Wednesday 27 May 2009 in the Village Hall at 7.30 pm


Apologies had been received from:  Cllr John Williams (District), Mark Stone-Wigg and Peter Wombwell


Number present – The Chairman, Parish Clerk and 27 people including Parish Councillors and the County Councillor.


1.       The Chairman welcomed everybody to the meeting and introduced PCSO Chris Wiseman.  He gave an update on his role and was impressed by the number of people who had heard of Ecops.  After various questions had been raised and answered, the Chairman thanked Chris Wiseman for his time in coming along as it was much appreciated.  PCSO Chris Wiseman then left the meeting.


2.       Report from the Chairman (Robin Driver) of the Parish Council (including Financial Report)


3.       Written reports were received and read out from:

·         Village Hall Management Committee

·         Froglets

·         Football Clubs – Ickleton and Crocus Football Club

·         Ickleton Society

·         Allotment Association

·         Duxford School

·         Sawston Village College

·         County Council

·         District Council

(note for next year to include Theatre Group)


It was very pleasing and encouraging having and hearing such good reports read out.


4.       Richard Summers – RAGT Seeds Limited gave an overview of the company’s history and overseas connections and its subsequent move to Grange Road, Ickleton.  The Chairman thanked Mr Summers for coming to talk at the meeting and letting us know more about the Company.


5.       Open Forum:



The meeting closed at 9.17 pm.