Wednesday 21 May 2008 in the Village Hall at 7.30 pm


Apologies had been received from James Macdonald and Graham Igglesden


Number present – The Chairman, Parish Clerk and 25 people including Parish Councillors, County and District Councillors


1.      The Chairman welcomed everybody and introduced PCSO Chris Wiseman and PCSO Chris Smith.  They gave a resume of their work and answered questions put to them.  As they were on duty, they then left the meeting.


2.      Report from the Chairman (Robin Driver) of the Parish Council (including Financial Report)


3.      Peter Sanders (Chairman) – Stop Stansted Expansion.  Peter Sanders gave a talk and update on the Stop Stansted Expansion campaign.  Leaflets were left for distribution.  The Chairman thanks Mr Sanders for attending the meeting.


4.      Written reports were received and read from:

·        Village Hall Committee

·        Froglets

·        Football Clubs (Crocus and Ickleton Football Club – the latter being given verbally by Tim Pavelin)

·        Ickleton Society

·        Duxford School

·        Sawston Village College

·        County Council

·        District Council


The public asked questions after each report.


5.      Open Forum:



The meeting closed at 9.40 pm.