Grange Road, but Lewis Duke’s employees had dug out the only the one near the entrance to offices in Duxford Road.  It was noted that the grips around Cemetery corner still needed to be dug out.  The Clerk was asked to report back to Mr Cooper.                                        Action:  Clerk

195/09  War Memorial + report by S Birch ‘Looking after War Memorials’ – Sheila Birch reported on her attendance at the Conference which she found to be useful.  Lt Col & Mrs Birch had scrubbed the memorial (which is Limestone) and it was now looking much improved and would save us money by not having to accept any of the various quotations received.  The letters may need to be repainted (black enamel paint) in a few years time.  It was agreed that after the plants surrounding the memorial had been cut back, we should obtain a quotation for painting the railings.  A vote of thanks was recorded to Lt Col & Mrs Birch for their work on the war memorial.                                                                                                    Action: SB/Clerk

211/09  Mill Lane road sign – this sign had still not been replaced by SCDC despite the Clerk chasing various people at SCDC.                                                                                         Action:  Clerk

Planting of trees donated by Duxford School – Peter Wombwell and employees had now planted these trees.  The Clerk was to ask Mr Wombwell where all the trees had been planted.  A vote of thanks was recorded to Mr Wombwell for carrying out the planting of these trees.

009/10  Private entrance in Mill Lane – The Chairman had looked at this entrance and reported that the hedge is growing on Mr & Mrs Bristow’s neighbours land and it was not a Parish Council matter. 

                                                                                                                                       Action:  Clerk

027/10  Potholes – Mike Cooper (CCC Highways) reported that they were overwhelmed with reports of potholes with the main roads being given priority.  The one in Abbey Street should be filled in shortly.  The Councillors would like the Clerk to report again the potholes in Frogge Street and Grange Road, which go right past Rectory Farm.                                                                                                       Action:  Clerk


042/10 Youth Representation:  None



043/10            Reports from District and County Councillors:

Appendix I            -            District Councillor’s Report

The Parish Council would welcome the opportunity to discuss the Bus Services proposal and also for Mr David Lilley to be included.

Appendix II            -            County Councillor’s Report

044/10            Correspondence received:

SCDC (LDF)                            -            Adoption of Statement of Community involvement

SCDC (H Adams              -            Standards Committee 10 March 2010/Stds Committee News

SCDC (G Barron)             -            Neighbourhood Panels Publicity

SCDC                                      -            News update

SCDC (L Browne)                       -            Mill Lane Street sign

SCDC (H Adams)                        -            Standards Committee Questionnaire

CCC (Highways)                   -            Flooding/Potholes

CCC (Cllr T Stone)               -            Sportsmatch funding

CCC (A Davies)             -            Older people given control of their social car

CCC (S Lacey)                         -            Cambs & Peterborough Minerals & Waste Plan

CCC (A Stimson)                       -            Footpath 3

Gt Chesterford PC                   -            Resurfacing works

Cambridgeshire Acre                 -            Community Action magazine Spring 2010

Cambridgeshire Acre                 -            South Cambs. Parish Planning Event

Cambridgeshire Acre                 -            COMMA Flyer 2010

Stop Hanley Grange JAG            -            Return of 50% of donation

Adams Harrison (A Marris) -            Village Hall Lease/Deeds

A Frostick                                 -            Methodist Chapel enquiry

Duxford Primary School(PW)            -            Trees donation

CPALC                                                -            Newsletters/Future Jobs Fund

JAP Architects                         -            Former Old Chapel Site, Frogge Street

War Memorials (F Moreton)            -            Acknowledging attendance of S Birch at Conference

Big Lottery Fund                 -            Grant applications

K McKillen                               -            Church Fete

Wicksteed                                 -            Brochure

COPE                                      -            Newsletter No. 64

Clerks & Councils Direct            -            Magazine March 2010

LCR                                         -            Magazine Spring 2010

Mr A Lansley CBE MP                      -            Youth Facilities

E-Mails (Various)                      -            Forwarded to Parish Councillors

Correspondence sent:

Duxford School (P Woodhead)            -            Donation for trees

C Frankau                                 -            Footpath 3

BT Payphones                          -            Telephone kiosk Frogge Street


045/10            Planning application(s) received from SCDC:            

S/0235/10/F – Extensions, Alterations & Raised Decking Area following demolition of existing Conservatory – 33 Church Street – Mr Ken Thorn – Approve.  It was noted that no reference had been made by SCDC (subsequently confirmed by SCDC) that there was an Agriculture Occupation Restriction on this property.  This will be included in our response.                                                              Action:  Clerk

Information only - S/2151/08/F – Dwelling – Land to the South east of 9 Grange Road – Rowe Building & Development Ltd. – Details of amendment:  Conversion of garage to living accommodation including removal of garage doors and change to window in south west elevation, change from door to window in north east elevation, and increase in size of window in north west elevation. 

It was agreed to write a letter to SCDC regarding this alteration.                                                  Action:  Clerk





046/10            Reports from Councillors:

Terry Sadler reported that there was a vast amount of litter on the roadside in Frogge Street past the 30mph Speed sign.  The Clerk was asked to contact CCC Highways to ask when they will be doing a litter pick.  The footpath at the end of the road (just before the Essex boundary) has broken up and in need of repair.

                                                                                                                                       Action:  Clerk


047/10            Finance (Bank Balances) including payments to:

Harts (Feb Icene) - £56.02             Wrights Mower Centre (Service of Countax Mower) - £257.51             

Cambridgeshire County Council (Street Lighting) - £866.34            C Frankau (Water Lane)  - £116.33           

Cambridge Conservation Volunteers (Coploe Pit) - £21.75 – it was agreed to increase this payment to £40.00.                                                 SCDC (Cemetery Rates) - £79.67

Receipts:  M Evans - £57.00 (Burial Plot)                  Stop Hanley Grange Joint Action Group - £250.00

Financial year end 31/03/10 – Approval Clerk’s 3 month’s salary + PAYE paid up to and including 31/03/10 – The Parish Council approved the payment to the Clerk.

Community Account                                    -            £1414.33 (excluding Clerk’s Salary & PAYE)

Business Base Rate Tracker Account            -            £11,837.93 (£2000 transferred to Community Account)


048/10            Recreation Field and Play Area           


049/10            Cemetery  -  Chapel – Condition to be kept under Review 


050/10            Churchyard   


051/10            Flooding –

·         Land adj. Stumps Cross – Mike Bodell (Environment Agency) had called and said he would welcome a meeting.  He is currently collecting definitive data showing ground levels in 2000 and December 2009 and will be in touch when this is complete.  It was agreed that we should obtain statements relating to flooding in that area in the past and the Chairman would be contacting Mr Jack Bristow, Mr Tony Burton, Mrs Eileen Godfrey and Mr Jason Harding.  Lewis Duke would try to access aerial photos of the flooding in 1947, 1953 and 1966/7 of the Mill Lane area. The Clerk was asked to write to Mr Andrew Lansley CBE MP asking what progress he had made following our letter of 18 February 2010, as we are greatly concerned about what is happening on the site.  Also to ask if he had made any progress with speaking to Sir Alan Hazelhurst. Action:  RD/LD

·         Drain top of Mill Lane – A letter had been received from Network Rail acknowledging that their part of the ditch needs to be cleared and will be carried out by their Maintenance team in the Spring/Summer months as soon as the weather permits.     Action:  Clerk

·         Abbey Street opp.  Methodist Chapel – CCC (Highways) reported that negotiations do seem to have stalled possibly due to costs within their organisation.  They will keep us informed.     Action:  Clerk

·         Abbey Street/Butchers Hill – CCC (Highways) have arranged for a ‘camera survey’ within the storm drain under the wall of Caldrees Manor.     Action:  Clerk 


052/10            Footpaths - Parish Path Partnership (P3) Application submitted by 26 February 2010:  The forms have been duly submitted to Cambridgeshire County Council.


053/10            Gritting of roads by CCC  / Grit Bins  +  (208/09) Salting of roads by Farmers (Cllr Stone:  This item to remain on the Agenda until Councillor Stone is present at a meeting.                     Action:  Clerk


054/10            Adoption of Model Standing Orders for Local Councils: The Clerk had obtained a copy of Part Two of Model Standing Orders for Local Councils which well be circulated and Terry Sadler will comment at the next meeting with a view to adopting them. CPALC recommends that all councils adopt the model standing orders.  NALC and CPALC will be able to support any council who has adopted these standing orders if they are subject to legal challenge.                                                              Action:  TS/Clerk


055/10 SCDC Standards Committee Representative:  No Councillor wished to become a Representative.


056/10            AGM/Parish Council Meeting – 19 May 2010. 

Annual Parish Meeting – 26 May 2010.  The Clerk suggested two speakers:  Mrs Ann Gardner of Duxford School to speak about their ‘Tree o’clock’ marathon tree planting project organised and sponsored by the BBC in December and Andrew Shepperd to talk about the village website.  It was agreed that short talks by both parties would be welcome and acceptable if they agreed.                                  Action:  Clerk


057/10            Adjournment for questions by members of the public:  None


058/10 Date and time of next meeting -  21 April 2010 at 7.30 pm


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.15pm








Appendix I                  District Councillor’s Report                                     March 2010


From: Cllr John Williams


South Cambs District Council

My report this month concerns major changes taking place now at the District Council.           

Budget cuts

The effects of these, authorised by Full Council recently, are now taking effect. Planning and New Communities (now a combined department) are the main departments affected with about 30 staff posts being changed/removed via re-allocation of duties and redeployment, or lost with redundancies – some voluntary, others not. Jo Mills and Gareth Jones are in charge of this restructuring. Some key staff from New Communities are leaving – Jane Thompson and Jane Lampshire - a pity.

Chief Executive Greg Harlock announced that he will retire in mid-year. Dale Robinson, head of Environmental Health, is leaving and moving to a Health Trust position.

The restructuring of the organisation is to some extent following the “Transformation” project, which was commenced about 4 years ago and then, abandoned.

Housing Benefits Service

Meanwhile the proposal to share the administration of Housing Benefits with Uttlesford District Council has been aborted, as neither Council could agree on terms agreeable to the other. Each blames the other.  Other share partners are being looked at.

Sheltered Housing Service

The plan to move over completely to mobile warden arrangements, the so-called “floating support model”, is on hold for the time being. It has been unpopular with residents.

However the District Council does not have the say in what happens. Sheltered housing services come now under the control of the Government’s so-called “Supporting People” scheme. This scheme took sheltered housing funding away from rents as the main source, and the budget is funded about half by Government – the rest being from rents and some contribution from sheltered tenants themselves. Government intends that the floating support model shall be instituted in due course. Another fine example of devolvement of power to local people.

The Council will shortly interview every sheltered housing tenant to asses their support needs, and see how this can be met by the Supporting People method.


Bus services - proposal

Except on Sundays the Citi 7 bus from Cambridge and Sawston travels to Saffron Walden via Hinxton and Ickleton. Duxford has no direct connection to Saffron Walden, and I am about to consult with Duxford residents on the demand for this. I would envisage that it could possibly alternate with the route via Hinxton. Either way the bus goes through Ickleton, and the variation would provide a direct bus between Duxford and Ickleton.

The support of Ickleton PC would be welcome for this proposal.

Appendix II – County Councillor’s Report to Ickleton Parish Council                          17th March 2010



Household Recycling

You may have seen that the Thriplow Household Recycling Centre (aka Tip) is now being refurbished. This will certainly make it a better place for the staff.  I’m still not entirely clear what will happen when the rear part of the site is opened up but the site should be less cramped as a result.


The week before last I went to the exhibition at Shelford Rugby Club, which coincided with the last opportunity people, have to comment on the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Minerals and Waste plan.  The most important local issue is where to put a Household Recycling Centre for the south-west corner of Cambridge.  It seems pretty clear that the residents of The Shelfords are mostly in favour of the proposed site of the Addenbrooke’s relief road.  Some residents of Trumpington object because the building would create further incursion into the Green Belt.  Personally I believe that if the artist’s impressions of the new building are anything to go by then there is nothing to worry about.


Because the Trumpington site will be state of the art on two levels, it could be attractive to some residents of Ickleton who are less than comfortable at having to climb stairs to get their waste into skips.


Transport Innovation Fund

The opportunity to get £500million to improve access to Cambridge, reduce congestion and pollution has been lost.  The County is putting a brave face on this, saying that the lessons learned will put us in pole position for a bid for the newly announced Urban Challenge Fund.


The work carried out for the original Cambridgeshire bid for the Transport Innovation Fund brought together the views of the public and businesses through the independent Cambridge Transport Commission. This highlighted the need for an extensive package of transport improvements.


The stumbling block was the proposed congestion charge, which caused great resentment.  The County wasted millions in trying to appease objectors in launching its bid, though South Cambridgeshire District Council voted against.


As Stagecoach have clearly said, without getting cars off the road, increasing the number of buses will just add to congestion.  So it will be interesting to see how the Urban Challenge Fund bid will go – assuming that the next government doesn’t scrap it.


Guided Busway

I am a member of the Guided Busway Delivery Group.  Its meetings are held in private and in conditions of great confidentiality.  Then the next day most of the stuff appears in the Cambridge News.  Quite a bit has been published as a result of questions in Full Council and as part of the budget papers.


We have no idea when either part of the busway will be opened, though recent press reports suggest that the northern section could be in operation as early as next month. However that will depend entirely on the project being delivered in a state, which the Council can accept.  The contract is written in such a way that the County has to pay the contractor for costs incurred.  Once the project is delivered the contractor has to repay all those bits of the overrun, which cannot be laid at the door of the Council. Meanwhile the County is already borrowing over £50million, which it hadn’t expected to borrow and has budgeted £1million a year for the next five years to add to the project.  That £5million would normally have been allocated to other transport projects.


Because the £5 million comes direct from Westminster, the County has claimed that the Council Taxpayer will not have to pay a penny.  I have protested that this sort of sleight of hand is what gets politicians a bad name.



Potholes have become a scandal.  While the County continues to talk about exceptional winters and difficult conditions, the fact is that a properly maintained road network doesn’t permit potholes to occur.  As I have said before, just have a look next time you’re in Switzerland.


The County has said that it has allocated £3 million more for road maintenance.  But you only find in the small print that that’s over three years.  The Liberal Democrat alternative budget proposed spending an extra £5 million above the Conservative figure this year and £7 million next year, which would at least have made an appreciable difference.


Meanwhile County Highways are aware of some 700 potholes within the area covered by Whittlesford depot. Some 40 are being reported daily but many of them have already been reported by other people. Cambridgeshire Highways are working on the most heavily used roads first, so potholes on minor roads could wait for a month or so to be dealt with.


Accident waiting to happen

The Spring edition of South Cambs Magazine contains a nugget to say that we suffer significantly more road injuries locally than the national average: 98 per 100,000 population compared with the national average of 54 per 100,000.


Unless you think that our drivers behave much worse than drivers in other parts of the country then you might believe that these figures might have something to do with the state of our roads.


The number of times I have heard about accidents waiting to happen only to be answered by County Highways that there are much more deserving accident spots and too little money.


Which brings me on to:

South Cambs Magazine assures us that “a questionnaire was delivered to all households in the middle of January” about the Local Transport Plan. The Local Transport Plan gives you an opportunity to comment on future transport spending.


I’ve asked ten local parish councils if the questionnaire has been seen in their villages. It hasn’t. So why not?


The questionnaire allows you to prioritise roads by putting a 1 against Improve roads for cars in the Transport Improvements section. Quite why the County thinks that only cars use roads is beyond me. Cyclists, van and lorry drivers and buses use exactly the same roads and all are fed up with the number of cracks and potholes.

Even without the paper questionnaire you can comment on line at www.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/ltp