Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 21 April 2010 at 7.30pm in the Meeting Room, Ickleton Village Hall.


Present: Lewis Duke (Vice Chairman), Jane Hurst, Sheila Birch, Terry Sadler, Liz Goddard, Mark Stone-Wigg, Tim Pavelin, Peter Wombwell, Jocelyn Flitton (Parish Clerk), Cllr John Williams (District Councillor), Steve Jenkins (Ickleton Football Club) and Mick Eldred and Gary Phillips (Crocus Football Club).


059/10            Apologies for absence: Robin Driver, Cllr Timothy Stone (County Councillor)


In the absence of the Chairman Robin Driver, Lewis Duke took the chair.


060/10 To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 17 March 2010:  After an amendment to 195/09 – the war memorial is Granite not Limestone – the minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman.


061/10            Adjournment for questions from members of the public:  None


With agreement the Chairman brought forward the following item from 069/10:

Football Clubs – Terms/Fees for 2010/2011 Season:

Crocus Football Club reported that they were now down to one club, which was more down to lack of finance and fewer younger members.  They were disappointed with the pitch.  They were playing their last home game tonight though one cup game has yet to be arranged.

Ickleton Football Club reported they were now playing in the senior league and had had a disappointing season.  Most football clubs seem to be suffering with three clubs having dropped out of the league this year.  There appears to be other attractions for potential footballers.  They are playing their last home game this Sunday.

Terms and Conditions for the coming season were then discussed.  It was proposed by Tim Pavelin and seconded by Peter Wombwell that the fees should remain the same (Crocus-£12.90 and Ickleton-£6.50 per match) for the coming season.                                                                                         Action:  Clerk


The three members of the football clubs left the meeting.  Cllr John Williams joined the meeting.


062/10            Matters Arising:

028/07  Tennis Courts – A copy of a letter sent to Mr D Human and Mrs S Parker had been sent to the Parish Council by Snow Walker Associates.  This had been circulated before the meeting and was discussed.  Tim Pavelin asked questions relating to ‘Change of Use’ and the ‘No Build’ covenant.  It was agreed that (a) we agreed to pay the fee of £400 (b) we would write to Snow Walker saying we are in general agreement and would be passing the letter onto the Tennis Court Committee for comment. (c) we would write to D Human and S Parker thanking them for their help.                                Action:  Clerk

116/09  Trimming back of trees by Owner Mr A Fleet  – No progress has been made.                Action:  TS

190/09   Grips in Road – an acknowledgement had been received from CCC Highways following our comments.  It was agreed to make a note to contact Highways in September reminding them to clear the grips before the winter months.                                                                                          Action:  Clerk

195/09   War Memorial Fence – repainting quotation – A quotation had been received from C Frankau for £30 + VAT.  His labour would be free of charge.  The Clerk will write to Mr Frankau accepting the quotation and thanking him for not charging for his labour.                                                  Action:  Clerk

211/09   Mill Lane road sign – Diane Duncan (SCDC) has replied to our letter and said the work is in hand to replace this sign.  The Chairman thanked Cllr Williams for his help in resolving this matter.

    Action:  Clerk

027/10  Potholes – several potholes had been repaired but the Clerk was asked to report potholes in Grange Road near Shepherds Cottage and several after Rectory Farm entrance up towards Royston Lane, also outside 36 Abbey Street.                                                                                            Action:  Clerk

046/10   Litter pick in Frogge Street – this had been reported to SCDC who will carry out the litter pick.  Terry Sadler agreed to monitor the situation.                                                                               Action:  TS


063/10 Youth Representation:  None


064/10            Reports from District and County Councillors:

Appendix I            -            District Councillor’s Report – No written report this month

Appendix II            -            County Councillor’s Report

The Clerk was requested to ask Cllr Stone for more information and to be kept informed on Heydon Grange Wind farm.  The Clerk was also asked to print off information from the Gt Chishill website www.greatchishill.org.uk for the correspondence file and to ask Robin Driver to speak to Diana McFaggen. Also to ask what time the meeting on Snow clearing starts on May 11 at Gt Chishill.     Action:  Clerk


065/10            Correspondence received:

SCDC (K Miles)   -            South Cambs & Cambridge City Council Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

SCDC (G Barron) -            South Cambs Community Chest

SCDC (P Williams)            -            Consultation Gender Equality Scheme

SCDC (K Pell-Coggins)            -            Dwelling, Land to the north-east of 9-17 Grange Road

SCDC (G Harlock)            -            Elections Thursday 6 May 2010 – posters

SCDC                          -            Planning Policy Monthly Update (April 2010)

CCC (Linda Oliver)  -            Copy of letter to Cllr C Nightingale re. potholes

CCC (M Cooper)            -            Various e-mails

CC (M Oakman)            -            Salting of roads by Farmers

Snow Walker                -            The Jack Human Trust – Proposed Tennis Courts

IVH                             -             Copy of letter to Paul Whitmell

CPALC                                    -            Membership News and various e-mails

IWM (Duxford)                        -            Various e-mails

AON                            -            Insurance renewal

LCR Online                  -            LCR available online

R Hayes                       -            Cambridge Morris Dancers 24 April

Cambridge Constab.            -            Sawston Neighbourhood Panel Update

Stop Stansted Exp.     -            Update

Mr A Lansley CBEMP            -            Potholes

Cllr John Williams            -            Ickleton Village Hall

Rural Services Netwk  -            Parish Newsletter April 2010

C.G.M.                         -            New addition to the team

CPRE                           -            Fieldwork April 2010

Glasdon                        -            Catalogues

NHS                             -            Keeping in Touch leaflet

COPE                          -            Newsletter No. 65

Cambridge PPF             -            The Ring – Winter/Spring 2010 bulletin

Various e-mails             -            Forward to Parish Councillors

Correspondence sent:

SCDC                          -            Questionnaire Standards Committee’s Parish Liaison Working Group

Uttlesford DC               -            Core Strategy Consultation

Ickleton FC                   -            To discuss Terms for 2010/11 Season

Crocus FC                    -            To discuss Terms for 2010/11 Season


066/10            Planning application(s) received from SCDC:                 Declarations of Interest to be declared.

Information only  -  S/0235/10/F – 33 Church Street – Details of amendment – Addition of stainless steel and obscure glass screen wall to roof terrace.

Planning application(s) granted by SCDC:  S/0235/10/F – Extensions, Alterations and Raised Decking Area following demolition of Existing Conservatory (including above amendment) – 33 Church Street – Mr Ken Thorn


CCC - Delivery of planning application consultations electronically – it was agreed that we would try the electronic versions but if we were not happy we would like to revert to the hard copy.           Action:  Clerk

JAP Architects has sent a full copy of the application documents relating to the Old Chapel Site, Frogge Street that they have sent to South Cambridgeshire District Council.  The documents will be circulated in the correspondence file whilst we await notification from SCDC Planning Department.  A letter of acknowledgement will be sent to JAP Architects.                                                               Action:  Clerk                                                                                    

067/10            Reports from Councillors:

Tim Pavelin had received a request by the Summer Sizzler Committee to use the Recreation Ground on Saturday 4 September.  The Football Clubs will be informed of this event.  Permission was given and Tim Pavelin will inform the Committee of the decision.                                                               Action:  TP

Sheila Birch reported that Car Boot sales were now taking place every weekend at Riverside Barns and asked if this was allowed or is planning permission required?  Cllr John Williams will check to see if this is necessary.                                                                                                        Action:  Cllr J Williams

Jocelyn Flitton reported that she had spoken to Mrs Doreen and John Puffet (following a request from a resident) asking if they could cut back the trees that are overhanging the pavement.  This would give motorists a better view of what was approaching the village from Duxford.


068/10            Finance (Bank Balances) including payments to:

Cheques dated 31/03/10 – J A Flitton - £676.43                        HM Revenue & Customs - £125.46

Ickleton Village Hall - £42.00            CPALC (Affiliation Fee) - £198.08            Harts (March Icene) - £79.86

Snow Walker (Proposed Tennis Courts) - £470.00                        Wrights Mower (Battery) - £55.00

The subscription renewal (£13.50) to LCR – the magazine of National Association of Local Councils would not be renewed this year.

Receipts:  SCDC (Precept) - £8,500.00

Invoice for payment in May – AON (Insurance) - £1551.03 – this was a note for next month.

Draft Accounts for the financial year end 31/03/10 – The Clerk had circulated the draft accounts to the Councillors.  The internal auditor had commented that the year-end balance was a little healthier than in 2009.  An Agenda item next month will ask for the accounts to adopted.                                        Action:  Clerk

Bank Balances:

Community Account                        -                       £  2,267.48

Business Base Rate Tracker Account            -            £17,839.84


069/10            Recreation Field and Play Area:          

Aerial runway – Mark Stone-Wigg was still pursuing this with Playquest.  It was agreed that at the Wellcome Trust Liaison meeting we would ask if Trevor Silk was able to help repair the runway.

                                                                                                                            Action:  MS-W/SB/TS

Broken Spring Animal repairs – the Clerk had spoken to Wicksteed Leisure who said they were waiting a part but it should be done next week.  Mark Stone-Wigg reminded the Clerk that he still had some ‘bits’ at his home, which would be needed when the repair is carried out.                                    Action:  MS-W/Clerk


070/10            Cemetery:

Chapel – Condition to be kept under Review – nothing further to add.

Rabbits – quotation – A quotation from STEP Pest Control for £245.00 + VAT had been received and was accepted.  Tim Pavelin requested that 3 quotations are obtained in future.  The Clerk had also been speaking to Clare Willmott with regard to them gassing the rabbits in their field at the same time.  Clare Willmott agreed and had also spoken to the ‘Railways’.  She asked to be informed once the quotation had been accepted and when the gassing would take place so that it could all be done at the same time.  The Clerk will ask Clare Willmott to speak to Peter Wombwell, as he believes the burrows may well go under the road between the field and the cemetery.                                                                                         Action:  Clerk


071/10            Churchyard:   

Churchyard Wall – As there is to be a Quinquennial Review of the Church and grounds on Friday, it was decided to wait until their report had been submitted.                                                           Action:  LD/SB


072/10            Flooding:

Land adj. Stumps Cross – Essex County Council have now issued an Enforcement Notice which became effective on 18 April 2010.  The Contractor had wanted this withdrawn but Essex CC declined.  If the Contractor decided to appeal would he be able to continue dumping soil?  This question will be put via Elaine Culling, Parish Clerk to Gt Chesterford PC.                                                          Action:  Clerk

Any information on flooding in previous years would be very welcome.  Jane Hurst reported that Eileen Godfrey had found some old diaries.  It was agreed that we should speak to Jack & Margaret Bristow and David Lilley to see if they had any photographs of flooding in previous years.                 Action:  LD/Clerk

Terry Sadler and Sheila Birch would discuss flooding on the site of Wellcome at their liaison meeting. 

Drain top of Mill Lane – this work is still outstanding with Network Rail.                               Action:  Clerk

Abbey Street opp.  Methodist Chapel – nothing further had been heard from CCC Highways.  The Clerk was asked to contact them again.                                                                                   Action:  Clerk

Abbey Street/Butchers Hill – CCC Highways had put a camera down the drains and found that the pipes had a lot of silt, which had been washed off the road.  Several drains in Abbey Street flow towards one drain, which then flows into Caldrees Manor grounds.  Highways will now write to Mr Gildersleeve with their findings and ask if CCC could flush out the pipes.                                                        Action:  Clerk


073/10            Gritting of roads by CCC  / Grit Bins  + Salting of roads by Farmers:

A letter had been written to Michael Oakman at CCC Highways stating that two farmers were willing to distribute salt onto roads, which they were unable to cover.  CCC Highways is currently carrying out a full review of Winter Maintenance Operations and will ask for our suggestion to be discussed. (See 64/10)  

                                                                                                                                        Action:  Clerk

074/10            Adoption of Model Standing Orders for Local Councils:

Terry Sadler had worked through the document and had amended/modified the document for the Parish Council.  All the bold type is statutory.  It was agreed to circulate the document in the correspondence file and discuss it again at next month’s meeting.  The Clerk will check to see if there is a deadline for the adoption of these orders.                                                                                     Action:  ALL/Clerk


075/10 Police Neighbourhood Panel Meeting 6 April 2010:

Lewis Duke, Jocelyn Flitton and Sheila Birch attended this meeting.  Lewis Duke thanked the police for their actions relating to Ickleton Village Hall and the warrant executed at Riverside Barns.  The police asked people to report any Anti Social Behaviour which generally increases in the summer months.


076/10            Wellcome Trust Liaison Meeting 23 April – Agenda suggestions:

The following items were put forward for the Agenda:  (a) Flooding update (b) Update on plans for wind turbine (c) Update on planning applications relating to Genome Campus (d) Toad welfare (e) Proposed tennis courts (f) Aerial runway repair availability of Trevor Silk.                                              Action:  TS/SB


077/10 Annual Parish Meeting – 26 May 2010 – Speakers + Leaflet distribution:

The Clerk had received confirmation of the two speakers – Andrew Shepperd – Village Website and Ann Gardner – Duxford Primary School 50th Anniversary and new garden.  A resolution for refreshments at the meeting will be put on the next Agenda.  It was agreed that a leaflet drop would be done around the village.

Sheila Birch offered her apologies in advance.                                                                           Action:  Clerk


078/10            Adjournment for questions by members of the public:  None


079/10 Date and time of AGM and next Parish Council meeting  - 19 May 2010


There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9.35pm.


Chairman                                                                                            Date
Appendix I            -            District Councillor’s Report            
No Written report this month.


*          *            *            *            *            *            *            *            *            *            *            *            *


Appendix II                                                                County Councillor’s Report


Report to Ickleton Parish Council                                      20th April 2010


Heydon Grange Windfarm


Heydon Parish Council’s official response to the Heydon Grange Wind Farm Scoping Report was submitted to the District Council on April 12th. Neighbouring parish councils have been contacted for a coordinated response.


An action group is being set up to oppose a possible windfarm at Heydon Grange.

Its inaugural meeting is taking place at Great Chishill Village Hall next Tuesday 27th April at 7.30pm.  All are welcome.


Waiting restrictions in Abbey Street


At yesterday’s meeting of the Area Joint Committee we were told that no action is being taken on waiting restrictions in Abbey Street because there is no money to implement them.




You may have noticed that with improving weather there has been more robust pothole filling.


Another view on snow clearing

The County Council have agreed to an informal meeting on May 11th at Great Chishill to discuss last winter’s impassable roads, with a view to considering the parish council’s request to manage some snow clearing in extreme weather.


This is interesting in view of Ickleton’s request for Cambridgeshire to allow farmers to spread salt.  I shall be keeping an eye on what transpires as there may be some useful learning points.


Stump Cross deposit of soil


Thank you to Jos for keeping me in the picture as far as Essex County Council’s actions are concerned.  I get nothing like that from Cambridgeshire.