Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Wednesday 21 July 2010 at 7.30 pm in the Meeting Room, Ickleton Village Hall.


Present: Terry Sadler (Chairman), Sheila Birch, Jane Hurst, Lewis Duke, Tim Pavelin, Liz Gibson, Mark Stone-Wigg, Jocelyn Flitton (Parish Clerk), Cllr John Williams (District Councillor) and Clive Onslow (SEEARO Group).


115/10            Apologies for absence:  Liz Goddard, Peter Wombwell


116/10 To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 16 June 2010:  The minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman.


117/10            Adjournment for questions from members of the public: None


The Chairman brought the following item forward on the Agenda:


128/10            Flooding:

Land adj. Stumps Cross – The Chairman invited Mr Onslow to speak, who asked if the Chairman had any comments to make first.  The Chairman has registered to speak on behalf of Ickleton and Gt Chesterford Parish Councils at the meeting at Essex County Council, which is being held on Friday, regarding the retrospective planning application.  Mr Onslow had come to the meeting to put his side of the story and said he felt it had become a ‘witch hunt’, especially with the article in the local press.  He was aggrieved that no one from the Parish Council had ever attempted to speak with him.  The Chairman could not accept the term ‘witch hunt’; the newspaper had approached him for comments.  The problem from the Parish Council’s perspective was that in the absence of a planning application there had been little evidence on which to base a sound conclusion. Matters had been brought to a head following the actions of Essex County Council that had produced the retrospective planning application.  Lewis Duke summed up the situation and said the Parish Council were very concerned regarding the flood plain and the extent of the land raising.   As it was evident that agreement was not going to be reached, the Chairman had to bring the discussion to a close. Essex Planning Committee meeting on Friday should resolve the situation.   Mr Onslow then left the meeting.  Lewis Duke expressed disappointment that so far we had been unable to produce anything substantial.  We will seek further contact with the Environment Agency.  Action:  TS/LD

Drain top of Mill Lane – nothing had been head from Network Rail.  The Clerk will continue to chase this.

                                                                                                                                       Action:  Clerk

Abbey Street opp. Methodist Chapel – Lewis Duke declared an interest, but reported that he has put in a bid to buy the Chapel and if successful he will remove the side building and reinstate the original drainage system.  This would be a better option that than creating a soak away.  Since CCC Highways have put the soak away on hold, the Parish Council agreed to await further news on the sale of the Chapel.                                                                                                                                                         Action:  LD

Abbey Street/Butcher’s Hill – Mike Cooper (CCC) reported that the storm drain has now been jetted and cleared all the way to the stream.  There was some silt restriction to flow for a majority of the route.


118/10            Matters Arising:

028/07  Tennis Courts – 3 people had contacted Mark Stone-Wigg following the article in the Icene.  He had set up a table at the Church Fete and hoped to do the same at the Summer Sizzler being held in September.  David Human had telephoned the Clerk to clarify a few points and would respond at a later date.                                                                                                                       Action:  Clerk/M S-W

116/09  Trimming back of trees by Owner Mr A Fleet – The Chairman had today delivered a letter to Mr Fleet, c/o 1 Priory Farm Barns explaining the situation.  We await a reply.                         Action:  TS

211/09   Mill Lane road sign – this has now been replaced.

064/10   Heydon Grange Wind Farm – As there has been no further development, this item will be taken off the Agenda for the time being.

067/10   Ickleton Riverside Barns – Cllr Williams is still looking into this.  The Car Boot sales were now taking place monthly and not weekly and it is thought that up to 26 per year can be held without planning permission.  Cllr Williams will check this point out.                                                         Action:  Cllr W

073/10   Gritting of roads – An e-mail from Cllr Stone (21/6/10) was read out with a response from Mark Kemp (CCC Director Highways & Access).  It stated:  (a)  Salt supplies are still scarce and there are concerns nationally that we will not be able to return to our full resilience position by the start of the season.  This is not a concern for Cambs. as we have re-stocked but supplies to other Highway Authorities will need to be prioritised in some way. (b) Storage – for environmental reasons you would need to be able to store the salt under cover – perhaps a different option we could look at would be to collect salt from our barns if particular conditions exist such that we can ensure we can maintain resilience.      Action:  PW/LD

074/10   Adoption of Model Standing Orders for Local Councils- this item is still outstanding with the Chairman.                                                                                                                       Action:  TS

088/10   Signage on roadside outside Ickleton Riverside Barns – Mike Cooper (CCC) reported that the big sign is not on the public highway but needs planning permission (via SCDC) due to its size and location. He had not been consulted and he normally is in such cases.  The other small signs are on or very close to the highway and need removing.  He will pick them up around 16 August.  It was agreed that the Clerk would make contact with Ickleton Riverside Barns regarding this issue.                                            Action:  Clerk

094/10   Grass cutting protected grass verges – Peter Wombwell and the Clerk have yet to respond to CCC.

                                                                                                                                 Action:  PW/Clerk

106/10  Dog Fouling - Following the article in Icene, a resident had contacted the Clerk.  It was agreed to remove the item from the Agenda, and revisit it at a later date if necessary.

Footpath from Hinxton crossing towards Duxford – Following Lewis Duke asking CCC why Ickleton Parish Council had not been consulted, the Chairman had received a telephone call from Camilla Haggett.  All the landowners had now been interviewed but the outcome was not yet known.                    Action:  LD

Covered car in Abbey Street -  The Police had visited the owner and advised him that if the car is parked on the public highway it must show the tax disc and reflector lights.  The car has now been removed.


119/10 Youth Representation: None


120/10            Reports from District and County Councillors:

District Councillor – Cllr John Williams reported that he had spoken to SCDC regarding the green bins not being fully emptied.  The Supervisor had spoken to the teams and this should now improve the situation.

County Councillor – No report received this month.


121/10            Correspondence received:

SCDC (F McMillan)                                 -            Register of Members’ Interests (Elizabeth Gibson)

SCDC (Cllr J Williams)                                  -            Environment Agency long term plans re. river maint.

CCC                                                     -            CCC Small Grants (Under 3K)

CCC (C Black)                                     -            Connexions and Youth Work provision

CCC (L Martin/D Coleman)                      -            Proposed mobile Library changes

CCC (J Stephens)                                  -            Network News (Highways & Access)

CCC (Cllr T Stone)                           -            Gritting of roads

CCC (M Cooper)                                    -            Signage on roadside/Flooding Abbey St/Butcher’s Hill

CCC (S McGee)                                    -            Abbey Farm culvert, Duxford Road

CCC  (H Wass)                                                -            Land adj. M11, Gt Chesterford

Uttlesford DC                                       -            Land adj. to M11, Gt Chesterford

Essex CC (P Calder)                         -            Land adj. to M11, Gt Chesterford

DK Symes Assoc.                          -            On behalf of SEEARO – Retrospective Planning App.

Gt Chesterford PC (J Francis)               -            Land adj. to M11, Gt Chesterford

Environment Agency                         -            Copy of letter to Essex – Land adj. to M11, Gt Chesterford

Cambs. Police                                       -            Abbey Street/ E-Cops e-mails

Moore Stephens                                                -            Audited Annual Return yr ended 31/3/10 – closed

Imperial War Museum                                   -            IWM Duxford – Formula One Test Day 1/9/10

Rural Services Comm.                         -            Weekly Rural Focus 5 July 2010

CPALC (T Webb)                          -            Playground Safety & Training Day

-                      Newsletter 23 June/09 July 2010/Connexions & Youth

-                      Legal Topic Note 5

Cambs. Acre                                        -            News Digest July 2010

Ickleton Society                                     -            Seearo Enforcement Appeal

Sure Start                                             -            Sawston Children’s Centre – Summer programme

Gt Chesterford PC (J Francis)               -            Fieldfarm Grass Roots Festival

Luminus                                                -            Headlines

NHS                                                     -            Keeping in Touch magazine

Clerks & Councils Direct             -            Issue 70 – July 2010

COPE                                                  -            Newsletter No. 68

Glasdon                                                -            Products catalogue

Correspondence sent:

CCC (M Cooper)                                    -            Signage on roadside

Mr A Fleet                                            -            Conifers overgrowing onto footpath

SCDC (Mr D Bevan)                         -            Adoption of BT Telephone kiosk

Mr & Mrs S Casement                                 -            Contractors

NALC                                                  -            DIS Survey

Planning Inspectorate (Appeal)                       -            Land adj. M11, Gt Chesterford

Essex CC                                             -            Land adj. M11, Gt Chesterford

Essex CC (Application hearing)                        -            Land adj. M11, Gt Chesterford

Andrew Lansley CBE, MP                   -            Land adj. M11, Gt Chesterford



122/10            Planning application(s) received from SCDC:            

Declarations of Interest to be declared.  Lewis Duke declared an interest in the following planning application and left the room.

S/0783/10/F – Extensions & Alterations.  Addition of 2 windows & 4 roof lights – Abbey Farm, Duxford Road – Mr Lewis Duke.  Approve

Amendment to the above:  Change to description to now read:  Extension & conversion of agricultural buildings to offices (use class B1) – revision to design of application S/0119/09/F – Abbey Farm, Duxford Road – Mr Lewis Duke  -  Approve

S/0784/10/LB Alter, extend & convert 2 outbuildings to offices with attached wall and gates (revised design) – Abbey Farm, Duxford Road – Mr Lewis Duke   Approve                                       Action:  Clerk

Lewis Duke rejoined the meeting.

Amendment/Information onlyS/0542/10/F- Additional information – floor plan and roof plan to reflect amendment of 10 June 2010 – Mrs Hurst & Mrs Godfrey

Planning application(s) granted by SCDC:

S/0572/10/F – Removal of Agricultural Occupancy Condition of Planning Permission SC/0222/60/F – Mrs Tina Thorn.

S/0542/10/F – Extensions and Alterations – 36 Abbey Street – Mrs Hurst & Mrs Godfrey

Tree Preservation Order or situated within a Conservation area: 

C/11/40/054 – (1) Wild plum (2) & 1 Hawthorn side of Tennis Court – fell.  Poor condition, fruit drops onto tennis court.  Need to re-develop this border with shrubbery & new trees.   (2) Limes (5) at side of football pitch.  Crown lift all trees over football pitch & new hedge.  Reason – to clear 3.5m to allow children to play – Norman Hall, 21 Church Street – Mr Owen – Approve.                                     Action:  Clerk


123/10            Reports from Councillors:

Mark Stone-Wigg had received comments from residents that following the improvement of the road surface between Ickleton and Gt Chesterford, they would like to see an improvement in the road surface between Ickleton and Hinxton.  The road closest to Hinxton was in the poorest condition with many potholes.  The Clerk will make contact with Hinxton Parish Clerk.                                 Action:  Clerk

Sheila Birch reported a pothole between the top of Grange Road and Gypsy Corner, before the dip in the road.                                                                                                                                 Action:  Clerk

Lewis Duke reported that it was the London to Cambridge Bike Ride this weekend.  Cyclists would be coming down Grange Road and going along Duxford Road.

Terry Sadler asked the Clerk to find out about Training courses for Liz Gibson.                 Action:  Clerk

Jocelyn Flitton had had reported to her that a child had tripped over a pipe (that was near a tree for watering) during the Church Fete.   She has asked Ron Coulson to cut the pipe level with the ground.


124/10            Finance (Bank Balances) including payments to:

Harts (May  Icene) - £68.91 + £52.69 (June Icene)=£121.60            Moore Stephens (Annual Audit) - £158.63

Ickleton Village Hall (Hire of Hall)  -  £70.00                        Paul Hickmott (Computer TS/JAF) - £47.65

J A Flitton (3 months salary)  -  £546.31                                                       HM Revenue & Customs  -  £117.00

Bank Balances        
Community Account                                    -            £472.15           

Business Base Rate Tracker Account            -            £16,641.73


Precept v Budget (Apr-Jun) – The Clerk presented the figures for the first 3 months of the financial year.


Moore Stephens – closure of the audit for year ending 31 March 2010 – Their report read “On the basis of our review, in our opinion the information contained in the annual return is in accordance with the Audit Commission’s requirements and no matters have come to our attention giving cause for concern that relevant legislation and regulatory requirements have not been met.”


125/10            Recreation Field and Play Area

Aerial Runway –Trevor Silk – Following acceptance of the firm’s quotation, no date for the repair is known.  The Clerk will continue to chase.                                                                   Action:  Clerk

RoSPA report – A letter had been sent to Playsafety Ltd expressing our concerns regarding their annual report but no response had yet been received.  The Clerk will continue to chase.                  Action:  Clerk

Skate park – Mark Stone-Wigg reported that some screws needed attention (which he will do) and that the paintwork was in poor condition and needed to be repainted before the winter.  The Clerk will look at previous invoice, as the paint that is used is very expensive.  The Chairman and Clerk will look at the Skate park and report back at the next meeting.                                                          Action:  M S-W/TS/Clerk    

126/10            Cemetery  -   Chapel – Condition to be kept under Review – Jane Hurst reported that the building is deteriorating – roof tiles have fallen off, some panes of glass are missing.  The Chairman and Clerk will visit the site.                                                                                                                 Action:  TS/Clerk


127/10            Churchyard Wall – A copy of the 2010 Quinquennial Inspection Report on St Mary Magdalene Church, Ickleton had been given to Sheila Birch.  A copy of the report will be circulated to the Councillors, who are asked to look at points 35, 38 and 39.  A site visit may be required to follow up on the points raised.  The ownership of the wall remains unresolved.                                                           Action:  Clerk


129/10 Annual Parish Meeting – Review of points raised:

Residents of Frogge Street mentioned the speeding of vehicles – The Clerk had sent an e-mail to the Police requesting they carry out speed checks, which subsequently resulted in tickets being issued.

Speed watch – residents would like to be reminded of what is required to carry out this task – Cllr Williams said he would liaise with the Clerk regarding this issue.  The Clerk reported that she knew of 3 people who were interested in carrying out this task.                                                                          Action:  Cllr W/ Clerk

Houses left unoccupied – Cllr Williams to enquire as to what is the SCDC policy on unoccupied houses.

                                                                                                                                      Action:  Cllr W


130/10              Police Neighbourhood Panel Meeting 5 July 2010 – Sheila Birch attended the meeting and said the main priorities were Road Safety – Speeding, obstructive parking and parking near schools.  Also theft from cars parked at ‘Beauty Spots’.  The next meeting is on 4 October 2010.




131/10  Wellcome Trust Liaison meeting 27 July – items for the Agenda were so far:  Flooding Update, Update on plans for wind turbine, other planning updates relating to Campus, and River Maintenance Plans.

                                                                                                                                       Action: TS/SB

132/10            Closure of Duxford Road – CCC has now confirmed that the proposed road closure will be after the Duxford Air Show on 4th and 5th September.  It is likely to last around 5 weeks and should be completed before the next Duxford Air show on 10th October 2010.


132/10  Proposals for retirement gift for Robin Driver – The Clerk will liaise with Peter Wombwell regarding the gift.                                                                                                    Action:  Clerk/PW


133/10            Adjournment for questions by members of the public - None


134/10 Date and time of next meeting  - 18 August 2010 @ 7.30pm 


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.45pm