Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Wednesday 19 May 2010 at 7.45 pm in the Meeting Room, Ickleton Village Hall.


Present:  Terry Sadler (Chairman), Lewis Duke, Tim Pavelin, Sheila Birch, Jane Hurst, Peter Wombwell, Liz Goddard, Jocelyn Flitton (Parish Clerk), Cllr John Williams (District Councillor) and one member of the public.


080/10            Apologies for absence:  Mark Stone-Wigg, Robin Driver, Cllr Timothy Stone (County Councillor)


081/10 To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 21 April 2010:  The minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman.


087/10  The Chairman brought the following item from the Planning applications forward.  Tim Pavelin declared an interest.

S/0595/10/F – Dwelling – Land to the north-west 27 Frogge Street – Mark Winter Property Developments Ltd. and Ms S Parker + AmendmentRevisions to design of front boundary wall, inc; reduction in height by 4 brick courses and a splay adjacent to the neighbour.

The Councillors discussed the plans including the amendment, which had been received today.  The Chairman also invited Hilary Wentzell (neighbour) to state her views.  After discussion, it was agreed the Parish Council would approve the plans but with the following points made:


083/10            Matters Arising:

028/07  Tennis Courts – Report from Tennis Court Committee – Mark Stone-Wigg had reported that the sub-committee hoped to set up a meeting in early June and should be able to report back at the June meeting.                                                                              Action:  M S-W

116/09   Trimming back of trees by Owner Mr A Fleet – The Chairman reported that he had spoken to the tenant, who does not have the responsibility of the trees.  He will continue with his efforts to contact the owner.                                                                          Action:  TS

195/09  War Memorial Iron Fence – Mr C Frankau had now painted the fencing.

211/09   Mill Lane road sign – SCDC are still chasing the sign manufacturer.   Action:  Clerk

027/10   Potholes – The re-surfacing of part of Frogge Street at the weekend had greatly improved the road.  However, Sheila Birch reported that there were still potholes in Frogge Street in the middle of the road (near the Gertrude Homes).  Peter Wombwell reported that most of the potholes in Grange Road had been filled but felt the work was of a temporary nature and that the tarmac had been ‘heeled in’ and not ‘sealed in’.  The Chairman reported that there was also a pothole and rutting outside 63 Abbey Street.  The Clerk was asked to report these to CCC Highways.                                                                             Action:  Clerk

046/10  Litter pick in Frogge Street – as this had been reported to SCDC, it was agreed to remove this item from the Agenda.

064/10  Heydon Grange Wind Farm – this item to be left on the Agenda so that we could keep an eye on the situation.                                                                                               Action:  TS

067/10  Riverside Barns  - Cllr Williams reported that he had yet to check if planning permission was required for the Car Boot sales, which are taking place weekly.   Action:  JW

073/10  Gritting of roads – The Clerk was asked to contact Cllr Stone to find out what the outcome was at the Winter Maintenance Operations review meeting.         Action:  Clerk

074/10  Adoption of Model Standing Orders for Local Councils – The Clerk reported that there was no deadline for the adoption of these orders.  The Chairman will report on these at the next meeting.                                                                                         Action:  TS


084/10 Youth Representation:  None


085/10            Reports from District and County Councillors:


Appendix I                    -            District Councillor’s report

Appendix II                   -            County Councillor’s report

Lewis Duke raised a query regarding the amount being spent on deck strengthening of the Abbey Farm culvert.  The Clerk was asked to contact Cllr Stone to ask if he could confirm and quantify the amount of £100,000.                                                                  Action:  Clerk


086/10            Correspondence received:

CCC (Highways)                               -            Flooding – Abbey Street/Butcher’s Hill

                                                            -            Flooding – Abbey Street soak away

CCC (Highways)                               -            Grass cutting in Grange Road

CCC (Tamar Blackburn)                    -            Cambs. Trading Stds consultation

CCC (Karen Whymark)                                -            Parish Path Partnership(P3)Membership

CCC (Kate Day)                             -            Countryside Access & Public Rights of Way 

SCDC (P Bird)                                     -            Cemetery – Small Business Rate Relief

SCDC (A Day)                                     -            Sustainable Parish Energy Partnership

SCDC                                                  -            Planning Policy Monthly Update (May)

SCDC (D Duncan)                                   -            Street Nameplate

Essex County Council                         -            Appeal by Mr Clive Onslow

Gt Chesterford PC (E Culling)               -            Land adj. Stumps Cross/Grounds of Appeal

Wellcome Trust (K Hampston)               -            Hinxton Flood Protection

Environment Agency (M Bodell)  -            SEEARO – Stumps Cross/Site Meeting 18/5

                                                                        Land raised within flood plain adj. Stumps X

Mr & Mrs J Bristow                         -            Land adj. Stumps Cross

CPALC                                                            -            Various e-mails

Cambridge Lawn Tennis Club                 -            May Half-Term Tennis Camp

Stop Pest Control (K Harker)                        -            Rabbits - Cemetery

C Willmott                                            -            Rabbits

NHS (Marion Last)                            -            Opportunity to meet Gov. Addenbrooke’s

Playquest                                              -            Maintenance contract proposal

D Lilley                                                -            Bus timetables

Crocus FC (G Phillips)                         -            End of Season notification

COPE                                                  -            Newsletter No. 66

Cambs. Acre                                        -            News Digest May 2010/Parish Plan

CPRE                                                   -             Countryside Voice/Members Guide 2010

Soc. Of Local Council Clerks               -            Induction Course 9 June & 1 July

Cambs. Playing Fields                            -            The Playing Field Magazine Spring 2010

Imperial War Museum                                   -            Neighbours Form meeting

SureStart (L Howarth)                                  -            Sawston Children’s Centre

Clerks & Councils Direct             -            Magazine May 2010

Correspondence sent:

Ickleton Football Club(S Jenkins)            -            Season 2010/11

Crocus Football Club (G Phillips)            -            Season 2010/11

C Frankau                                             -            Football Pitch Maintenance

-                      Iron Railings around War Memorial


087/10            Planning application(s) received from SCDC:            Declarations of Interest to be declared.

S/0477/10/4 – Roof light – 9 Brookhampton Street – Mr Steven Davidson - Approve

S/0572/10/F – Removal of agricultural occupancy condition of planning permission SC/0222/60/F – 33 Church Street – Mrs Tina Thorn – Approve

Jane Hurst declared an interest in the next planning application and left the room.

S/0542/10/F – Extensions & Alterations – 36 Abbey Street – Mrs Hurst & Mrs Godfrey – Approve

Jane Hurst rejoined the meeting.


088/10            Reports from Councillors:

Lewis Duke attended the inaugural meeting of the new Neighbours Forum at the Imperial War Museum.  The intention is to hold two meetings a year before and at the end of the main seasons.  They had asked that the minutes be put on our village website and it was agreed that they would also be circulated to the Councillors.  2009/10 had been the best year financially and also for the number of visitors.  This year is the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain and it will be featured at the September air show.

Liz Goddard had received a complaint from a resident about bird scarers going off at frequent intervals especially during the night.  It was thought that this had now stopped but Liz Goddard was asked to check with the resident.                                               

Terry Sadler had received a complaint about the number of notices on the roadside outside Ickleton Riverside Barns.  The Clerk was asked to contact Highways to ask them to review and remove as necessary.                                                                            Action:  Clerk


089/10            Finance (Bank Balances) including payments to:

Harts (April Icene)  -  £68.67              Ryecroft Data (Leaflet) - £20.00 

Aon Ltd (Insurance)  - £1,551.03            Wicksteed (Repair Spring Mobile)  -  £266.73

Receipts:  Ickleton FC - £65.00              CCC (Grant Footpaths 3 & 6) - £170.00           

Crocus FC - £206.40

Bank Balances:

Community Account                                    -            £867.45

Business Base Rate Tracker Account            -            £17, 839.84

Adoption of Year-end Accounts 31/03/09 – It was unanimously agreed to adopt the year-end accounts.  The Clerk will now submit these to the External Auditors.                   Action:  Clerk

Resolution – Annual Parish Meeting expenditure:  A resolution to allow the Chairman/Vice Chairman expenses of up to £150 on entertaining parishioners at the Annual Parish Meeting was proposed and agreed by all.  The Clerk will obtain the glasses from Jackie Casement.                                                                                                    Action:  Clerk


090/10            Recreation Field and Play Area:

Aerial Runway – Mark Stone-Wigg had sent an e-mail stating Play Quest would repair the runway, but they would prefer that we take out a maintenance contract.  We have already agreed that RoSPA carry out the annual maintenance check, which they were scheduled to do in April.  It was agreed that the Clerk would contact Trevor Silk (as recommend by Wellcome Trust) to arrange a meeting, together with Peter Wombwell, to discuss the situation.

                                                                                                            Action:  Clerk/PW

Repair of Spring Mobile – Wicksteed Leisure Ltd had now done this.


091/10            Cemetery  -   Chapel – Condition to be kept under Review

Rabbits  - Gassing scheduled for 13 May had taken place.  Clare Willmott had also arranged for their field to have the rabbits dealt with on the same day.  She had also been liaising with Network Rail and suggested that perhaps in the future we should contact other owners of adjacent fields.


092/10            Churchyard Wall – As the Quinquennial Review of the Church and grounds had been postponed until July, it was agreed to leave this item for further discussion until then.                                                                                                            Action: LD/SB

Interment of Ashes Area & Strimming:  The Parish Council had previously agreed they would carry out strimming in the Churchyard twice a year (May/June and August in time for the Harvest Festival).   Liz Goddard (who volunteered) would do the strimming in the near future and report back to the Parish Council about the state of the area.                   Action:  Clerk/LG


093/10            Flooding:

Land adj. Stumps Cross – Mr Clive Onslow had lodged a Notice of Appeal with Essex County Council and we are invited to respond by 16 July 2010.  It was agreed that we would respond and Lewis Duke would draft a letter.                                                    Action:  LD

The Clerk was asked to contact Gt. Chesterford Parish Council to ask for the missing pages from the ‘Grounds for Appeal’ document that they had sent us.                         Action:  Clerk

The Environment Agency had sent various documents and had held a meeting (Mike Bodell and Anthony Clayton) this week with Mr Clive Onslow and Douglas Synes.   An E-mail had been received from the Environment Agency (which had been circulated) outlining the details.  This situation is still to be closely monitored.

Drain top of Mill Lane – nothing further had been heard from Network Rail.  The Clerk will make contact before the next meeting and report back.                                      Action:  Clerk

Abbey Street opp. Methodist Chapel – CCC Highways reported that this project is currently on hold.  Their budget is currently allocated to roadway patching and pothole repairs (plus a little for emergencies such as jetting etc.  This item to remain on the Agenda.

Abbey Street/Butcher’s Hill - CCC Highways had written to Mr J Gildersleeve (Caldrees Manor) seeking permission to jet the storm drainage system, which crosses his property.

                                                                                                                    Action:  Clerk


094/10 Grass cutting of protected grass verges by Countryside Services Team:  Peter Wombwell and the Clerk had contacted CCC regarding the cutting of the protected grass verges on April 30.  We had understood that the cutting would take place in the autumn and not the spring.  It is now understood that the Countryside Services Team were going to undertake another survey.  It was agreed to write a letter asking them to let us know when the cutting schedules are planned in the future.                                              Action:  Clerk


095/10            Adjournment for questions by members of the public:  None


096/10 Date and time of next meeting - 16 June 201 at 7.30 pm.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.30 pm









Appendix I                                                                  District Councillor’s report


From: John Williams                      To: Ickleton Parish Council                        May 2010



The election


In terms of the election for District Councillors:

About one third of the 57 ward seats were up for election this time, and the net result was a gain of 4 for the Liberal Democrats – in Histon, Melbourn, Fulbourn, Balsham, Milton, with one loss (Shelford) - bringing the total now to 20.

Conservative total seats dropped 2 to 29; Independents by 2 to 7. With 1 existing Labour councillor, the Conservatives now have an overall majority of 1. This should make for interesting times in the forthcoming year locally as well as nationally! 


Mill Lane sign


Diane Duncan advises that this will be done imminently, with apologies for delay.


Council housing financing


Governmental changes are being considered by Councils around the country. Instead of taking a proportion (in SCDC’s case 50%+) of rental income, the Government (pre-election) proposes to transfer its housing debt (£28 billion) to Councils and SCDC ‘s share is about £188 million. It is likely to be slightly beneficial as the cost of taking this debt is likely to be less than loss of rental income.



Appendix II                                                                County Councillor’s report

Report to Ickleton Parish Council                                      19th May 2010


Guided Busway

We still have absolutely no idea when the Trumpington Park & Ride to Cambridge part of the guided busway is likely to be delivered.  As everyone will have seen, there has been a major rift between the County and the contractor.  There is a funding gap of over £40 million and little likelihood that there will be a financial settlement outside the courtroom or within five years.

At the County Council there is disquiet that audit systems did not pick up the problems earlier.  Much attention is being paid to how contracts are managed.  Other large projects, such as the Mechanical and Biological waste treatment works at Waterbeach, have proceeded without any hitch.


The pothole situation is improving. Response to notification of potholes is now much faster. You may have seen that County Highways are now beginning to repair the highway in larger sections in the hope that these more extensive repairs will hold better.

Imperial War Museum Neighbours Forum

The inaugural meeting of the new Neighbours Forum at the Imperial War Museum took place last Tuesday.  This is the successor to the Duxford Airfield Management Liaison Committee.  The old committee was run as a joint venture by Cambridgeshire County Council and The Imperial War Museum, Duxford. Now that The Imperial War Museum has bought out the County’s interest in the site, the new forum is being set up under the auspices of The Imperial War Museum, Duxford.  It was good to see Lewis Duke there.

The inaugural meeting principally concerned what kind of information local parish councils want to receive from the IWM and what issues they would like to discuss.

Network Service Plan 2010

The County has published its Network Service Plan, which details the work it is planning on our roads this year.

For Ickleton the plan schedules £100,000 to be spent on deck strengthening of the Abbey Farm culvert to begin in November or December and £25,000 to patch Frogge Street now. There is no provision for maintaining pavements.

The highways budget has been hit by £1 million being siphoned off for the Guided Busway overrun, though the County keeps saying it will get the money back.  Another significant issue is the statement that “The winter was the coldest for about 30 years…  With an already deteriorating network, these conditions will result in further deterioration at an increased rate.”

We reminded the administration at yesterday’s full council that it’s no use wringing hands and that the Liberal Democrat budget proposed considerably more spending on highway maintenance.  We just got the usual riposte that things are worse in Cumbria and Margate.  Well they’re not worse in Switzerland and the Netherlands.

Community and Adult Services

Apparently the Adult Social Services budget for 2009/10, which at one stage appeared to have an overspend of over £5 million has now reduced to less than £1 million, thanks in part to a transfer from reserves of £1.3 million.  The total budget for Community and Adult Services is in excess of £140 million, so we are not talking of massive numbers in percentage terms.  But these swings in spending have still not been fully explained.  As Chairman of the Audit and Accounts Committee I am trying to find out what is going on.  The task is made more difficult because part of the budget is spent by the Primary Care Trust.

Because Community and Adult Services represents well over a third of the total non-schools budget it does make sense to see what savings can be made there without reducing the support given.